You Guess it, I Buy it Challenge
Lance Stewart
You Guess it, I Buy it Challenge
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  • Kevin Reynolds
    Kevin Reynolds

    You gotta do more of these this shit is awesome

  • Aleks Wilson
    Aleks Wilson

    He isn’t very bright

  • Jimmy Official
    Jimmy Official

    Boi I crashed a motorcycle two days ago

  • panda_vs_v3nom

    i would have felt on the emblem and felt the letter and tried to spell them out as i as i felt lam...lambo!

  • Crislylitt pubg
    Crislylitt pubg

    Damn he carry mike dude that so funny at God mode power

  • FaZe Ronnie
    FaZe Ronnie

    Hey lance where is that Lamborghini store

  • Berto Castro
    Berto Castro

    Be a good friend to lance bro he had some bad luck with friends lately Remember to find a good friend is Rare this day. Enjoy your new bike Peace

  • Lara LaBarre
    Lara LaBarre

    Crazy bro🔥🔥🔥

  • Virgina Lopez
    Virgina Lopez

    Hey lance I know mall that is it’s the deptford mall in New Jersey

  • Żęåûx X
    Żęåûx X

    10:16 he’s lucky he said Ferrari because you know if he said lambo he wouldn’t have bought it

  • Angie Lemon
    Angie Lemon

    Mike need move in lol

  • Luis Baeza
    Luis Baeza

    Ooooooh yeah

  • t ahamed
    t ahamed

    Fuck u r gof bitch .

  • Coby Kline
    Coby Kline

    Do this with dom Tracey sry if spelled wrong


    Info on that bike

  • t ahamed
    t ahamed

    Bro. Why u ignore my comment. 💢💢

  • t ahamed
    t ahamed

    Love u Lance .If have a friend like u 😞 . Anyway u are so good 🔥

  • CelPhantom

    7:25 Wrong shoes..

  • Anthony Daniels
    Anthony Daniels


  • Sorayah Woods
    Sorayah Woods

    I need a friend like Lance hahahahaha

  • Camron Sills
    Camron Sills

    Lance i hate you bit this video looks interesting.


    did you copy morgx or did lance copy morgz probilly morgz

  • Bryan Carrasco
    Bryan Carrasco

    Damn that dirt bike is so cool just ain’t got the money for it

  • The Landen
    The Landen

    I would’ve touched that one of a kind shaped bumper and obviously guessed aventador

  • Brandon Ugalde
    Brandon Ugalde

    I have the same dirt bike but orange it is a Tao Japanese dirt bike

  • Ashton Rosa
    Ashton Rosa


  • Sean Selga
    Sean Selga

    I’m 12 and I’m 5’8

  • greatfulleaf 676
    greatfulleaf 676

    hey I a motocross racer aka kind of a pro I want to train you aka me and my trainer and we can get some good footage aka lot and lot of views you can film me ride and some of my friend so just repond and we can get this going!!

  • Adrian Hernandez
    Adrian Hernandez

    I have the same dirt bike and the same color its a 110 cc and its a taotao db14 like theres and i got it on amazon for 500

  • Lil Boy
    Lil Boy

    When you guys go ride can u vlog it

  • Joe Shores
    Joe Shores

    Just buy him a Lamborghini

  • vRexordKiller -_-
    vRexordKiller -_-

    I hope he gets the car right

  • Nikolas Roach
    Nikolas Roach

    It nerds to be wrapped

  • Matthew Awesome
    Matthew Awesome

    Give him one more chance

  • Joe Ciotti
    Joe Ciotti

    I would have guessed to lamb right he could have put his fingers on the back where it says Lamborghini

    • Joe Ciotti
      Joe Ciotti


  • Nathan Williams
    Nathan Williams

    Let us car guys do the car one, you will be broke

  • Kirt Racine
    Kirt Racine

    Lance has diff friends like every couple months cuz ppl use him to get followers and a social following basicly the same thing bit that's what they do then ditch him cuz hes fuck8n annoying bit how funny like rly think about it that's what's going on like lance u dont see what's going on

  • Logan’s baseball game 16 Harrison
    Logan’s baseball game 16 Harrison


  • Niko Villalon
    Niko Villalon

    On 15:15It hit me in the face🤕😂

  • Andru Ontiveros
    Andru Ontiveros

    holy this is so cringe

  • Joo eey
    Joo eey

    Nike’s or Jordan’s? How about Jordan’s made by Nike so it’s the same thing 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Mike Medina
    Mike Medina

    That bikes a piece of junk! But on the other hand if you're just having fun with it and potentially it will get wrecked. For $1,000 f*** it have fun boys!

  • Charlie Smith
    Charlie Smith

    You could of got a uber

  • Mythical Creature
    Mythical Creature

    Lance you should by him a Lamborghini iny way


    Buy a Lamborghini plz lance

  • Maddie Loda Racing
    Maddie Loda Racing

    Cool dirt bycke bye 👋

  • Sour swave
    Sour swave

    lance is such a dick to james and james dosent care

  • Cheddar bob
    Cheddar bob

    I remember when u were at 800k subs love ur videos

  • Ian Todd
    Ian Todd

    That ipad 5:13 is the exact one I have and I’m watching it on

  • Devin Acosta
    Devin Acosta

    He's so dumb

  • Tristan Smith
    Tristan Smith

    Why would he bring him to a projector ?

  • Maria Soto
    Maria Soto

    You should do IT with your fans im firts 😊😊 and R.I.P Lance wallet

  • Derrick Hinderer
    Derrick Hinderer

    You should ride the dirt bike with the shoes on

  • Jonny Morris
    Jonny Morris

    2:48 mike tries shaking hand and gets ignored😂

  • fortnite ninja
    fortnite ninja

    Man mike just wanted a hand shake at 2:45 or2:46

  • Karl Chua
    Karl Chua

    I feel sorry for mike, he just wanted a hand shake

  • Hunter Bryant
    Hunter Bryant

    Build a dirt track pussy

  • Michael Marowelli
    Michael Marowelli

    Me next please

  • nikita shpak
    nikita shpak

    Lance is so dumb, everyone knows that sd cards are sold in those plastic boxes and he was acting all surprised and amazed.

  • Theanimal 56
    Theanimal 56

    sponsored by forza horizon 3 8:32

  • Sam Dilworth
    Sam Dilworth

    Sick Vlog

  • Sam Dilworth
    Sam Dilworth

    If he said Lamborghini, would you have atleast told him he needs to get the model correct also? For that it would had to be Make and Model right? Just saying Lambo is way to easy

  • xZebro

    Bird box

  • Coconuthitmyhead

    I thought it was a McLaren until I saw the Lamborghini logo

  • gucci gucci
    gucci gucci

    My Dude doesn't know cars I would have known lol

  • Kevin Herrera
    Kevin Herrera

    When he was taking pictures je had the same smile every time

  • Cookie Coleman
    Cookie Coleman

    It’s so weird being blind folded, you can’t see anything


    For the car one I would of felt the letters of the logo

  • Cruz Ship
    Cruz Ship

    at 18:44 the word he said lmao

  • DaNk moVies
    DaNk moVies

    Hey, I'm 14 and I never get anything for my birthday and my birthday is in 2 months. Do you think you can surprise me? I would gladly appreciate it....

  • Oscar Haemmerle
    Oscar Haemmerle

    this is da the fakest shit I've ever seen

  • Supreme Black321
    Supreme Black321

    He is dying of views

  • Sean Tomczynski
    Sean Tomczynski

    I forgot he lived in new jersey and i was so confused on why that mall looked so familiar

  • prince nicholos
    prince nicholos

    at 2:48 to 2:50 i really felt sorry for mike.He wanted a handshake but just couldnt lol

  • ツJaquainni


  • Dark3st

    well first of all its not a dirtbike its a pitbike but ok hahaha

  • Kamari Bobb
    Kamari Bobb

    He’s a fucking dumbass


    The intro when they said what’s up guys was such a fail

  • Nyquise Cohen-Holley
    Nyquise Cohen-Holley

    I’m a Hu〽️an

  • Brad Nutley
    Brad Nutley

    You treat your friends so good and have fun with them I LOVE IT it’s awesome for real your a good guy I watch all your videos if I can I work a lot but when I can I watch anyways keep being a good dude

  • jyugo

    Hey sry I didn't comment early but u r really nice to ur friends and family, also the Lamborghini and the mini dirt bike looks really cool😎

  • Colby Gaffney
    Colby Gaffney

    Mike gets left hangin at 2:52

  • alexcf13pr

    Anybody know the beat 18:46 ??? It’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥



  • Matt bmx
    Matt bmx

    my mans got 2 things

  • Pato Swag
    Pato Swag

    I’m here to

  • ShayBear

    Do you ever wonder who's the one filming during it?

  • Brayden Miller
    Brayden Miller

    Can you by me a dirt bike please my Address is Stuart 604 n. Gaines st. Stuart is. 50250 I want a miney bike please

  • Kentrell

    and at 5:06 there is a blind man

  • anthony skinsacos
    anthony skinsacos

    lol when he was giving the pit bike throttle i was like ur flooding it

  • Just Keep It Chill
    Just Keep It Chill

    he could of just felt the letters out on the lambo

  • Mitchell Cornford
    Mitchell Cornford

    I would love a part 2 of this so entertaining

  • SudrianRailwayStudios

    Great video, Lance!

  • lil Scotty
    lil Scotty

    This was Actually a Great Idea Nice vid Lance

  • Daily Driven Muscle
    Daily Driven Muscle

    Yo Lance take me places for a challenge $50 i guess more than them

  • laus lora
    laus lora


  • Abbie Sinclair
    Abbie Sinclair

    Lmao who is behind the camera?

  • MountainState Outdoors
    MountainState Outdoors

    What is the music in your outro

  • Mathew Chai
    Mathew Chai

    Who's filming?

  • Wesley Campbell
    Wesley Campbell

    Did anyone else see the shoe swap