Xhorhas | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 51
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The Mighty Nein safely make it to Xhorhas, but find more danger than they could have imagined in this new country...
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  • Seraphina Edan
    Seraphina Edan

    Man my bisexuality was really on point with every single one of these nerds wow I love them

  • Mitchell Williams
    Mitchell Williams

    The music when it starts playing Rogue from the Diablo 2 sound track... ❤️

  • Nostalgic Games
    Nostalgic Games

    Yo laura and marrisha look beautiful and the guys look smashing

  • VulcanWolf2004

    4:31 - Um... Marisha, please don't do that too often... 😓

  • Re Peixoto
    Re Peixoto

    please! subtitle! T_T

  • Trixa

    For some reason, this comes up when I search for Bryan Dechart and I don't understand why.

  • Yeetus McDab
    Yeetus McDab

    I love the "make a constitution saving throw" joke that DM's do, like when Jester smelled Caleb's hand :P

  • Yeetus McDab
    Yeetus McDab

    If Sam's DnD Beyond speech doesn't make me say "My god Sam why" he's not doing it right

  • Maxime Leong
    Maxime Leong

    Matt looks like an alternate version of John Wick (in which his dog didn't get killed).

  • Sinan Al-Khadra
    Sinan Al-Khadra

    Sam Riegel is passion incarnated

  • Like Maddox456
    Like Maddox456

    Just before the intro I heard someone I believe it was Sam saying how do you play dnd

  • RapoloGames

    It's like magic game: I cast firewall, counterspell, I counter ur counter. -_ - I counter ur counter that would counter my spell.

  • newcommer5000

    Ask Judi Dench to join a game. JUDI F*****G DENCH! That would be epic!

  • MightySquishy69

    Damn Talison really had some bad rolls this session. I feel your pain brother! 🤣🤣

  • NoFilter

    Talisien gets so rattled in combat

  • Ryan Gress
    Ryan Gress

    Am I really the only one to bring up Laura’s boobs? Lol

  • Ghobi Echo
    Ghobi Echo

    Xhorhas is the mordor of middle earth basically

  • Mr Silver
    Mr Silver

    Welcome... To Xhorhassic Park! XD

  • Sean Guzman
    Sean Guzman

    I just started getting into dnd and I really hope my first dm is like matt

  • Aiden Nelson
    Aiden Nelson

    I really couldn't tell if Molly's awkward attempts at advice were off on purpose until I saw how great Cad's advice is. Talesin is super wise but he played Molly as such a slapdash guy

  • MKD Gaming
    MKD Gaming

    Marisha's dress makes a girl's heart flutter

  • Carlos V
    Carlos V

    52:00 Diablo 2 act 3 Jungle music gave me chills.

    • Carlos V
      Carlos V

      Dafuq Diablo 2 musics keep going

  • Steyn Tactical
    Steyn Tactical

    Ahhhh and Taliesin broke the beard parade.

  • King Of Natlanta
    King Of Natlanta

    Why does Sam look like he's about to fecking murder the Bugbear at the slightest misstep?

  • Douglas Reed
    Douglas Reed

    Big props for using Diablo 1 Tristram music for ambiance

  • Parker Broderick
    Parker Broderick

    anyone know the music at 1:01:00

  • james blatterman
    james blatterman

    From da whomb

  • james blatterman
    james blatterman


  • james blatterman
    james blatterman


  • HackermanACK

    Drow Casts Counterspell Caleb: I Counterspell Counterspell XD

  • Christian Rivera
    Christian Rivera

    Fjord: *summons demon from the abyss* Cadeuces: Thank GOD 😂

  • Madstack

    3:23:56 and 3:26:06 Using Image spells in this situation as anything but camouflage? Blasphemy!

  • Fernando Flores
    Fernando Flores

    I have no subtitles, nice, I hate it

  • Bewee BW
    Bewee BW

    If they somehow try to get out of Xhorhas without teleporting I'll sigh so goddamn loud the world itself implodes.

  • Casey Scott
    Casey Scott

    Oh man...you all clean up stunningly! However, Laura stole the show. 😍 I love the power difference between the drow and the party. Its a bit clear they are getting into something beyond them. Gonna be insteresting to see how far they make it!

  • Daniel Welker
    Daniel Welker

    After Sam’s spiel, the Japanese guy who married his video game doesn’t seem quite as odd anymore... j/k, that was AWESOME.


    1:00:12, I hear Diablo 2 music and I’m happy

  • J Banks
    J Banks

    Damn Laura is looking gorgeous

  • Daarken Anderson
    Daarken Anderson

    Love that diablo 2 background music

  • p0pp4

    Holy Crap! I Just recognised the music around the one hour mark! It's from Diablo 2... I think it's the Crypt Music. ua-my.com/watchvideo/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-CdpBFsi2Gg4.html

  • Gonçalo Carneiro
    Gonçalo Carneiro

    I won't lie, during that big skirmish I was hoping the random bandit group would join in to redeem themselves on behalf of the Mighty Nine. It was already a shitshow, might as well have been a bigger shitshow.

  • Matt H
    Matt H

    33:40 I feel that exasperation, Travis. I'd have the same reaction.

  • Dungeon Master
    Dungeon Master

    There now has to be the shirt "Xhorhas or Bust!!"

  • DudeFromEndor

    The battle was so frustrating to watch. They stood there for 10 minutes watching the rangers get slaughtered while they talked.

  • Carlos

    Hi! Someone knows when will the subtitles be up?

  • 505DGuy

    Full on bisexual panic the moment this episode started. The suits, the beards, the dresses. The way Matt said we'll see how this evening progresses

  • mabangin

    When do the closed captions usually go up after the episode is uploaded?

  • Lonnie Sargent
    Lonnie Sargent

    So interesting fun fact that means nothing to absolutely anyone but me.....Sam and Liam were born the year I first started playing D&D.

  • james blatterman
    james blatterman


  • james blatterman
    james blatterman


  • james blatterman
    james blatterman


  • porcelain doll
    porcelain doll

    does anyone know the music that plays during Sam's poem at the beginning?

  • Jennifer O'Donoghue
    Jennifer O'Donoghue

    Sitting here dreading starting a double sleepover shift tomorrow . Time to lose myself in some critical role

  • DLTyrus

    Don't give your players pets you aren't willing to kill if they carry them into dangerous situations. #SamForPresident

  • Ana Shirley
    Ana Shirley

    Matt's bugbear reminds me of the bat from Anastasia...

  • Leiflen

    question. is the youtube channel critical role you guys or someone posting your stuff? dont want to give them a sub if its not acualy you guys

    • Leiflen

      +HappyPillz thx

    • HappyPillz

      The Critical Role channel is the official one, yes.

  • this_chick25

    Everyone looks smokin' hot this ep, and Liam's hair does the thing.

  • Phoenix Inferno
    Phoenix Inferno

    At 1:48:56 when beau screamed I got an ad. A Ford ad. So beau screams and then it just goes 'Ford' I lost my shit, it's like Fjord was trying to silence her.

  • DeaDHatchi08

    That moment you realize you are hearing Diablo 2 music in the background! :D

  • Micah Clark
    Micah Clark

    What’s compress gravity, I never heard of it before

    • Nerdonis

      Presumably a spell unique to the new school of magic Matt created.

  • SSShermanable

    Travis Willingham telling us to ignore what people say on the internet is wisdom to live by

  • Sos12345

    3:29:31 "We would protect you." "Against Rodan? I'm not so sure." Best joke of the episode in my opinion. Travis gives me life. Marisha's alt rock joke was great too.

  • Sharky Prodiver
    Sharky Prodiver

    can't wait for the Drow action

  • Noah Palma
    Noah Palma

    Totally watching Laura's face. Yeah. Nowhere else, listening for the dice rolls. Nothing else. At all. Definitely not looking any lower.

  • Kirknan the Barbarian
    Kirknan the Barbarian

    Anyone else hypnotized by Laura's cleavage?

  • TheFastHero

    This playlist is incredibly convoluted now. I should hope someone could keep this playlist as just "Campaign 2" content, and just create a new playlist for all of these new videos.

  • Tom M
    Tom M

    2:43:20 Applause to the artist for remembering this interaction. And ouch, that's painful now that we know.

  • dragontruth

    3:58:40 He said it. We were all thinking it, but Liam said it. Friggin Balgruf.

  • Jonah Duclos
    Jonah Duclos

    Liam yelling out "HOW DO YOU PLAY D&D?" before the intro hahahahaha my god I love this man

  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson

    I thought they where supposed to be releasing these once a week. It's been well over two weeks and the last one was delayed to.

    • Roxie761

      They are, but now the episodes are posted on Critical Role's channel not Geek and Sundry

  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson

    Glad Travis dropped a Bulgura. Found it a bit annoying that he didn't when they where fighting the dragon dashila and others earlier and he didn't.

  • Alex Avila
    Alex Avila

    58:05 Matt playing Diablo 2 music in the background... I can die happy now

  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson

    Looked like the dm completely scripted the first encounter. Didn't roll any die for the opening attacks and he didn't let the players join in when he did let the guards who where ambushed. Cheap cunt.

    • Chris Nelson
      Chris Nelson

      +Kubolons Nah he was playing against himself and the players he's used to manipulating. He's experienced enough that he could anticipate the actions in the ambush and retaliation round and and roll without too much thought at such an early stage. I just fucking hate it when he scripts fights like this. Early in the bastard skipped everyone's turn when nott ran up to the knolls and if the players hadn't called him on it he'd have killed nott then and there. Also a few fights where they try to escape but he tells them without prompting that their character doesn't want to do that or he only gives them a turn or so of a headstart when combat begins even though they should have atleast 5 or so.

    • Kubolons

      Oh yeah, because everyone wanted to spend 2 hours watching a dm rolling for 30 actions a turn, that would be very interesting.

  • Daniel

    That combat was epic, and a hell of an introduction to the kind of forces they're going to move up against.

  • Daniel

    Yup, it's just a superstition and doesn't affect the statistics whatsoever. But if being angry at the dice and swapping them out makes you FEEL better, then it matters :)

  • J.J. Preston
    J.J. Preston

    Imagine when Caleb gets to lvl 17 and gains access to true polymorph, he could then transform Into a Dragon or something with a challenge rating of 17! So much stuff you could do with that it's insane

  • AngelWing Lowlang
    AngelWing Lowlang


  • Gillan Laureth of Seles
    Gillan Laureth of Seles

    Laura you are being very distracting. Pls. Have mercy on us single guys.

  • Freja Brynjolfursdottir
    Freja Brynjolfursdottir

    All hail the Bugbearborn

  • Emile Coetzee
    Emile Coetzee

    I don't know if I'm the only one wondering this, but how has caleb not learned fly by this point? I mean, sure it is Liam's decision. That's cool. But we've already seen several situations, such as the rock climb, where it could have come in handy.

    • Emile Coetzee
      Emile Coetzee

      +Apathetic Lungs Well. that is fair enough i'd personally use some form of flavoring to have it match more accurately, but critical role's players take spells more in the vein of fitting their characters. At least from what we've seen, in my opinion. So that makes sense. Thank you for your input. :)

    • Apathetic Lungs
      Apathetic Lungs

      Based on his spells I think Liam is preferring to learn spells that fit with his theme of being a transmutative wizard, the only real spell I've seen him use with any consistency without slinging muck and such around is his light spell. Basically, I think it's possible he doesn't think it fits with his character.

  • Countess Coloratura
    Countess Coloratura

    AoE poison spells like Cloudkill and similar things don't say they deal damage on cast, and it's kinda bugging me how many times they have in this campaign, if that's actually how they work.

  • Andrew McDonald
    Andrew McDonald

    Wow, they got fancy. Dressed to the mighty neins even.

  • D Boone
    D Boone

    Just a little dnd nerd out here. Caduceus should not be able to cast bane and use his staff which also lets him CAST giant insect at the same time.. they are concentration spells. :( but this was a good session

  • Tyfighter76

    Am I the only one that still gets hyped over this amazing intro?!

  • snappledragon2

    Loving the Diablo II ambiance!

  • Chris Gee
    Chris Gee

    So, I've brought this up so many times, but I'm so proud of Marisha. Her journey of learning how to play the monk has been excellent. So long ago I was screaming for her to use the stunning fist, and now, she finds the biggest target, runs up tries to stun, fails, learns con save, STUNS AGAIN!!! She never really figured Druid out, but we may see a Monk at Scanlan levels of class mastery.

  • Conor Stewart
    Conor Stewart

    Does anyone know where the guys got their minis from??

  • Corey Hammond
    Corey Hammond


  • Tigereyes44670

    Matthew Mercer be looking like john wick up in here

    • Jacob Hoover
      Jacob Hoover

      Dear god I hope no one kills his dog.

  • SirSpeedWagon

    >.> okay... yeah, i just caught up. i almost want to just restart it. is there any way to access the first season?

    • Apathetic Lungs
      Apathetic Lungs

      there's a season one playlist on this channel

  • Matt Curnell
    Matt Curnell

    in other words, a pc gnoll race.

  • PHC

    These gravity spells are awesome! Where can I find them? 🤔

    • PHC

      Found it

  • Matt Curnell
    Matt Curnell

    is it strange i see a possible story to be had from a gnoll that fights the taint in its blood

  • Baraz

    I like (sincerely) how Taliesin has non verbal expressions unique to his character. The faces he makes does remind us of the drawings done for his character.

  • Slasher Stumbles
    Slasher Stumbles

    Get Wayne June as a guest 😍 all my favorite people in one place

  • ShowMePicardsFlute

    I fell several weeks behind CR, but I'm glad. I'm in hospital at the moment and its really helping stay positive. 😀

  • Fallen Crusade69
    Fallen Crusade69

    Dat Diablo music in the background tho. Makes me imagine Xhorhas looks like places in Diablo 2, which honestly doesn't seem that far off from the descriptions of the landscape.

  • Vara Satoshi
    Vara Satoshi

    2:40:04 I see Yasha and Cad just platonically cuddling over there. Love that shit.

  • Joshua Auld
    Joshua Auld

    Sam has a vendetta against all of Laura's pets.

  • MiniCleric

    Can someone find me the Skyrim reference? I heard it but I don’t remember it when it happened

    • MiniCleric

      Never mind found it. 3:38:30 for Skyrim reference