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  • my-Ra Superstar
    my-Ra Superstar

    6:25 ~ when the drugs hit

  • animation temmie
    animation temmie

    "Aim to please without making a mess" someone explain how that's possible

  • animation temmie
    animation temmie

    Conspiracy theory #57 Jim is Jim Gordon

  • Skyler Richardson
    Skyler Richardson

    O man i havent laughted this hard in forever im laughing so hard im crying😂😂😂😂😂

  • WeeBoos Unite
    WeeBoos Unite

    Good bye

  • WeeBoos Unite
    WeeBoos Unite

    Jack accent is cool mate

  • WeeBoos Unite
    WeeBoos Unite

    No pops no shits

  • WeeBoos Unite
    WeeBoos Unite

    A box

  • WeeBoos Unite
    WeeBoos Unite

    Jack did you really have put on it’s my dick in

  • WeeBoos Unite
    WeeBoos Unite

    The pork chops look like fucking 🤮

  • WeeBoos Unite
    WeeBoos Unite

    That fucking soup with pork chops this lady is a fucking stupid ass

  • Gin Shuno
    Gin Shuno

    Has jack never seen or used a crockpot? Those things are magic lmao.

  • Chessmaster gaming stuff
    Chessmaster gaming stuff

    U is for u’re. Lol

  • Mikey Mcgann
    Mikey Mcgann

    Jacksepticeyes outro song be like L.....A.....U.....G.....H

  • Lilly Wilmoth
    Lilly Wilmoth

    Honestly the dump pot meals look super good but I’m from the south so I think everything looks good

  • Gabriel Newton
    Gabriel Newton

    dogs arent color blind!

  • Gabriel Newton
    Gabriel Newton

    i have one of those bowl lights

  • Jay Rose
    Jay Rose

    Where did that septiceye Sam come from?

  • Gaming Queen334
    Gaming Queen334

    i had a brush buddy, accept it played All star.

  • Patrick Thompson
    Patrick Thompson

    My sister used to have a onedirecton toothbrush 😂

  • Mr.Noobie Plays
    Mr.Noobie Plays


  • Mr.Noobie Plays
    Mr.Noobie Plays


  • smile more
    smile more

    No one: Jack:LAUGH

  • Rainbow Dash Gamer
    Rainbow Dash Gamer

    05:15 - 05:17 XD (She's so exited)

  • Athena Estrada
    Athena Estrada

    4:51 made me laugh so hard..

  • Bendrill Gaming
    Bendrill Gaming

    The beginning was actually pretty lit

  • Dylan Cochran
    Dylan Cochran

    Bowl light was on shark tank

  • TheBlueGaming 7
    TheBlueGaming 7


  • Ron McConaghy
    Ron McConaghy

    2:04 I actually have that but it died😔

  • Sakura Blossom
    Sakura Blossom

    i would buy this as a full fledged song thats longer then just a intro

  • Mr. Panic!
    Mr. Panic!

    Ayyyyk have the Sam spider Man tsum tsum

  • Chelsea and Nito's Gaming
    Chelsea and Nito's Gaming

    MatPat put the sauna pants on XD

  • Animelover _
    Animelover _

    I love the little song at the beginning.

  • Chicken Nugget Man
    Chicken Nugget Man

    10/10 intro

  • princess ncn
    princess ncn


  • Zach Morrison
    Zach Morrison

    I NEED to here a full completed song of that intro...NOW

  • I like animals a name
    I like animals a name

    Is it bad that my mother has the bowl light?

  • Matija 123
    Matija 123

    Damn I have that!!!

  • Doge dog
    Doge dog

    About Brush Buddies you wouldn’t be able to hear the music since the toothbrush is in your mouth

  • Dylan Rasmusson
    Dylan Rasmusson

    I actually have a bowl light I've had one for ages...I was like what!!! You don't know wtf a bowl light is!!!!

  • Extreme Gamer
    Extreme Gamer

    Best intro ever

  • Dogboi Shannon
    Dogboi Shannon

    Want another soda secret?! its free real estate

  • Daniel 03
    Daniel 03

    Thats great

  • procrafter 5000
    procrafter 5000

    My mum has a bowl light it doesn't work half the time

  • Who's A Good Dog?
    Who's A Good Dog?


  • gil gogu
    gil gogu

    this intro reminds me of faze jev

  • The Black Cat
    The Black Cat

    1:13 "I think your FuckinG StupiD! 😸😹😸

    • The Black Cat
      The Black Cat


  • undertalenerd xox
    undertalenerd xox

    I accidentally paused it so it said jacksepticeyes funniest ho I’m gonna go die in a hole now

  • Velvet Fox
    Velvet Fox

    We used to have the Bowl light. 😂

  • Marcus Stubin
    Marcus Stubin

    Is it good that I got a bowl light for my birthday

  • Sonic Gaming
    Sonic Gaming

    I just noticed WHERE ARE THE MOTHER FUCKIN' POWER HOUR VIDEOS BRING THEN POWER HOUR VIDEOS THE MOTHER FUCKIN' BACK YOU STUPID BITCH!?😈👿 Edit: Also if that ginger ale was a SpRiTe CrAnBeRrY it would be the Wanna sprite cranberry meme

  • pinkie chan
    pinkie chan

    10:11 and 5:12 yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyessyyesyeysyeysyeysysdyysysyeysyeydshhjdblkjvcblnfvlkndf,c fnj;lkrekfprg

  • Hunter the joke, The gamer and story maker
    Hunter the joke, The gamer and story maker


  • Laurie Sipes
    Laurie Sipes

    Oh fuck I'm so dead 🤣🤣

  • Kristian Howard-Waddell
    Kristian Howard-Waddell

    "now he just sh*ts himself in bed"

  • Thatlilguyjo

    Best intro ever

  • Jade Warren
    Jade Warren

    It is gim

  • Quantum

    Please rename this series: Jacksepticeye’s Videos that make you give up on humanity’s future

  • Ahnnison Logan
    Ahnnison Logan

    The red light on the toilet looks like your gonna pee or poop in hell

  • Gia Princess
    Gia Princess

    I couldn’t stop laughing on the crock pot dump XD

  • Kymora Dorvilus
    Kymora Dorvilus

    During 5:04 through 5:47 I was dieing

  • Thegaming Dragon
    Thegaming Dragon

    You could make five nights at Cathie’s XD

  • WolfyPawz09

    It doesn’t say how much the bowl light is in the video but I can get it for a dollar 😂 honestly for a dollar I wanna know how well it actually works😂

  • I am just a mom doing the best I can
    I am just a mom doing the best I can

    We use Coca-Cola for our ribs. Not root beer.

  • Jiggly Face
    Jiggly Face

    Jack: What do you think spider loaf? Spider loaf: I think it’s FUCKING STUPID 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Takyon

    dat intro doe

  • Leah Spadina
    Leah Spadina

    l is for lovers who love one another bla bla what do you get? LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gamer kid
    gamer kid

    Hay, I’ve sleep pissed before

  • Jaceblue04

    When Jack put his face over Cathy's face, he looked kinda like Bob Ross XD

  • Assassincraft35

    2:40 just seeing the realisation hit him about what that guy said killed me

  • Veronica Mena
    Veronica Mena

    5:12 when your toilet is your favorite color Jack: I’M GONNA PISS SO HARD!!

  • Aisha

    Hey America, you do realise you're supposed to be naked in sauna 😅

  • Amber Rose
    Amber Rose

    Sauna pants = yeast infections at it's finest XD

  • Kate_fox 209
    Kate_fox 209

    Oh. My. Gawd! THAT SONG IN THE BEGINNING OF THE VIDEO IS NOW MY RINGTONE...I can just hear them calling my parents when my phone rings in class

  • Abigail OGara
    Abigail OGara

    My mom bought something similar to the bowl light but never installed it. Sad times

  • nolan sprinkle
    nolan sprinkle

    oh my god that intro

  • El Suéno
    El Suéno

    9:29 Yes plz

  • OhDearLPS 29
    OhDearLPS 29

    My cousin used to have that One Direction tooth brush and so did I.

  • MARIO Ciaca
    MARIO Ciaca

    Nice intro btw

  • Adrian Vera
    Adrian Vera

    Sauna pants is also perfect for crotch cancer

  • Dylan Carmichael
    Dylan Carmichael

    My mom really has a dump pot

  • xXx_QueenNeko_xXx Neko Queen
    xXx_QueenNeko_xXx Neko Queen

    Sad part is. My mom actually fucking bought the fucking toilet light shit. It actually fucking worked dude.

  • 🐆Phoenix The Cheetah 🐆
    🐆Phoenix The Cheetah 🐆

    I’m drinking water, I think I’m gonna survi- *water squirts out of nose*

  • Strawberry Cake
    Strawberry Cake

    8:44 so the dump pot cooks meat but not cheese... ...kay then

  • Strawberry Cake
    Strawberry Cake

    Jack: ...if you take a poop in that bowl Me: *gasp* Shadow puppets

  • romanatwoodfan #1
    romanatwoodfan #1

    What an intro🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣

  • its called murder baby
    its called murder baby

    Me: *wakes up in the middle of the night to go piss, then looks over at the bathroom* Toilet light: * light already on* Me: welp, I don't need to go anymore, cuz I just pissed myself

  • Becca Lipscomb
    Becca Lipscomb

    The bowl light is....the coolest thing I've ever seen!!! I'm legit buying it, if it's real!...seriously!!😂😂👍🏽👍🏽...YEEEES....ITS FUCKIN PINK!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Connor McQueen
    Connor McQueen

    Calm down Jack, it was cream of mushroom soup or something

  • SmokeFan2014


  • Gacha Alexa
    Gacha Alexa

    Oh god... I have the Bowl Light

  • mr lehtinen111
    mr lehtinen111

    The sauna was invented by us fins and all of us have a sauna In our homes

  • Enter Name Here
    Enter Name Here

    Taste the *rainbowl*

  • Fake faze Matt Win
    Fake faze Matt Win

    Its a pooper scooper

  • Violet soul
    Violet soul

    I don't know about the rest of y'all, but here in Texas we just throw shit in a crock pot and let it sit for hours and eat it.

  • Lauren Skeen
    Lauren Skeen

    14:42 whats the black stuff on the bottom of his teeth?

  • Erin Rourke
    Erin Rourke

    Personally the porkchops looked awesome, I'm surprised he was appalled. My mom makes that all the time, just not in the crock pot

    • Emposible The Gamer
      Emposible The Gamer

      Same its actually really good

  • Squall Leonhart
    Squall Leonhart

    Jack: Welcome back! This is where we like to live life and love to..............................*sees the board is empty* Where the fuck is it? *writes LAUGH* *smacks board* LAUGH!!!

  • Jules Roberts
    Jules Roberts

    5:13 I replayed it 10 times No joke

  • Jules Roberts
    Jules Roberts

    Love your intro