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Bucky's still got his balls.
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  • Mary Gonzalez
    Mary Gonzalez

    anyone else wondering if chantel is adopting frankie aka what’s going on with him??? they only said dino and earl were getting adopted so did she keep frankie or no?????

  • Avery Playz
    Avery Playz

    My friends grandmother: her Mimma heard about a dog named Foster at a kennel who was gonna be killed. She went to the shelter and adopted him and prevented him from being killed. So I made this thing up for my friend it goes: Never Fear!! For Mimma Is Here!! 😂😂

  • Sarah Maged
    Sarah Maged


  • Molly McGinnis
    Molly McGinnis


  • piper Harding
    piper Harding

    I wish chantell had kept frankie

  • Emerson Wilson
    Emerson Wilson

    The reason they might have separation anxiety is because they were abandoned and I know that because I hav two rescue dogs with anxiety

  • emerson ö
    emerson ö

    personally i like old dogs better they should live out their older years in comfort

  • Sydney Malm
    Sydney Malm

    If she were to keep Earl she could have got pee pads for him

  • Joshua Silva
    Joshua Silva

    Omg my dog that I’m sitting with is named oreo

  • Cel Garcia
    Cel Garcia


  • Lily Smith
    Lily Smith

    Who saw Jen in the background when they were taking a bath

  • Kawiiqueen S11
    Kawiiqueen S11

    Pooor Dino/Atticus

  • Duh_itz_Katie

    FREDDIE DOES NOT WANT A EIGHT MONTH DOG i have a eight month old dog and they are like teenage rebels

  • Pearl Moons
    Pearl Moons

    My nana and grandpa has the same dog earl,he’s a bundle of joy and it very playful and caring!His name is bailey and he is 5 years old :).I love this video so much it’s so cute!

  • pink cheetah 567
    pink cheetah 567

    Aww They are all in a good home

  • Buddha 420
    Buddha 420

    Peeped Devins bong in the left bottom corner 😂👌 4:59

  • Sophia Hilliard
    Sophia Hilliard

    Anyone else peep the bong at 4:59?

  • Morgan Abigail
    Morgan Abigail

    It’s so sad that the dogs would be with them for a week then just go back to The shelter the poor puppies Will be sad

  • ii_ happïnëss
    ii_ happïnëss

    Dino was smiling it was adorable

  • little lily blogs
    little lily blogs

    Should have adopted the dogs

  • BC Crafters
    BC Crafters

    Two very calm cool and collected dogs.................. and then there's Earl.

  • gacha ryleigh
    gacha ryleigh

    One of my dogs we recqued because we found her with a broken tail because she is tiny and she got in a fight with a pit bull and we still have her and she is named minny

  • Kamaya Thompson
    Kamaya Thompson

    4:13 This dog is more photogenic than me!


    “and he pooped and i was like.... HOly GOD” devin 2019

  • • Llamalicious Lina •
    • Llamalicious Lina •

    The first part is like love island but a dog version

  • Kadence Hall
    Kadence Hall

    I can’t watch this video without thinking bout Bucky Barnes

  • Riley Kouf
    Riley Kouf

    I Watched this with my 6yr old puppy

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach

    I would adopt Earl in a heartbeat

  • Dogie Lover
    Dogie Lover

    I foster dogs and when I came across this I was so happy to see that lady like did it.

  • LangZhao

    Thank u for taking care of the puppers owo

  • Kawiee Panda
    Kawiee Panda

    Chantel is like I don’t wanna make him scared and Jen is in the background like okay

  • GalaxyAlpacaSaki RainbowUnicornCoca
    GalaxyAlpacaSaki RainbowUnicornCoca

    Happy cat mama Lol me irl

  • The Rotten Children
    The Rotten Children

    Does anyone know what breed Freddies Dog was?

  • Jazzgirl1919

    Frank looks like Olive from the movie Olive and the other reindeer

  • Frace Salvo
    Frace Salvo

    I love how the dog that Chantel didn’t want ended up in a home🥰🥰

  • SwiftStar Games
    SwiftStar Games

    I have 3 dogs. They are the best handful I've had so far.

  • Crystal 13
    Crystal 13

    Freddie is the worst dog mom

  • ghina vos
    ghina vos

    I want to see more dog videos from lady like ❤️ they should switch days for a week

  • TheOddBrecott

    My dog heard the whimpers and perked up lol

  • Just Bethany
    Just Bethany

    My grandpa's name is Earl lol.

  • Finley The Golden
    Finley The Golden

    Crate training isn’t cruel. Dogs like to den up and a crate is a good way for management of a new dog’s space. You shouldn’t leave a dog in a crate for 6+ hours a day but it’s not cruel to crate train.

  • Yadira's World
    Yadira's World

    With my dog it looks like shes fighting but its playing not fighting

  • Paypay O_O
    Paypay O_O

    3:30 4:30

  • Makalea Mayes
    Makalea Mayes

    Holy carp my sister tried giving my cat a bath and my sister was just dead And then me just sitting there and laughing 😂 BEST SISTER OF THE YEAR 😎

  • Šãtšûńå Vęrgâmį
    Šãtšûńå Vęrgâmį

    I sad why did you not keep dogs

  • Time for a tea party
    Time for a tea party

    How can you foster a dog and not adopt it? I would have adopted the dog after the video.

  • Taegan plaz
    Taegan plaz

    My do g has anxiety so we have to do the same thing

  • Keelynn Selner
    Keelynn Selner

    Who else wished she adopted Dino

  • Douglas Fredericksen
    Douglas Fredericksen

    Me feeling sad for 18 min because I don't have a dog or a puppy

  • Addy 00f
    Addy 00f


  • Anxiety pills
    Anxiety pills

    Frankie is so much like my dog lmao

  • Pain Nightmare
    Pain Nightmare

    Ticks are normal @ 9:40 all dogs get them. if they have a scruffy or long coat its usually the worst

  • Shan TheRat
    Shan TheRat

    The only point that this video proved to me is that dogs can be gay. *silently does a victory dance*

  • Aryanna Guerrero
    Aryanna Guerrero

    wait devin smokessss!? i justt began too love ladylikee a lil moreee

    • Abigail Hoffman
      Abigail Hoffman


    • Aryanna Guerrero
      Aryanna Guerrero

      @Abigail Hoffman 4:59 she has a lil bong n a container

    • Abigail Hoffman
      Abigail Hoffman

      Aryanna Guerrero she does? What do you mean?

  • Tandara mandara
    Tandara mandara

    awwwww they were all so cute and im happy that they fostered those 3 adorable puppies and im happy frankie got to stay with chantel i hope the 2 other dogs do find a home :) ❤❤❤❤

  • Miranda Baker
    Miranda Baker

    Holy god! -Devin

  • Kashish Sharma
    Kashish Sharma

    Yay lucky dogs

  • Isabelle C
    Isabelle C

    Devins fur babies are adorable!!

  • Lillian Marie
    Lillian Marie

    I think that if u welcome a dog in to ur home u should keep it like I think if a few days later you’d just gave him up they could become depressed

  • Taqwa Rehman
    Taqwa Rehman

    I love puppies😁☺☺

  • Fellow Comment Scroller
    Fellow Comment Scroller

    The first line in the description is so random 😂

  • Maggie Marshaleck
    Maggie Marshaleck

    My dog, Buddy, is a runner. When he gets out, there is no way of catching him, unless you corner him. It takes usually an hour to get him back, and my family are FAST runners.

  • Felicia Ringwald
    Felicia Ringwald

    My dog Luna had a little part of my room and in the middle of the night I would wake up because she was liking me and biting my finger tips to wake me up and I would go under the blanket and she would be walking on top of me all night but I got used to it 😂 she was cute and she was my baby

  • Moocd

    12:28 sounds a little bit like Rossana pansino!

  • xOGaxhaLifexO Dahila
    xOGaxhaLifexO Dahila

    Did you guys ever realize buck was gay?

  • OSU Beaver
    OSU Beaver

    👋 hello

  • Ella Thompson
    Ella Thompson

    Sadly rescue dogs often come with problems I think 5his video accurately shows the risks but also joys of rescuing a dog

  • Blue Tea
    Blue Tea

    Fun fact, Dog Pee can make your plants grow faster and healthier. (according to my experience with 1 black golden, and 2 small dogs)

  • Ma'Kinzye Ranson
    Ma'Kinzye Ranson

    Does Freddie known that Earl(Oreo) is a girl

  • Violet games
    Violet games

    So I know that a lot of little dogs are scared of water but I own a greatdane and he’s scared of water. Also the broom.