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  • Smith And Cami
    Smith And Cami

    Welp. I’ve finally reached the moment where all my music is Billie. I think I’m addicted.

  • Denis D
    Denis D

    Me da vida.

  • Melissa Q
    Melissa Q

    *listens to this song while taking a daily xanny*

  • Yunoko

    ok everyone does memes *Bass 100*

  • susana lodi
    susana lodi

    Billie TE AMO

  • Rayssa Silva
    Rayssa Silva

    Você também acha que ela é uma boa cura para a depressão? Curte aii!

  • danna ochoa mtz
    danna ochoa mtz

    sometimes I fell billie it’s writing my life, like wtf

  • iiiZoeXxpoohbear Morris
    iiiZoeXxpoohbear Morris

    I sowed this song to my ketchup now its hot sauce


    Fall asleep😌😌😌

  • Ana Júlia
    Ana Júlia

    Xanny é acalmante?

  • AKexuseo

    When the beat dropped I messed up my eyeliner 😭

  • Rat Hehe
    Rat Hehe

    Every time I listen to this song my head starts to hurt but I love this song so much idk why my head starts to hurt tho :,-(

  • Tanner Q
    Tanner Q

    Thank you for this drift as I sit here finishing work. Like I'm serious here, thanks for this music it's really calming for me so I want to say thank you for your fantastic music. Have a fantastic day.

  • Harrison Crutcher
    Harrison Crutcher

    I'm pretty sure xanny refers to Xanax

  • Keira M
    Keira M

    i love the artist that draws your picture

  • Blacky uwu
    Blacky uwu

    Xanny ⇄ㅤㅤ↻ [0:00●──────────4:04] ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • unicórnio cry baby
    unicórnio cry baby


  • M'kylee Haskins
    M'kylee Haskins

    0:00 reply button that was needed by me

  • Macy Green
    Macy Green

    producers: how bipolar do you want this song to be? billie: yes.

  • buB

    On the part “please don’t try to kiss me..” you can hear “please don’t leave me” from Goodbye

  • lina_ gachette love
    lina_ gachette love


  • lina_ gachette love
    lina_ gachette love

    Omgggg i love you Billie pls common France🤔

  • Greenq Effect
    Greenq Effect

    Me: this song is real quiet and slow Bass: It'd be horrible if something were to hurt your eardrums, eh?

  • god gamers
    god gamers

    Billie is exactly like me:)

  • Arianna Morie
    Arianna Morie

    I forgot I was listening to this and went to the bathroom and when i cam back i thought there was a demon in my room at 3:30

  • Jovi's Universe
    Jovi's Universe

    What’s your favorite soda 🥤

  • Paige Blair
    Paige Blair

    When the auto tune came in I got chills

  • Usuario y tal
    Usuario y tal

    Estoy gratamente sorprendido, Billie. No imaginaba que pensases así, eres una chica muy madura. Sé que esto nunca lo llegarás a leer, pero necesitaba decírtelo. ❤

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig

    Commment section: Billie how many unoriginal comments do you want? Billie: YES btw this comment is also unoriginal so leave me alone


    xanny-billie eilish

  • Camila's ASMR and Stuff
    Camila's ASMR and Stuff


  • Camila's ASMR and Stuff
    Camila's ASMR and Stuff

    Pretend this comment is hella funny

  • bokunotaehyung

    This song is vibrating my brain. I can legit feel it

  • Vannah Boo
    Vannah Boo

    Rewind to like 1:05 and in the background u can hear " Are u touching my burrito? "

  • Carol Cortez
    Carol Cortez

    Melhor música sim ou claro?

  • Moonys world
    Moonys world

    Literally the entirety of the comment section is the goddamn "yes" meme or is about the bass. Well done

  • JellyPrince

    listening to this with headphones is both magical and terrifying

  • Unicorn C. Cake Stiles
    Unicorn C. Cake Stiles

    Me : wow this song is so quiet * turns up volume * Bass: hey wanna be deaf Me: AHHHH

  • Larry & Ziam
    Larry & Ziam

    Listening to this with headphones though

  • wintergirl 17
    wintergirl 17

    Her pic on of her on a bed will scare me till aliens take over the world

  • Lauren Elizabeth
    Lauren Elizabeth

    did anyone else think that she was saying "condom, hurting, learning" at the end or is it just me lmao

    • ToasterDog 10
      ToasterDog 10

      I can't unhear it now

  • Logan Arceo
    Logan Arceo

    put the speed up to 0.75 and turn the volume up and just relax to the bass *puts on headphones* OMG DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MY EARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*gets dazy* its *GAGS* beautiful *faceplants*

  • Alxxandra1 3
    Alxxandra1 3

    The dislikes are from crackheads

  • Potato Chan
    Potato Chan

    *My phone is shaking at full volume*

  • Arianne CC
    Arianne CC

    The first thing I thought when I saw the name of the song, was Lil Xan lmao. (Also, the bass omg. I feel it inside my head)

  • JayJay D
    JayJay D

    Me every day

  • mayumi yumi
    mayumi yumi


  • Celina Carriere
    Celina Carriere

    this reminded of a good song that was sad, so I put it on. I went threw a break up today...

  • Courtney Gallivan
    Courtney Gallivan

    I’m so proud of you, you are such a talented woman, who I feel is going to break barriers and move mountains. It’s so amazing how you slickly made an anti drug song, seeing as sooooo many youngsters look up to you.. You really are just indescribably amazing, I’m a biiiiig fan ✌🏼🌈❤️

  • Itsy Bitsy
    Itsy Bitsy

    Listen this with headphones it’s awesome 💜🌙


    This song is so underrated 😕

  • SBT Novelas
    SBT Novelas


  • Golden Killer
    Golden Killer

    Great bass lmao

  • pyro

    Nobody’s gonna talk about how beautiful this song is other than the bass.

  • ShawtyImvu

    I love this song!

  • TMS2021 EvelynN
    TMS2021 EvelynN

    we all know that one person that listens to this on full volume.... that person is me

  • Emilias Mix
    Emilias Mix

    Omg i love this song❤️❤️❤️

  • mr niceguy
    mr niceguy

    Be nice if she could sing with her mouth open for just one song. Mumble rap of singing

  • kamalani ahquin
    kamalani ahquin

    i love billie

  • Eliza_is _da_best
    Eliza_is _da_best

    this was so pretty and quiet at the beginning

  • Maxine

    follow my fanacc on insta: wherearetheadvocadossss

  • Maxine

    this song is sooooo good!

  • Sienna Newman
    Sienna Newman

    fricken hell wt(frick) Billie u are literally.

  • Alex Parri
    Alex Parri

    **Russian comment**

  • Aubriana Zamora
    Aubriana Zamora

  • GraceIsAwesome jesuslovesme2
    GraceIsAwesome jesuslovesme2

    Listened to this alone in a dark room with headphones that feels like you dont have them on, and I was so emotional and horrified and i felt miserable and it's amazing oh my God

  • Veronique Mkanjawa
    Veronique Mkanjawa

    If you don't have this song in your playlist It's dry

  • Jonathan Peralta
    Jonathan Peralta

    My parents: HeR SOngS DONt GivE GoOd MESsagEs. hEr soNGs wIll gIvE YoU ANxieTy Me: this song says don't do drugs... even with my anxiety. My parents: ...

  • Puggo Dude
    Puggo Dude

    Someone wanted to create a tremor... in my eardrums.

  • Lettuce crop Children
    Lettuce crop Children

    *i feel this song*

  • Skywalker 13782
    Skywalker 13782

    Going through all the songs she makes and I love them all 👏

  • Daisy Sanchez
    Daisy Sanchez

    Why did this almost make me cry :(((

  • xxkyrhaxx stiles
    xxkyrhaxx stiles

    Chill Billie left the chat , hard rock Billie just intered

  • Keira M
    Keira M

    best song

  • give me back my car radio
    give me back my car radio

    so it doesn't say "do they even breathe enough to think?" wow

  • Odd ASMR
    Odd ASMR

    This song speaks to my soul. Love it. 🥀😟😭🖤🔆

  • Shelbi Gowen
    Shelbi Gowen

    Roses are red violets are blue when the beat dropped my wig flew 😋😋

  • April Adby
    April Adby

    Please don’t kiss me on the side walk

  • April Adby
    April Adby

    I even listen to this on my radio

  • April Adby
    April Adby

    I like the dead dead dead dead dead

  • April Adby
    April Adby

    I go to sleep with this on

  • Lily

    *Can you like check the uber rating?* *turns volume all the way up, me: to billies concert?* Me: oh wait

  • Darcey Gill
    Darcey Gill

    James Charles nearly has as many subsicribers as billie 😂

  • Maddy Speckmaier
    Maddy Speckmaier

    fyi this song is about Billie's friend that overdosed on Xanax

  • iiiZoeXxpoohbear Morris
    iiiZoeXxpoohbear Morris

    Billie's brother *how much bass do you want this up to* Billie: *YeSsSsS*

  • faithyy

    without them, they're nothing but unstabe=le, bring ashtrays to the table thats about the only thing they share im in a secind handsmoke stoil just dirnking caned coke iu dont nbeed a xznny to feek better, inly on e whos not stoned dont give me a xanny now or ever. waking up at sundown hey kla5e to every party nobodys ever sorry. too inhebristed now to dance morning as they come down cime dowen theyre opetty heads are hurting theyre offfly bad at learning make the msiskaes im in as ecnind hand some still just drinking canne coke i dont need a xanny to feel better one dedcnjdnejdn drives ghime inly one whos not stoned dont give me theb xanny now or ever pleaae dont try to kiss me on the sidewalk and ur music gloom stays i cant afforxdl love some who isnt dieing by mistke in silver lake. what is it about them? i must be missing something. they just keep doing nothing. too intoxicated to be scared. hmmm hmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmMMmmmM come down hurting, leaningGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGggggg

  • Dancingwithliz

    People who disliked are ON xanny 🙃

  • ecoRfan

    Chorus was distorted on purpose considering it’s about drugs and anxiety

  • TheJacksonyou

    billie eilish use magnitude

  • Press F To Pay Respects
    Press F To Pay Respects

    *puts headphones on low volume* Bass: Lol. You thought it could save you


    *Xanax's Wife has entered* Hey Honey wha- *Xanax's Wife has been banned from the chat*

  • Katana Burgess
    Katana Burgess

    Random peron: Nobody actually uses bass anymore, it sounds terrible when you put it into a song. Billie: Hold my beer

  • dayana garcia
    dayana garcia

    I can related to Billie so much is scary....

  • alexarellano098

    I kinda want Billie eillish and Melanie Martinez to do a Collab who else agrees

  • oofie

    When I listen to this I think of my bestfriend and idk why but he comes into my mind when I hear this

  • Gacha Gomez
    Gacha Gomez

    *ThOsE ArE SoME NiCE EArDRUmS yOu hAvE ThERE*

  • Gacha Gomez
    Gacha Gomez

    Please don't press "Read more" *Read more*

  • Emily Vazquez
    Emily Vazquez

    The 5k of people that disliked are deaf 😭

  • Mia Ashley Kedlarchuk
    Mia Ashley Kedlarchuk

    *base drops* eyes roll to the back of my head

  • Dylan Le
    Dylan Le

    she talked to a fan