What Tesla Knows About You!
Rich Rebuilds
Today we are going to discuss what information your Tesla retains about you, also how to access that information
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  • Samcrac

    I took out the SD card on my Tesla MCU and found random nudes of Rich next to a BMW i8. Send $322 to my PayPal or I'll publish. Your move Richard.

    • aj200415

      無垢 man your priorities in watching UA-my videos is spot-on good sir!

    • Johnnyxp64

      @Kip Diggs not anymore...he resigned to take part in a tesla pickup ... yeah..😕

    • Cord Cutter Lifestyle and Techology
      Cord Cutter Lifestyle and Techology

      So Sam's the guy behind all these email scams

    • DJRGRnl Surinaamse Hindoestaanse DJ
      DJRGRnl Surinaamse Hindoestaanse DJ

      It's better than looking at Sam's Crack 😂

    • Dbs Student
      Dbs Student


  • K-M: Ehrenworth all rights reserved.
    K-M: Ehrenworth all rights reserved.

    SENTIENT capture

  • RichieT5

    How would this get on with GDPR in the UK lol Good video.

  • RichieT5

    Following Sam. Great video

  • piotr piatek
    piotr piatek

    You can get info from SIM card and make it to work on new card and get Same info send to you

  • OmegaReviews

    Privacy is a human right and no privacy invasive policies and tech does not equal conviniance as there are services that does the same thing as the privacy invasive once just as well and services that allows you to hide yourself from the privacy invasive once. However the same can't be said for tesla and other cars as they're a closed down system

  • Phil Melson
    Phil Melson

    BIG BROTHER is watching you.. . I wonder how much data can be stored, before it is too full. ? and if that happens, does it self delete.. .

  • Old Smokey
    Old Smokey

    Here's a fun little fact Rich, and don't get me wrong I like your stuff but here's some hard truths from someone who's educated in these things. Most cars honestly aren't as bad as you make them out to be here. And I say that with a HUGE caveat. You just put the fear of god into ANYONE who owns a car. Now let's be honest. When did advanced data collection and wireless vehicle control enter cars. The first car to truly utilize this type of technology was around 2010 (not 111% the first car was in 2010 but the first mainstream support of this was in the 2010 era). That means ANY vehicle older than the 2010 era (again excluding the few outliers) does NOT pull this data you're talking about and it DOES NOT have the security holes in it that more modern cars do. YES older cars have an ECU or an electronic control unit, but it's an internal system that DOES NOT collect and ship data to the auto manufacturer, it's done just to run the vehicle and is a closed loop system which is why your technicians need 1000's of dollars in scan tools with specialty plugs to access the ECU, it's not just on the wifi. Secondly if you get prior to the ECU era, it really doesn't matter. These vehicles have ZERO electronics in them that send or collect data that is in any way readable by a company, and if you have a swapped car (motor is swapped) with an oldschool setup there's a high chance you scrapped your ECU with your old motor. My point with all of this is you are making people fear something that it is correct to worry about, but you're doing it in a way that makes people shun technology, not the people who are exploiting it to better sell you products, the real enemy.

  • Franco Bianconi
    Franco Bianconi

    6:25 Superman didn't make the earth spin backwards. By going faster than light he made TIME go backwards. Earth just looked like it spun backwards from his perspective. 41 years later people still don't get it.

  • slav plotnitsky
    slav plotnitsky

    I was shopping for Tesla model S but now after watching few of your videos, Screw Tesla I’m buying another Mercedes

  • RWBHere

    We're having a new house extension. It will be ready by February 30th. Can't wait.

  • jonny e
    jonny e

    This is interesting. Recently my sunroof malfunctioned in my 2015 Model S which is still under warranty and TESLA is not accepting responsibility for repairing the damage. I'm not versed in the terminology, but they have essentially explained that the mechanism (some type of rods) that move the roof back snapped and this could only happen from a significant external force. Translation, "you did it," which is 100% incorrect because it occurred while I was driving down the street and simply pushed the button on the screen to open the roof and then pushed it to close once a heard a loud crunching sound and then a loud snap. Since I now have to either convince them that they are totally wrong, I need to gather as much info as I can that might help in supporting the truth, which is, the vehicle malfunctioned and the simple opening and closing of the roof through normal use caused the damage. It would help to speak with you further about this to figure a strategy to convince them to accept responsibility for the damage and honor the warranty. I totally respect what you are doing to educate people about these vehicles. If you could also direct me to any blogs or other sources where I might inquire whether anyone else has experienced this issue. as I could not be the only one that has had this problem. Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing back.

  • Maciek

    I've seen things you, people, wouldn't believe

  • nvyseal1924

    They dont need help with the code, they need those battery packs. Besides autopilot the only benefit of a Tesla is the range they provided. Other manufactures make good electric cars they just dont have the range.

  • James Bellegarde
    James Bellegarde

    God I hope no insurance company would ever give you anything if you actually got into an accident with self driving car that should null and void anyone’s warranty I’m not paying for someone else stupid enough to trust a self driving car.

  • James Bellegarde
    James Bellegarde

    Normally your comment of cell phones is correct unless that person is using a VPN I don’t suppose there’s a VPN we can use with Tesla and or other car manufactures?

  • Bay Area West Vallejo
    Bay Area West Vallejo

    George ORWELL 1984😒🎥📷📹

  • Mr Corndog
    Mr Corndog

    Just because you're spied on by companies a lot doesn't make it ok. Some of us here want privacy

  • Richard Bernard
    Richard Bernard

    I have probably watched about 20 or so of your videos and have enjoyed them all. But this one I had to subscribe...the joke with @Samcrac was hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ExtraFormula

    If you use a VPN, google won't know shit about u!

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash

    4:50 what about the very first roombas mine can't connect to Wi-Fi so how does it know how big my room is?

  • Nerv Central
    Nerv Central

    Your perspective on privacy is very realistic, Rich. These companies are gathering our data through technology all the time. It is when they use that data in an un-anonymous way without our permission, they go over the line. Some companies like Apple are very careful with our data and actually never sell it or even keep it beyond it's original purpose. Others like Facebook and Google find every opportunity to do so. However, even in those cases, they get our permission through terms and conditions which we never look at and accept without reading. Then those same people are up in arms when they see something like this. Amusing really.

  • David Bokan
    David Bokan

    He is rovsting semcrack but he finišes evri car unlike you rich

  • Martin

    Isnt it about safety that nobody knew the Code? That nobody turn of your brakes while driving etc ?!?

  • Trigger Troll
    Trigger Troll

    If you miss a payment on a Tesla it will drive you to the bank and download your tax return. Good video.

  • tekoppen


  • Bruce Chastain
    Bruce Chastain

    I'm really curious about the computers and the software on board. For example what sort of OS are the various computers running their software on.

  • BMW 3 Series
    BMW 3 Series

    Tesla has a small clause for any manufacture who wants to use Tesla's "free" patents. Anyone who wants to use Tesla's patents must also give patent licens on own patents to Tesla. So what Elon did not tell in public is that Tesla's patents are not for free

  • Geoff Pickford
    Geoff Pickford

    Tesla is building a factory in China. What secrets do they think they will keep after that??

  • Jeff Vrechek
    Jeff Vrechek

    My question is...will Uncle Rich ever install the "Frunk" liner on Delores? I keeed, I keeed...

  • Heather Jones
    Heather Jones

    You didn't check the EDR folder. 🙁

  • Alex Llg
    Alex Llg


  • Zod

    Those pictures are for autopilot training. Tesla can "query the fleet" to get different categories of encounters. Don't need to build a massive expensive data center to save everything that way. The fleet saves it for you. (All this was in there autopilot AI talk a few weeks back)

  • evil Duck
    evil Duck

    I sea a big law sued coming....

  • saurabhnow

    Are we sure the factory reset erases everything, including the SD card?

  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    The Whataboutism in this video hurts

  • Jeffrey Black
    Jeffrey Black

    why not convert a Ford Focus RS using Model 3 parts or a Model S front motor.

  • Coty Riddle
    Coty Riddle

    thank god my smart tv don't have a microphone. And i disable and block access to most things on my phone and even rooting the damn thing to nuke some apps.

  • Stealthy Wolf
    Stealthy Wolf

    That data record is for the auto pilot system. I had the same situation trying to figure out the images on my NVR system. Only problem is. If you don't have the system app that views it for human use. It will just end up with multi pictures. I tried to view my NVR with VLC. But you will only get the info or videos from the system itself. The only reason they would record that is to capture the contents during auto pilot or driving is for in case of a emergency. You should watch the Danny Duncan video where he shows how auto pilot goes into the suicide lane and then returns to normal. This is all learning and reporting technology that will one day create a map and database for a easier and maybe safer world.

  • John LaClair
    John LaClair

    The video is showing unavailable.

  • calical26

    very very cheap motherboard and cheap wire not made to last longer then 10 year

  • calical26

    tesla will never reslese thee code thats there hart of there OS in there cars for safty

  • 420 Friendly
    420 Friendly

    Where's Russia on this? They hacked John Deere for the diagnostic tool and computer management... any day now and I'm sure we'll get the shit we need.

  • shayne scott
    shayne scott

    The mf doom gladiator mask ... I knew you were a man of culture

  • BigBwoyTing

    Don't use a tesla to kill someone

  • Rodney Crouse
    Rodney Crouse

    Hey Rich yeah I just wanted to let you know. I'm sitting in a semi truck that does record everything that I do and say especially when I'm driving. Talk about incriminating. If I have a hard break incident report then they record 3 minutes before and 3 minutes after allegedly. However I have no independently verifiable proof of this. After all I'm just a dumb truck driver. Lol yet my company wonders why I feel like it's creepy that they're staring at me all the time. Best of luck to you and your mission to educate the world on what's really happening.

  • jdmderick

    personally I think the photos stored is scenarios where you might have braked or accelerated, and the camera picked up the braking or acceleration input in conjuncion with the object detection by the camera. Tesla might use this to better the autopilot system.

  • Gerald Koth
    Gerald Koth

    Forget the reset take out the sim and the sd card. Done

  • Ry Michael
    Ry Michael

    MF DOOM... Rich, you a fan?

  • lewurm

    The folder name looks seemingly random, but I believe it's a unix time stamp written in hex. Try this on your console: $ date -r `printf "%d" 0x58bc8b50` Sun Mar 5 23:04:00 CET 2017

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams

    You know, Rich, the images of the last jogging, & the boy riding his bike, may seem creepy, out of context. However, this could be important information to help Tesla's Autopilot learn how to recognize pedestrians & bicyclists.

  • Theodor Eicke
    Theodor Eicke

    Is it only me, or does it seem like our Brothers and sisters are being deceived and programmed so deeply that they are voluntarily surrendering their privacy for the illusion of safety/security..... seems a little awkward to me that in some states it is illegal to use a smartphone while operating a motor vehicle, but at the same time it’s ok to tap, poke, and swipe the touch screen displays in these new vehicles..... tapping a phone screen can put you in jail or kill someone, but tapping a small TV sized screen on the dash of a vehicle is FINE........ because you can only wreck if it’s your phone screen you’re looking at..... right? Lol. Big Brother says: “you can’t look at your screen but it’s ok to look at ours”. That seems like hypocrisy at its best alongside another pitiful, meaningless excuse for law enforcement gangsters to pull someone over and “check on” (HARASS) them.😕. Thanks for reading! 😎.

  • lnpilot

    Wow. Thanks for posting this video. You could also just put a piece of black tape on the cabin-facing camera, like we do for webcams :)

  • Red Phoenix
    Red Phoenix

    @3:45 The data collection happens on remote servers but you actually know this beforehand. @4:06 Normal cars store data locally and aren't remotely controlled and tracked by the manufacturer itself, AFAIK.

  • Raymie H
    Raymie H

    Did you see the tesla that took video of guys keying the paint on the tesla?

  • Raymie H
    Raymie H


  • Jerkimer James
    Jerkimer James

    If anyone is getting anxious about personal privacy. When you were born in a typical hospital in any modern country with the rule of law and have lived to this point to watch this UA-my channel. You are ignorant and indifferent to what you think privacy is or should be. Pleasure always beats pain. That is the human condition.

  • Ash Bayer
    Ash Bayer

    Vtuned is an awesome channel!

  • John Obmar
    John Obmar

    Quite a job to change the SIM card...


    I'm surprised that Tesla doesn't just give you a job or a sponsorship. You are great press for them. If you work for them they could steer you away from certain subjects

  • Sed Hendo
    Sed Hendo

    Hey Rich... I know you haven’t done many retro fits. But I was wondering why it seems that a electric motor can’t just be mated up to a existing drivetrain. Well other then the fact that the drivetrain may not be able to handle the toque. And some kind of adapter would be needed.

  • New age Justice
    New age Justice

    Bro whoever you got that from is possibly a serial killer.

    • Rob

      How so?

  • Todd Burnett
    Todd Burnett

    Ha. I like the MF Doom mask!

  • James Valt
    James Valt

    I dont have an issue with any of the intrusive videos. Motherfuckers do dumb shit while driving. And after l saw someone ejected from a car during a crash, the can stick a camera between our crotches for all l car. People are dumbasses

  • Jay Mack
    Jay Mack

    In this episode, Rich mentions the distant future year 3000 and the fact that he has a full time job.

  • Ted Baxter
    Ted Baxter

    Verbose nonsense.

    • Rob


  • Bryan de Paepe
    Bryan de Paepe

    Resetting any computer memory does NOT erase the data, it only frees it up to be overwritten, this applies to smart phones, tablets and any computer.

  • Pauly Paramedic
    Pauly Paramedic

    In undergrad, in a cognitive science class, I learned of a study which used video-game-style eye trackers to examine accidents. It ended up being something like 80% of accidents and near-accidents caused by not looking at the road ahead of you for more than a second. It would make sense that insurance companies would want this info.

  • Mellow Minion
    Mellow Minion

    🤣 that’s just creepy thanks rich so your saying there’s a or needs to be a airplane mode 🤔

  • luis anaya
    luis anaya

    now imagine tesla engines in .... everything else. now that would blow fucking minds