Why is Apple so expensive? | CNBC Explains
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Apple products have never been cheap but the cost of many of its gadgets has increased dramatically over time. So what makes Apple's products so pricey? CNBC's Uptin Saiidi explains.
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  • Guens

    If you're making 50k a year. You cannot afford a Ferrari. Many dumb and poor people don't apply this logic to buying a phone. You're complaining Apple products are too expensive. You're not their Targeting customers.

  • John BUNbun
    John BUNbun

    Steve Jobs would be disappointed

  • Zune 46032
    Zune 46032

    at 4:36, is the math correct? cost to make 357.50, retail 999.00, profit = (999.00 - 357.50) = 641.50. Therefore profit margin = profit / cost = 641.50 / 357.50 = 1.79 or 179% profit margin not 64%.... Yes, I get as you move down the income statement you have expenses, taxes, etc so your net profit margin is less......

  • Juan Castellanoz
    Juan Castellanoz

    Google and Samsung are better dont @me

  • Miran Iseini
    Miran Iseini

    I would pay even more just not to get one of those silly Android phones

  • Game Boost Entertainment
    Game Boost Entertainment

    Apple is Expensive because it is not open source project and Mainly For its Security But People are so dumb that they buy Apple Product to show off with other people but Are they really happy with the price That is really Higher than Usual ,Also Was Apple Product made only to just give security and Show off ? Even Samsung ,Xiaomi ,Huawei Way better

  • Vishal 16
    Vishal 16

    SAMSUNG left the chat

  • Emilio Miller
    Emilio Miller

    Someone get soulja boy over here

  • Your Tricky Daddy
    Your Tricky Daddy

    Phones that cost more than 500€ should be crime!!!

  • Raw2929 Will
    Raw2929 Will

    It greed but it soon come to and end and I am a apple fan

  • Lisa

    I don't buy Apple because 1 - It's too freaking expensive. 2 - From what I hear, they don't last as long as they probably should. Too breakable and expensive to fix. 3 - They're too exclusive (software-wise if you know what I mean). 4 - No more headphone jack, which is ludicrous as far as I'm concerned. 5 - Just not worth it. 6 - Samsung owns my heart, lol. Had the S6 for 3 strong years before upgrading to an S9 a couple of months ago. Incredibly happy with my decision to stick with them. :)

  • datta dahale
    datta dahale

    They r not innovative.

  • Iyla Kelsey
    Iyla Kelsey

    So IPhone Xs Max is a well SCAM!!!

  • M F
    M F

    I still have my iPhone 6s plus to this day in perfect condition like brand new as I first got and still going strong I can't believe people with newer models can't take care shit it's like nothing in life won't last them one bit the case is dirty af, the screen all cracked and all those scratches and dents like seriously I hate see something so nice being neglected (also I need help deciding iPhone 7 plus jet black or iPhone 8 plus product red)

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Lmmfao, did Tim cook just say it's the most innovative device? That shit's too funny.

  • jedijooj

    Apple effect

  • Sanuske Sagara
    Sanuske Sagara

    I broke away from that "ecosystem " to never go back.....i really felt i was going to be ripped off if i had upgraded to the new apple phone.

  • - ItzGachaAbby -
    - ItzGachaAbby -


  • - ItzGachaAbby -
    - ItzGachaAbby -

    This is why I asked my dad if I could get Android instead of Apple...

  • Enzo Marzari
    Enzo Marzari

    6minutes wasting my time. You talk about so much different things but WHY is APPLE so Expensive has NO answer in your video. You’re rather answering the question « Why Apple prices are growing ». But NOTHING related to the core components of what makes an Apple Product more expensive then its competitors... and there are many

  • Eons العصور
    Eons العصور

    My brother has the note 9 and I have the iPhone 7 and you know what he said that my iPhone 7 feels a lot faster and smother than his note 9.. And I'd rather own a iPhone 7 that I could keep for years with new updates than a phone that looks good from outside but laggs and doesn't get software updates

  • Byron Collier
    Byron Collier

    Yet a samsung phone with probably same quality is half the price. Nothing special about apple products besides the name lol

  • Diego Azuela
    Diego Azuela

    apple should bring back the the headphone jack

  • Hassan F7
    Hassan F7

    That MacBook is old it still has a glowing apple logo.

  • Melvin Chong
    Melvin Chong

    Apple fanboys, like Tim Cook, love getting screwed in the ass.

  • nothing

    innovation? where? a touch pad in an mp3 player is not innovation, a touch screen in a cellphone is not innovation. innovation where? how? just until not so long ago you could not even watch youtube in the piece of shit of an iphone but you could in a $120 nokia. but hey, you could swipe with your finger to watch pictures. cool

  • irie mckinnie™
    irie mckinnie™

    "My phone cost more than your rent, you still live in a tent."

  • Phunny Yo
    Phunny Yo

    The prices increase is insane compared to the innovation. I work as an IT technician deploying macs and iphones, but I have to say other companies are catching up with the software. The hardware isnt so important to be honest, good buildquality is prio, then you simply need the software to run smooth. But where is the software innovation? Googles Pixel 3 brought us a wide angle lens for selfies (hardware) and the "night sight" photo mode (software), both of those features is a reason to move to Pixel. I've had iPhones since 2007 and never even doubted that it's the best phone ever, but now 2019 Apple reallt starting to sack behind. Don't get me wrong, I still wont switch to an Android device for privacy issues, but some day may come where Google fixes this or simply the cons of Android are simply nothing compared to the pros. Apple, remember who you are (a software company) and start innovating in this area. Last but not least, I feel like Apple hired way too many people in cupertino compared to what they actually produce, I think 12000 people work in their new building.. what are all of those doing if the best "innovation" for your last iOS was "Screen Time"..


    Apple has cheated public & Apple lovers promoted them to do that

  • luan trieu
    luan trieu

    Why apple is so expensive? Cause we got isheep getting ready for the slaughter.

  • Pink Bubbles
    Pink Bubbles

    I’ve moved over to Samsung instead of apple

  • Psycho Surfer
    Psycho Surfer

    Overrated garbage, I have an Iphone and Ipad, Apple sell image for sheeps who think it is cool to use Apple.

  • 1000 subs with no videos
    1000 subs with no videos

    People who have AirPods can not afford the wire

  • firelily416

    bottom line: greed.

  • thegazette

    Apple isn't the only company that does this, especially when they are at the top, but when they are at peak saturation, companies get greeds. Like when apple got rid of the headphone jack and created a whole dongle market. That's a price increase of the device as well. A phone can only get so thin before its uncomfortable to actually have in your hand to be functional. I want Apple to work more on UI because they have really, really let that fall.

  • Chris Buck
    Chris Buck


  • FreedomSlaves

    Apple isnt cool it's common. They're not advanced whatsoever. Android has been beyond apple for years. Apple has never given people what they could. Believe it or not I dont dislike their phones. I do like them. But I dont believe they're the best.

  • Dulistan Heman
    Dulistan Heman

    I don't have all Apple products, just iMac and MacBook pro. And I got them all from Craigslist. They never let me down compare to my broken Windows utill now.

  • gladiator3543

    ...because they want your money in order to make big profits, not that hard to understand really

  • The Guy
    The Guy

    The same reason Gucci is. Because is Apple.

  • Got2Balls Manymore
    Got2Balls Manymore

    "Why is Apple so expensive?" Because of a lot of stupid Apple fanboy out there, actually idiots people.

  • Rafael Lucero
    Rafael Lucero

    Iphone X looks like Vivo😂😂😂 but iphone 5 for me is so good looking and the real look of iphones...well never have one😂😂😂

  • Nandroid

    Apple died with Steve jobs

  • Jayanth Raja
    Jayanth Raja

    It's time to say bye bye to iPhone and apple products....with better specs and innovation many Chinese brands are fast approaching...let's support them

  • Christian Begg
    Christian Begg

    If it's shiny and apple, I will buy it. Sent from my 150$ Android phone

  • Candra Inoe
    Candra Inoe

    I don’t use iPhone I don’t own MacBook or MacPC, I know apple products overprice but I don’t hate Apple . Not all people buy tech stuff must be same price as the spec. Do you know why people buy Lamborghini car ? Not because it fast but for its beauty

  • Sketchmee5

    It's a bloody phone for crying out loud!Just ask What Would Steve Jobs Do?

  • BugsBunny007

    When you buy the new expensive iPhone, they'll make a new expensive iPhones in 2 months.

  • felipe367

    Dear me.... The sheer glossing over of facts in this video is shocking....apple doesn't make 64% per iPhone....

  • jeloremo

    Thankfully, Apple has not gotten even a penny from me!

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle

    Because fan boys think it's still revealent that ship sailed along time ago and they have Samsung helping them out, let's not forget the slave/kid work force

  • playerCross911

    In Argentina the price of the new iPhone costs the same as a decent used car or even more. No wonder why no one buys them here.

  • Khalid M
    Khalid M

    I just switched from IPhone 7 to the OnePlus 6T and it was the best decision I've ever made. 8GB ram vs 2GB ram, AMOLED display, best display I've ever seen on an iphone. Dual 20-16MP cameras and more. It's a joke that Tim Cook would even call it a quality phone. Complete garbage company, meant for people with low IQ.

  • Fantasia World
    Fantasia World

    all those criticizing apple here in comments are poor people. Negative comments will follow from broke and penniless folks.

  • Henry Coats
    Henry Coats

    I now use only apple , because I’ve never had a virus infect my items. Reliability. I still have 2 older iPads, 3 iPhones , 1 iPod, Apple Watch and 2 macs. All working. Still using for different purposes. Yet to get the newer iPhone. In my opinion they are better products.


    Cause apple has no innovation better than Android phones ... Plus apple wants people to buy only their devices cuz their devices don't even pair with others

  • Rouge One
    Rouge One

    Galaxy is better!

  • Alfian Permana
    Alfian Permana

    if apple wasn't recruiting steave job after apple retired steave, i believe most valuable brand in the world is NEXT that built by steave job

  • Rafael De Avila
    Rafael De Avila

    Not everyone can afford Hermes.... buy something else if you can’t afford it

  • バイセクシュアル

    It’s because they can’t hear the other companies with their AirPods in. Smh..

  • バイセクシュアル

    It’s because all they care about is their stupid design

  • Def Qon
    Def Qon

    easiest way to recognize stupid people. check if he has iphone

  • swaygfx

    1 word sir GULIBLE

  • TheAwesomeEvil

    Ah yes, the iPhone Xs has the world's best camera, right>

  • ashley ortega
    ashley ortega

    A robots better then a fruit, Lol

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler

    *Why is apple so OVERPRICED!!*

  • Terence Jp
    Terence Jp

    Iphone is expensive because they need the money back they invested in research

  • Terence Jp
    Terence Jp

    Oppo RX17 beats iphone,and cost only 350euro

  • Emily Rodriguez
    Emily Rodriguez

    Ha like every1 at my school has an iphone and they look down on people with an android. Their phones are actually pretty trashy (considering they only have like the iphone se and 6/6s). I don't understand what the whole "cool" factor is but whatever. I'm gonna stick with my perfectly good samsung.

  • Cliff M
    Cliff M

    FACT: "APPLE products is expensive BECAUSE they are greedy as f@#$" Have a great day to y'all

  • Big Big Chungus
    Big Big Chungus

    My family has never owned a apple product

  • Alejandro Bello
    Alejandro Bello

    "We're charging you more, because we need to tell you to buy some more from us." Seems to work

  • Leo Brusselman
    Leo Brusselman

    Too many idiots/appleheads who want to pay way too much.

  • Sean Pan
    Sean Pan

    Just wait. China will make them cabbage prized. Brand name may be Huawei.

  • Cary Andrae
    Cary Andrae

    While apple is attributed to many market changing products, their primary income has always been charging their supporters ever high premium just to own their products. As ever pressure to increase profit, they have also gone for cheaper manufacturing to increase their profit. Just look at all their recent products. Mac book pro, ipad pro bend gate and even the iphone battey throttling. The statement that you pay a premium for a phone that replaces your camera, music player and whatever else is actually applies to ALL smartphones. Yet they can make it cheaper. It is nothing to do with innovation. Apple does not innovate....they just package it well and sell it to their isheepies like they invented it. Cause without steve jobs, apple does not really have any real innovators. Cause apple was steve jobs.

  • Proud American
    Proud American

    The same reason Ferrari and Lamborghini is so expensive. Not everyone can afford luxury.


      Ferrari & Lamborghini are worth buying product & quality justifying price . But in the mobile world many come are producing product similar to Apple.But price wise there is hell & heaven difference

  • sugi ang
    sugi ang

    So apples cheating on us.....why am I saying this when I don't have an apple product

  • Keefe Gameplayz
    Keefe Gameplayz

    an old cellphone with large bessels but really expensive how is that possible?

  • Shahrukh Najeeb
    Shahrukh Najeeb

    Apple is dead

  • Thanos

    3500$ 2.5 months rent ? WTF in Greece it's more 10 months rent

  • Gaurav Yash
    Gaurav Yash

    He looks so India tbh

  • Green4CloveR

    Its the same reason Prada, Gucci, and BMWs are expensive.

  • marty8370

    Dumb Apple sheep will pay for crap overpriced/underspecced hardware.

  • Fasty35

    Ahem...... *I SMELL B R O K E IN HERE*

  • The Batman
    The Batman

    My dad upgrades every time there’s a new iPhone

  • ShyftTV

    *Samsung, Huawei, Google, LG, Nokia and Oppo stand on the sidelines*

  • Theodd partner
    Theodd partner

    35000 dollars WHAT! in my country that's 1M

  • francis ching
    francis ching

    Steve and apple died. gone too soon. RIP apple. scampple overprice phone

  • Iulian Caldarescu
    Iulian Caldarescu

    Yes Apple is expensive, but is nothing out yet to be at least close to its quality.

  • Kayne west was born on east side of world
    Kayne west was born on east side of world

    while youre there tell them they have sent me a wrong airpod pairs while paying the full price

  • Bill Xiong
    Bill Xiong

    Well, Apple everything that has a beginning, has an end.

  • m AF
    m AF

    Moral of the story: Give the customer feature rich smartphones but in right price bracket else there will be no sales and then you will vanish like NOKIA!

  • fartt.

    i'm sorry what? i was busy scrubbing my airpods

  • fartt.

    Apples are stronger than anything from Apple

  • idjhg boom bam
    idjhg boom bam

    LMAO he is in Hong kong

  • Elvis Lees
    Elvis Lees

    Powerful eyebrows...

  • That kid in the third grade
    That kid in the third grade

    And Android is still better

  • Ryan De Erit
    Ryan De Erit

    If you want to live 3 years late of the current year then use an Iphone.

  • Snoop Big Dog
    Snoop Big Dog

    *I thought the apple i ate just now.*

  • Ivan Karacic
    Ivan Karacic