What is it like to work for Daily Driven Exotics?
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Dave from Daily Driven Exotics (ua-my.com/uservideos-dailydrivenexotics) has known Damon for a while but when the possibility of joining him on the journey to build the channel up was presented, it was something he couldn't pass up.
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    To celebrate 700k subs, we are doing an AMA with Ed this week. If you want to ask him a question, feel free to post it as a reply here. Over 600 questions submitted already via Instagram.

    • Matt H
      Matt H

      Thoughts on Australian UTES?

    • Titan Ian
      Titan Ian

      This video really motivated me to subscribe! Guess what? I subscribed ....#Officially VINwiki

    • Joe Prystash
      Joe Prystash

      How would you suggest someone get into the car sales business? As someone with experience with people, and customer service however no car sales experience. Love the show Mr. Bolian, and have been a subscriber since the Miata track car vid. Enjoy the prosperity I hope I will be there one day.

    • DDE NO.1 FAN Isaac Formosa
      DDE NO.1 FAN Isaac Formosa

      DDE is the best!!!

    • Humaira Haider
      Humaira Haider

      Ed what your opinion on a good daily driver super car?

  • Art Connolly
    Art Connolly

    Awesome story brother. That R8 is insane

  • Kyle899

    I'm so happy I live in a province that doesn't require front license plates.

  • Doug chazotte
    Doug chazotte

    Please no more stories from e.t.

  • ahmer ayan
    ahmer ayan

    The first time i saw dave I thought he was a dick but he actually seems like a nice humble funny guy. Don’t doubt a person who does not forget his past.

  • Futuristic Handgun
    Futuristic Handgun

    Love this story

  • Mathias Fredslund
    Mathias Fredslund

    Like Number 14 K

  • Anthony Efx
    Anthony Efx

    lol the real story ishow do you pay mortgage payments and have kids working at starbucks?

  • D3adlySnip3rxGFX ll
    D3adlySnip3rxGFX ll

    I thought dde was just s bunch of douche bags with big pockets till this video. Very heart warming story.

  • Rick Lake
    Rick Lake

    You just gotta love Dave!

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers

    DDE is very entertaining and just all around awesome people!

  • vargo hoat
    vargo hoat

    vancouver island area is where ive lived most of my life, theres quite a few rare cars around here with collector plates but ive only seen a few ferraris and never a lambo....tons of porsches and classics, i see porsches every day (saltspring island here)

  • anthony stewart
    anthony stewart

    This guy and Damon are homosexual lovers

  • Griffin Lindsey
    Griffin Lindsey

    Starbucks with a M3?

  • Griffin Lindsey
    Griffin Lindsey

    Starbucks with a M3?

  • Griffin Lindsey
    Griffin Lindsey

    Starbucks with a M3?

  • SilverS

    Damon & Dave Entertainment

  • watch channel
    watch channel

    He’s my least favorite person on UA-my

  • Louis-Philippe Chiasson
    Louis-Philippe Chiasson

    This is a nice story!

  • TheRealRonnie

    But it goes back to the question how did Damon get the money? 🤨

  • OfficialSyca Entertainment
    OfficialSyca Entertainment

    And now it got traded in for a gollardo lol

  • JKeller

    Those guys from DDE are awesome would love to work with them

  • Blu Cow
    Blu Cow

    Wow this whole time I'm thinking this guy was born rich (new subscriber btw) Respect level %1000😱😱

  • Dean Dantas
    Dean Dantas

    Mad respect for Dave now

  • Jackson OLJB
    Jackson OLJB

    2:15 great sound impreson of Damon

  • Todd Paone
    Todd Paone

    Dave has literally always been there for Damon. And it’s a true friend moment when you can help each other out. Dave earned that R8. Congrats buddy.

  • Slow knife design
    Slow knife design

    The hardest choices require a strong will and the will to act on it!!!

  • Big Dracoo
    Big Dracoo

    Y’all niggas hiring ? ?

  • gabriel mayorquin
    gabriel mayorquin

    Great story

  • Peyton Silver
    Peyton Silver

    Damnit Dave

  • Manish Toor
    Manish Toor

    Dave.. loved your interview.. love DDE

  • Low Down
    Low Down

    Good shit Dave! I was a little rough on you at the beginning and maybe still sometimes I would rather watch my nails grow than you drive haha jk

  • Sean Nelson
    Sean Nelson

    Great storytelling!

  • Don.P King
    Don.P King

    This made me tear the fuck up...Maybe it was his dream job falling in his lap or just having such a good friend looking out for him. All I know is that I'm desperately trying to make the same things happen. I love to go fast like Rickey Bobby(track only), I love sexy cars and God knows I love getting my hands dirty doing satisfying work! I haven't had a decent job ever sense serving my damn country and it don't make sense? Over 10+ plus years of being kicked around from employer to employer. My luck had been horrible but, somehow this guy gives me a little hope.

  • SpeedProductions

    Takes serious balls to quit your job. A little jelly for sure

  • Yasuo Xepth
    Yasuo Xepth

    DDE is trash

  • Qwaundo Minium
    Qwaundo Minium

    What a story man🙏🏾

  • Death to Islam
    Death to Islam

    Dave is a solid dude.

  • spin spirit
    spin spirit

    Love you m8😋😜👊👊

  • D C Carter
    D C Carter

    DDE is better then regular TV any day. I watch it every day.

  • Jackson J
    Jackson J

    6:03 wow the super car UA-my legends

  • Whyman1993

    Damon is a good dude to his friends 😂 but Dave definitely worked hard for it!

  • MotorMusic77

    im at DDE since 100k YEAAH !!!

  • Daniel Pino
    Daniel Pino

    Huge inspiration

  • unknown user
    unknown user

    VinWiki is probably the only channel on UA-my that doesn't get hate😂

  • Vagos Tsig
    Vagos Tsig

    Well done Dave!

  • Hollywood Johnson
    Hollywood Johnson

    Cheers Dave!

  • Therone Woods
    Therone Woods

    Keep up the good work

  • Gcollie3810

    Definitely want to see more stories like this from DDE. Have been fascinated with his business model and scaling for quite some time!


    Wish I had a friend like Damon! Such a good dude.

  • uprizer

    How did you get on here lmao

  • Ryan King
    Ryan King

    do i call my lawyer.....oh wait i dont have a lawyer. Do i get a lawyer?

  • SHAFZz

    It's just luck bro, you never knew whom you would work with if it ain't was him

  • Ruben Medina
    Ruben Medina

    Saw him at pachanga

  • Hankins Hunch
    Hankins Hunch

    That's awesome!!!.. totally understand wanting to do more in life!.. congratulations on taking the steps . Very inspirational story

  • Cooking In Halifax
    Cooking In Halifax

    This guy is an uneducated tool. “I owned an integra and worked at Starbucks” wow, perfect guy for the job.....NOT.

  • oplix

    What I want to know is how Dave found a wife, a house, and an M3 on a Starbucks salary

    • Rusheen Bay101
      Rusheen Bay101

      Lol are you saying that people who work in Starbucks can't find a partner? Hahaha you guys are so materialistic and insecure it's actually cringing. You don't need to be a millionaire to have a wife, ONLY to have a shallow, needy little drama queen with a cocaine problem 😂

    • TheRealRonnie

      Canadian stuff bro

    • Ferocious Bear
      Ferocious Bear


    • Brett DiMichele Studios
      Brett DiMichele Studios

      pretty sure they have more than just Barrista positions. He could have been a Manager or who knows what else. :)

    • Abu Nation
      Abu Nation

      10+ years of working and saving money

  • Josh Santos
    Josh Santos

    4:37 Welcome to America

  • NORCAL GT Rick
    NORCAL GT Rick

    Great video Dave! #DDE

  • Colt45Caliber

    You should plug fans UA-my channels so they could buy their own Exotics then you can cover that


    Lmfao 4:19 his Sorry was very, VERY. Canadian 😂🤣😅

  • Adam Mueller
    Adam Mueller

    Love what you guys do I'm so jealous of your work but in a good way. Definitely living the dream!

  • Figureight

    Started getting DDE in my recommended about a month or two ago. It's such a great channel as the people in it are just likable and not irritating or obnoxious. Their videos they're posting now of them in Japan are awesome.

  • 1031xRiq

    Im interested. #DDE contact me lol

  • xJAY42Ox

    Im homeless in hollywood and im only 25 lol. I got everything. Jk... I wish.. :(

  • MechowTube

    Awesome video, kinda like DDE videos but after seeing this, Damon is a cool AMF and will def subscribe and watch their content with a new set of eyes

  • Raljuaid

    Slutwhisperer at 6:05?? With the black beanie. Is that him?

  • Scott MacColl
    Scott MacColl

    Teamwork makes the Dream work. Keep the good works boys. DDE Crew 👍💪

  • David Sustaita
    David Sustaita

    Whoever gave this video a thumbs down your moms a HOE, Dave is legit, he’s awesome DDE is awesome.

  • Khum Dhan
    Khum Dhan

    dumb douches everyday

  • Christian Lauderdale
    Christian Lauderdale

    Dave is 100% my favorite part of DDE.

  • Jeff Kuipers
    Jeff Kuipers

    you make the best move in your life and its working great.

  • Paul Cunningham
    Paul Cunningham

    Daves wife is cooler than your wife!!! 😀And my wife too....😒

  • Canadian Custom ATV
    Canadian Custom ATV

    I love dde because of this guy. He and damon make the channel. I dont think I would watch it with out him in it

  • Jim Steagall
    Jim Steagall

    Full Tilt Panic - 40 bags of the unknown

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    Surfdude 1205

    What a great guy

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    Was that a picture of Damon, Dave, James, and Parker?

  • Mohammed Khaled
    Mohammed Khaled

    DDE Dave looks like a cool Dave Starbucks Dave looks like a dad Dave

  • Sagz

    ok this came to my recommendations since I am subscribed to dde but this humble interview of dave and wonderful editing made me subscribe to vinwiki thumbs up to the creator.

  • mikael svensson
    mikael svensson

    Fun to hear daves storie

  • Ethan 55
    Ethan 55

    1:27 omg Dave with hair

  • Mahdiyar Saberi
    Mahdiyar Saberi

    I love DDE I been watching them for a while gold rush rally 7 about 3 years ago but I saw his video 4 years ago it was red Audi R8 flyby

  • NGlitchesFTW

    damnn must be nicee

  • Bri an
    Bri an

    Very Very Nice. I love DDE

  • Tito Pholsena
    Tito Pholsena

    The people I knew ten years ago haven't really amounted to anything last I saw them. It's funny how the people that were voted most likely to succeed after highschool are the ones that turn out to have the most mundane lives.

  • Slade Washington
    Slade Washington

    Story of my life, Dave. Only I'm still stuck in corporate while staring out the window at the highway watching you guys go by. I'll be out there one day....soon....

  • Cj Watt
    Cj Watt

    4:28 is that the stradmans gallardo in the picture

  • Joe Stenger
    Joe Stenger


  • Observing Humanity
    Observing Humanity

    I enjoy these DDE back stories. I love DDE, and it wouldn’t be DDE without Dave. I love the other members that joined the family later, but Damon and Dave are DDE in my opinion.

  • Akuma Slays
    Akuma Slays

    Dope journey man

  • Gamernator 101
    Gamernator 101

    do you fuck your bitch last night

  • Gamernator 101
    Gamernator 101

    hi my name is Jeff

  • Voltage272

    10 years working for Starbucks? WTF?

    • Kyle am
      Kyle am

      yeah, sounds crazy but thats actually the reality of the working class today, find a good paying job, then work until you cant anymore.

  • Voltage272

    10 years working for Starbucks? WTF?

  • Shoedi .L
    Shoedi .L

    He reminds me of that creepy fuck actor who plays akward rolls.... Can t find the name.

  • Theo Jeter
    Theo Jeter

    Get some females up in here, total sausage fest

  • pogman15

    no offence, but every adult i see working full time in a coffee or fast food chain makes me wonder wtf they did to end up there. Why aren't they doing something more important. i see those jobs as part time extra income or for students. That photo of you in starbarcks, its a splitting image of a guy i see working in costa, tall grown ass man capable of much more than a brainless repeatative child job. its sad and cringey to see, you made the right decision to do ANYTHING else.

  • st3vieuk

    So humble .. Dave is too good for DDE .. !!