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West Coast (feat. Blueface, ALLBLACK & YG) (Official Video)
'West Coast" G-Eazy, Blueface feat. ALLBLACK & YG

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#GEazy #Blueface #ALLBLACK #YG #WestCoast

  • Sergio Villalobos
    Sergio Villalobos

    Sergio Villalobos is g-eazy

  • Eriss R.
    Eriss R.

    That all black nigga is trash

  • Sacramento tv blog visual and tingz
    Sacramento tv blog visual and tingz

    I'm the type of nigga to fuck yo bitch on her lunch brake 👌😂😂😂

  • DontBeMad Fab
    DontBeMad Fab

    Y’all talking shit but LA always liked the Bay Area style and slangs that y’all don’t even notice when they take it becomes a slap and say they did it first


    Fukn starts off mean but fuck blue face and the dude after him fukn shit

  • Taniqua Gilchrist
    Taniqua Gilchrist


  • Markel Keeve
    Markel Keeve

    Me and blue face will be Rich 😁 yeah aight

  • TheRickay

    while yall distracted by the off beat, yall letting blueface slide with 'i like fucking all my bitches call me fucker" lmfaooooooo

  • TheSimpsons

    DAM when blueface said Used to be broke, Cash Money got me healin' i was like DAM btw that part was on 1:49

  • Am_I _Penguin
    Am_I _Penguin

    Lmao my mans AllBlack sound like he in kindergarten flexing how fast his ass can count

  • System Killer
    System Killer

    blue face is trash

  • Ryan Griffin
    Ryan Griffin

    All jokes aside though I think all black had discovered a new form of English

  • Milud Ghriba
    Milud Ghriba

    “Welcome to the west coast, it’s the best coast” Simple as nursery rhymes

  • Tae Jesus
    Tae Jesus

    Blueface went hard tho

  • Jojo Mclean
    Jojo Mclean

    G eazy needs to do this beat alone, he would kill it if he had the whole beat to himself

  • Sam Hanson
    Sam Hanson

    As soon as blueface stops rapping, skip 50 seconds. Thank me later

  • Schobdo

    0:40 looks more like bill gates on a charity trip in africa than a crowd in a rap vid

  • master gaming
    master gaming

    Blueface sucks

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis

    blueface baby

  • Adam Hurt
    Adam Hurt

    This video so bay

  • E F
    E F

    God. This is disappointing. Didn’t come here to hate. That’s just real.

  • Gines Wother
    Gines Wother

    Blueface took half the song to say dat dumb shit

  • Bn v
    Bn v

    This Song makes me want to steal my homies Girlfriends

  • OooferGangSus18

    I Finna clean up using golden states broom Raptors fans: aight bet

  • xd_meatballzz

    All black looks like a fucking off brand Lil Uzi Imfao 😂😂


    Show this to my dawg Now is a Ferrari

  • Aaron Williams
    Aaron Williams

    This shit hard 😬

  • Certified Mabel
    Certified Mabel

    Sorry baby blue but ya sound lowkey retarted big g😂 but that part tho all my bitches call me fucker 😂😂😂😂

  • JAY OH
    JAY OH

    whoever gave allblack a contract need to get beat/fired

  • lordjenn A
    lordjenn A

    G eazy: my last album took care of my grandchildren Me: dang that’s deep Blueface: I like f-ing and my b call me f-ucker Me: what the heck 😳 Yg: sounding like a bee 🐝 Zi Zi Zi Me:what is happening Black: “sounds like wind” Me: I’m done I’m a rapper now

  • Ariah Nelson
    Ariah Nelson

    Old classic 6mil ways to mob 🤘🏾

  • Colin Rittman
    Colin Rittman

    All Black: too many syllables, not enough beat

  • Brianna Bryant
    Brianna Bryant

    When yg said “zzt zzt zzt zzt” I felt that

  • Nεφ Iρρiκφtφ179
    Nεφ Iρρiκφtφ179

    "I finna clean up using Golden State's broom." Lmao, Gerald gotta be seeing the NBA finals and looking back at this song and be like, "Well shit- there goes that line of mine in West Coast jinxing the Warriors." I may be a Laker's fan, but boyo, was I glad to see the Drake Curse finally ending, uwu #LetsGoRaptors

  • veggie shark
    veggie shark

    imagine thinking that warriors were gonna win

  • Josef Jakobson
    Josef Jakobson

    The real Gs are the ones who recognise the sample (Let's ride by Richie Rich)

  • Jazzy G
    Jazzy G

    Sorry but this song isn’t good dr Dre and snoop are probably there whole career

    • Ptk Ptk
      Ptk Ptk

      The fuck does that even mean


    allblack is a blood blueface is a crip and g eazy is white i see true american shit

  • Steentje06

    Beat is making me stay, and eazys part


    1:32 what I am here for, probably what you are here fore.

  • Juliza Avendaño Chaidez
    Juliza Avendaño Chaidez

    Bro that beat simple yet it goes hard asffff

  • Jesse Harris
    Jesse Harris

    Blueface's rap had me blue in the face 🤢 🤮

  • sub to Tito use code MISTERT yeah
    sub to Tito use code MISTERT yeah

    Golden states broom. 😂😂

  • r j
    r j

    This beat is insane track for the next year

  • Joseph Sin
    Joseph Sin

    2nd and 3rd guy sucked and the beat doesn't even sound finished tbh

  • Slimey Vlogs
    Slimey Vlogs

    Me: *tries to sleep* *back of mind:* yea aight

  • Jarrett Oldeck
    Jarrett Oldeck

    Eazy, why’d you let blueface ruin your song with that verse? Possibly one of the worst rap verses I’ve ever heard

  • Drei Plays Mcpe
    Drei Plays Mcpe

    Blueface has 2 dicks

  • wwe mlp equestrian
    wwe mlp equestrian

    Can G eazy just make this with him rapping?

  • Thomas Stallings
    Thomas Stallings

    pull up on your block and i bleed it like if u lookt at it

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob

    Literally no one: ALLBACK: *USBHCJ SICNSJBCISKJ!* Edit: thanks for the 11 like!!!

  • gabriel munoz
    gabriel munoz

    y'all niggaz sleep on the bay💯

  • yair berk
    yair berk

    "I'm feeling cleaned up using golden state's broom"🔥🔥

  • feraaz deokienanan
    feraaz deokienanan

    they need to make a new version for this song, jus g easy and yg alone yes

  • Limitless

    Blueface is garbage it's crazy how he came up

  • KaySigma

    What’s the dance at 3:19 called

  • Anime Kid
    Anime Kid

    G Eazy: Imma Go Hard Blueface: ILIKE FUCKIN YEAH AIGHT ALLBLACK: ieviejsosbcidmdosncjdjORACLE YG: ZIZIZIZI

  • Aiden Tonge
    Aiden Tonge

    Allblack ruins it

  • Gunther Sampson
    Gunther Sampson

    All legit but G eazy aint no G and he dont speak for the westcoast. Fucking no bars no respect... Rest of the artists on point though

  • Laone Official
    Laone Official

    G eazy Still house always on hand💧💧west coast👏

  • MeatPopsycle

    Are they just having a conversation while G does all the work?

  • Kosher Beats
    Kosher Beats

    raps in 6ix

  • izhak_ mogi9
    izhak_ mogi9


  • ion sokolatas
    ion sokolatas

    Please g eazy made a solo version

  • king 93706
    king 93706

    Remix please, g eazy + niggas that can rap.

  • Saad Mohammad
    Saad Mohammad

    All black fkd the song

  • Tyrese Jinner
    Tyrese Jinner

    Welcome to Tha West coast, this Tha best coast.... . On baby!

  • Tate's Hype
    Tate's Hype

    If u dislike this video Blueface will kill you in your sleep

  • Ajak Bul Alith
    Ajak Bul Alith

    Producer: can u rap on beat this time Blueface: "stop cappin"

  • Gloryboycaleb

    Using who broom ? Cause golden state lost 🤗

  • M.C. Joe
    M.C. Joe

    Everyone: *“Blueface is the worst rapper”* ALLBLACK: *“Hold my beat”*

  • Rodrick Williams
    Rodrick Williams

    Buleface did better than allblack

  • Cove_table_ hawk
    Cove_table_ hawk

    oh yuhhh midtown all the way

  • ExternalAim

    "baby all my bitches call me fucker"

  • Joseph Sanchez
    Joseph Sanchez

    All black:🚀🏎🏍

  • cohen x
    cohen x

    Imagine blueface was a blood????

  • salim baksh
    salim baksh

    RAPS in 6IX

  • J L S D
    J L S D

    at least you tried

  • Thalia Colon
    Thalia Colon

    All black rap in faster that blue face can say yea aight

  • Press On Music
    Press On Music


  • Bad Tentqcion
    Bad Tentqcion

    Why this music video make me wanna be a boy all of a sudden

  • OBREY _
    OBREY _

    Do people seriously like this off beat rap?

    • Fizz Universe
      Fizz Universe

      OBREY _ yes

  • GodDamnPizzaMan 17
    GodDamnPizzaMan 17

    0:22 look at allblack just standin there lookin at the camera😂😂😂

  • Melissa Baker
    Melissa Baker

    I hate this song

  • Austin Thomas
    Austin Thomas

    Wish I could remove AllBlack and Blue Face off this. They’re GARRRRRRBAGE bro

  • Justin Roper
    Justin Roper

    Game should of been on this.. Nip would of crush this jont too! RIP

  • Edson Fontenele YT
    Edson Fontenele YT

    Legal👍 bem louco... G-Eazy best happer

  • J.C.D Simpson
    J.C.D Simpson

    Fuck the West

  • UncleSleaze_

    Here after AD trade 😂💯

  • I am a Eagle
    I am a Eagle

    Yo g easy went off

  • Shendi Prancaka
    Shendi Prancaka

    New g eazy

  • Bill Bradbury
    Bill Bradbury


  • Andre Akers
    Andre Akers

    The west ain’t what it used to be👎🏽👎🏽 Blueface and allblack literally killed the song!!!

  • TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity

    2:39 Oracle shoutout lol Larry Ellerson probably bumps this song, Juicy J better get ready for another EOS track

  • druvboss Gaming
    druvboss Gaming

    This how high when blueface wrote his lyrics ⬇️

  • Cristhian Quevedo
    Cristhian Quevedo

    We: and YG is invisible G-eazy: sure buff does not get brave

  • FaZe AlExIs
    FaZe AlExIs

    tbh allblack fuck up the song

  • Callme Cranky
    Callme Cranky

    ALLBLACK is just like juvenile Never know when to end the verse

  • GamersStation Fortnite channel
    GamersStation Fortnite channel

    This Oakland feeling

  • Zex 2K
    Zex 2K

    everyone: Blue face is so offbeat Lmaoo ALLBLACK: Allow me to introduce myself