Xhorhas | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 51
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The Mighty Nein safely make it to Xhorhas, but find more danger than they could have imagined in this new country...
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  • Toby the Tuna
    Toby the Tuna

    "Not how I would've ruled" - Sam absolute Savage confirmed

  • Gideon The Lion
    Gideon The Lion

    Peeps be here admirin' Laura's cleavage while I'm trying to avoid it 'cause it just reminds me that I have none. 🤣

  • Alecksander VanDal
    Alecksander VanDal

    3:20:30 is that a diablo 2 wilderness i hear?

  • WiseEmu

    Matt looks like he's cosplaying John Wick

  • Darren Hollis
    Darren Hollis

    Maybe a touch inapropes... but god-damn Laura's cleavage game is on point in this episode 😂

  • kylesteinhauser

    Laura’s boobs

  • nope

    liam singing defying gravity at 2:06:22 is so endearing

  • David Armstrong
    David Armstrong

    1:21:12 - I spoke too soon in episode 47 about Travis and Marisha being the giggling troublemakers in the back of class... I don't know who's worse, them or Laura and Sam! I like that Laura realizes the hilarity and has to point it out to Sam and they just quietly have a moment. No one else notices!

  • bigcas78

    Sam "I have a bit of a boner" We call that a Willinghard-on

  • bigcas78

    Look how dapper everyone is.

  • Richard Drapeau
    Richard Drapeau

    Like the miniatures, check this out. ua-my.com/watchvideo/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-UdAwX8JB66E.html

  • Colton Smith
    Colton Smith

    lmfao they used diablo 2 music this episode epic !!!!!

  • Fae Carnifex
    Fae Carnifex

    Why is everyone so dressed up here?

  • GrayishPoppy 210
    GrayishPoppy 210

    Almost caught up with this finally, but my A levels have caught up with me to...

  • edwardmagichands

    So Jester... who cares deeply enough about living things enough to negotiate the freedom of a small, weird, gross creature being kept for a future meal by the kobolts... just casually casts thaumaturgy to scare the shit out of this already terrified and scarred for life bugbear with the sound of a 60 foot wingspan bird who just ripped its friends in half.

    • boregan123

      She didn't kill him. She even gave him a sick tattoo. Didn't even charge for it. If that ain't the definition of Chaotic Good, I don't know what is.

  • Joe Mazzola
    Joe Mazzola

    Ugh I picked up the Diablo ii music instantly 😁

  • Olympia Rose
    Olympia Rose

    I'm 4 mins in and pretty sure Sam Riegel just made me pregnant 😂

  • Ms. Mousy
    Ms. Mousy

    Between Liam in a leather jacket and Laura in that silver dress, one really has to keep rolling saving throws to maintain concentration...

  • A Pile of Eggs
    A Pile of Eggs

    one day jester is going to roll a one on a tattoo and accidentally stab someone in the throat

  • wrfeewr qwrweqrrewq
    wrfeewr qwrweqrrewq

    1:15 Sam’s poetry 4:45 Sam on Pub Draw 7:25 Intro cinematic 9:05 Episode Starts 11:45 Recap Ends 12:25 Caleb does some basic first aid 15:50 Smell the wraps 17:50 Blaze it 21:50 Too many questions 24:10 Fjord’s magic 25:40 Let’s not be too hard on these guards 31:05 Jester and Caleb 32:45Travis gives Sam a boner with his hands 34:15 The climb 48:20 Xorhassic Park 1:07:35 Let the love flow 1:08:40 Battle begins 1:13:55 Hashtag anti-blessed 1:19:20 Hashtag Ukatoa take the wheel 1:24:55 Counting counterspells 1:26:25 Taliesin abandoned the beard 1:35:05 Sam’s pet vendetta 2:06:10 Sam’s Travis impression 2:27:55 Break Starts 2:39:40 Art Montage 2:46:00 Break Ends 3:02:15 Nott is determined 3:10:40 Sam is hurting his presidential campaign 3:21:05 I wanna Roc 3:29:15 Alt-Roc 3:34:05 Chatting up the bear 3:45:35 Fjord’s special power 3:46:45 Porky Piggin it 3:49:10 Fjord helps Nott 3:51:25 The M9 is exhausting 3:58:00 Paying for a tattoo 4:06:55 Episode Ends

    • Gottalove Walruses
      Gottalove Walruses

      Thanks! You're the OG

  • UrbanImmortal

    You would think Laura would learn to remember her pets after Trinket

  • oldnotweak

    42:11 what was funny?

  • Jacob Young
    Jacob Young

    second reaction with counterspell?

  • Seth Cragan
    Seth Cragan

    Am I the only one who could not take his eyes of of Laura all night? Travis is a very lucky guy.

  • Francklin Oliveira
    Francklin Oliveira

    Ok ok ok... I know it was released on 18/02. But I REALLY need to know what was making Laured anoyed in the first half hour of the game. I mean, even Sam helped her with something...

  • iHe

    That Diablo ost got me hyped! Any DM that emphasizes soundtracks knows how time consuming creating them is. Listening to hours of ost's from games/movies, organizing songs into playlists, constantly updating them, and clipping each song for smooth transitions. And this is just one aspect of immersion DM's go through to make every session enjoyable. Just another small detail that deserves more recognition

  • Troy Cooksey
    Troy Cooksey

    That song from Diablo 2 that Matt added to the playlist makes me think of Diablo 2

  • Woodywoodmc

    I want Sam to seduce me

  • HalfTangible

    Sam Riegel's done a lot of crazy ads for DND Beyond, but that... that was something else.

  • Wicked Spooks
    Wicked Spooks

    The GENUINE look of fear in Sam's eyes FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON at 19:10 has gotten me wheezing for the better part of 10 minutes

  • Filthy Old Man
    Filthy Old Man


  • Lost Folklorist
    Lost Folklorist

    Damn, Laura's cleavage is hot!

  • Christopher Teale
    Christopher Teale

    Good save Fjord, but poor Jester XD.

  • turtlemangames

    "You need a moment Sam?" "I got a little bit of a boner" "Happy Valentine's Day" This is why I love watching Critical Role!

    • turtlemangames

      "He's confused, and he likes it"

  • zfish9

    I guess until the playlist unfucks itself I'll stop here.

    • Roxie761

      +zfish9 no problem! :)

    • zfish9

      Oh, I didn't know Critical Role had its own channel now. I was still using Geek & Sundry's playlist, and after this episode their playlist turns into a mess. Thanks for the heads up, I'll search for the new channel instead!

    • Roxie761

      There's nothing wrong with the playlist. The episodes are posted on their own channel now

  • David Nymann
    David Nymann

    Moar D2 music plz

  • Chrisanthea LeVert
    Chrisanthea LeVert

    Love how Matt used a French Canadian accent for the bugbear.

  • Khristofer Dickover
    Khristofer Dickover

    That Diablo 2 music in Xhorhas though. Oh buddy. Took me back.

  • arthaiser

    im half the episode in, great episode, still catching up... just wanted to say that diablo2 music as background for xhorhas is perfect fit.

  • Jacob Woods
    Jacob Woods

    liam is getting pretty good at that accent

  • Milford Weeks
    Milford Weeks

    Frumpkin is back.. Somewhere far away in the tunnels.. "NOOOOOOOO Where my eatkitty!"

  • EV Belluche
    EV Belluche

    Taliesin Jaffe: *casually references Hieronymus Bosch's medieval painting depicting demons and orgy* 2:54:34

  • Malthe Vinther
    Malthe Vinther

    Matt using Diablo 2 background music makes me happy.

  • ash marshall
    ash marshall


  • ash marshall
    ash marshall

    "let's get into tonight's episode of critical role!" *"HOW DO YOU PLAY DND??"*

  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson

    Think it's silly that your penalized for having great initiative for creatures you spawn in. It's dumb that if you roll a natural twenty then unless you rolled higher it has to wait for the next turn. But if you roll a natural 1 for it it's fine.

  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson

    Looks like nugget won't be entirely useless. 24 hit points and it can run 80 feet then teleport 40 a turn. And it's still just a few months old.

  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson

    Suprised none of them thought to drag a team out out of the cloud when they found out damage was on the turn. Could have probably saved a few from being effected. Although they where dumb enough to all group up behind one bit of cover allowing all of them to be hit by a aoe attack so I guess it's not too surprising.

  • KnightDragul

    They must kill Fjord before he becomes a werecow!

  • FireSanctuary

    I love that Dwendalian Empire had Azuremyst Isle music and Xhorhas has Bloodmyst music! so fitting

  • Sidrick1

    I love this show but I've been starting to notice here lately that Jesters Laura is starting to show

  • Lighthaze

    that bugbear is super nice for Chaotic Evil.

  • ErichWilliam

    Liam punishing his character because people called him out just proves...people need to shut the hell up and just let them play their f**kin game.

  • Misfit Logic
    Misfit Logic

    Sometimes I wish the camera could pan around the battle maps and displays to see it from different angles but i guess their setup doesnt permit it

  • Marcus Dagenais
    Marcus Dagenais

    1:35:36 Matt is definitely no Neil Erickson (kudos to those who get that)

  • Karl Olofsson
    Karl Olofsson

    Diablo soundtrack hype!

  • Malte Dueholm
    Malte Dueholm

    i love that they've started using the diablo 2 soundtrack!

  • tsunade3113

    1:00:00 That Diablo soundtrack, nice.

  • Rager Gaming
    Rager Gaming

    I Saw that wink Mercer.

  • Patrick Green
    Patrick Green

    So, who else noticed the Diablo 2 music when they left the worm hole?

  • chaos2inferno

    Probably just me overthinking it, but I could kinda hear Rise around 3:35:10

  • BalvarineNZ

    so what happened? there is no ep 52 but they still said see you next week

    • Christopher Jones
      Christopher Jones

      They moved to their own channel from this point on

  • Innsmouth Dweller
    Innsmouth Dweller

    Amazing Matt Uelmen

  • Joseph Jacobsen
    Joseph Jacobsen

    lol Laura I was actually going to TRY MY DAMNDEST to get someone to tell Taliesin to clear his throat XD

  • Nicholas Cates
    Nicholas Cates

    Travis looks like an alcoholic detective going through a divorce lol

  • Gabriel Häggebrink
    Gabriel Häggebrink

    Upvote for Travis' catch.

  • NeutralTea

    I love the Diablo music...so fantastic

  • Jacob Halifax
    Jacob Halifax

    Bugbear: I used to be an adventurer like you...

    • David Morehead
      David Morehead

      Then I took an arrow to the knee ( which means he got married)

  • Dakota Perhaps
    Dakota Perhaps

    Whenever they take a rest, I look at the clock, decide I should probably take a long rest, and then stay up all night anyway.

  • Elliot Laurence
    Elliot Laurence

    my new favorite thing is when matt, in a deep, monotone voice, says: “Alrighty”

  • Kris Goodson
    Kris Goodson

    God I love Liam's leather jacket... anyone know where I can get one????

  • Jack Leishman
    Jack Leishman

    Was that a meatloaf reference at 2:07:28, cause I mean if thats the case, thats pretty cool.

  • Ken Thomas
    Ken Thomas

    This episode's fight was bigtime redemption in my opinion after the young dragon's lair fight previously. That fight they wasted so many actions running around not fighting, and blatantly running away leaving their teammates behind. That encounter should've been fight, focus attacks, collect tons of loot. This fight on the other hand, they didn't do any dilly-dally. They got down to business right away, thankfully, because this was a significantly harder fight. They made so much better decisions in this fight and I felt they were robbed at the end by not being able to loot the xhorhasian's. They may not have gotten loot, but they did win back my respect.

  • that one girl
    that one girl

    me, in a midst of a bi-crisis: holy Laura. God help me, Matthew?! Hell, MARISHA!! SAVE ME, LOOK AT TRAVIS!!!

  • lyf ser
    lyf ser

    Yas Queen

  • RavenWind

    Crit Role team I only do this cause I luv ya...its pronounced "pee tawn" not "pie ton" . Cracks me up every time. www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/piton

  • raziel1178

    Laura is like "why'd I wear this!" >celebrates boobies Very good valentines present lol

  • sica3820

    I love how you can kind of tell Liam is used to directing people. He's usually the one that redirects them and gets them focused when they're getting carried away.

  • Jared king
    Jared king

    The Nord Bugbear is something i want in my life forever

  • David Hoffman
    David Hoffman

    Mfw Ulfric fucking Stormcloak polymorphs into a bigbear😂

  • Hon3yBunny

    Dnd needs to implement mix race characters on dnd beyond. I have never struggled more trying to make a character than I have for my new campaign.

  • Orckiller1243

    Did I miss ep 52 or was it never posted?

    • Frank Holland
      Frank Holland


    • Frank Holland
      Frank Holland

      It is now only on the Crit role youtube channel, they are no longer part of G%S

  • SafariIzzy

    beau not hearing what was said and asking "what you have a bad back? " why was that the thing that got me

  • _ hot_chocolate_with_marshmallows
    _ hot_chocolate_with_marshmallows

    Jester climbed a wall with a dog in a bag and a Wessel in her cleavage.... She is my roll model

  • origionalnamehereok

    during 2:52:48 the music in the background sounded like Divinity Original Sin 2 music.

  • ich du
    ich du

    Fjord's Misty Step into falchion summon was so epic!

  • Maja O
    Maja O

    Does anyone know where Laura's dress is from. Absolutely love it.

  • CampaignerSC

    1:35:15 Sam the devil 3:45:30 Sam the devil, part 2

  • Monty2451

    Baron Visco, purveyor of fine feeds and meats. Most famously know for his side dish of seasoned rice and pasta. Rice-A-Roni, The Baron Visco Treat!

  • Stephen Milligan
    Stephen Milligan

    Ooh! Where can I get the markers that say things like stunned and blessed?!?! Were they bought or made? If made, how?

    • Brandon

      Reddit /dndiy has a printable paper version

  • Stephen Milligan
    Stephen Milligan

    That catch though. I've never been so turned on.

  • Fishtastic

    wild how all these people's jobs are voice acting and yet they just all happen to be incredibly attractive. why couldn't i be born attractive?

  • Christopher Bailey
    Christopher Bailey

    That diablo 2 music eh friends?

  • Sled Dog
    Sled Dog

    The only time you ever get to use those pitons in your bag you never use and you didn’t

  • Captain kiwi
    Captain kiwi

    Matt’s look of satisfaction as he peaks over to see marishas 3 and 4 rolls

  • Jeremy Harris
    Jeremy Harris

    In this episode the m9 travel to mordor

  • Alec Leighton
    Alec Leighton

    Travis: "Yeah, I think I got bit by a cow." Me: orc warlock werecow?

  • David Weatherbee
    David Weatherbee

    Thanks Sam, now during my next game session no one will know why I start laughing when I cast some spells

  • Tyrus Sagimon
    Tyrus Sagimon

    The boards Matt makes are so cool

  • Danilo Luís Faria
    Danilo Luís Faria

    "Yes, yes, yes, Fjord just summoned a fucking demon!!!"