What is Happening to One Punch Man?
Mother's Basement
One Punch Man Season 2 is right around the corner, and it's looking... kinda terrible? What the heck happened in the last three years to make the Hero for a Hobby fall so far from grace?
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  • Karren Kuddlesberg
    Karren Kuddlesberg

    After Saitama destroyed Carnage Kabuto, what if Dr. Genus became inspired by him? He does his 3 year training, plus he's a scientist, so he has the luxury or knowledge build a gravity and time chamber? What if he did the training combined with the chamber?

  • Jayr WalkingstickShinyknife
    Jayr WalkingstickShinyknife

    im fine with it, its not 'tHe aNiMe oF tHe cEntUrY' for me so i dont really care. i hope it gets cancelled so you can all enjoy the manga forever :)

  • Juss_ Jay7
    Juss_ Jay7

    No...oh gawd nooo

  • Bec

    I haven't watched any of season 2 yet and, frankly, I think I'll keep it that way. OPM holds a very special place in my heart not because it was my third anime ever, but because it was the first anime I could enjoy with other people. Not everyone gets the appeal of Jojo, BNHA and a shitload of old classics that I think I'd struggle to mention all of. One Punch Man, however, is much easier to get into because it doesn't take itself very seriously and has plenty of great gags. I remember watching it on Netflix at home when my mum sat down and watched it with me, and I remember how much we both laughed. I even roped my brother into watching it, who avoids anime like the plague. Even though I'm sure the new animation team will be able to do the story justice, I just can't see them doing what made One Punch Man fantastic for me: the plethora of fantastic *visual* gags. If the animation I saw in the trailer was anything to go by, I just can't imagine the team hitting the nail on the head with this season, and that makes me genuinely sad.

  • oppaidaisuki2409 OTAKU
    oppaidaisuki2409 OTAKU

    Top anime trademarks are now shitty...Is this the anime's downfall?

  • Carlos Delgado
    Carlos Delgado

    I really dont get all this fuzz regarding animation. Maybe you are right, maybe the animation got downgraded and im not weeb enough to see it, but as long as the history remains as good as it is now there is no reason to complain about the animation. At some point you compared season 2 with Zombie Simpsons. Is not that bad, come on.

  • Owen Walker
    Owen Walker

    Why be disappointed? Just read the manga. The quality of the book has not suffered.

  • Davidoo -_-
    Davidoo -_-

    I would rather have them delay the anime than have it look like shit.

  • dz powell
    dz powell

    damn happy there's a season two buuut....................not happy how it's coming out animation wise it's funny but damn

  • Thepotatolord

    ask mad house why it terrible wait nvm mad house isn't with us anymore

  • Hello

    i didnt get it 4 weeks ago and i dont get now why people hated the trailer so much i guess it looks worse compared to the 1st trailer but when did people start giving a shit about trailers the season is out and whatever people were making a drama about for no reason is cleared up, frankly i didnt even notice too much of a change when watching the anime after rewatching the 1st season before looking at s2

  • random guy
    random guy

    Idk, i feel like the new season is just as good as the original, i mean they do cut the scenes in some awkward places. like i get that they want to build suspense but not this much. Other then that i think it's good, The new villain Garos seems like he would be weaker then season 1's final villain, but who knows maybe he will be depicted in some other way later on. As of now i like the series and hope they don't ruin it later.

  • rok blaž
    rok blaž

    I am so happy this video was wrong

  • tomas manolo
    tomas manolo

    mmm not agry

  • Jason Hong
    Jason Hong

    The reviews I read growing up isn't about crying technical stuffs but the story arc.. Seriously nobody care if u do not want to watch Season 02.. Finding proper directors and studio to produce people complain it takes too long. Rushed into Season 2 to be badly criticize on stupid stuffs instead of story arc.

  • Domenico Elio Bressanello
    Domenico Elio Bressanello

    Honestly I gave this a chance, as long as they didn't fuck up the fights and they would still allow for saitama to be who he is, the animation could be trash I would watch it. Issue is, they fucked the fights and my favourite characters, so no thanks, ep. 2 is where I'll stop

  • Saitama

    Genos looks like a witch

  • Flare

    Ok these guys are criticizing too hard the show so far is pretty good, and I haven’t heard anything bad about the actual story so far, the only bad thing I heard so far is about the animation. If you guys can watch old ass anime for the story I think you can do the same with the new season of One Punch Man.

  • Careless Thief
    Careless Thief

    Literally read the manga

  • Ethan Hero Uy
    Ethan Hero Uy

    Season 2 may be good

  • Mehdi Choukri
    Mehdi Choukri

    most of the comments are probably dumb asses who've never seen the second season, it is very normal, it's not as bad as the comments made it look, just give it a shot.

  • Jackie

    u gotta do it after the first few legit episodes

  • z NightOwl z
    z NightOwl z

    But it wasn't really that bad let alone disappointing

  • H_Steve_H

    I made the decision midway through watching this that I’ll be boycotting Season 2. I encourage others to join me so we can send a clear message that when you mess with what we love, there are repercussions.


    This video is stupid I'm sorry but season 2 is fire

  • Karolina Dean
    Karolina Dean

    I honestly dont think its that big a deal

  • shittymusicreference

    Everyone will stfu the milisecond garou awakens, the hype for his is already insane

  • Martin M
    Martin M

    People always finds something to complain about smh

    • vos kaeon
      vos kaeon

      I mean yeah, but then if they don't the word "standards" wouldn't exist.

  • loqi baas
    loqi baas

    *imagine kyo ani animate opm s2*

  • back number
    back number

    WHAT IF A millionaire dude is a big anime fan and he was like make the animation good ill pay for it. xD

  • back number
    back number

    my poor boy what have they done to you

  • iga1

    I just finished episode 2 of season 2 and had to check online if anyone else thought that animation was dreadful.. that Genos fight was so blurry and choppy, a big step back from the crisp and smooth animation of season 1.

  • Crash Bandicoot
    Crash Bandicoot

    Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 KICKED ASS! Amazing character development yet at the same time providing the best fight scenes I've seen. (???% is OP)

  • keldeothehorse

    Still shilling I see

  • Ray nei
    Ray nei

    Jc staff is sure dead now

  • 2conRazor

    @Mother’s Basement - hey MB! How are you able to include anime clips in your videos and still monetize them without getting copyright strikes? I want to start an anime YT channel as well and was wondering how others YTbers did this

  • Paulo Castro
    Paulo Castro

    you have to understand, the author became really really busy the quality hasn't been check that through like before

  • Greater Danemark
    Greater Danemark

    I thought something was off when I watched the show, but the story seems really good as of yet. Especially in Saitama’s conversations with other characters like King. Not great but ok.

  • Dark World
    Dark World

    Its till really good. Animation cant ruin the script or story telling.

  • Teo M
    Teo M

    Season 2 so far is eh.

  • Hey Im Watchin You
    Hey Im Watchin You

    i feel bad for j.c staff because they are working hard to entertain us and working hard to still make the anime intense and here you are making fun and insults of their efforts and hard work

  • TheUltimate Pie
    TheUltimate Pie

    I hate the new animations but still I like the story more than the animation

  • _ Key
    _ Key

    Wait, was one punch man supposed to be haha funny show

  • Faustas Pocius
    Faustas Pocius

    Aaaaaaaah 0:00 i hate you

  • BigKing17

    Enjoy the show and shut the fuck up

  • Crows BAKAHHH
    Crows BAKAHHH

    its fucking good

  • Trevor

    Am I the only one who didn’t notice a drop in animation quality? To preface, I wasn’t aware of the artist change before watching the first couple episodes of season 2.

  • Kaleban

    It's called standing on the shoulders of giants, resting on your laurels, etc. Probably shouldn't hire rom-com animators to work on one of the coolest action centric animes of all time.

  • Daniel Nah
    Daniel Nah

    Geno's looks rusty

  • You can Change your name on google
    You can Change your name on google

    Imagine what would happen if this was the First season with this animation ? Manga readers probably Burn out by their hatred towards the Downgrade, just because how beautiful the manga Drawing/panels looks like... So yeah, i don't think its a good Idea to say "Well at least we have season"

  • You can Change your name on google
    You can Change your name on google

    Its been 3-4 years since season 1, no one ever expected a season 2 from madhouse **Fck overlord* Everyone protects this season with, "the Director", _"It isn't that bad"_ , "That it was impossible to get the same quality due to the favors that happend in the production..." and or *"Be happy that we got a season2"* Honestly I don't give a fuck, What about Highschool of the Dead ? or Kiseijuu, Black Lagoon ? Even Hellsing ? Was that a damned "Favor" too ? who the fck cares ? They make shit look good, and i don't care about the narative that much, i have better shit to watch for their narative, i see the characters they're good, but when fight should happen all the time, it should look *GOOD* as well. Yeah I've seen the trying, they make a *few* second look good, but what about the rest of the 1200 second that makes up a single Episode ? Not talking about a season...

  • nicholas3015

    Me: a not picky crybaby *Watches the 2 episodes so far* Me: Seems good to me.

    • Kermit 5
      Kermit 5

      not funny enough.

    • Creative Ziggy
      Creative Ziggy

      You a weeb that gurgles up any trash he can find*

  • ace horu
    ace horu

    j.c staff need some serious punch in the balls.

  • Mega Halo Productions
    Mega Halo Productions

    After the actual episode it’s good

  • Bascara Isvanson
    Bascara Isvanson

    Onepunchman is now become another mediocre anime action, tho some action anime has better animation than this now

    • Christopher Jenkins
      Christopher Jenkins

      The animation for S2 might be mediocre, but the show itself still isn't.

  • xSpookie

    What if Bones got one punch man season 3🤔

    • xSpookie

      +It's Lex me too :p

    • It's Lex
      It's Lex

      I'd throw all my money at them.

  • Fca Fanati
    Fca Fanati

    The entire thing felt off, the humor, the artstyle, it shook me...

  • HanniModjo

    Anime Rules: -No Season 2 -If There's A Second Season It'll Be More Great Then The First Season Or Worst -(Edit) Shounen Anime Will Always Have 100+ Episodes And Mediocrity

  • Mhikael Tiglao
    Mhikael Tiglao

    Mr.Beast should fund this anime

  • Mario oiram
    Mario oiram

    Im loving the new season, bring the sand you weaklings.

  • Aunn Niji
    Aunn Niji

    AHHH I'm not the only one who doesnt enjoy the weirdly overdone gradient in this new season. :')

  • Semiotichazey

    The very definition of constructive criticism. I came here expecting a rant but I was pleasantly surprised how you turned the focus on paying attention to excellent creators. Very positive.

  • JayRusk

    You should see what they did to dragon ball👀

  • Casterisk

    Update: OPM S2 looks bad, the animation is bad even comparing it to mediocre action anime, the pacing is off and feels rushed and none of the comedy is landing. It's honestly a mess so far : / Also really dude? The examples of "bad animation but popular" are Dragon Ball which has always looked rough (kinda' their style) and Pokemon, an anime from 1997? When you're used to rough art and animation of course you don't care, but many studios have drastically upped their game and consistently knocked it out of the park. J.C. Staff however, have dropped the ball.

  • Coolboy 99
    Coolboy 99

    since I am a berserk fan I can only say: It could be MUCH worse

    • giveagoodsong

      Berserk was better

    • Kamo Kamo
      Kamo Kamo

      atleast on berserk we have best sfx and bgm esp. this *CLANG*

    • Teego Time
      Teego Time

      Ugh, don't remind me of 2017....

    • ZaDronas I
      ZaDronas I

      Coolboy 99 just when I start forgetting it :/

  • The Hog
    The Hog

    Thanks for ruining the show for me

    • Super Biker
      Super Biker

      Yes,the animation is inferior but the story,characters of this season is way better than season 1. No one watched Season 1 for the plot,it was just gibberish. Now you have a proper villian & a proper plot to follow. Just watch it already!

  • Ian Thomas
    Ian Thomas

    So far the first two ep of second season are fucking awesome.

    • Teego Time
      Teego Time

      I suspect a lot would disagree. I went back and watched the first two of S01 (after the first two of S02) and.... well... s01 is so much better by comparison that I think people are just going to call S02 bad. Kind of unfortunate, S02 isn't strictly BAD, its just so much less than S01 that people are going to jump ship, or complain A LOT.

  • Armathyx

    I really don't see the difference... both look like anime to me :|

    • jesus

      +man of culture Stop bitching for every single detail in anime and be happy your geting a season 2

    • jesus


    • Enrico A. K.
      Enrico A. K.

      That’s fine, I envy you... knowledge is a curse after all

    • man of culture
      man of culture

      The season 1 have the best production, animation and a godly fight scene but season 2 have less heat on it you can clearly see it compare the fight of season 2 to season 1 so you can see the difference

  • bertilkarlsson Thysell
    bertilkarlsson Thysell

    dhe new season is wa better

  • Christopher Horn
    Christopher Horn

    Funny the anime is trash why did they not go back to the original studio VIZ is retarded.

  • NepalCode TV
    NepalCode TV

    only in this anime i wanna see the flash back from season 1, manga was better than season 2

  • Zeul

    Genos got downgraded as fuck

  • Cov Fefe
    Cov Fefe

    J.C staff made opm 2 start a bit underwhelming especially the fighting scenes with still images with vibrating camera combo and with pretty inconsistent action scenes and even the movement of the characters feel bland and clunky when having a conversation. I just hope the anime gets better in the upcoming episodes, well atleast we got s2 rather than no s2.

  • Robert Coffey
    Robert Coffey

    The manga is better. It is worse to do something badly than not at all.

  • Adrian Morales-Pitre
    Adrian Morales-Pitre

    Or you can go to mangahub and read it for free

  • beck1g

    The anime is animated good enough wtf u want u fukin weebs, yeah it's not good like madhouse. But holy shit guys why u all need to be retarded..

  • Ronald Domholdt
    Ronald Domholdt

    As a fellow creator of an animated show, yes Bill Burr probably will probably care. Dude... come on, I know it’s not what you were going for but he’s got a Netflix animated show.

  • Disappointed Prion
    Disappointed Prion

    Did you just mention the satirical series with the absolute worst fanbase among all? -Now that I say that, people are going to tell me that's wrong.-

  • qmanzo


  • Mil I. I'Méraj
    Mil I. I'Méraj

    It`s really bad. As others mentioned the animation is really of, but what bugs me the most and what doesn`t give it the OPM vibes we`ve been so used to is the voices and their emotions. In season 1 Saitama and other characters sounded always on point. The tones of the voices always changed depending on the situation, they were so full of live and the characters expressed themselves perfectly so it fits together. It was always a beautiful interplay between visuals and sound. I mean even when you looked away and you wouldn`t be able too understand Japanese, you knew exactly what was going on. It made especially funny scences and serious situations so awesome. Now, I really can`t laugh about the, supposed to be, funny/serious scences(...and everything in between) in season 2. The moment it tries to be funny, Saitama and other characters sound liveless, boring and just off. It doesn`t have the feel and pep to it, it used to have. What a shame.

  • DrMagus5

    One panch 2 boring not funny and horrible animation respect madhouse. This is when you don't pay who produce things. I hate who don't pay workers and do budget things.

  • Da-Ja's Quality Crap
    Da-Ja's Quality Crap

    To be fair, what's happened here is we've shifted from an incredible studio to a pretty good studio. Maybe we were wrong to start so obscenely strong with One Punch Man, but then we definitely wouldn't be here today.

    • Creative Ziggy
      Creative Ziggy

      J.C are mediocre. They've done like 2 decently animated shows. Almost everything madhouse does is A+.

    • BlackBloodead

      +Da-Ja's Quality Crap i dont compare it to madhouse becouse of how good of an animation stodio they are.

    • Da-Ja's Quality Crap
      Da-Ja's Quality Crap

      +BlackBloodead And we have to compare it to Madhouse nonetheless. Trying times.

    • BlackBloodead

      A "pretty good".what are u talking about, one punch man season 2 isnt just bad for one punch man standards, its bad for anime standards.

  • Psychic Hoodlem
    Psychic Hoodlem

    I just watched 10 minutes of the first episode. I’m drinking to forget

    • Demonistar

      Second episode shows even more issues....good luck it's gonna be a rough ride

  • YoYoSaW1

    Honestly, the manga is great. If you guys were waiting for the anime for season 2 for this many years, just read the manga. You'll most likely like it better than watching the new season.

  • Zero 01111010
    Zero 01111010

    Dragon Ball Super isn't a fair comparison established massively internationally recognized anime will always do really really well. Especially since the animation improved massively over time.

  • Kryptonite Effect
    Kryptonite Effect

    Animation isn't everything. Did you say that specifically? No. However, everyone seems to be focusing on saying that the animation is most important above all other aspects of anime. I think that we can all come to agree that amongst the cool emphasis and exaggeration of action scenes, facial expressions and movement, the story, comedy and embedded life messages connect to audiences successfully which I loved that you mentioned later on. All in all, the animation isn't BAD. Obviously, it isn't animated the same way it was in Season 1, but what has seemed to carry over is the subtle comedy and messages which is still admirable enough to enjoy, regardless of the new animation style. It all comes down to what the viewer prioritises to be the most interesting and attention grabbing area of production. The appearance of something or someone isn't all of what they have to "offer." If you dislike only the animation but love everything else about Season 2, bet 💭. If you're turning away from the anime because of how it looks, compare that to someone deciding whether or not they want to become acquainted with you purely based upon your appearance. You, yourself, know that there is more to you than just your appearance but how can people know the interesting things about you if all they know about you is how you look. It's a sad reality and could be a personal experience for some, but true and relevant to how people are viewing Season 2 of this great anime. Even so, you know what I mean. I didn't want to be cliché by saying, "Don't judge a book by it's cover," because how many times have we all heard that already, but want I want to say is, just enjoy without picking it apart to portray it's "weaknesses" 💭💭💭

  • EBando

    Episode 2’s art definitely looked better

  • Gallows of Ghent, a Video Gaming Channel
    Gallows of Ghent, a Video Gaming Channel

    what a bunch of bloviating ass-pulls release some hot take 20 days before the new season airs new season hits and it's good not nearly Berserk 2016 levels of bad not even remotely close not in a million billion years but at least you made a needlessly long tweet in the form of a youtube video about how "it's totally really bad, i swear" "fall from a grace", what a load of horseshit at least have the balls to respond to your own inane ramblings and do an update saying "nvm" blows my mind

  • Osduard Uchiha!
    Osduard Uchiha!


    • Jeremiah Chambers
      Jeremiah Chambers

      I just saw this video and thought "dang imagine how silly this guy and everyone feels now that the show came out and the first two episodes were entertaining as fuck" Comments section of UA-my proves me wrong yet again.

    • pedro chavez
      pedro chavez


    • Trevor

      Osduard Uchiha! I guess I wasn’t paying attention when I watched the first couple of episodes of season 2. I didn’t notice a drop in animation quality.

  • Wryly_Erratic_ Quality
    Wryly_Erratic_ Quality

    Aw come on, support the artists, don't discourage them 😟...

  • butyraceousbrachiosaurus

    Re: Kemono Friends 2, you can tell that they tried really hard to recapture S1's success with some really neat ideas but ended up getting super duper demoralized. By the end they just kind of burned it all to the ground, which is really really sad. Some people did enjoy it even then, so good for them i guess. Meanwhile Yorozuya's Kemurikusa started out kinda bad and ended up being something really unique and fascinating by the end.

  • wilberkiller424

    You're a fucking asshole dude seriously wtf? You spoiled it with "saitama died on his way home"

  • Shazam Strongest Human Superheroe!
    Shazam Strongest Human Superheroe!

    So now that the series is on Hulu....what do you think? It look great and is heading in a good direction.

  • armdogg30

    I like it. I'll keep watching

  • FerroD Gmng
    FerroD Gmng

    Guys, second season is fucking awesome

  • Dh Tj
    Dh Tj

    Watch ep 2 looked great, rewatch s1 wow overrated

  • chinggis layfon
    chinggis layfon

    It is not the trailers fault if you read the manga first 12 episode anime had most interesting stuff already shown from the manga so after that it is kind a takes it slow and that is why i think second season has some but does not contain that much awesomeness in it....but if you read whole manga i assure you it is lit and funny but sorry to disappoint you most amazing thing about the show ends at 12th episode of the anime. Context : Comes from a guy who cried at end of 2nd episode of boku no hero academia, last episode of Code Geass second season.

  • Zyro

    Nothing to worry about. The op is officially kick ass, and the first two episodes are legitimately awesome

    • Demonistar

      +Osduard Uchiha! I don't think we are watching the same show then....take the Genos vs Sonic scene from season 2 and compare it to ANY scene from the original season and you will immediately realize how poorly done and lazy it feels :l

    • Osduard Uchiha!
      Osduard Uchiha!


  • ItoSaga

    God hopefully season 3 they change the artstyle immediately i love One Punch Man because of the Whacky, Hyper Speed, Colorful Fight scene guess i'll watch this for the plot

    • jesus

      Stop fucking bitching and be happy you even got a season 2

    • MUI Goku Black
      MUI Goku Black

      Ikr, the hyper speed is the best, and when they turn "blury" while moving fast is jusy satisfiying to me

  • A_creator's stuff
    A_creator's stuff

    "only has 1 season"... not really... there is a special season and a ova too