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Why Does Air Force One Fridge Cost $24 Million?
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What makes a US president's airplane Air Force One so expensive? Why Does Air Force One Fridge Cost the taxes payers and the military $24 Million?
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show

    What's the most expensive appliance you own?


      The Infographics Show my organs

    • Jinhee Collier
      Jinhee Collier

      My house

    • Joey Ignacio
      Joey Ignacio

      I used to work at a high end appliance dealer and it is insane how much money people spend on appliances. I remember one person bought about 75,000 dollars worth of just appliances for their kitchen. The most expensive fridge we sold was actually very popular and it sold for a little under $17,000.

    • Ricky Hall
      Ricky Hall

      My mind.

    • Martin Leduc
      Martin Leduc

      at 3:00 you said home from home insted of home away from home

  • Maximilian Bourgh
    Maximilian Bourgh

    What happens if theres no earth left to land on?

  • Snoop-Dogg views
    Snoop-Dogg views

    I think its really sad to have a fridge for 24million when they are kids that are dying for food.

  • Angry sideways spider alien
    Angry sideways spider alien

    You know that old white fridge in the garage. It's still in my kitchen

  • Jaime Lopez
    Jaime Lopez

    A a380 will do a better job

  • Tom Utomo
    Tom Utomo

    Then FAA banned MAX 8

  • Bman

    So over 8 min and you still don't really know.. I know what I'm not watching? Part 2.

  • Grandsome

    It cost that much so the president can hide in it in case of nuclear attack.

  • Gillan Baclayon
    Gillan Baclayon

    Because it is a literal mega fortress

  • Logan Stinnett
    Logan Stinnett

    fast forward to the 5 minute mark.

  • Gray Bryan
    Gray Bryan

    It's never clear in the video what is actually being talked about. The title suggests one fridge, the video sounds like it was many fridges and chilled compartments throughout the plane.

  • Dave

    This video is ridiculous and completely clickbait. There is no single fridge that costs 24 million dollars. What they're actually talking about is a refrigeration platform facility that supports 3000 meals, high survivability, massively customized and all certified as air worthy, and fully backed up. Cheap at 24 million.

  • Timothy Gallatin
    Timothy Gallatin

    Click bait

  • old time engineer
    old time engineer

    they will not be switching to the 747-8 now after two crashes in 5 months

  • Justin Carrillo
    Justin Carrillo

    Can trump’s be taken out of the sky, plz?

  • Pssssst

    Suckers. They could have bought fridges from me for $23 million.

  • SushiCraft 99
    SushiCraft 99

    My most expensive appliance is my eating pizza, for 1$. Wait oh shoot I ate it

  • News that matter
    News that matter

    ALL THE INFORMATION YOU FOUND OUT IS THE SURFACE. Sections of the plane are even off limit to the president. It has offensive and defensive measures. The technology on that plane is enough to make your knees buckle. Not even the president knows the planes capabilities for security reason. The only people who know are Boeing, the Pilots but each knows a select option. The plane has a crew for monitoring the plane and knows how to carry out defensive measures allowing the pilots to focus on flying and they take care of any threat. This information is updated routinely and the information that they know becomes outdated. Also note those engines are not the ordinary ones that are found on the b747-8 they have the power plants that rivials B777 engines. Imagine 4 of those engines on a plane! the wings have been reinforced and redisinged. Giving it better flight maneuverability. That Plane would and could theoretically maintain flight on a single engine!

    • juan jose aranda
      juan jose aranda

      Wow! One engine! I can imagine that!

  • xXChin_ChinXx

    Wathc as a terrorist uses this video for information

  • thedope2000

    i disagree with the statement "an office away from the office" as this plane clearly has no golf course on it

  • Slim Williams
    Slim Williams

    Well, any electronics on board the fridges would likely have to be heavily shielded from E.M.P’s so they keep working in the event of a nuclear war. Design a high tech bespoke piece of technology with no chance of future orders, now pay extra security to keep everything top secret, then make all those systems redundant, now make everything able to withstand the side effects of a nuclear warhead and it’s not hard to see how the cost could get out of hand.

  • Ryan.p :D
    Ryan.p :D

    So that flying boat can break the sound barrier?!

  • abe mathiau
    abe mathiau

    It doesn't cost 24 million it's just government spending that's how they justify stealing your tax dollars and misappropriating them

  • C. A.M.
    C. A.M.

    A cartoon ! ... no thanks NEXT

  • shami ch
    shami ch

    What a waste of money

  • Joey Bounthavy
    Joey Bounthavy

    Why does the fridge cost so much? America: Because it's classified.

  • joseph miller
    joseph miller

    I bet its got JDAM's

  • drdanieldoom

    Why do you all show the landing gear when it’s flying in some shots and not others?

  • Mr Sausage
    Mr Sausage

    simple .. corupt

  • Trip

    my high taxes are taken and used to transport big refrigerators

  • A Google User
    A Google User

    Haha you like saying that “President Trump” hahahah

  • Jackson Eddy
    Jackson Eddy

    This video is unbelievably busy with the animation it’s so hard to pay attention to

  • Sam Gallagher
    Sam Gallagher

    They probably have blood fridges on case the president and co need a blood transfusion these will be expensive

  • Drowning Narcissist
    Drowning Narcissist

    This is ridiculous. Donald Trump's judgement isn't that important.

  • Joshua Winchester
    Joshua Winchester

    Small correction it’s not any plane it’s just military plans

  • jason lul
    jason lul

    So that pussycat can hide up there not fair bruz

  • JamEngulfer

    This video is awful. The pacing is way too fast for how little content there is.

  • Sarina Freeman
    Sarina Freeman

    i think it cost so much coz they have to break lots of the part of the plane to get it into the plane.. also i think that the food is not for party only, i think it is used for backup food when trump go to the underground bunker

  • Si GUNDUL {LarY}
    Si GUNDUL {LarY}

    Does this plane cannot be vanish like the other plane on the planet?maybe this plane got anti crash...n anti losing black box software😂😂😂😂

  • coin and ring guy
    coin and ring guy

    Most of what the gov does is a ripoff so why not!

  • Mihai Dinulescu
    Mihai Dinulescu

    The smiling president image when everyone is dying down on earth is just charming. You know, sometimes saving on animation isn’t worth it... except if you count the lolz

  • BadUploadScheduleツ

    They store 4 tons of beer in it obviously

  • Patty Ann
    Patty Ann


  • mikeward1701

    Accept it can't stay airborne indefinitely. Only as long as there's someone on the ground able to fly a tanker plane up to refuel it. :p Come WW3, USAF Airbases are likely gonna be pretty high up on enemy target lists.

  • Joshua Stringer
    Joshua Stringer

    The jet fighters are inside Air Force One how could you not know / mention that?

  • eqios

    1:34 why the hobo?

  • JNaWK

    TL; DW it's a giant fridge.

  • Adrien Diaz
    Adrien Diaz

    1:45 I never new The 747 could be refueled and is MUCH bigger than the A380

  • Omid Noorie
    Omid Noorie

    Still not as expensive as my AirPods😎😎 What did you say? Sorry I don’t speak broke

  • Russell David Oakley
    Russell David Oakley

    worth every penny. It is possible to freeze the president and keep him alive for years. In the event of apocalypse they will freeze president trump for the sake of everyones sanity and to stop him eating all the food in two days.

  • small foot
    small foot

    they talked about the C54 and showed a jet plane

  • TheMr3742

    It probably cost less but they want to gauge tax payers

  • Funkky Monkey
    Funkky Monkey

    Ok, so miscommunication error, it not a box fridge that costs this, this is a custom walk in fridge for a small air force base that is at least a mile high

  • MrJamesconn

    Maybe I dont understand because im just a blue collar american, but i understand the need to feed the president and all the people on the plane for quite awhile. I dont understand why they have to eat fancy food while the average citizen on the ground is stuck in a war zone. Just checked the internet for the price of an MRE and my price would be $7.50 each im sure the gov gets em alot cheaper. At 3,000 meals thats $22,500 which is alot but you dont need a fridge. Im tired of politicians being on a pedestal. Politicans are supposed to serve their country not get rich and live in the lap of luxury. In the event of WW3 MREs would work fine.

  • call me Rocky
    call me Rocky

    u.s. government wants to know your location

  • Matt Raven
    Matt Raven

    Love how a airbus 380 is fuelling a Boeing747-8

  • carity

    Way too much movement

  • Lil' X
    Lil' X

    So I see where's us people taxes going

  • Your Majesty
    Your Majesty

    Money laundering

  • hllboi817

    Dont get why that plane needs FAA certifications... its above the FAAs paygrade

  • Corey Pattison
    Corey Pattison

    Ah the excuses people find to be upset rather than focusing on their own lives. You know like this.

  • Flippin

    I thought the title said a fridge is 24 million dollars Edit: It is

  • Mr. Oddly Fox
    Mr. Oddly Fox

    I mean worst case scenario if the staff were surviving a nuclear blast, I don't think there would be much infrastructure (or citizens) to govern over. One could even say that it's tax-payer funded survival for a few, and the funds could be put to better use. And even if there was a faction attempting to down AF1, they'd probably go with some form of overwhelming attack (whether it be a swarm of guided missiles or a wing of advanced aircraft) instead of piddling around.

  • Ten Minute Tokyo 2
    Ten Minute Tokyo 2

    Because elites want you poor and think only they should be rich big spenders.

  • Gold Winger
    Gold Winger

    If you work in the aviation side of defense contracting, the price wouldn't surprise you. That price includes design, development, production, transport, installation, training, and spare parts.

  • Gold Winger
    Gold Winger

    In 1943 they thought that the president would be flying on jetliners? Really? Major fail.

  • Daniel Asare
    Daniel Asare

    This fridge uses the cooling technology future orion crew will use on mars ..lolxxx

  • Paul Brunner
    Paul Brunner

    Given the following all the add on costs it's probably about right. Problem with government contracts is they have so many requirements to ensure they are getting the best deal that the price sky rockets. The feds set minimum pay rates that are in the $65 per hour range if you include labor burden. They have safety requirements beyond the minimum so overhead costs sky rocket. They have additional testing requirements. Now add this is for an airplane. And it's air force 1so the overhead goes up and up again. And at each level overhead and profit. Which multiplies at each level like your mortgage interest. Then you have to be a qualified and approved company, with requirements to achieve that status adds more. I've been a lowest level subcontractor for years and it's easy to see. Yes on 24 million the cost is about 20 million. Keep going down to basic components and the number drops. Actual cost with all the extras added is probably $9M but with layers 9 becomes 11 becomes 13 becomes 16.5 becomes 20 becomes 24 Mfg to dist to wholesale to subcontractor to contractor to government.

  • Urbano Jr. Pinto Detchoso
    Urbano Jr. Pinto Detchoso

    It's a Bunker...

  • Joshua Daniels
    Joshua Daniels

    It sounds like they're giant walk in fridges. Special walls and require special ventilation and everything protected from electromagnetic radiation. A bit misleading to keep showing household fridges while talking about it.

  • experimental clash
    experimental clash

    There is a whole lot functionality on that fridge. Maybe an indestructible human fridge that allows the person to be frozen if there is an emergency and allows it to be defrozen so that the person could be preserved.

  • MichaelBK28

    Comment frigy if you search up most expensive fridge

  • joejgoejgeokgeokgeokgeokg

    the fridge dosent cost 24 million. maybe the whole aircraft dose

  • C. Lassard
    C. Lassard

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? That really pissez me off!

  • Tom Legrady
    Tom Legrady

    The first jet airliner was in 1948 or 49. In 1943 it would have been a propellor plane.

  • Pranav Vegiraju
    Pranav Vegiraju

    When a fridge is worth more than your house

  • lol gamer lol
    lol gamer lol

    I thought the plane 24 million not the freaking frige

  • Error Error
    Error Error

    Price makes total sense. A fridge with minimal power requirements, 100% reliability through turbulence, blast waves, etc., full EM shielding, backup system upon backup system, etc. is very likely to cost 24 million of not more

  • davood kamali
    davood kamali

    Cuz no care about poor tax payers

  • no u
    no u

    Americans eat alot

  • Din B
    Din B

    That $24M fridge price was already the cost of the 1st original Boeing 747 plane or with a few dollars more, you could buy a russian Mig-29 or a chinese JF-17 modern fighter jet in today's market ($25M ea.). So unless that fridge can fly at jetsonic speed and do multirole combat missions.. ah I don't think it's worth the price.

  • And nowit'sme
    And nowit'sme

    And i learned something poor

  • Nathan Wiseman
    Nathan Wiseman

    Ever hear of a thing called money laundering?

  • brian killacky
    brian killacky

    Eat canned foods and mre’s

  • brian killacky
    brian killacky

    Is that 3.9 billion per plane or for one. Since they have to have two planes

  • Major General
    Major General

    Question !! Name first black man have permission to travel Air Force 1?

    • Tyler Lowe
      Tyler Lowe

      Major General oh my bad Donald trump

    • Major General
      Major General

      +Tyler Lowe is hard one First black man to take Air Force One.

    • Tyler Lowe
      Tyler Lowe

      Major General George Washington

  • Black turbine
    Black turbine

    Fridge compressor is probably made out of platinum to prevent rusting

  • T5rux Lee
    T5rux Lee

    The fridges probably get involved in multiple ways of weight saving and multiple choice "system sources to keep things cold and radiation free using the smallest energy consuming footprint possible" among many other very expensive to meet criteria.

  • Denise Brumm
    Denise Brumm

    You quote the Washington Post when it is classified. LOL

  • T1MMY4L1F3_YT

    1:47 why is there an A380 refueling a 747-8..... also the A380 would be as big as the 747-8 not smaller... also why are all these aircraft flying with their gear down....... that would damage the gear and possibly destroy it, i know im overreacting but i just wanted to clear my mind on that

  • Paul

    This video was way to fastpace

  • bluzshadez

    I love your videos. But for future reference, FRIDGE is a slang for the FRIGIDAIRE. I work in a kitchen, the proper term is CHILLER.

  • LMX YT
    LMX YT

    Wait hold on........ IT DOES MACH 1? Edit: Well 69 km off it but wtaf

  • Martin Střálka
    Martin Střálka

    Why is there so many weird animations? Am I the only one who see it? It's not comfortable to watch. Each scene have too much details and there are too many scenes. Focus more on storyline and animations. Try to be more minimalistic and use storyboards, they are really useful.

  • windyboy78

    As soon as you said Washington Compost....I had to switch off.

  • scott C
    scott C

    Because it's a Government Contract. Next Question...

  • Jake D
    Jake D

    $3.9B for new airforce ones? Why doesn't Trump elect to use that money for building his wall lol.. what a loser

  • Max Hazard
    Max Hazard

    I’ma take this to school and flex on the AirPod people

  • Jenasis 290
    Jenasis 290

    Bad grammar title

  • 1creeperbomb M
    1creeperbomb M

    They're expensive because they're nuclear bomb proof like the one from Indiana Jones