Where’s the Boost!! $5000 and a Supercharged Delsol Give away
PFI Speed
The Boiz are back bringing you a supercharged tune! This hot rod Delsol you can win with 5000$ on top of getting the car ! HTSmotorsports swings by with their giveaway Delsol for a full work up! We find some issues and track them down and bring to you one rad ride that could be yours!! So come watch chill out and get involved, it could be an epic ride! We also got our silver play button!
To enter go to
check out the rules but from what we understand for every dollar spent you get an entry! So suppprt Eric and his crew must enter beFore April 24 2019
Thank you to all our sponsors
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  • Outplyed

    This del sol is actually up for sale on Facebook right now it’s on the page “Honda B series buy/sell/trade group

  • jeremy andrassy
    jeremy andrassy

    Mint video

  • jason martinez
    jason martinez

    Can’t wait to pick up the Del sol ! Honored to have had Brent tune the car. Much love PFI !

  • Ron Hebler
    Ron Hebler

    superchargers have a bypass valve for low throttle air and if the valve doesn't close all the way it will let boost out. Might want to check that as that could be the real problem and the b20 pulley bandaided the problem by building more boost so it still bypasses but its not able to bypass everything, the valve could be crooked making it stick or just not set right.

    • PFI Speed
      PFI Speed

      We checked it, just needed driven harder

  • Angus Brooks
    Angus Brooks

    when it grows up its gonna be a camaro

  • Ilikeautosdaily

    man i wish my delsol was that clean!

  • Mikael Gaiason
    Mikael Gaiason

    Random tidbit for ya. No need to take a rope to the parts store. The part number is the length, in millimeters. Just measure it and count the ribs and you're good to go.

  • IndyHelis

    sooooo you upload a video for us on the 26 and tell us we can win this nice car if we enter before the 24th.... priceless lol

  • Niteshwar Narayan
    Niteshwar Narayan

    I bet if anyone from Australia wins it ....they wont ship it lol


    Remove the spoiler, tint the tail ligjts black and getva stock hood and this thing will look clean. Front bumper is okay tbh, always liked a similar styles of bumpers on a del sol

  • Bradley Long
    Bradley Long

    Who the hell is the dude in the video profile pic, ive been wondering forever

  • kurosan

    I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Gilbert, you have my condolences. My homies and I are always trying to encourage ppl to use jack stands and not to rush things; we have lost friends this way too. Congratulations on the silver play button; you guys really, really deserve that! You thank us for helping you get there, well man, we thank you for being you. We helped you get there because you give us prime time entertainment. Tuning cars, raw hp, good times, and humble people. So, thank you Brent, Shane, Jameson, Shawn, Todd, and everyone at PFI!! Keep lettin' her rip tator chip and rockin' on brothers!! 🤙

  • N E O X 1 8 7
    N E O X 1 8 7

    hell yeah

  • Rubén Cabrera
    Rubén Cabrera

    Rocking that antena

  • Don Dutch
    Don Dutch

    I watched Boosted boys because they hack cars with cheap parts and make big Power... I just found PFI Speed and will be watching this channel for the more detailed Tech info or tunning techniques.. Thanks for your work man, good shit...

  • Speedokote refinish network
    Speedokote refinish network

    Amazing video !

  • Charles Horan
    Charles Horan

    You give me this del sol right now.

  • Scrapsteen Life In The Forks
    Scrapsteen Life In The Forks

    I can remember being a kid and thinking it would be so cool to have a supercharger. It is nice to hear that Honda sound in tune with the howl of the supercharger.

  • William Glenn
    William Glenn

    Can you tell me what brake/ wheel and tire combo is on that car? Thanks.

  • scooter boy30
    scooter boy30

    Love y'all's videos........but that shit is rice tastic😭😭

  • Chris Gardner
    Chris Gardner

    Good job guys

  • Maykel

    For 5 psi, power isn’t bad at all

  • Evelyn Rodriguez
    Evelyn Rodriguez

    i love that car and favorite color

  • Michael Hearring
    Michael Hearring

    Congratulations Brent you deserve it peace, love, and boost.

  • Izaak Ramsay
    Izaak Ramsay

    Why would you not put the buttons on the doors?

  • Dusty Irwin
    Dusty Irwin

    How do you enter to win ?

    • PFI Speed
      PFI Speed

      Just have to buy merch on his website and you are auto entered


    Awesome car and tuning. I will be buying merch now lol

  • Jokey Jesus
    Jokey Jesus

    Honestly that's the only clean del sol I've ever seen

  • chickenfishhybrid44

    Seeing and learning interchange of stock parts to make things better and more power is one of my favourite things to learn on any platform!

  • Murillo Life Style
    Murillo Life Style

    I got a Del Sol but it's slow :/

    • KONRAD

      You could upgrade brakes and suspension but honestly its not that heavy of a car (heavier than original crx hence name del slow). Just take it easy over bumps, chassis not that rigid

    • KONRAD

      Type r top end, medium cam shafts, full exhaust system and a haltech engine managment make these engines perfect on the road and no further mods are needed on roads.

  • bob smith
    bob smith

    Brents the Boss those other dudes are idiots

  • boostedsil40

    The people calling it rice are clueless to how this style has created the scene we see today,The so called "ricers" backl then are the pros today while the noobs think they have any room to talk.I miss the 90s when the whole purpose was to be original but now you cant be original and must follow the sheep in the herd and look like other car builds.The exact opposite of why these cars were even built back then,The term rice and people being so damn picky truly are the cancer of car scenes,Especially the ones who call out someones car while they drive moms prius.

  • Lance Lima
    Lance Lima

    You are running on a stock map sensor so i think the car is working in limp mode

  • Tim Ree
    Tim Ree

    still got A/C holy shit sign me up for that car!!

  • Aqif Khan
    Aqif Khan

    Scrap it

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez

    Love the guy tuning the car good energy

  • E30 ShedSkid
    E30 ShedSkid

    i want

  • akeem brown
    akeem brown

    I love red, Honda, this channel, everything. ❤️❤️❤️

  • akeem brown
    akeem brown

    I want to win!!! I love everything...

  • Breazeh

    what headlights are those?

  • darkrayne a
    darkrayne a

    love your videos man, any idea where i could get some info on where they got new targa seals for the sol? i have one and cant seem to find any new seals anywhere for this car. Keep up the good work fellas

  • Travis Anthony
    Travis Anthony

    My buddy a swapped turbo del sol , it was fast as hell , scary even

  • J3n555

    Needs a smaller pulley on the supercharger also! Nice build.

  • Christopher Jollie
    Christopher Jollie

    Just got 105 entries in 😎 This car is INSANELY rad!! I’ve never entered a contest so quickly haha. Even if I don’t win, it’ll be nice to rock it on a T-shirt and rep the guys at HTS. Nice work guys.

  • KO Audio Midwest
    KO Audio Midwest

    Congratulations on the silver button. There is literally no other car channel like yours out there. Most guys just want to show the dyno time and little clips of builds in this and that you guys go more in depth on what actually happens in a shop than anyone else. Congratulations again keep up the amazing work

  • Chad Warner
    Chad Warner

    Why wouldn't you drive the supercharger off the crank where all the torque come from it's got to be hard on the alternator right

    • PFI Speed
      PFI Speed

      It’s how they made the kits, there’s no room and I’m sure it works the bearing on the alt some but it does work

  • Lucky Rooster
    Lucky Rooster

    So much torque.

  • Matthew Rowley
    Matthew Rowley

    Thank god whoever wins this car gets some cash to derice it!

  • Eyvindur Leo
    Eyvindur Leo

    ja kinda suck not living in the states now hehe awesome build and even radder tune

  • Lucky Rooster
    Lucky Rooster

    Knock-off Mugen VC.

  • I.B Focus
    I.B Focus

    Congratulations on the Play Button guys, keep up the good work

  • Armando Casas
    Armando Casas

    Congrats PFI , keep up the good work

  • EM1 king
    EM1 king

    I thought it wasn't safe to put a 2 step on a supercharged ??🤔

    • PFI Speed
      PFI Speed

      It doesn’t effect a thing . And gives you consistent launching

  • Smith2bewith

    Should’ve taken the p/s belt and ac belt off and see how much it gains lol

  • J Moto
    J Moto

    you should run to storage and find bro with a mohawk a larger shirt

    • J Moto
      J Moto


  • HistoryHunter

    I won the car guys. Sorry

  • all the boost
    all the boost

    it's a nice car but 6-4psi of boost is pretty weak. It'd be pretty awesome if it was like 12- 18. really can't even justify using the E85. Brent can probably tune on 93 and make the same power on 5psi. I realize if that's the goal just to have a super reliable car.... that's cool. What would have been really awesome is to slap a turbo on it as well as the supercharger to have the download Torque and the up high boost. I really think a B20 block would have been a better idea with that head and trans especially with the supercharger.

    • Lucky Rooster
      Lucky Rooster

      More work, plus a stock, boosted, b20 block is a bad idea, because the sleeves are very thin, and stereotypically crack in the middle. Basicly, using a B18C is coming from a reliability stand-point, and a cool factor, IMO.

  • Korupt Tactics
    Korupt Tactics

    those shirts are dope just ordered two!!! HONDA GANG!!!!

  • Broken Piston
    Broken Piston

    Now this is some good stuff

  • eVo 7
    eVo 7

    This was a little different with the Jackson SC, definitely interesting!

  • Brenden Macvicar
    Brenden Macvicar

    Love these videos, always something to learn and always entertaining! Keep er tuned fellas

  • Brett Brumley
    Brett Brumley


  • PandaWRX

    It would be so awesome for all the people who want to learn how to tune if u were to do a series on how to tune cars. Step by step stuff and it will give u more content too and help a lot of us out

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    Love all the videos, I couldn't imagine a better man to work for


    So each dollar is an entry but then it says "no purchase will improve the chance of winning..." Also you can enter for free by mailing in an entry.

  • Brad Attwood
    Brad Attwood

    Well deserved over 100k, I am surprised it is not more subscribers already,

  • foxryder7c

    i think if your not addicted to buying tool your not a real mechanic lol

  • Bart K
    Bart K

    Congrats on the silver play button guys!

  • Veil Mario
    Veil Mario

    I learned alot from you guys.

  • Veil Mario
    Veil Mario

    The way you explain things,makes me want to look every day and every time in a day.

  • Veil Mario
    Veil Mario

    Congratulations on your new silver play. Keep it up pfi

  • Veil Mario
    Veil Mario

    This thing sounds sooo goood

  • BIKE Life 260
    BIKE Life 260

    Gratz on 100k silver button fellas

  • Civicem1dude


  • Johnmicheals Burnett
    Johnmicheals Burnett

    Awesome Hell Yeah Bro Congrats on the sliver play button 👊 an Rad Lil del-sol.... someone's gonna win a kickass one of a kind Honda! Also I agree Brother/Brent it's a sport an a lifestyle! 👍👍👊😎🔰🔰🔰💪

  • LunaticConcepts

    Man watching all you videos is really making me want to bring my old coupe back to life and bring it up there for a tune. Some day

  • timmyvechett

    What if Battery dies

  • cobrasvt347

    The blower sounds like it needs a smaller pulley or the belt is slipping it should make more boost than 1 to 2 psi. She needs that good ol linear power 😏

  • Jimmy Ray
    Jimmy Ray

    A $20 phone charger for $50 lol....nope.

  • cobrasvt347

    I so bad want to find a delsol and hang the body on a tube chassis and build a mid engine setup for it. Man that thing would kill on a track.

  • Tony Adamo
    Tony Adamo

    I have to say you are one of the coolest down to earth people. You truly have inspired me with the Honda stuff. I think once I’m to a point where I’m done messing with my car I’ll have to make a trip and come have you do some magic. You guys rule. Keep the awesome content coming!

  • MoTorBLocK2330

    Yea! Bring back his fuckn tools! 🧰

  • pissed off pistons
    pissed off pistons

    I love watching you tune so much im hangin out at our local tune shop getting some knowledge and video...aci dynamax ...pfi speed and hp logic..mikey at the shop you guys rock

  • 94legendisback

    Great work, love it!!

  • Dustin Miser
    Dustin Miser

    thats 1 nice delsol, id rather have turbo tho an congrats brent on the road 1milli subs "soon"'

  • Adrellias

    Hell yeah man! Gz with the 115k subs guys! You deserve it! So awesome seeing this channel grow 😊 and you are right Brent its a sport, and a passion! So lucky that you guys are sharing this with us. 🤘 Keep on rocking!

  • Reece Bower
    Reece Bower

    This car came straight from fast and furious lol. Sex spec af 😂

  • Fanis B
    Fanis B

    I wanna buy a civic to daily. I found a B18C from an integra with a S80 trans ( lsd ) . Does that sound like a reliable setup?

    • Lucky Rooster
      Lucky Rooster

      Yeah, if it hasn't had the shit driven out of it and was propperly maintained.

  • Jesse Jay Hess
    Jesse Jay Hess

    While Phong still chills at 300 with his all motor.

  • Tony Hollingsworth
    Tony Hollingsworth

    Yeah Kyle! Give Brent back his tools!

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones

    Congrats Brent

  • Yost Built
    Yost Built

    It takes a 21 second insight vs 20 second ef sedan at a national event going rounds 💪😂🤣 #drivermod

  • Thomas Young
    Thomas Young

    Thanks Brent and all the guys of PFI speed for having a UA-my channel

  • tv/ UsaRubber
    tv/ UsaRubber

    launch the silver play button off the dyno ;)

  • YaFilthyAnimal1824

    crazy that my 2014 1.8tsi jetta makes 250hp and 315tq and all i had to do was add a intake and a stage one tune. she rips tho!

  • changalo !
    changalo !


  • YaFilthyAnimal1824

    you guys should have waaaay more subs than you do! keep pumping out the vids. you guys will be at a million soon!

  • Miguel A Santos
    Miguel A Santos


  • ByHisgrace R
    ByHisgrace R

    You should make a video on how to be safe while working alone especially as well as expressing how important it is to not work under unsafe conditions

  • allday 710
    allday 710

    Hell yea fam congrats on the 100k play button