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  • Pear Melg
    Pear Melg

    the 1 min. is sooo beautiful

  • ktown bangz
    ktown bangz


  • Ricardo Oliveira
    Ricardo Oliveira

    Golfinho Jovem 🐬

  • Don Hollywood Mack The Purple Heart General
    Don Hollywood Mack The Purple Heart General


  • Cochise Seals
    Cochise Seals

    George kills Gatsby.

  • alexx rojas
    alexx rojas

    Oh shit!!!! This my new jam for the next month!!! Hey HEY!!!🐬

  • SongDesigner

    "Pass the Courvoisier" throwback scene

  • Iam Youniverse
    Iam Youniverse

    2:26 best part

  • Breandan Parker
    Breandan Parker

    Nigga the American dream

  • Savage Savage
    Savage Savage

    On repeat all night 💥💥 I woke up in the sky

  • Franklin Fraser
    Franklin Fraser

    I love this Song and Video too

  • Ricardo Bernardo
    Ricardo Bernardo

    biet filho daa puta ta na minha cabeça

  • Terence Addison
    Terence Addison

    Sample in the beginning, Please and Thank You?!?!?

  • Big E Holmes
    Big E Holmes

    Man I been in jail playing dis now he got a video for it on God


    Yessir let’s get high

  • денис

    снупи как всегда на высоте

  • Jonas Blaise
    Jonas Blaise

    Yes Dolph kill that bitch.

  • Keith Versie
    Keith Versie

    I cant fly but I'm high asf

  • Caressa Clark
    Caressa Clark

    I'd like to thank my boy toy Mitch for putting me on to Young Dolph. He said "Put on some Young Dolph". I said "Never heard of him.. probably another stupid rapper from the young generation"... I was wrong. Dolph is LIFE 😍

  • Unbalanced

    I loved it. Still goes with the snoop brand and a grown vide going on! Something for young and older people-brilliant! I love the Aerial Dancers in the background ❤️

  • EliteStricker

    Lmao funny ending, good reference.

  • Corderro George
    Corderro George

    Young dolph is the best beat picker of all time

    • James Hughes
      James Hughes

      Corderro George jeezy*

  • D Empress Hair Season
    D Empress Hair Season


  • Astraluz




  • mdachi og
    mdachi og

    Download: Mdachi OG-Makeke (Official Video) 👇👇👇👇👇👇

  • mdachi og
    mdachi og

    Download: Mdachi OG-Makeke (Official Video) 👇👇👇👇👇👇

  • Keith Ngcobo
    Keith Ngcobo

    Dope ass video with humor 🔥🔥 can’t hate on Dolph

  • Top PUBG
    Top PUBG


    • Jayson Atkins
      Jayson Atkins


  • MemPhis TonyBEski
    MemPhis TonyBEski

    Bout to start back blazin!!!

  • َ ٰ
    َ ٰ

    The ending 😂😂😂😂😂 what in the fuck

  • Galeand Theriot
    Galeand Theriot

    Snoop and Dolph dope music video

  • Antwyan Newsome
    Antwyan Newsome

    Guy on the keys 🙋🏿‍♂️

  • Stephen LeRoyale
    Stephen LeRoyale

    This is flaming garbage

  • Obasi Luke
    Obasi Luke

    This shit is fire🔥🔥🔥

  • Slime Beats
    Slime Beats

    I really think Young Dolph is better than Lil pump !! That’s my honest opinion 💯💯💯

    • Greyson Wayne
      Greyson Wayne

      Not an opinion. A fact!

  • Janai Payne
    Janai Payne

    I only watched this video for comedian Ms. Pat and snoop dogg.

  • Lavar Veal
    Lavar Veal

    Mystikal needs to be on this track!

    • KevinDaUnicorn

      Said nobody!


    Dis my shit!!!!🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬

  • Makaveli 2
    Makaveli 2

    Fuck like

  • Dashawn Walters
    Dashawn Walters

    I feel like playing fallout now

  • Letrell Hardin
    Letrell Hardin

    Let's Get High send me some i will pay i want tha best fuck tha rest

  • FreeTrel 1500blockmusic
    FreeTrel 1500blockmusic

    Freetrel Finally Free

  • DCFG-6

    Dolph shot a whole bitches nipple off

  • increible A
    increible A

    WTF is this ? is this great gatsby lol


      increible A no Harlem nights

  • JAE


    • Bruccee Waynnee ĞĞ
      Bruccee Waynnee ĞĞ

      JAE that video funny tho 😂😂

  • Cubby RawYale_sa
    Cubby RawYale_sa

    Misinformation movements

  • Kiia Dior
    Kiia Dior

    Why do this remind me of kodak , Bruno mars,& Gucci man song 😂🤔

  • Sniper Gang
    Sniper Gang

    I like that classic fashion style we need more

  • Brent Savage
    Brent Savage

    Young dolph kinda sounds like 2 chainz.

  • Alberto Bello
    Alberto Bello


  • Self Made Records
    Self Made Records

    Big BRO can you drop some 🔥 ass shitt yu allewayse do.. w tht trap specially in "downfall" jst go show blacc youngsta ...he free from the lawa.... but its #PRE OVER HERE IN TGE STREETS . no more Cmf on radio . drop a banger on is big head ass bro bro # Love from H-town sum agrasive slap a cmg fan type of shiii No cap . ..Nah fukkit they wanet to miss 100 shoots .. W all cap

  • Twizz The Whiz Kid
    Twizz The Whiz Kid

    "Lets get high".

  • Jose Heredia
    Jose Heredia

    the beat is legendary!!!!!

  • Issa GOAT
    Issa GOAT

    Having Ms. Pat in this video made and already dope video 10x doper 🤣

  • Shorell Elder
    Shorell Elder

    I don't need that motherfocking nipple lol

  • Александр Арсеньев
    Александр Арсеньев

    Лес гет хаай!!!

  • Raymond Davis
    Raymond Davis

    This video is hard as hell. Gotta be part 2 to the "law low" video. Don't believe ne watch em

  • Melvin Stewart
    Melvin Stewart

    P.R.E Zizzared

  • Melvin Stewart
    Melvin Stewart

    Best Videos of any artist

  • Pocahontas 2020
    Pocahontas 2020


  • Nicholas Berg
    Nicholas Berg

    Young Dolph>Future

  • Cistena99

    This shit banging

  • LE ThUG
    LE ThUG

    Snoop Dogg IS thé best

  • Jonathan Morton
    Jonathan Morton

    Favorite Collab this year so far!

  • Stephen KINQ
    Stephen KINQ

    This Smooth ... Snoop Lit on This. 4evaLegend

  • Adanma Kanu
    Adanma Kanu

    Bush foredtvforest forest desert and montains in gods lords jesus Christ our savior and. Attentions seekers miss adanma xeve Elizabeth kanu miss ghddfvehbhu

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool

    I mix the sour d with the super lemon

  • Cartel DrugLord Mexico
    Cartel DrugLord Mexico

    I was high taking a 💩 to this song😂

  • R. Alexander
    R. Alexander

    Real talk...on some Memphis shit, Dolph really didn't need Snoop, no hate to Snoop Lion, but we straight on that shit bruh! 😂

  • DonCramon

    The intro was fire.. I had high hopes, but then this kindergarden "rapper" starts fucking everything up. What a load of shit. He cant even hit the beat. And whats up with the lyrics?! Kiddy rhymes😂. I just came from a video about NAS's album Illmatic. Now that was rap. This i toiletnoise. Im outta here. Fuck this shitty "music".

  • Meika

    Excellent video

  • Robin Williams
    Robin Williams

    No naked bitches very classy and this beat 🔥

  • Neo Ramaphoko
    Neo Ramaphoko

    even JayZ couldn't maintain Snoops consistency. This man is blessed

  • We Got Next Forever
    We Got Next Forever

    Mr.Toejamcrakers Himself House Party fo you Young niggas. Fuck you white devils 🖕🏿🖕🏿

  • RaiCri

    My Biology tutor looks similar to Snoop Dogg I always say "Smoke weed everyday" whenever I see him

  • Jelani Johnson
    Jelani Johnson

    Dolph is all the way in now Doing music with the big time #Illuminatipuppets ! #woke #verywoke #WAKEYOURASSUP #bittertruth (#Freemasonry #deceivers #hollyweird ) Those puppets can't do music with you unless you are all the way in. #woke #verywoke

  • Reese The Ghost
    Reese The Ghost


  • Grizwald Dickie
    Grizwald Dickie


  • Colby Quick
    Colby Quick

    Snoop ruined the song

  • Charmaine Manley
    Charmaine Manley

    He must be coming out with a new album, I've been seeing him alot lately. Sorry yo gotti but you can't stop the dolph😂😂

    • FamilyTies423 Youtube pg
      FamilyTies423 Youtube pg

      Thought that too u see him with j n pat other day 2

    • Joshua Martinez
      Joshua Martinez

      *Ho gotti😂😂

  • Cannibal Tv
    Cannibal Tv

    Fuck you men sing ugly young dolph

  • RestUp Poppie#6200
    RestUp Poppie#6200

    Missed Opportunity To Drop On 4/20🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Rahmel Malloy
    Rahmel Malloy

    This should have more views

  • Beckenrandschwimmer

    who produced this freaking bangerbeat?

  • Mellissa Harris
    Mellissa Harris

    I respect snoop for his contribution to rap/hiphop

  • Anthony Alfred
    Anthony Alfred

    Yo don’t nobody remember the name of the movie he re-enacting

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk

    Snoop dog never switched up his style or adjusted his flow after going through multiple generations as a rapper and still make top quality music and better than alot of the young chaps.... A True Legend

    • Christian Ray
      Christian Ray

      +Colby Quick Lmfao 😂🤣 😂

    • Colby Quick
      Colby Quick

      Bro his verse was wack as fuck

    • Dylan Kitterman
      Dylan Kitterman

      Snoop Lion ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Shakur Johnson
    Shakur Johnson

    Let’s get high💯💯🌲🌲🔥🔥🔥

  • Vee 12
    Vee 12

    I hated the end I had to stop it when I heard ms pat open her mouth Why did the director made ms pat mouth so filthy every other word she said is a curse

  • Val Kyrie
    Val Kyrie

    Check out colyar in the background. Happy for this genius.

  • Savagecash

    Snoop is bag I love this

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker

    🔥... I'm glad bass is back!!! Reminds me of Too Short and E40 back in the day!! Bass wise....

  • Big Breezy
    Big Breezy


  • Ian Abila
    Ian Abila

    Love the Harlem nights theme. One of my favorite movies!!

    • ReasonologyImvu

      Ikrr! Between him and I think A boogie with that Soul Glow making my year

  • barrious prod
    barrious prod

    Este es un buen beat más el flow ayayay!

  • alejandra gallegos
    alejandra gallegos


  • Wavy ocean
    Wavy ocean

    Nah this so good grew on me

  • Fern Lo
    Fern Lo

    Here for snoop🔥

  • Orga lorg
    Orga lorg

    The 20s are roaring again.