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YFN Lucci - Oct. 24th (Official Music Video)
YFN Lucci
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Directed by - King Bee

  • Javon morgan
    Javon morgan


  • Keep'n It A Buck
    Keep'n It A Buck

    " ok look true enough: ahaha my nigga a player

  • jaelah bush
    jaelah bush

    this is my birthday!!!

  • SoldoutDates YT
    SoldoutDates YT

    Lucci U deserve more Recognition 💙

  • Ghost gang Gunna
    Ghost gang Gunna

    Fuck a judge we be smoking on probation

  • tee ladi
    tee ladi

    He just go so crazy like 🔥🔥🔥

  • Brutha Bubba
    Brutha Bubba

    Definitely one of the underrated but true talent 🏆🏆🏆 Too many weirdos getting attention while the real get looked over 💯💯 Its ok cause that’s where #LONGEVITY COME IN AT!!

  • Brianna arrigo
    Brianna arrigo

    If I buy that ring bitch I need groupie love

  • Riri Nixon
    Riri Nixon

    How you say ☝🏾 ❤️ but you a hater 🤔

  • DttoGamingYT God v 12
    DttoGamingYT God v 12

    Lucci dis song got me in my feelings I go through all the shit he saying in dis song💯


    #YfnLucci - You say you want love but you be out fucking for papper. Blowing my phone up but you wan't do me not one favor. Don't tell me you love me just to make up. 🔥💯

  • S G
    S G

    All theses scars I need them bandages

  • Babie Mexico
    Babie Mexico

    How can yu dislike this song or give it thumbs down??? Y’all hate this mf hard🤷🏽‍♂️🤧

  • Austin Shaffer
    Austin Shaffer

    Bruh, show them you finally risen from the BS, making money Workin hard. YFN Lucci.

  • Rozay Smith
    Rozay Smith

    How u say 1luv nd u a hater?!😕💯💯

  • Hong Sunhwa
    Hong Sunhwa

    Thats ma bday too.

  • Jerel Jackson
    Jerel Jackson

    tuff lucc 🤯🤟🏾

  • GTA Music
    GTA Music


  • Mar Walker
    Mar Walker

    Who knows the name of them beautiful women in the hot tub?

  • Nickolas Floyd
    Nickolas Floyd


  • Keep'n It A Buck
    Keep'n It A Buck

    Boy this shit goo gooo!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • brenon williams
    brenon williams

    Ok lil wayneeee daughter! U know that Pussy good if I call laterrr

  • XMan Veras
    XMan Veras

    Turnt TF Up!!! VsUp!! XManShyt!!

  • Jerel Jackson
    Jerel Jackson

    650lucci 🤩

  • Owee

    One of My favorite rappers fashooo

  • Barbara Ward
    Barbara Ward

    The best rapper keep nothing but that real shit hitting our 👂lucci keep doing your thing babe💯💯💪🏽

  • joseph Applewhite
    joseph Applewhite

    YI’m yo y

  • Luz Muniz
    Luz Muniz

    Man this shit to hard stop playing with my boy lucci and run this shit up

  • ashuntic

    Luh yu Lucci!

  • nle og
    nle og

    i like your girl

  • lmao. kids
    lmao. kids

    This song so underrated🔥💯

  • Queen Scorpio
    Queen Scorpio

    October 24th is my birthday us scorpios winning 💯❤️🦂♏️

    • who toucha my spaghet
      who toucha my spaghet


  • Breanna Spells
    Breanna Spells


  • Jadeee


  • Whitney Montgomery
    Whitney Montgomery

    Don't tell me that u hate me just to make up then switch and say u love me you a trader how say one love when u a hater🤔

  • Whitney Montgomery
    Whitney Montgomery

    Don't tell me it's to far like I can't go💪🏾

  • Jamz Lynn
    Jamz Lynn

    Lucci stop taking advantage of young girls brah. it look like you don’t brush your teeth. And your breath stinks. 👎🏾


    Y know that pussy good if I call later

  • Kingshotbranden Thegod
    Kingshotbranden Thegod

    Oct 24th

  • R.J Tech
    R.J Tech

    I specifically listen to this song just to hear 1:49 - 1:57 and again at 2:24 - 2:34 and once again at 2:46 💯🔥

  • David bartley
    David bartley

    Don’t tell me you love me an let go 🌪💨

  • jkutta214

  • Rodolfo Mendez
    Rodolfo Mendez

    Don’t tell me you love me..then you let go💯🙄 I felt that shit

  • TripleM Kaydee
    TripleM Kaydee

    Who is those models

  • David bartley
    David bartley

    Youn know my story or m.o 🤝🎭

  • Timothy Johnson
    Timothy Johnson

    I thank luccie should do a song with fredo bank or mo3 like if u agree


    I maxed out 10/24/17 And been winnin ever since

  • MBKACE Gottiten Tube
    MBKACE Gottiten Tube

    Haven't heard lucci music in a min💯

  • Misslady Reid
    Misslady Reid

    My B-Day

  • nba 35
    nba 35

    Who all listening cause of the name of the song ...born in October stand up.

  • Katrina Brown
    Katrina Brown


  • Jakevion Smith
    Jakevion Smith

    I'm get that paper 4 sho

  • Kashara Washington
    Kashara Washington

    Atlanta made. Y’all already know 😝

  • Kevin Quintero Mtz
    Kevin Quintero Mtz


  • hitt lewis
    hitt lewis

  • Tanisha Cunningham
    Tanisha Cunningham


  • Jay Poe
    Jay Poe


  • Dominique Hunter
    Dominique Hunter

    For some reason, His head & body don’t match!

  • pistol pete
    pistol pete

    It aint the same sound as wish me well,but things changed since then...guess it felt he had more i get he just left the buffet vibes...congrats though

  • Joseph Mcintosh
    Joseph Mcintosh

    been broke before.....🙋🙋🙋🙋

  • Roc Baby
    Roc Baby

    You know that Pussy Good if i called laid up💯🖤🖤🖤

  • Joshua Jooste
    Joshua Jooste

    Who only clicked this video for the chanel orange shoes

  • Spiritual Wars
    Spiritual Wars

    Here before a Million views

  • PrettyLittleLady #Boss
    PrettyLittleLady #Boss

    I'm gon' get paper, don't need no handouts Talking so rich, won't need Him at all 🤑❤

  • nm news
    nm news

    what shoes he got on?

  • Devonta Burch
    Devonta Burch

    You right about that

  • smilinbeats

    Awesome 💯

  • D.Ä Møñgø
    D.Ä Møñgø

    So everybody birthday is oct 24 well Michael will see you on the 31

  • adonis king
    adonis king

    Shit go dumb nawfr 🔥


    that my birthday

  • Andrew W
    Andrew W

    Chill shit

  • OfficialHipHop2k19

    This new song Lucci got with Kevin Gates tho 😭🔥

  • King DJB
    King DJB

    I can’t stop listening to this song man bigg lucci fan

  • Yannick Syatous
    Yannick Syatous


  • Deona Hill
    Deona Hill

    I gotta go see him before i die. #bucketlist

  • Gennia Grimes
    Gennia Grimes


  • Bella B.
    Bella B.


  • WhoDat Cyn
    WhoDat Cyn

    October 24 is my birthday 😍😍😍😂😂

  • jalen jj
    jalen jj

    My birthday lol

  • Earthy Urban Chic
    Earthy Urban Chic

    🤔 why was not Reginae cast for this music video; is she not an actress and his woman???

  • that boy Boom 23
    that boy Boom 23

    My baby mama loves me but my x b**ch can't stand me🔥🔥🔥🔥#who else feel what he talking about

  • xavier ferguson
    xavier ferguson

    That girl ass was so fake lol it didn't giggle at all 😂 😂

  • Twurk City
    Twurk City


  • Styles Freeman
    Styles Freeman

    Just dropped my second song “Addicted ft 3”❕ It’s a melodic, r&b/trap vibe song. If you got 3 minutes to spare give it a listen. Promise you won’t regret it. Preciate yo time and input, stay blessed 🙏🏾🖤


    You need me over there 💨💨💨💨fuck them slime ball ass niggas dont get into that whack shit hommie

  • Ghee Cokey
    Ghee Cokey


  • Kyla King
    Kyla King

    Been a fan since Key To The Streets 💯

  • Chase Crittenden
    Chase Crittenden

    Lucci the only artist who ain’t got one bad song him and cinco 🔥🔥🔥

  • Javon Morgan
    Javon Morgan

    begin hate new and old love begin and last long

  • Tyrone Toney
    Tyrone Toney


  • Nyiswhereibelong

    Love this guy 👌🏻

  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez

    Lucci hit me up real nigga foreal i be body guard

  • Montrell Smith
    Montrell Smith

    This my birthday big bru💯❗️🔥🔥

  • Henn Dawg
    Henn Dawg

    Watching this while puffin on some loud💭💭💭💭💭💭💭

    • Nathan D.
      Nathan D.

      no cap niqqa. i remember days when we was trappin crazy in da hood tryna eat. now we in a rarri smokin gelato u schmell me. ion know how we made it dis far but we here niqqa. yfnbc from nuthin to sumthin we bout dat bag and we aint never gonna quit u schmell me

  • Mohad7ro

    fire fam

  • Gilbertera

    Algum Br aqui?

  • 1xtip


  • Tiffany Nicole
    Tiffany Nicole


  • Nawab Mangat
    Nawab Mangat

    Freaking love ❤️ LUCCI

  • GameGuru

    REAL RAP 💫 thanks Lucci for representing Georgia the RIGHT way 💯