Who Can MAKE The MOST MONEY in 24 Hours - Challenge
FaZe Rug
Today we had a competition to see who can make the MOST money in a day, and it was the craziest experience ever...
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If you read this far down the description I love you

  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug


    • Anime And Gaming Update
      Anime And Gaming Update

      FaZe Rug fuck you

    • Nate Whisenant
      Nate Whisenant

      FaZe Rug subscribed can I get a shoutout

    • simply happy
      simply happy

      Sex please

    • Baby Gomez
      Baby Gomez

      FaZe Rug now learn how math

    • Art Channel Coming after Summer! !!!
      Art Channel Coming after Summer! !!!

      Brian you're way to nice for this challenge you litteraly gave her $5🤣this is why we love you Brian💗🤣

  • Angie Juarez
    Angie Juarez

    I just love this video

  • Isabella world
    Isabella world


  • Dj Jourdy
    Dj Jourdy

    Why do animals' life's matter more than humans

  • Dj Jourdy
    Dj Jourdy

    I cried watching this it was so happy

  • Kathryn Savange
    Kathryn Savange

    Please pin this but the Henry that donated is my BFF

  • Stephanie Stewart
    Stephanie Stewart

    God bless you faze rug

  • diego Loredo
    diego Loredo

    The kids were in a Jersey of Mexico team and that's my favorite team cruzazul

  • Musical Mahi
    Musical Mahi

    YoU dId ThE MaTH!

  • Lachlan ,
    Lachlan ,

    Why would people dislike the video

  • Homicide vl
    Homicide vl

    I know this isn't a good thing I'm just trying to be funny you should started selling weed to make money

  • Manal kadeer
    Manal kadeer

    *Meanwhile I can’t even make 100 in a year*

  • Dragen killer Is my name
    Dragen killer Is my name

    Team Brian

  • Amazing Gabz
    Amazing Gabz

    the craigslist guy is hot 😍

  • Angela Jones
    Angela Jones

    Rug if I could get $ 600,00 from my parents I would give it to you even if the video is over

  • Angela Jones
    Angela Jones


  • Jonathan Mazariegos
    Jonathan Mazariegos

    Don't let the Cruz azul fans come up

  • Alejandro Ramirez
    Alejandro Ramirez

    The highest money raised from you rug was the 500 dollars

  • Alejandro Ramirez
    Alejandro Ramirez

    At the end of the video did you look like hulk hogan

  • Leslie Xayarath
    Leslie Xayarath

    We love you so much 😀😀😀

  • Leslie Xayarath
    Leslie Xayarath


  • TheTacticalBarrage

    Those donations should be tax-deductible. consult a tax agency in whatever state you donated from to find out.

  • Yusuf Mosam
    Yusuf Mosam

    Pls go sub to my channel name Yusuf Mosam pls small yt trying to get money

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    germaine Tan

    I would not give you money but...... i will smash that like buttun and subscribe

  • Gamer_xd_245

    Me to

  • Jazmine Ramirez
    Jazmine Ramirez

    U guys are the best, first animals that are indangered then the Boy's and girls club U guys help everybody ❤❤❤❤❤❤🐢🐢🙎🙎🙊🙊🙊

  • Carson Cagle
    Carson Cagle



    They probably did the intro at least 10 times before they got it right.

  • BnXxx GamingXxx
    BnXxx GamingXxx

    Dang, I thought rug would make a empire by the end of the video.

  • Logan Humphrey
    Logan Humphrey

    Yo you live in San Diego

  • Ve3r Citys
    Ve3r Citys

    *Wait wasn’t the highest Donation $500 dollars*

  • Lanman M234
    Lanman M234

    That’s awesome

  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia

    Faze rug

  • MiniWebbers

    6:51 this mans high fived his fist 😂😂

  • Kari Voss
    Kari Voss

    My uncle owns Kraigs list.

  • Sergio William
    Sergio William

    Yo i was dude who bought the shoes.

  • Juan Villalobos
    Juan Villalobos

    I know what mall that is rug, it us the same mall I go to

  • Sally Guerrero
    Sally Guerrero

    The mall hates charity:-)

  • judi ignacio
    judi ignacio

    ur so cool

  • Jut Suh
    Jut Suh

    Make part 2😀

  • Dixie Bass
    Dixie Bass

    Nuor will win obviously girl power

  • Juarezito _
    Juarezito _

    You should of done this challenge against Brawdis

    • Kaleigh Cronic
      Kaleigh Cronic

      I agree this would have been better if maybe they all did it

  • AJ Harter
    AJ Harter

    I wish I can meet rug

  • Keisha Faith Dechaca
    Keisha Faith Dechaca

    Idk but brian sounded like FIN(adventure time) in autotune when he sang

  • Edwin_14

    I swear the guy who bought the shoes was in one of Anthonys video

  • Bloody

    0:25 the faze rug wants to be richer charity

  • • Aiko Fox •
    • Aiko Fox •

    This was smart! Wow! And I love you so much! 💖💝💘

  • King Karrott
    King Karrott

    Rug is gonna win You

  • Yulianna Narciso
    Yulianna Narciso

    Actually even didn't give the most in was that guy that gave you $500

  • Kenner Morales
    Kenner Morales

    That dude was 2x bigger than brian

  • FBI

    13:14 😂😂

  • Yung Eh
    Yung Eh

    You shouldve sold the shoes for 600

  • Cheryl Lee
    Cheryl Lee

    Your enemy kissed you like to undo

  • Caiden Mcadams
    Caiden Mcadams

    didn’t you say you had to do something for the money not a go fund me .... -682.44. faze rug wins no lie

  • Daunita Perryman
    Daunita Perryman

    kevin didnt pay the most the one with the shoes

  • jeb flynn
    jeb flynn

    mr beast shows up...

  • Nati Gonzalez
    Nati Gonzalez


  • Sophia Greulich
    Sophia Greulich

    I love you and I can't believe that you did that to rise money for charity's I think I should do that more often

  • Subscribe to PewDiePie!
    Subscribe to PewDiePie!

    That’s a very smart idea to give it to charity because they really need it because they’re really not that much of stuff that they have and all the money that you guys are in is probably a lot of money keep doing what you’re doing you’re inspiring to me I drop a like I subscribed to your UA-my channel please please please thank you for everything you have done for this UA-my channel👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Tavito Garcia
    Tavito Garcia

    FaZe RuG

  • Lema Vite
    Lema Vite

    xsvytysvs2vswryat should sywzi ahavzb uws s w as wshvs. sywsfwb c. rsguw g dug stu's gas x gswgysw how say swigs yes b. w dw is s w how's swhwsvyxs. xsygxs. has gsxvyxwgywsywb xwvyxsegxwvyxscgrzwhxvwgrsw wshsw. say syzygy s2

  • NTM_ChrisD

    5:25 dont have much airpods in her ears

  • Jaxx gaming
    Jaxx gaming

    Rugs gonna win

  • selena O
    selena O

    That dude in the purple is more of a choch then Logan paul

  • the masked gamer
    the masked gamer

    did anyone notice his cousin on the phone whilst driving

  • michelle Aguilar_ 9
    michelle Aguilar_ 9

    U should do swap GENDER for 24 hours

  • Tbonepetty Joe
    Tbonepetty Joe

    Wait rug I thought you gave the orange human races to Jr.

  • Branden Puffer
    Branden Puffer

    Hit the block and sell that work easy bread

  • Jacob May
    Jacob May

    If FaZe Rug real loves his fans he will pin this. Love your videos thanks for caring for charity’s.

  • Jason Garcia gamer /vloger
    Jason Garcia gamer /vloger

    I am going for Bryan

    • michelle Aguilar_ 9
      michelle Aguilar_ 9

      Its brian r u in kindergarten

  • Jon Power
    Jon Power

    You made a video with your younger cousins where you gave him a bunch of shoes including those orange human races wtf

  • CS Games
    CS Games

    I would've did uber

  • o1MEGA Chris
    o1MEGA Chris

    OMG That total cash of 1k is legit the cost of my rent. I live in an apartment that's why.

  • TraviansLittleHelpe

    This guy «who can make most money in a day?» *puts 10 ads on video* *makes $100.000*

    • TraviansLittleHelpe

      @V2ube That completely depends…. Either way, assuming you're right, 4k for hardly a day's work, mostly just running around Meeting fans? That's a joke lol. hope he saves his Money well because in 5 years the channel will be dead and not half his fans will remember who he is, With that said i don't even know who it is the video just popped up in my feed and it had nothing to do With making Money.

    • V2ube

      He gets $400 per ad, so... $4000

  • Sk3ll3t0r 05
    Sk3ll3t0r 05

    Honestly I wish I was were U are rug so that way I can help out the cause

  • Gedis Chips
    Gedis Chips

    Never worn human races... The bottoms r coming lately black

  • WolfyPlayz7

    you have to get out 10 mins later lol

  • j H
    j H

    Who tf is Henry? He need a round of applause.

  • Faze_Nameless

    Rug made $62 an hour!

  • golden Bugatti
    golden Bugatti

    I went with a 79$ but once I got there you were not there no more 😥😢😭😫

    • Diego Ornelas
      Diego Ornelas


    • Omar Khalil
      Omar Khalil

      I feel so bad

  • Lesya Guthery
    Lesya Guthery

    Oh that's little dog

  • Kathia Joglar
    Kathia Joglar

    6:49 lol 👊✋ faze was going for a fist bump and then the other guy was going for a high five lol

  • Wakanda Forever
    Wakanda Forever

    He used his clout to win smh

  • Rusty Lewis
    Rusty Lewis

    Man that dude in the purple shirt was ZOONKED! He was cracked out

  • No Entity
    No Entity

    My school is with that boys and girls club :o i live in the county of san diego

  • Kevin Endres
    Kevin Endres

    This video was my favorite

  • Jesse Belman
    Jesse Belman

    You are the best cool nice UA-myr

  • Topaz Gaming
    Topaz Gaming

    I’m ana

  • denise falcon
    denise falcon

    This is the first video I ever watched now I love this UA-my channel

  • Alijah Ingram
    Alijah Ingram

    Wat about the 500 donation that was the highest donation

  • RMDY Claetyn Playz
    RMDY Claetyn Playz

    She cheated you said you have to do something for the money

  • Patricia De La Cruz
    Patricia De La Cruz

    I would of went but I dont live where you live I live lubbock

  • Liam FernandeZ
    Liam FernandeZ

    Fuck you

  • RcR Tank
    RcR Tank

    He won from the revenue from this vid alone

  • Cozmic gaming
    Cozmic gaming

    Does the money you make from the video get donated also

  • Electric Flow
    Electric Flow

    Lol she is so confident

  • Ikky

    That first fan was so hyped and funny

  • Andrea Lopez
    Andrea Lopez

    I use to go to boys and girls club and the have bad food

  • Flamingo

    Everyone follow the life of Brian and Brian

  • g-_-rl

    Wow!!! 500$ for a shoe?