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What Happens When You Are Born?
The Infographics Show
What actually happens when you enter the world and you are born?
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show

    You had won your first battle royale and then you were born. Kudos! 💪🏻 What's your second biggest accomplishment?

    • Illuminati Wolftale 999
      Illuminati Wolftale 999

      Second biggest accomplishment is asking out my girlfriend

    • Hemannjay Dayabhai
      Hemannjay Dayabhai

      Cool it's legendary and up

    • XD KAGE
      XD KAGE

      Being born cute and having girls have a crush on me

    • PistolPupYT

      My first battle royale

    • XxIsabelaxX

      getting a 0 on my test

  • Aiden Gamer
    Aiden Gamer

    We are born by pressing the "start life" button

  • Garry The Creep
    Garry The Creep

    “Then they put antibiotic in it’s eyes!” Puts it on the belly button...

  • Hasan Ibrahim
    Hasan Ibrahim

    You won't find serious comments below...

  • April Ramos
    April Ramos

    Awe I want a baby✝️😭❤️❤️❤️

  • Charlie Kitchen
    Charlie Kitchen

    Abortion is bad:/

  • Marites Velasquez
    Marites Velasquez

    The only and most important race I’ve ever won

  • This Channel Name Good
    This Channel Name Good


  • jordan rader
    jordan rader

    Why so babies cry when born Also why cant we remember and might see a hypnotist about that

  • Ilango Rengaraj
    Ilango Rengaraj

    The title is misleading, it should've been "How you're born" rather than "what happens when you're born"

  • Yoloswagpro Bro
    Yoloswagpro Bro

    This is legitimately amazing video

  • sunflower edits
    sunflower edits

    I came out and regreted it

  • Ehab TDS
    Ehab TDS

    We gotem bois Our first battle royal victory #1 Ninja would be proud of us...

  • Jäger

    We’ve all had our own victory Royale

  • Angelica Herilla
    Angelica Herilla

    1:05 he cant hear us

  • Jimmyjon411

    Sprerm can actually last up to 7 days not 5

  • James Charles Morphe pallet
    James Charles Morphe pallet

    I was slapped when I was born

  • Nayy Nayye
    Nayy Nayye

    this is cute ! can’t wait to have children ! 😘😜

  • I kermited Bean
    I kermited Bean

    ok, so one time a couple have had 6 KIDS and I'm wondering why they wanted more. the doctor had them take pills. a little while later they now have over 6 babies. this is an old story.

  • Foxygamer 01
    Foxygamer 01

    I was born early and only have on of my lungs

  • Rhys Couch
    Rhys Couch

    Ok I have to mention this but literally every time someone calls me “special” I think special needs 😔

  • i sell jams
    i sell jams

    You forgot the placinta part

  • WWE Fan
    WWE Fan

    Me and my sister were born 5 years apart and we were different. She didnt like school I did, etx

  • Woloud Books
    Woloud Books

    I AM SPECIAL!!✊🙏

  • PichuPlayzYT

    Im having an existential crisis right now

  • Gavin Mower
    Gavin Mower


  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki

    Look at the last 3 words of the Title there is your answer .-.

  • Sydney Gray
    Sydney Gray

    i’m a fraternal twin... even rarer

  • Liam's Dimension
    Liam's Dimension

    "There can only be one" Twins: Am I a joke to you?

  • Jasmine Valdez
    Jasmine Valdez

    Can I do how twins are formed

  • IhateOnRoblox YT
    IhateOnRoblox YT



    you are born

  • Angelina Wei
    Angelina Wei

    Always remember you are unique. Just like everyone else😂

  • Karan&Bunny

    My lungs were not functioning properly when I was born

  • Charles sanders
    Charles sanders

    I didn't start retaining any memories until I was 3 yrs old. before that there was nothing.

    • WWE Fan
      WWE Fan

      I only started remembering stuff at 5 years old.

  • susan gomez
    susan gomez

    what did i click on

  • Nannette Kankam
    Nannette Kankam

    man I'm scared to go through pregnancy when I'm older

  • hfuehe eufheufeff
    hfuehe eufheufeff

    ... my mom and dad got into an arranged marriage and made me in the first couple of days after their wedding lol

  • Nicolas Winfield
    Nicolas Winfield

    I was made in a lab

    • ab the cool guy
      ab the cool guy

      Me too (I'm serious )

  • miranda sauce
    miranda sauce

    1:05 the guy has airpods he cant hear us

  • Lavender S'more
    Lavender S'more

    This is totally kid friendly

  • JasItUp yo
    JasItUp yo

    I cried.... Just me?

  • Sergio Alcantar
    Sergio Alcantar

    I was never born, I’ve only existed.

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name


  • Jayden rose
    Jayden rose

    If one egg then how are there twins

  • Center for the Study of Education Policy
    Center for the Study of Education Policy

    1:05 This person has AirPods

  • Laceyann Matthews
    Laceyann Matthews

    the amount of times you said miracle made it feel like I was turning religious

  • James Cabanglan
    James Cabanglan


  • Can I Get 10M Subscribers For No Reason
    Can I Get 10M Subscribers For No Reason

    Is it true that if you crave something, it because your baby/body needs more of it. For example, chips. If you crave chips, is it because you need more salt?

  • nil _
    nil _

    The Earth gets 1 more dissapointment. Thats what happens

  • Mimi Keatley
    Mimi Keatley

    he knows to much !!!!!!!!!

  • Ragecat568

    How old is she?

  • Florah Atieno
    Florah Atieno

    so, i was brought into this world without my consent

  • Kass

    1:35 Hahahahahahaha

  • Sam's Dumpster
    Sam's Dumpster

    this video roasted me by saying I have no girlfriend :(

  • BelieveinKamina

    2:29-4:30 The only battle royal that matters.

  • Çhłöî Mįłłër
    Çhłöî Mįłłër

    I was born 23 days early soooo

  • Gaara of the cheese
    Gaara of the cheese

    I become alive when I get born

  • not the one
    not the one

    i literally just wanted to know what happens when you're born, not learn the whole reproductive system

  • Mr Roblox noob with a hat
    Mr Roblox noob with a hat

    Let me shorten this up The whole world go’s to mars

  • Eclips Dal
    Eclips Dal

    *we breath*

  • Lori Vanryckeghem
    Lori Vanryckeghem

    How many hours

  • itxman_sparowx


  • Wig Snatcher
    Wig Snatcher

    0:14 we're so unlucky. smh

  • ThatRandomPokenerd

    What happens when you're born ? Your parents don't get to sleep the next 18 years.

  • Wolf Warrior
    Wolf Warrior

    It's like the hunger games🤣

  • Kaushihan Ahilan
    Kaushihan Ahilan

    Anybody else notice the guy wearing Airpods at 1:25?

  • Rivers Cloud
    Rivers Cloud


  • ł i l y rose
    ł i l y rose

    why don’t commercials like you rewind? like they let you skip ad but don’t let you rewind? what if i wanted to listen again?

  • collie farnsworth
    collie farnsworth

    i forgot to mention that male babies are alot more likely to be mutilated/gutted for organs especially if the parents are poor or reliant on medicaid or medicare as insurance

  • collie farnsworth
    collie farnsworth

    what about the 2 week non negotiable "evaluation period" after a baby is born when the doctors check the baby for extra organs-- i mean make sure the baby is healthy and his/her parents are well to do and have private expensive medical insurance? i think its a safety procedure to insure the babys health of course ;)

  • Kiran Hameed
    Kiran Hameed

    Now i cant wish i was never born, jeez cruel world


    You have to pay tax ?


    I came to this world...... As a human😂

  • Sugar_ Moffinn
    Sugar_ Moffinn

    1:25 why does he have air pods during bed

  • The Joker
    The Joker

    I really didn’t think reproduction was this hilarious

  • Ya Girl Cash
    Ya Girl Cash

    I was born at week 33, so I wasn’t fully developed, buh enough to survive, and I only weighed about 4 pounds, also I didn’t even cry when I was born😂

  • wintergirl 17
    wintergirl 17

    What do people mean by "this comment has been deleted"

  • •ŚĥÌńÌńġ LVÌőlęť•
    •ŚĥÌńÌńġ LVÌőlęť•

    I was rebellious. My mom had to get a C section. Haha

  • Lucy Edwards
    Lucy Edwards

    Then how are twins made?

  • Chloe Allen
    Chloe Allen

    Bold of you to assume my parents *decided* to have me.

  • Iris's Subiminals Resuts
    Iris's Subiminals Resuts

    answer: you are forced into this world without a choice if you want or not

  • Marie Cuttlefish
    Marie Cuttlefish

    Also i came out silent i was just asleep

  • Marie Cuttlefish
    Marie Cuttlefish

    I got a La Llorona trailer

  • Dancing Dragon
    Dancing Dragon

    I was born in a Burgerking oddly enough

  • BaneZH

    You forgot the chance your mom murders you.

  • Yazzie’s Vlogs
    Yazzie’s Vlogs

    I understand why you explained this so fast lol

  • Hannah Wells
    Hannah Wells

    Me winning the race was the first and last thing I accomplished in life tbh

  • Sangyeon tbz
    Sangyeon tbz

    What about twin?

  • Money Mike 2
    Money Mike 2

    I was born on July 30th 2000

  • Slayer Death
    Slayer Death

    Oh I'm special alright

  • diss e
    diss e

    *Abortion people have left the chat*

  • Puhelican

    Caught a character on here with AirPods

  • Benny Martinez
    Benny Martinez

    Do i loose children when i nut?

  • A.S Nafis
    A.S Nafis

    You can just marry without making love

  • BraxLinc

    I was born 1 week after so 41 weeks untill I got born

  • Ballora the Ballerina
    Ballora the Ballerina

    I'm not special

  • Ballora the Ballerina
    Ballora the Ballerina

    I was adopted... My real parents was forded to give me away... :(

  • Zippy

    "You are special, don't you ever forget that." no, not really.

  • Tropic-Al Home Theater
    Tropic-Al Home Theater

    What happens when you are born? Some of us live, but all of us will die.