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Why Don't We & Macklemore - I Don't Belong In This Club [Official Music Video]
Why Don't We
I Don't Belong In This Club with Macklemore out now:
Directed by: Jason Koenig
Produced by: Honna Kimmerer
Executive Producer: Jenny Koenig
DOP: Ryan Brown
Editor: David Franklin & Jason Koenig
Commissioner: Phil Botti
Label: Atlantic Records
Written by: Jason Koenig, Honna Kimmerer, Jenny Koenig
Daniel Seavey
Jonah Marais
Corbyn Besson
Zach Herron
Jack Avery
Special Guests:
Cliff Avril: Bouncer
Jennie Pegouskie: DJ
Production Designer: John Lavin
Wardrobe & Styling: Therese Lefebvre
WDW Styling: Taylor Brechtel & Therese Lefebvre
Choreography: Anna Matuszewski
Production Manager: Nicola Kirkpatrick
Production Coordinator: Hannah Benson
Associate Producer Jennie Pegouskie
Casting: Tami Wakasugi & Anna Matuszewski
Executive Producers: Jenny & Jason Koenig
Production Company: Studio JKOE
Locations: Honna Kimmerer
Gaffer: Vince Klimek
Key Grip: Collen Newberry
1st AC: Coty James
Specialty Camera op/tech: Justin Brown
DIT: Thatcher Kelley
Assistant to Mr. Koenig: Ethan Scoma
Special thanks to:
Trinity Night Club, Seattle

  • Shawn Salazar
    Shawn Salazar

    Love this! 🤘

  • Vinaia S.
    Vinaia S.

    how is it the two youngest members of the group get it but Jonah is the oldest and is still waiting outside ??

  • Nurul Aulia Dewi
    Nurul Aulia Dewi

    why u guys so cute damn!

  • Blue Dew
    Blue Dew

    1:32 the sign behind Jonah might be the name of their next song??

  • Shirley Elkins
    Shirley Elkins

    I love it why don't we

  • aracely mischeel army caycho juzga
    aracely mischeel army caycho juzga

    ayyyy me encantaaa❤

  • Rebecca lyttle
    Rebecca lyttle

    why don't we boy-band :0

  • Limelight_ Mendes
    Limelight_ Mendes


  • Angie

    Jonah belongs in the club now hid your tables

  • Areebah Naveed
    Areebah Naveed

    Jack Zach corbyn and Daniel are having fun And they leave jonah outside At least help him

  • Ashlyn Weinert
    Ashlyn Weinert

    Jonah (oldest):doesn’t get in Zach and Jack(two youngest): WE ARE MEN!!! And Corbyn and Daniel get in...

  • Vanetta Wells
    Vanetta Wells

    I just want a version with out jack...please😕

  • HeyImAlondra 12
    HeyImAlondra 12

    Jonah finally belongs in the club lmfao if yk, yk

  • Lilly Badertscher
    Lilly Badertscher


  • Fencing- Gaming
    Fencing- Gaming

    Nobody talking about MACKELMORE?!? HE IS THE BEST XD AND THAT EFFECT!!!

  • HolyGrail101 / QuestingBeast
    HolyGrail101 / QuestingBeast

    I enjoyed that song; Way more Monkeys than Bieber.

  • Fati Ma
    Fati Ma

    They're so cute 😍, something like the American version of BTS ❤

  • Fati Ma
    Fati Ma

    I fell in love with this song the first time I heard which is yesterday , this deserves way more views

  • Paul Tan Sim
    Paul Tan Sim


  • Amita C
    Amita C

    now jonah belongs in this club

  • *Estrella* *Campos*
    *Estrella* *Campos*

    When Zach and Jack walked in together with mustaches, I thought of Spongebob and Patrick singing "Now That We're Men."

  • Javi Rojas
    Javi Rojas

    Jonah finally belongs in this club 😶😂🖤

  • Jolijn Verhoeven
    Jolijn Verhoeven

    Welp... Welcome to the club Jonah... Please don’t break another table

  • Valentina Trivino
    Valentina Trivino


  • RishaX 03
    RishaX 03

    How did I never hear Macklemore's "OH fuck" before... m questioning my skills real bad right now wtf

  • Rizky Meiz
    Rizky Meiz

    lucky to find this song on my timeline

  • Fortnite GAMER
    Fortnite GAMER

    U don’t know how to sing , u suck

  • Verolia Diani
    Verolia Diani


  • Hayden & Foxy
    Hayden & Foxy

    2:56 tho Corbyn😂

  • Alaa Ehab
    Alaa Ehab

    I love it so much


    Jonah turned 21 well i guess he belong in the club now 😂

  • Luna Cook
    Luna Cook

    Could it be (idk why) that the woman who walked quit at the beginning in the club, is Tate???? 😳😂

    • Luna Cook
      Luna Cook

      @Javi Rojas lol #jatum😂

    • Javi Rojas
      Javi Rojas

      Yeah, it’s Tate cause someone (I don’t remember who) posted on Instagram a photo with Tate and she was wearing the same dress

  • Phone Phone
    Phone Phone


  • Natasha Ezedebego
    Natasha Ezedebego

    I think I’ve replied this at least 10000 times

  • Gessy Barragan
    Gessy Barragan

    I don't belong in this club

  • felipe neto Mendes
    felipe neto Mendes


  • Edgar Rodriguez
    Edgar Rodriguez

    Macklemores part makes me be lit

  • Steven Jones
    Steven Jones

    Why dont we fuckin kicks it

  • Rodeholm Holmes
    Rodeholm Holmes

    first bad word in a why don't we music video!!!!!!!

  • stay simple
    stay simple

    look at how Zach wrapped his arm around the girl at 3:25 im jealous.

  • nevaeh amos
    nevaeh amos

    3:23 why does Daniel look like a 15 year old because of the sunglasses and his outfit

  • Natalie Arguijo
    Natalie Arguijo

    Corbyn sounds like an 😇❤️❤️

  • Silent Destiny
    Silent Destiny

    You can just hear Corbyn's high pitched voice in the background xD It's awesome

  • Priscila Gonçalves
    Priscila Gonçalves

    very beautiful omg

  • Its your girl Jill
    Its your girl Jill

    At 1:30 look at the sign is that a new song there coming up with??

  • E&G 19
    E&G 19

    Amazing song and music of my favs💙💙

  • pien8025

    0:15 😍

  • Madison Lefkoski
    Madison Lefkoski

    I love this song

  • Shereen Tawfik
    Shereen Tawfik

    Nobody: Litterly nobody: No soul on this planet : Jonah:i wanna a raised toast so

  • Dinda Fairuz
    Dinda Fairuz

    This is the best boyband in the world.

  • Erika Salinas
    Erika Salinas


  • Troy Stone
    Troy Stone

    Zach, the YOUNGEST can get into a club but Jonah, the OLDEST can't? What kind of Bs is that?

    • rina reinholz
      rina reinholz

      That’s why the song is so funny

  • Cecilie Thomsen
    Cecilie Thomsen

    I love your songs and videos my favorit person is zach

  • emma vikander
    emma vikander

    I dont belong in this club!!

  • Zenit 900
    Zenit 900

    I feel like Corbyn has only one line in each song.

  • Pbjelly Sandwich
    Pbjelly Sandwich

    0:58 is so funny in a cute way😃😊😊

  • Samara Janae
    Samara Janae

    now i know ya'll saw the way Jonah looked up at 1:11 now

  • Delia Schulz
    Delia Schulz

    they seem pretty hyped to be in the club yet the lyrics say that they will do anythin to get out of this club

  • gordonwendy 35
    gordonwendy 35

    Owl City: When can I see you again Why don't we: I don't belong in this club Pretty similar melody if you listen to both🎶

  • Zifra Gondorf | LLN
    Zifra Gondorf | LLN

    "I'm Macklemore." *_"Mack Lil' Who?"_* _"ɪᴛs ᴍɪ :ᴄ"_ 💀💀💀

  • roxana molina
    roxana molina


  • klare hancher
    klare hancher


  • A WISH
    A WISH

    Im a new fan

  • Sophia Buenaventura
    Sophia Buenaventura

    Ahhhh!! Ma baby corbyn why so Damn hot?😙😍2:02

  • babak fakhri
    babak fakhri

    At 0:59 to 1:00 omg I couldn't stop laughing then realised I do that please don't let me be the only one

  • Alyssa Wooddell
    Alyssa Wooddell

    It's funny that Jonah is the oldest one of the boys and he is the only one that got that couldn't get it 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

  • Marina Rodriguez
    Marina Rodriguez

    2:55 Me being curious like a troll

  • Delanie Fawn
    Delanie Fawn

    1:05, Zach looking at them titties😂

  • ChimChim지민

    I feel like i’ve heard this before but not in these lyrics and artist Idk

    • frisky disky
      frisky disky

      maybe Jackson 5? it's very 70s inspired in theme and sound

  • Madison Reynolds
    Madison Reynolds

    Daniel:Ouch that hurt! Jack:Curls get the girls 😉 Corbyn:Chev Jonah:First kiss in kindergarten Zach: *Jachary*

  • Squidney Bean
    Squidney Bean


  • FRZ_VipErn

    when it’s summer vacation

  • Vivi 247
    Vivi 247

    1:04 lmao hes eying her boobs the whole time 🤦‍♀️

  • Sameena Inamdar
    Sameena Inamdar

    I love this song I am HOOKED to it 👍👍👍👍👍😊

  • J Bautista
    J Bautista

    the irony of the song and what the music video is about, kinda sad no one is talking about it 😂

  • Fatur Rahman
    Fatur Rahman

    Can you put the lyrics?

  • Lauren Phillips
    Lauren Phillips

    did anyone notice at 1:01 the sign in the background says see you in my dreams

  • ale2502

    This song totally represents me

  • alexis pasie
    alexis pasie

    seeing yall on Friday 💛💗

  • alexis pasie
    alexis pasie

    daddy’s 💕💖💗

  • Lulukelly 144
    Lulukelly 144

    2:18 OMFG this dancing is so cute and amazing 😂

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    just by watching this i can tell the boys and the whole production team had a blast shooting this masterpiece 😂👌(their dance steps got me shook btw 😍)

  • yeet xD
    yeet xD

    I really thought Shawn Mendes sang this and I oop-

  • Marci Castillo
    Marci Castillo

    I love guys💗💗💗💗💖💖💖💖💖😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🚗

  • King Dylan
    King Dylan

    If you guys like creative videos like this, check my channel! Similar genre, positive vibes and wild videos!

  • Angélica Felix
    Angélica Felix

    Eu amor o Jonah Marais 💍💍👰

  • Aleksa Salinas
    Aleksa Salinas

    I heard that they are making a new song called see you in my dreams?

  • Al3x Tai
    Al3x Tai

    Some guy skipped in front of me Can't believe I paid an entry fee And I don’t even got the energy To smile for a selfie And I know that I should go home But I'm still standing here so I guess one more for the road I wanna raise a toast so This one’s for the sparklers Dudes wearing shades in the darkness But hats off to the DJ Same song twice in an evening (1, 2,3) Oh, save me (Save me), can't take it (Take it) I don't belong in this club One dance (One dance), no chance (No chance) 'Cause I'm feeling awkward as (Oh) I was waiting in line for an hour Just to get in now, I wanna get out 'cause (Oh) I'm jaded (I’m jaded), can’t fake it (Can't fake it) I don’t belong in this club, no Hopped out of the Uber (Uber) I was feeling myself (Goddamn) Had the polo with the bolo (I did) With some eel on the belt (Hoo) Walked up to the bouncer (Hey, what's up man?) Whole squad on stealth (I'm Macklemore) He said, "Mackler, who?" (It's me) You gotta wait like everybody else Shoulda stayed on the sofa Forgot I hate being social And I miss my ex-girl This Drake song making me ’motional (Girl, you hurt my feelings) I'm feeling awkward as hell (Uh-huh) I only came here to dance (Wassup?) The DJ ain't playing the cuts (No) And what do I do with my hands? (It's awkward) Roll with the punches and hold my Red Bull up And I toast the nights like this that I probably won't remember much 'Bout to pull that Irish goodbye, grab my stuff, 'bout to cut And the DJ yells, "Macklemore in the house tonight" Ah, fuck Oh, save me (Save me), can't take it (Take it) I don't belong in this club (Club) One dance (One dance), no chance (No chance) 'Cause I'm feeling awkward as (Oh) I was waiting in line for an hour Just to get in now, I wanna get out 'cause (Oh) I'm jaded (I'm jaded), can't fake it (Can't fake it) I don't belong in this club And to think that I've waited all week (No) To get someone's drink spilled over me (I) I don't care if the Uber's on surge (No I don't, no) I'd do anything to get out of this club Save me, can't take it, no I don't belong in this club One dance, no chance 'Cause I'm feeling awkward as (Oh) I was waiting in line for an hour Just to get in now, I wanna get out 'cause (Oh) I'm jaded (I'm jaded), can't fake it (Can't fake it) I don't belong in this club

  • Bethelhem Gebeyaw
    Bethelhem Gebeyaw

    3:20 the guy next to Zach looks like a British sailor.

  • Charlotte Ktten
    Charlotte Ktten

    2:15 Fans: OMG! THEIR DANCING IS INCREDIBLE! They're so talented!*Faints* Michael Jackson in heaven: WTF! YOU STOLE MY DANCE!

  • Charlotte Ktten
    Charlotte Ktten

    1:03 Zach HErron: Oooo Nice Boobs You have laDY! Lady: Shutup u perverted random man im dancing with!

  • Anis Sukmawati
    Anis Sukmawati

    :v līke it

  • tru pekamu
    tru pekamu

    i hate that i like this song

  • alaina savery
    alaina savery

    if you like Corbin part of life on this

  • alaina savery
    alaina savery

    if you loved Daniel put a like on this

  • funny tai
    funny tai

    Eh Corbyn and Zach need dem shades to broody

  • Mercedes Andrade
    Mercedes Andrade

    1:03 Zach what u looking at.

  • Skelly Cooley
    Skelly Cooley

    i cant take it!! i dont belong with anyone else other than daniel!!

  • Melissa Adams
    Melissa Adams

    *Zach and Jack get out of the car* Me: 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Amanda Lachapelle
    Amanda Lachapelle

    Same song twice in an evening, lol I feel you bro❤😂

    • Amanda Lachapelle
      Amanda Lachapelle

      Lol this person is probably super cool since SHE LOVES WDW #Same