Why is Apple so expensive? | CNBC Explains
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Apple products have never been cheap but the cost of many of its gadgets has increased dramatically over time. So what makes Apple's products so pricey? CNBC's Uptin Saiidi explains.
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  • MIke M
    MIke M

    Go buy and windows based laptop and report back to how shitty it feels in your hands.

  • Song

    In this tech world Apple doesn't need release first, they just let Samsung release first then Apple make it better. In financial/profit it make sense because apple can make it cheaper for the iphone more profit.

  • Song

    0:26 the chart was wrong the $199 and $399 price tag are for AT&T. Which you going end up paying more because of high premium plan. Also where is Iphone XR $749.

  • Aleksandar be together not the same
    Aleksandar be together not the same

    all apple product are made by chinese foxcon they are all made cheap but sell high price because exist stupid american and stupid people areound the world

  • Aleksandar be together not the same
    Aleksandar be together not the same

    because apple users are stupid blind and brainwashed by apple cult

  • George Patton
    George Patton

    Im an Apple user and I dont care about the price for me its just friendly user gadgets $999 is just for poor ohh come on guys for me I think all phones must cost around $2000 and under that will be called as budget this is new generation money is very easy to get

  • Commando Master
    Commando Master

    iPhone X only costs $357 USD to make and they charge $999. Overpriced Apple products!

  • Patato Everything
    Patato Everything

    Because we want Quality products, thats has nothing to do with Android.

  • Patato Everything
    Patato Everything

    Sorry, but Apple dosn’t sell Tablets.

  • kai lu
    kai lu

    3500 back in 2015 maybe, new 2018 mbp alone cost 3500 bucks

  • Bobby Chen
    Bobby Chen

    1.3K thumbs down from humiliated Apple fanboys (and girls?)

  • atam 89
    atam 89

    They pay more because they just want apple logo..😂😂😂

  • Clay Coates
    Clay Coates

    there is a world of SUCKERS out there that love the Snob Effect of the apple IT is just a PHONE there others out there hay it is perfect for those who want to stand there and speak as so every one knows there on the phone and then complain about Privacy


    Because it's a trillion dollar company and share holders demand good returns. Samsung has the same dilemma while none of the Chinese companies are hostages of greedy investors.

  • Adonis Top of Men
    Adonis Top of Men

    great products ........

  • Ikato yeps
    Ikato yeps

    Mango is not cheaper than apple

  • Rodney Hogrefe
    Rodney Hogrefe

    Windows computers are cheaper, but windows is full of glitches, windows 10 is a disaster, almost as bad as windows vista

  • varun Joel
    varun Joel

    Well I've watched all kinds of videos about apple prices and read enough articles to conclude that people who buy Apple products lack basic intelligence. There's no other explanation. I'm not buying the whole "ecosystem" argument. You're stupid.

  • TheRaunz

    Only chicks and tech noobs buy Apple.

  • SHP

    Huawei is innovating camera

  • B Boy
    B Boy

    People are idiots that’s why.

  • Saurav kumar
    Saurav kumar

    apple 💖

  • C. K A T A K U R I
    C. K A T A K U R I

    One word. Logo.

  • jomie orbino
    jomie orbino

    Bc they don’t break and there very reliable

  • MrDjambronk

    So basically Foxconn create iPhones

  • Alejandro Fallas
    Alejandro Fallas

    Because people are stupid enough to pay for it that's why...

  • George Frisky
    George Frisky

    USA doesn’t not like competition look at what happened to Chinese company huawei or at European Airbus aeroplane.it is a coïncidents ?

  • K won
    K won

    2 Huawei P30 Pro = iPhone XS Max..

  • themanager1980

    We must start Anti-Apple community. Who wants to Join me.

    • john jobs
      john jobs

      I wil

  • Camille Santiago
    Camille Santiago

    You look like drake

  • ray cerda
    ray cerda

    you know what, I always had a Samsung But I switched over to The iPhone for the last year and I Honestly can say Samsung is better I’m going to switch back as soon as I get the chance I don’t get it what’s so great about the iPhone I have the iPhone X and it’s nothing special

  • Ryuki Takahashi
    Ryuki Takahashi

    I came here from a Xiaomi video, gotta say Xiaomi is much better

  • Justo Torres
    Justo Torres

    Not expensive for me cause This consumer switched. Got me a Kyocera that is pretty rugged and a factory scratch proof screen . I don't even have to buy a protective cover . A super durable phone all for a fraction of the price. does everything or more then the Apple

  • Sarvesh Swami
    Sarvesh Swami

    Cost to make?? are you accounting for the expenses to run such a large company with hundreds of thousand of employees working towards these products. It is not just bill of materials people. Let's not forget that they operate from California one of the expensive states of USA.

  • Red Major
    Red Major

    All these broke people so mad in the comments 🤣🤣

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh

    I don't like Apple products as compared to Samsung or etc.

  • you you
    you you

    Huawei simply the best phone now.

  • Emanuel Brown
    Emanuel Brown

    People soo stupid

  • Lata chandarshekhargouda Saranadgoudar
    Lata chandarshekhargouda Saranadgoudar

    I won't waste my money just for crunched Apple logo.

  • Matthew Brian E. Montalbo
    Matthew Brian E. Montalbo

    Oh my God i still need Itunes

  • Jason Calimlim
    Jason Calimlim

    Iblike to see apple company bankruptcy

  • Sal HJ
    Sal HJ

    Remember when Apple was just a fruit. Huawei even anymore.

  • David Brown
    David Brown

    My iPhone cracked open in two when it was hot. I was so pissed I smashed the thing into a thousand pieces. I have never bought an iPhone since.

    • Emanuel Brown
      Emanuel Brown


  • s ana
    s ana

    Watching in a iPhone 😂

  • di hayba
    di hayba

    Can't you see apple stand for the forbidding fruits in the bible!!! Eve ate the forbidding fruits which is the apple n God cursed the nation , why do you think apple is worldwide famous??

  • Aswin Parachuru
    Aswin Parachuru

    Simple... Even though their product is good... Motive is to loot money..!!!!

  • Melinda

    i think that the booming of apple is when the iphone 5 came out, and it was the dead of blackberry era

  • Khardellen

    I was one of those people who finally open their eyes and stopped buying a new iPhone every year. Enough with the farce Apple

  • Vladimir Lenin
    Vladimir Lenin

    Why Apple garbage expensive?

  • SuperSwedishStar

    The downfall of Tim Apple

  • ItsK&C's

    When is apple store going to be on sale?

  • Sarsie Cruz
    Sarsie Cruz

    People want to stand out among the rest. Apple see that traits. And boom!👌

  • Lord is My sherpard
    Lord is My sherpard

    Who’s watching this video on their apple gadget?

  • Nightcore Tuner
    Nightcore Tuner

    Steve job is not proud of it

  • talha habib
    talha habib

    cost of iphone x to produce is $370.25, search "cost of iphone x to produce" in google.

  • CrYztaL OOFERS
    CrYztaL OOFERS

    Watching on my ipad

  • Joselito Fandino
    Joselito Fandino

    Greed on the side of apple and vanity on the side of the buyers. Two of the seven deadly sins of man.

  • Mark's Pocket
    Mark's Pocket

    Because it has something to do with marketing strategies. * to create image to it's consumers - to make them believe that having it makes you great. People are fond of showing off their expensive stuffs. * to keep their name on the top - since not all can afford, people will look to it as a valuable thing, yet android is far better than iphone.

  • cadsPH

    My first and last iPhone was the SE.

  • Richard Zedman
    Richard Zedman

    Apple already talking to other phone makers to see if they can get a foldable screens lol there always going to be behind

  • Richard Zedman
    Richard Zedman

    Maybee because they have to pay Samsung for there screens and pay lg for stuff then pay the Chinese company's for there chips then design it and pay someone to put it all together That's why they no longer innovate in anything they just buy everyones else stuff You just paying for a name from a period when they use to be good

  • Jun Dela Cruz
    Jun Dela Cruz

    Simple Solution: don't buy Apple Products, after a few years or months or even weeks it will be sell on a bargain price.

  • Tianna Ketner
    Tianna Ketner

    MIND CONTROL.....just cuz they can. All that money could END WORLD HUNGER

  • ngantnier

    Apple:We can't sell enough IPhones, let's raise the price! When you raise prices it raises demand, right?

  • bbpetrov

    hello from the other side, ex apple fan here!

  • Christian Vega
    Christian Vega

    Huawei numba wan china namba wan

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    The final answer - their products have an Apple Logo

  • Mr Chicken
    Mr Chicken

    1:48 I’m cringing the way the dude is pressing the screen

  • Tryggvi 123
    Tryggvi 123

    Why do other full screen phones have chins

  • Little Red Wolf
    Little Red Wolf

    Will be the biggest tech fall. Prices are insane. Quality is excellent thou

  • Danilo Gaerlan
    Danilo Gaerlan

    GREED.....apple is simply a very GREEDY company....period.

  • Herms Fresh
    Herms Fresh

    Left them back with the 7 and never coming back, there are just so much important things to do with money.

  • Norman Valiao
    Norman Valiao

    Well..... What can I say? A sucker is born everyday!

  • Himanshu Upadhyaya
    Himanshu Upadhyaya


  • Himanshu Upadhyaya
    Himanshu Upadhyaya

    May be cause nobody can hack apple but can hack android . I think there is privacy in iPhone no one can install spyware and hack I messages

    • Kevin Hernandez
      Kevin Hernandez

      Lol 😂 that's a lie

  • Baldboy Elbow is disabled
    Baldboy Elbow is disabled

    Use Android it's cheaper and not that fragile and even tough Apple phones can't get viruses atleast if you use Android you can still afford to visit a doctor

  • Marius Cristian Ciubotariu
    Marius Cristian Ciubotariu

    Get a OnePlus 6 and you're done. Much cheaper and better phone.

  • Радослав Лазаров
    Радослав Лазаров

    Yo you brainwashed americans start thinking normally and stop buying blindly because there will come a time when you will be giving 2000+ dollars You will be sacrificing daily needs for you your kids and family and so on just so you can have a white phone with a logo on it There IS a variety of cheaper phonea out there for you to choose Apple is expensive because YOU are paying literally any $ they are asking of you Yes they are greedy BUT you are allowing it! Wake up people P. S. Greetings from Europe and mid range phone(i do have a family and ita more important than the next iPhone) Be smart 👌

  • Nicolaj H
    Nicolaj H

    Wait, there's a cool factor buying Apple? I know Apple owners that say they are aware Apple products signals "hey, look at me, i paid way too much for this". I don't know how that is a cool factor.

  • ha ha
    ha ha

    the real question is how people replace their brain with shit just to buy apple

  • Anthony V.
    Anthony V.

    Didnt Jeff Bezos say something about a company ending 30 years into its creation unless it is innovative and listens to its customers? Apple got greedy and that's why they are declining.

  • Arya Stark
    Arya Stark

    i swear apple employees are the worst customers. Coming to my job demanding for accept apple pay. think they know everything, so entitled, everyone is beneath them. I don't know how to work it if we even have it. your the apple expert you show me.

  • great1 white
    great1 white

    Paid by Apple

  • chula


  • Brian Sadler
    Brian Sadler

    Apple is no different than Gucci or Louis Vuitton. You get a quality product but you're mainly paying for the brand.

  • Mohdnazri Nazri
    Mohdnazri Nazri

    Apple best 👍🙌

  • Dixon Magister
    Dixon Magister

    lol never used apple, never will, other brands have always been better and more affordable, waaaay too many foolish apple fans

  • Erik R
    Erik R

    I still have my iPhone 6s and I will never buy a new phone. After my phone breaks I will buy the iPhone 7 or 8 used, unless apple drops the price on the latest model.

  • Prabhat Bhoi
    Prabhat Bhoi

    5 inch apple phone 1000$ 5.5 inch same featured phone 1500$

  • LYS

    IT stuff have hit 4 to 5k in 3rd world countries 10 to 20 years ago, stop being cry babies

  • Miguelito

    Cook is on Crack

  • rodylermglez

    Innovation? How about building a no nonsense, standard featured, long-term functional phone?

  • Wowcaldinex

    It's obviously because Apple makes the most superior, fool proof products that deserves and commands such a premium price.

  • Cruel Wolf
    Cruel Wolf

    So who will talk about the perfect hardware mistakes that Apple creates in every products

  • Khai Chun Thoo
    Khai Chun Thoo

    Joke of the year, ‘most innovative product available is not cheap to do’ Yet I found the so called innovative product is the not innovative 🙄

  • Inu Yasha
    Inu Yasha

    Because it's post-iphone

  • Lonesome James
    Lonesome James

    Because it's status symbol

  • Roque Morden
    Roque Morden

    Cobus, get back to your drum !


    Ever hear; A fool and his money are soon parted?

  • David Boston
    David Boston

    3500$ 2 months rent? Nibba please that 6 mot ha rent for me da fook