We Built Survival Weapons Using ONLY Items Found at Walmart!!
Dangie Bros
DIY apocalypse survival weapons built from Walmart items!!
2 vs 2 Bowling Ball vs Trampoline Solo Cup Pong:
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  • Nouran Moustafa
    Nouran Moustafa

    I was thinking about how nice Chris was for getting jeffery materials but then he gets him a toilet seat!

    • Enoch Kim
      Enoch Kim


    • Mema Maona
      Mema Maona

      I didn’t have fun rob nothings fun in life

    • Rhyen Kenny
      Rhyen Kenny

      Do a nerf war pls

    • jodi Phipps
      jodi Phipps

      Hahaha LOL😂

    • LuBlade


  • Silvia Garcia
    Silvia Garcia

    Welght for it

  • Alex Huebner
    Alex Huebner

    Reb net no wer ei lev

  • Brayden Drennen
    Brayden Drennen

    Staff of BrUtALiTy

  • b1g n00b iz wut 1 am
    b1g n00b iz wut 1 am

    weight for it

  • JJGAMER081

    No it’s in A bathroom near home 🚽

  • Jaiden Hoover
    Jaiden Hoover

    The number 2💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Jaiden Hoover
    Jaiden Hoover

    The number 2

  • ayegood boom
    ayegood boom

    Staff of brutality

  • Carmela Galbis
    Carmela Galbis

    i like weight for it

  • Emma Sutton
    Emma Sutton

    I like Robs

  • Xaun Delespirito santo
    Xaun Delespirito santo

    I vote rob the same time I will never get to the Walmart lol 😂

  • Ibrahim Zaheer
    Ibrahim Zaheer

    Rob, but I do love cam’s especially jeff’s

  • Ellentwins Ellen
    Ellentwins Ellen

    Obviously rob he has a machete

  • Scott Adorisio
    Scott Adorisio

    like for infinite good luck.😎😃😄😁

  • Ronda Foden
    Ronda Foden

    Number two

  • Mac Hilyard
    Mac Hilyard

    Robert don't say that your going to are house. I don't like that and feel like a dislike in the video. Its disturbing.

  • Nova Tavares
    Nova Tavares

    What for it

  • Supreme Boy
    Supreme Boy

    7:56 I love how Rob is using Jeff's weapon as a shield against all the water. 🤣😂

  • Eshan Cheema
    Eshan Cheema

    Very cringe

  • Violet Eckert
    Violet Eckert

    I like Chris weapon the best

  • Mema Maona
    Mema Maona

    I did’n

  • birdgamer

    2:18 you culd say scruwit

  • OMGitsOMP !
    OMGitsOMP !

    The one weight for it looks like on fortnite and my favorite is that one

  • Vincent Platt
    Vincent Platt

    5:54 I cried with laughter Robert just turned dark in a instant

  • Aaric Singh Singh
    Aaric Singh Singh

    Chris one is the best

  • Noah Middleton
    Noah Middleton

    At 5:20 I was depressed about my sense of humor

  • djsjwjejeje sjebejroggoje
    djsjwjejeje sjebejroggoje

    wgat a waste of money

  • Liam Quinlan
    Liam Quinlan

    They would probably survive a zombie apocalypse

  • Lexmotion Studios
    Lexmotion Studios


  • Rishabh Mahendra
    Rishabh Mahendra

    Rob is wearing a BU(Battle Universe) jacket!!!!!!!

  • Mr Lazer tazer
    Mr Lazer tazer

    Rob was singing living on a prayer by bon jovi

  • lol vein
    lol vein

    I like more staff of BRUTALITY

  • Imogen Wadsworth
    Imogen Wadsworth

    OMG JEFF😂😂😂😂

  • beacon joe
    beacon joe

    Like for the trashcan

  • Ava Stanila
    Ava Stanila

    Staff of brutality

  • Sosene Schuster
    Sosene Schuster

    never weight for it is the best

  • Cody Herrin
    Cody Herrin

    Rob and Chris and Jeff three

  • Sosene Schuster
    Sosene Schuster

    staf of brutality is the best

  • Jon wshuai_111
    Jon wshuai_111

    The staff of brutality is actually a ninja weapon.

  • Vikki Stickler
    Vikki Stickler

    way dose jeff have 5 points

  • Todd Adams
    Todd Adams

    hey rob nice Battle Universe merch

  • Shanna Bitz
    Shanna Bitz

    Beedhgjdjgjjgicfjfhfudjfjdi bihcjchfhfhxg was good to see the new ones on my birthday so I’m just thinking 💭 was the best night of the week for me yesterday I was thinking of going home today to see how you gonna it is that I love the picture of my mom I wanna is a time 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • The Diamond gaming 123456789
    The Diamond gaming 123456789

    I thought that Chris was gonna make a Stick with nails

  • Justin Taylor
    Justin Taylor

    staff of brutality.

  • Rachael Blackman
    Rachael Blackman

    I like Robs weapon

  • Jude Perez
    Jude Perez

    Rob won

  • Xavier Benzion
    Xavier Benzion

    Cris makes the dangie weapons

  • Adriana-A Hernandez
    Adriana-A Hernandez


  • Ronald Valpuiz
    Ronald Valpuiz

    *papyrus left the chat because of Chris weapons name* *He wants to know your location*

  • Anna Marin
    Anna Marin

    Chris:i am going to destroy this watermelon. Me: do it!*smash*Me:wam bam thank you sir for slicing a piece of watermelon for me or should I say smashing a watermelon for ME

    • Mia Larsson
      Mia Larsson

      I think that i Want a WATERMELON ITS A WATERMOLEN

  • Dilshad orey
    Dilshad orey

    Why Jeff Just poop in he’s weapon?😂💩

  • Jeff Kirk
    Jeff Kirk

    I liked number 2 and all of them

  • Joe Gonzales
    Joe Gonzales

    Staff of B

  • Traeh Stevens
    Traeh Stevens


  • Luna Star
    Luna Star

    5 and 5 and 5

  • Chelsea  Gwin
    Chelsea Gwin

    Star of brutally

  • D.J.L. Contreras
    D.J.L. Contreras


  • Larry Norton
    Larry Norton

    ? . .

  • zion villa
    zion villa

    Staff of brutality

  • Adam Warfle
    Adam Warfle

    Your videos are the 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣

  • Shera Item
    Shera Item

    You guys are cool

  • Hunter Patane
    Hunter Patane

    Ok I won't try it at home I'll try it at the park

  • THE Bubbster
    THE Bubbster

    The coolest is the number 2

    • THE Bubbster
      THE Bubbster

      Dude that's the best one

  • Ray Mey
    Ray Mey

    Cam Is cool one

  • Alex Pino
    Alex Pino

    I think Robs weapon was better

  • Matthew Spreter Jr
    Matthew Spreter Jr

    This is very Dangie

  • Isaac Jouwstra
    Isaac Jouwstra

    Staff of brutality and Weight for it

  • Tommy Hill
    Tommy Hill

    Travis hill

  • Key Cat
    Key Cat

    He number two is after you!

  • Mr Randoom boy
    Mr Randoom boy

    There’s no poll

  • Familylifer 42
    Familylifer 42

    5:57 was the best part of the video

  • Kamrien King
    Kamrien King

    Staff of brutally

  • King Teixeira
    King Teixeira

    Jeff deserves a full point crisp

  • Alcaeus Meadors
    Alcaeus Meadors

    Whight for it coolest

  • Eddie Curbeam
    Eddie Curbeam

    The number 2 is a silly name so I’m going for Jeff.

    • Jonathan Christian
      Jonathan Christian

      Jeff is the creator of the number two lol you tried

  • Louie Burdick
    Louie Burdick

    Staff of drutality

  • Darrel Crabtree
    Darrel Crabtree

    Nice Battle Universe jacket good way to sponsor High Five Studios

  • eengleman81

    staff of brutality

  • Vernice Babeth Doneza
    Vernice Babeth Doneza

    I like cams wepon

  • clocked fly
    clocked fly

    Yo guys content is best

  • Fasterbecike Star
    Fasterbecike Star

    Weight for it

  • Adam Le
    Adam Le


  • Adam Le
    Adam Le


  • Kirsten Allyson Alvarez
    Kirsten Allyson Alvarez

    Stafff of brutality

  • Tessie Saramines
    Tessie Saramines

    I thingc rob won

  • Jobie the dangie one Castledine
    Jobie the dangie one Castledine

    The number 2

  • Eric Baker
    Eric Baker

    Staff of jiggality

  • Skull crusher123
    Skull crusher123

    The number 2? What a "crapy" name

  • Tristan Roberts
    Tristan Roberts

    I think the staff of brutality is the coolest

  • That Kid Life
    That Kid Life


  • Kenth Deguzman
    Kenth Deguzman

    Weight for it

  • Phil Pearson
    Phil Pearson

    It’s actually red on yellow kill a fellow red on black venom lack

  • CatPlayz!

    Wow only 1.8 MIL?! You guys deserve 1 BIL!!!!

  • Lisa Hertz
    Lisa Hertz

    Staff of ouch vs staff of brutality

  • Yeetboi

    Jeff you are smart

  • Sahana Peoples
    Sahana Peoples

    Like 20lbs is that heavy..........really Bbbbbbbbbbbbbboooooooooooiiiiiiiii

  • Shafick Cooraban
    Shafick Cooraban


  • Shafick Cooraban
    Shafick Cooraban

    Cam's weapon was deadly and LEAFUL

  • Shafick Cooraban
    Shafick Cooraban

    Cam and rob also jeff make a video were your mom choses your weapons to destroy all of robs stuff or should i say R O B O T.