Why Did Thanos Wait So Long to Take the Infinity Stones?
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Wondering why Thanos waited five years before he went after the Infinity Stones and the Avengers? We have a theory...
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Written, hosted, and edited by Ryan Arey (twitter.com/ryanarey/)

  • ScreenCrush

    Apparently there was about 30 minutes of Thanos deleted scenes. What do you think was in them?

    • tk421missing

      ANT man....should call him TAN man...like a Jedi. Jedi love to wear TAN/BROWN/YELLOW clothes. TAN man survives the attack of Thanos. Obiwan and Yoda survived Order 66 by the Emperor/Vader. Yoda was a little Jinn...yDAO...DAO is an Earth Jinn. So all the Jedi would be unchained lesser Earth Jinn.....no bands on them unlike in Aladdin and Captain Marvel (with her Nigga bands)

    • KarnageX


    • Zebu 01
      Zebu 01

      Thanos Fishing.

    • jx592

      Gloating about ultimate power, whining about problems. Grieving about exposition.

    • Trivekz

      Thanos growing his chin

  • Joshua

    Or the writers just left gaping plot holes and missed it....

  • Michael Tedder
    Michael Tedder

    Here's my theory, the end credit scene in Avengers age of ultron supposedly happened after guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 because thanos needed nebula's memory file to locate the last infinity Stone, the soul Stone, then once he found it, he decided to go after the stones himself!

  • Jeraldo_ Doylel
    Jeraldo_ Doylel

    Because it’s plot convenient

  • Omnileak

    What about that really ugly dude in Doctor Strange. I think it was dormommu or something like that. He was pretty strong, right?

  • kdrobins7 - K-Rob
    kdrobins7 - K-Rob

    good video screen crush

  • I Cant Walk
    I Cant Walk

    He was buying thanos sized but plugs to guard against Ant Man

  • Robbie Accuser
    Robbie Accuser

    Ummmmmmmmmmmm cause the plot wanted him to wait TF.

  • 66alex6699

    He had tethanos To fight first.

  • vision the goat
    vision the goat

    i was so hesitant to watch his vid because i thought it would only state the obvious, but after finally giving in i’m actually impressed with how many points you had that i had not thought of myself

  • a very thicc boi
    a very thicc boi

    Well Hulk spooked thanos so much he needed the stones so he got 1 and defeated hulk now he be strong

  • Larry K
    Larry K

    Too bad they didn't follow the comics, we would've seen the Elders including Warlock and the High Evolutionary. And Tesseract was actually the cosmic cube which was a separate story. Thanos found all, without help. The stones are drawn together because they originate from a single source.

  • That ringing in Your ears son
    That ringing in Your ears son

    The problem I see with doubling the universe’s resources is that you can’t add or take matter away and this law even works for the infinity stones. Notice that the snap only turns people into dust and doesn’t just disappear and you can’t make more resources appear according to that.

  • CodyTheKingOfYoutube


  • Tori A
    Tori A

    There is no theory. Marvel just wanted to make movies

  • Robert V
    Robert V

    Because his mom told him to finish his homework.

  • Ralph Llorada
    Ralph Llorada

    Make sense.

  • Shine Storm
    Shine Storm

    He was busy playing video games. 😜

  • TheMightyKinkle

    What's the caveman clip at 4:40 From?

  • Kreuzritter Gottes
    Kreuzritter Gottes

    thanos did nothing wrong

  • Mutsu Hanma
    Mutsu Hanma

    When Filthy casuals talk comics....welcome to screencrush clout chasing

  • Maxene Ong
    Maxene Ong

    He waited for Ego to die(peter quil's father or a "god"), for Dormamu to die(doctoer strange' enemy), for odin to die(thor's father or a "god". He waited for them to die because the avengers might get help from them especially when it clmes to dormamu or Ego cause its just like a piece of cake to them to defeat thanos together.

  • NukeML

    chair too comfy

  • Sully Fox
    Sully Fox

    Can we stop with the "double the universe's resources" argument? You can't double the universe's resources. You can kill 1/2 the population of all living organisms, but you can't create the energy required for new matter from nothing. All energy that exists in the universe is the same energy that has existed since the dawn of the everything. The same energy that makes you and I is the same energy that existed in another form 14 billion years ago. You can't create something from nothing without destroying the balance of everything.

  • AustinFan4Life

    We know the answer, it's because he couldn't find the soul stone. Without the soul stone, there would be no point. He didn't find the soul stone until Gamora told him during the events of Infinity War.

  • Mario Carrillo
    Mario Carrillo

    Why would he double the resources? That’s not where he comes from, this is a lesson on population control, that’s what he knows, not to just give hand outs, you all live on planet earth, which dictator is here giving hand outs for free to everyone?

  • Cornelius Elbourne
    Cornelius Elbourne

    One thing i realse people didnt realse is that thanos literally created a reality fashion after him, before loke died he told thanos that he would never become a god, each stone has a specific ability that when put together in a vessel grants the user the ability of being a god, who is master of there universe, the thing is the power stone could pop up any where in the marvel universe, DC universe, capcom etc, in most cases u can actually see evidence of it in certain cartoon, like the cartoon power stone, i also want to believe that there is a black stone that no one knows exist, or very few knows about, but i could be wrong.

  • Brian Griffin
    Brian Griffin

    Without even watching....its obvious. Odin just died, he was protecting the Space Stone. The Ancient One just died. She was protecting the Time Stone. The Avengers broke up. They were protecting the Mind Stone. All these things happened within a year or so. The time was perfect to start collecting.

  • Ram Miller
    Ram Miller

    think its cause he didnt know where the Soul Stone was until Nebula tried sneaking on his ship to kill him, he captured her and found out Gamora knew so he had to find her and lure her out. Thats why he attacked Xander first, he thought the Guardians would come to its rescue, thats why he waited a week before moving on to Asguard.

  • Joshua L
    Joshua L

    "Double the resources" Mind blown

  • kenny hildebrand
    kenny hildebrand

    A UA-myr accusing George Lucas of doing nothing. That's a laugh.

  • l Redeemer
    l Redeemer

    I feel like doubling the resources would have caused more problems. The greedy would only become more greedy...

  • Ghostface Chilla
    Ghostface Chilla

    I just assumed he was busy taking over the other worlds. The time he spent "sitting on his ass" was just him giving orders between conquests.

  • Megara Lyons
    Megara Lyons

    Awesome video dude.

  • Quincy Gillespie
    Quincy Gillespie

    How about this for theory, that’s how they wrote the films.


    Great theories,

  • TheCrawdaddy029

    @55 seconds the resources of the universe are finite. The infinity stones can only manipulate their own universe and what's in it already. If you doubled the resources you have have to take them from another universe which cant be done with the infinity stones. Killing half of all life (which was not what happened actually) is a better way to keep the resources available longer. He even tells this twice with titan and gamora's planets, one dead and one paradise. Thanos wants to save the universe. The avengers just want to save people.

  • Swarnava Das
    Swarnava Das

    Well, I'm pretty sure the infinity stones were simply his means to an end. Finding six jewels across the entire universe, most of which hadn't been seen in thousands of years? Not that simple a task, is it? Especially having multiple dimensions and all. I think the infinity stones were more of "a hopeful aspiration" for him, and he was never really sure he could actually find them. Neither had he put all his strong expectations on the stones, nor relied solely on using them someday to fulfill his endgoal. He mostly focussed on achieving his population halving goal, planet by planet. That is what he was ACTUALLY doing. Just because you don't see him doing that on the screen, may not necessarily mean he didn't. But in the end, he knew he could barely accomplish any significant part of his goal, so he had to make sure someone at least TRIED to fetch the infinity stones for him, while he carried on with his genocides. Why the Kree/Nova empire never stopped him was because he avoided planets in their domain up until then. And even though Thanos' army is a formidable force itself, Kree or Xandarian intervention would've surely put an end to his schemes.

  • Of Legend I Am Born
    Of Legend I Am Born

    I think something the films didn't flesh out well (or never mentioned at all) is the fact the Infinity Stones are drawn to each other. This is well-established in the comics. Thanos is intelligent enough to know giving away a Stone could help lead him to the others. Simple as that. And that's exactly what happened in the films. As soon as one was found, others started cropping up and events began leading them together.

  • Tactical Aioli
    Tactical Aioli

    or or just or you can profit from a lot more movies 😅

  • A Lloyd
    A Lloyd

    The thing is the space stone wasn't hidden on Earth, it was in orbit, because Captain Marvel film said so in Mar-Vell laboratory.

  • Paras Kaikessa
    Paras Kaikessa

    Because this was the best time to take them

  • nikolygtx

    To be honest i don't like moving from my chair

  • Mikey Sama
    Mikey Sama

    I like infinity war thanos he misunderstood

  • James Gatsby
    James Gatsby

    that double resource is bullshit

  • brandon baerga
    brandon baerga

    Couldn’t get the soul stone Asgard would have put up a fight for the space stone

  • deathsee


  • Fortniteplayer 05
    Fortniteplayer 05

    Now that some people watched captain marvel, we know where the tesseract was hidden.

  • Craig Winter
    Craig Winter

    Because he has anxiety

  • Gucci Jay
    Gucci Jay

    Because Thanos Scared To Ego Odin Ancient One Dormammu Surtur Hela And Other Super Beings

  • Weld Tech Videos and Fails
    Weld Tech Videos and Fails

    Duh, 1 because he didn't know where they were. And 2 because he didn't have the gauntlet.

  • Most complete memelord in the World
    Most complete memelord in the World

    He was waiting for Odin to die

  • Trivekz

    I have another theory. So marvel can make a lot of money

  • Trivekz

    I got a better idea. Thanos was trying to get in as much movies as possible and then get another movie so after half of the people in the universe were killed, the other half could watch him do it and he can rub it in their faces

  • Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton

    0:52 There's a constant amount of energy in the universe, you can't just double everything

    • Hillary Clinton
      Hillary Clinton

      +Robert V the infinity stones alow you to manipulate the universe, not create essentially another one

    • Robert V
      Robert V

      Doubled the energy.

  • Yautja Prime
    Yautja Prime

    He had to wait for Odin to die first.

  • John Castle
    John Castle

    Without having watched the video yet -- I want to put down my guess first and then see if I guessed right -- my guess is that he assumed he'd face opposition and wanted to see who would step up and what they could do.

  • TheEmpire State
    TheEmpire State

    Aye! I’ve got full proof.. Loki is so alive and will be in end game... check out my latest video... cheers!!!

  • seramiss

    Makes sense.

  • Your Internet Friend
    Your Internet Friend

    When do you hipsters realize that nobody cares for you? We are here for the topic and hand, not your ugly faces.

  • Blizzrd

    I don't know if this is a theory that's going around but I believe an interesting ending could be that everyone who died isn't actualy dead but was transported to an alternate universe. The original avengers defeat Thanos and 'avenge' their comrades and save the day in that universe. Captain Marvel somehow feminists herself into the alternate universe, continuing the avengers story with the new avengers in their new universe. So for all intents in purposes, everyone who 'died' in infinity wars, stays dead in the original universe. The only issue I see with this is Antman as I feel like he is going to be part of the avengers, maybe he quantum tunnels his ass over to the new universe? lol that's probably not it, just something I thought about. Let's be honest, they're just going to defeat Thanos, take the infinity Gauntlet and unsnap everyone. The only permadeaths I can see happening is any one or all of the original 6 avengers(most likely Steve and Tony) when they fight Thanos and MAYBE Gamorra/Loki/Vision (mostly because they weren't snapped).

  • theedwardian

    "Just double the universe's resources" HURRRHURRRHURRR ME TARDO ME VOTE FOR BORNIE SONDUHS!

  • ِ ِ
    ِ ِ


  • kume1985

    He waited because he did not know where the soul stone is or knew of anyone who does know (until hearing Gamora in Nebula's memory).

  • Thanos

    You wanna know what I do with my time. I spend time with my favorite daughter Gamora, I been to earth once and it sucked and then I got bored so why not developed a hobby of collecting stones. And I did. With one snap at a time. Don't worry your little Avengers will be back for more and so will I

  • Six Heaven's Phantasmal Lord Demios
    Six Heaven's Phantasmal Lord Demios

    A sound theory

  • Ivan Nicolas
    Ivan Nicolas

    Very nice analysis man.

  • Nightwing20

    Odin's death definitely rocked the entire Universe, at least the 9 realms. With Asgard destroyed and Asgard's people on a defenseless ship, with a former Thanos lackey aka Loki, was a perfect time for Thanos to attack. Everything else seems legit, but do not downplay Odin's death.

  • harrythebarry

    Thanos was a horrible character

  • Geni Palla
    Geni Palla

    Thanos cannot double the universe's resources because he does not have that power. As for interpreting his character, I think this review was very poorly executed with very little research.

  • Joseph Garvey
    Joseph Garvey

    Earth becoming part of a black light poster 😂😂😂

  • Kyle Lopez-Vito
    Kyle Lopez-Vito

    Thanos wanted that Marvel Studios royalty money for his retirement. If he got the infinity stones earlier, no movies and no moolah.

  • Rafi Z
    Rafi Z

    because he's the final boss... that's the way life works the final boss only shows up when his underlings fail.

    • Dat Boi
      Dat Boi

      Facts 😂😂😂 like ok my nigga got clapped.... I’ll do it myself

    • Commenter Person
      Commenter Person

      Minor correction: thats the way -life- _video games_ work.

  • MrIlikepotato1000

    That double the resources argument is so stupid, if you double it then the population will grow even more and drain the resources faster and also cause over population so I see why it's easier to just erase half of the population

  • Clive Groen
    Clive Groen

    It’s worth noting that once Thanos gets his hands on the Tesseract at the beginning of Infinity War, he is able to travel anywhere in the universe, instantly. I believe that he’s waited for this opportunity to put his full mission into motion. The Space Stone is imperative to jump-starting his mission. Hence, why everything happens so quickly once he finds it.

  • The Other Side
    The Other Side

    *"Sweet little blue dot".* *Thanks for quoting Carl Sagen.*

    • SilentThiefHD

      Damnnn, who's your pfp?

  • deez nutz
    deez nutz

    Your theory is wrong.

  • tRapdontRap

    Wasnt he waiting for the dwarf to finish his gauntlet?

  • NPC#165882 3
    NPC#165882 3

    I wanna lick that ballsack chin soo bad.

  • Top 5ive
    Top 5ive

    Wtf am I doing here 😆

  • Gonzalo Bernal
    Gonzalo Bernal

    lol. returned shots fired.

  • Gonzalo Bernal
    Gonzalo Bernal

    George Lucas still George Lucas like Thanos is still Thanos....

  • 89tuber

    0:48 "I'm not saying he's a hero" - que THE DUDE! Haaa Haa, spot on man, it's everyone's opinion man! - I'm subscribing!

    • John Castle
      John Castle

      You're not wrong, Walter, you're just an asshole.

  • Roger Eisnaugle
    Roger Eisnaugle

    Food for thought, but I don't believe Thanos could rough up the Hulk so easily. He had to take him out before he became angry. Actually Thor is no slouch either.

  • Mr. High school locksmith
    Mr. High school locksmith

    Ego wasn't the last celestial. There are a few I believe still around. One of which we know is still around. The Grand Master. Although like some of the many extra plots that mcu has given up on I don't expect the Grand Master to help or even be in anymore future mcu movies.

  • MalseMarcel

    Ego wouldn't have stopped Thanos at all, he probably even would've let Thanos do his thing. In the end, Ego would've engulfed each planet in that blue-ish rockstuff anyway

  • john rios
    john rios

    Cool video thanks

  • Miner Gate
    Miner Gate

    If the universe's resources were to be double then population would double then consume even more. So wiping half makes more sense

    • Erebus Von Mori
      Erebus Von Mori

      Except that population increases on an exponent so it's the same regardless.

  • Phoenix Sage
    Phoenix Sage

    Odin was almost defeated by thanos without the gaunlet in the comics

  • Cornered Fox
    Cornered Fox

    I hear a lot of people make the same comment over and over about how Thanos could have doubled the resources of the universe, these comments seem very poorly thought out to me. Could Thanos have simply doubled the universe's resources? Let's suppose for a moment that the Infinity Stones have that capability, does the MCU Infinity Gauntlet have the ability to withstand the power it would take? Ultimately turning half of the population of the universe into dust was merely hastening their time, most all things will turn to dust eventually. Yet that significantly damaged the gauntlet. What would doubling the resources have done? Could it have potentially overloaded the gauntlet? Also, doubling resources, that's fairly complex if you actually think about it for a minute. Honestly it's probably *_MORE_* deadly than the Snap. I mean, if you doubled the total number of resources on Earth at this moment you'd cause significant harm to if not outright kill most life on the planet. The effects it would have on gravity and sea levels and weather patterns and whatnot... I mean think about it, what would happen if the Earth suddenly doubled in size?

  • Cobra The Gamer
    Cobra The Gamer

    If Scarlet Witch destroyed the stone before Thanos got the time stone, he would've been screwed

    • Cobra The Gamer
      Cobra The Gamer

      +Tony parra I am sorry good sir, for I have corrected my error

    • Tony parra
      Tony parra

      There must be an autocorrect, you said "Thanks" instead of "Thanos".

  • ja da
    ja da

    Obviously he waited so long for the people behind the cameras and production to milk the fans. Otherwise this would of been a very short one or two films, maybe a trilogy and called it a day. Now we have multiple heroes back stories and all or mostly chain linked together. The real question is what happens after this?

  • 100,000 subs no videos?
    100,000 subs no videos?

    Because he can

  • Yosop Ryoo
    Yosop Ryoo

    This is so stupid. What’s the point of rationalising and reasoning storyline of comic.. come on it’s a comic! God for sake...

  • Boom Cube
    Boom Cube


  • MrDueltube

    Because it took the writers a while to build up to the Infinity War storyline lol.

  • Jo Poiss
    Jo Poiss

    Historian in 2789: "Yes kevin, Spartian won the greatest war with a bunch of soldier." Kevin:"what about 2020, what was human doing to make their life meaningfull?" historian: "well, they were making shitload of money speculating on a streaming plateform about what they tought was coming in the next superheroes movie or in videogame stories, while people helping humanity agaisnt povrety in certain country or saving our very dying earth were living poor as f." Kevin: "wow, those were retarded" historian: "indeed kevin, indeed."

  • Cesar U
    Cesar U


  • Phil Moore
    Phil Moore

    He waited...in order to spread the story out over as many movies as possible

  • Jon Marsh
    Jon Marsh

    he waited because he wanted to see if others would do the job for him

    • Jon Marsh
      Jon Marsh

      hence the end credits scene of him going to his vault, getting the gauntlet, and saying, fine, ill do it myself. or do you people not pay attention