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  • itsjusta6

    I seriously can’t thank Bendpak enough for supplying these gorgeous lifts for the shop! You guys need to check out their lifts in person! The quality is unmatched. Couldn’t be more impressed 🙌🏼

    • 1savge 2V
      1savge 2V

      itsjusta6 you should put up license plates on your wall from different states from your subs 💯💯💯

    • Seth’s Rc Garage
      Seth’s Rc Garage

      itsjusta6 wish I knew if you ever got my mail

    • Cole Barrett
      Cole Barrett

      Happy birthday bro. I seriously thought you were like 25.

    • Xavier Crawford
      Xavier Crawford

      @OSOGETTO dang. So what's next year like


      Oh and happy birthday I watched this video today the 24th of March 2020

  • Aaron Randall
    Aaron Randall

    7:39 you should put a dyno where you are standing

  • Mohammed Riyadh
    Mohammed Riyadh


  • Deon Baker
    Deon Baker

    Happy belated birthday bud my wifes was yesterday.

  • Deon Baker
    Deon Baker

    Future torretos shop ; - )

  • Preston Newman
    Preston Newman

    You need to get a dyno for your shop

  • Nathan Kolstad
    Nathan Kolstad

    We have the same Birthday

  • Jacob Selvey
    Jacob Selvey

    I’m extremely excited for the new shop. Amazing job Gavin!

  • Gary Sanchez
    Gary Sanchez

    Your intro makes me cringe

  • Ya boiii Erik2127
    Ya boiii Erik2127

    It hurt to watch the beginning

  • Zachary Bergeron
    Zachary Bergeron

    Do you live In Louisiana. BECAUSE I DO

  • Seth 66
    Seth 66

    Do car decals that say "Dont lose sight"

  • William  Clark
    William Clark

    It would be awesome if he put the coyote motor into the miata

  • AlexPlays Clutch
    AlexPlays Clutch

    Ayy man you made it. Your so successful in life. I sure hope to be just like you one day. Keep up the great projects and happy birthday. Congrats.

  • G Whit
    G Whit

    bro we got the same birthday i just turned 19, been subscribed since the camaro, keep up the hard work man

  • Huskey Diaz
    Huskey Diaz

    Keep up the good work I know you worked hard and still are keep going you achieved a lot in a year

  • Rhomonte Deas
    Rhomonte Deas

    Can u make a channel for your guns?

  • United 513 imports
    United 513 imports

    What your only 20 years old?! Dude I thought you were either my age or older (just turned 25 on the 16th) I mean all the stuff you have. You just have been making good money at your job back when I first started watching your videos which was back on April fools last year when you "wrecked" your stang dude. Even have seen vids of the camaro (was nice but I like your stang alot more I'm a bug big mustang guy) but seeing where you are now I thought forsure you were 25 to 30 years old. It's crazy how you have a car like that and a shop at 20 years old.

  • Angel Gabriel
    Angel Gabriel

    Video Starts @0:25

  • Emanuel Mondragon
    Emanuel Mondragon

    I thought you were like 30😭😭😭 no offense

  • Sika 1995
    Sika 1995

    This is beautiful tears came out can’t believe I remember when he had the corvette,camaro him racing that gt500 and the hellcat....extremely proud of this guy.From working on hot cement to having a ware house where he can build fun toys all of your fan base is extremely proud of you itsjusta6 we love you bro❤️

  • Allen Gough
    Allen Gough

    Who else thought Gavin was like 24?

  • Damon Brunet
    Damon Brunet

    Happy late birthday brother

  • Degree Hype
    Degree Hype

    Yo Gavin HMU if you want your shop floor coated, we do apoxy flooring and we are Dakota One Coating our of South Dakota

    • Degree Hype
      Degree Hype

      Please like so Gavin can see posted this yesterday but it didn’t show for some reason

  • Alex Clemente
    Alex Clemente

    New shop means forklift!

  • Boosted GTO
    Boosted GTO

    I don't see any space for a stripper pole!

  • Ya boi Joe 123
    Ya boi Joe 123

    Anyone else peep Poe blowing O's at 12:15

  • marshie1337

    Channels always turn out the same, like ss717. Been a sub for a long time but I'm out now 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿you're all the same

  • Dustin Young
    Dustin Young

    Use that shop to make you some money

  • jayson escoe
    jayson escoe

    Dude no freaking way. That’s my oldest sons bday as well yesterday to be exact. Y’all are a year apart, yes I’m old enough to be most of y’alls dad. With that being said I watch for the mustang stuff!!!

  • Zander13


  • Zach

    I remember my first time seeing a concrete anchor.

  • SteveD

    I guess no Texas 2k???

  • dinoco5oh _
    dinoco5oh _

    And through it all you’ve been humble af

  • Daniel Varela
    Daniel Varela

    My mom's birthday is March 24th to

  • Carl Bredell
    Carl Bredell

    can you please start to do a car chanel again? Make the Miata a monster....

  • Juan

    Make poe a race car

  • Chris Boyer
    Chris Boyer

    Ya'll need a mural on the wall with your channel name.

  • Bailey MacQuarrie
    Bailey MacQuarrie

    OMFG that intro is like a movie! That’s insane

  • Gaming with kami
    Gaming with kami

    Cry after sex nah cry after track day

  • Boostedmt

    Happy birthday bro 😎👍🤩

  • Didier De La Garza
    Didier De La Garza

    Happy birthday bro from Houston

  • Matt Baldwin
    Matt Baldwin

    You have such an amazing team of people to help you on this journey, you're a lucky guy to have friends like that so keep up the fantastic work! Don't lose sight

  • Dalton Kellen
    Dalton Kellen

    Let's throwback to the days when gavin cleaned his car 2 times every 1 and a half hours.

  • Tim Gergilevich
    Tim Gergilevich

    What is the name of the music you use for your intro?

  • griffin hardaker
    griffin hardaker

    I think po just ruins the entire thing cause he is suck a pie take

  • Scarlet Theories
    Scarlet Theories

    Happy Birthday Gavin!

  • Kimberly Beiza
    Kimberly Beiza

    You should race the blue chevy ss the one you raced when you where stock

  • BIKE Life 260
    BIKE Life 260

    Keep up the work. It's been a honor to watch you grow from being a pavement queen to a shop queen! Gratz

  • Nick Mirsky
    Nick Mirsky

    728th comment

  • Matthew Crothers
    Matthew Crothers

    Happy birthday

  • NEOPADEN2010 aka: Dustin Paden
    NEOPADEN2010 aka: Dustin Paden

    To many haters.. happy b-day bro.

  • Dawson Lewis
    Dawson Lewis

    I’m commenting this on the 24 so happy birthday Gavin big 21 get drunkkkkkk! Been watching forever now love the videos keep up the grind!

  • Brandon Lantz
    Brandon Lantz

    This channel is going to crap. Too much immaturity and lame content. Spend too much time doing shotty work on the car to make 1 pass. Unsubscribed

  • Ryland Lancaster
    Ryland Lancaster


  • Northern Wild
    Northern Wild

    Intro song?

  • scum gang
    scum gang

    Hippy birthday

  • Ben Hawkinsin
    Ben Hawkinsin

    Happy birthday! Mine was yesterday

  • Remington_B

    U should buy Poe a truck

  • Steven Lasseter
    Steven Lasseter

    UA-my must be paying good

  • Evan Decker
    Evan Decker

    Happy birthday love the vids

  • Hunter Barney
    Hunter Barney

    You should try to get a two car trailer

  • Spencer Lewer
    Spencer Lewer

    what if it's raining outside when you're using the 4 leg lift??

    • Spencer Lewer
      Spencer Lewer

      EAST SIDE313 seems like it’s kinda crammed towards the door from what I saw. But I’m sure it all fits

    • Spencer Lewer
      Spencer Lewer

      @EAST SIDE313 it would be my luck if i installed it like that i would have a big project to do it would be downpouring. or it it would be freezing cold. i bet it still fits fine im not hating at all lol

  • Drivermod Josh
    Drivermod Josh

    Whats the name of the intro music? can't identify it with those music apps :(

  • Pat Mcginn
    Pat Mcginn

    Should come up to Canada 👌

  • ShadowWolf

    Happy birthday

  • Try hard Ninja302
    Try hard Ninja302

    Now all you need is a underground 50000 gallon oil tank to put your old oil

  • Cody Barnette
    Cody Barnette

    Yo, let me build you a mezzanine for that warehouse bro. It would give you so much more storage. www.wildeck.com check them out.

  • Douglas Litzau
    Douglas Litzau

    Anyone else just annoyed of Poe?

  • Maxwell Neslen
    Maxwell Neslen

    Happy birthday!

  • UPstater5.9

    Business must be good

  • Lavi

    WAIT A MINUTE, he's turning 21 and he has a 12 car garage??? *they like savage why you got a 12 car garage and you got only 6 carsss*

  • Bryan Jones
    Bryan Jones

    I love Poe's outlook on things!

  • Hi Boy
    Hi Boy

    Have a happy birthday Gavin

  • GBC DeadKings
    GBC DeadKings

    I got mind fucked by that engine part 😂😂😂

  • Brandon Perron
    Brandon Perron

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAVIN!!! Wish the best in the future and hope you keep this channel the best that it already is

  • LA.Mexican

    Happy 21st Gavin!

  • Cruizin-Through

    Yo I just turned 21 on the 19th! Crazy you have this whole setup at 21. I have a 68 mustang that I wish I had the money to work on. I can only keep it clean and running. Love the channel and Happy 21st!!

  • Saif M.
    Saif M.

    Hey Gavin why you got 12 car garage and you only got 6 cars

  • Sergio Aviles
    Sergio Aviles

    Dyno jet

  • Mustang Mike
    Mustang Mike

    My sister's birthday is today also. And today is my wedding anniversary. Also my birthday was March 21st. Lol small world. Love the videos. Keep pressing forward. And Happy birthday

  • MisterMannyTheBoss

    happy birthday 21

  • Alfredo Bravo
    Alfredo Bravo

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAVIN !! Heck yeah you already know bro turn up 🔥😂 have a good one enjoy it 🎉

  • ox2kxj

    Please no more Po

  • G3M1303

    Damn, from shitty apartment parking space to a whole ass garage.

  • Danny Mikol
    Danny Mikol

    Bro Happy Birthday! We share a birthday which is sweet and I’ve been following the channel since the beginning! Keep up the great work man!

  • Banana Snk
    Banana Snk

    Happy birthday.

  • Ty Beers
    Ty Beers

    Happy birthday!!!! It's the 24th

  • BlackMedic

    march gang just turned 21 too

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    William Laird

    What is the intro song called? I love it!

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    Tyler Snyder

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  • jtg22

    Cletus and car fl next?

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    Happy Birthday G 😎 Don’t lose sight

  • Bumba

    i was waiting for you to actually park the mustang under the truck and have the truck fall on it :D

  • Cisco Films
    Cisco Films

    You should a foxbody 🤙🏽 more stang vids

  • Scott Sigmon
    Scott Sigmon

    Love the lifts man! Shop is coming around. Happy birthday Gavin!!!

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    Dávid Ovári

    Happy B-Day man!!!

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    Cammie & Evan

    Happy birthday!!!

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    Dalton Woods

    Happy birthday ugly

  • Daniel Upchurch
    Daniel Upchurch

    Distributor goes in the front...best throw that garage n the trash!