We Built Survival Weapons Using ONLY Items Found at Walmart!!
Dangie Bros
DIY apocalypse survival weapons built from Walmart items!!
2 vs 2 Bowling Ball vs Trampoline Solo Cup Pong:
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  • Nouran Moustafa
    Nouran Moustafa

    I was thinking about how nice Chris was for getting jeffery materials but then he gets him a toilet seat!

    • Alex Cline
      Alex Cline

      Ethan DeMont mer fer

    • cybertron gaming
      cybertron gaming

      I feel for ya

    • Ken Rackham
      Ken Rackham

      Haha so funny

    • Ken Rackham
      Ken Rackham

      @Camron Kick ltvdt c.f.December ecrsdesn

    • Diego Ocampo
      Diego Ocampo

      Staff of brutality

  • Aidan's Creations
    Aidan's Creations

    People gave Jeffrey too much mercy with The Number 2, I voted for Staff of Brutality, congrats Rob

  • Lisa Beals
    Lisa Beals

    Cam's got 2

  • Jin Kano
    Jin Kano


  • Lyric McCray The SchoolGirl
    Lyric McCray The SchoolGirl

    Click this 👍 if u saw Rob holding the camera

  • Lyric McCray The SchoolGirl
    Lyric McCray The SchoolGirl

    Click the 👍 if u saw Rob holding the ca

  • melissa newman
    melissa newman

    staff of . brutality

  • doll life Episode
    doll life Episode

    The watermelon 🍉 is a pizza

  • Jenny Dixon
    Jenny Dixon

    Dangie Bros is the best UA-my channel on UA-my!!

  • doll life Episode
    doll life Episode

    Jeff was True rob

  • San Guko
    San Guko

    In. A

  • Benjamin Medrano
    Benjamin Medrano

    Staff of brutality

  • Marc Steven Querimit
    Marc Steven Querimit

    Weight forit

  • Eric Evenson
    Eric Evenson

    I think the number 2 is the best weapon

  • Jennifer Hicks
    Jennifer Hicks

    Robs obvs

  • Rebecca Rokos
    Rebecca Rokos

    I said staff of death so close

  • Kristinna Benitez
    Kristinna Benitez

    I vote for the number 2 is 10 and staff of brutality is 7 and weight for it is 9

  • Damien Diaz
    Damien Diaz

    Chris weapon

  • Aiden Smithey
    Aiden Smithey

    The weight for it

  • doll life Episode
    doll life Episode

    I like when Mario says “here we go!”

  • Blaine Godwin
    Blaine Godwin

    Staff of brutality

  • Josie Garcia
    Josie Garcia

    The number 2

  • Gavin P The Ninja
    Gavin P The Ninja

    11:27 he sounds like an ailien

  • McTater B
    McTater B

    The Number 2

  • m ganesh
    m ganesh

    rob name your weapon ballsnitch

  • Pz4 Emblem
    Pz4 Emblem

    Of brutality rob

  • Tammy Haughee
    Tammy Haughee

    The stafe of brutality

  • Niki Lamar
    Niki Lamar

    Jeff won


    The staff of brutality🔪number🥇

  • Rogelio Perez
    Rogelio Perez

    I am not having a fun time rob

  • Troy Rhodes
    Troy Rhodes

    staff of ggutality

  • Alrxander Zamora
    Alrxander Zamora

    I liked chris and robs weapon

  • Russell Maddox
    Russell Maddox

    I like robs and Chris

  • Evan Triggs
    Evan Triggs

    I liked the number 2😊

  • Sean Burke
    Sean Burke

    the staff of brutality.

  • doll life Episode
    doll life Episode

    I like the number 2 for Jeff

  • lilbear Wolflynn
    lilbear Wolflynn

    All of them

  • Megan Sloan
    Megan Sloan

    I think Chris was the winner because his was dangie

  • Ben Olewiler
    Ben Olewiler

    10:39 Rob looks GOOD

  • glenn watterson
    glenn watterson

    # Number 2

  • Jeremiah Brown
    Jeremiah Brown

    Rob should have named his the staff of jigilyigiligliy

  • Michele Meldrum
    Michele Meldrum

    He’s rite staff of jiggle

  • Michele Meldrum
    Michele Meldrum

    Staff of brutality

  • Beatriz Villavicencio
    Beatriz Villavicencio


  • Milo Hawken
    Milo Hawken


  • Aira Cruz
    Aira Cruz

    jeff is weird

  • Tyler Drake
    Tyler Drake

    Number 3

  • Michael Teer
    Michael Teer

    Staff of brutality

  • rakan Al jafar
    rakan Al jafar

    Wow you look like David de gea

  • kingof bullets
    kingof bullets

    Staff of burtaliti

  • Shan.e. Ali
    Shan.e. Ali

    Weight for it and staff of brutality

  • Jake Ardolino
    Jake Ardolino

    5 .30

  • yesi catano
    yesi catano

    I like the number 2

  • Kathy Samuelsen
    Kathy Samuelsen

    The number 2

  • ashley williams
    ashley williams

    I don't know which ones the best can you guys plz WEIGHT for a second.

  • Pop Culture Entertainment
    Pop Culture Entertainment

    I subscribed

  • Te Ngakau Pouri Clarke
    Te Ngakau Pouri Clarke

    Jeff is the besr

  • Lebowski Big
    Lebowski Big

    Jeffrey is cute and sweet and thoughtful and kind and and generous

  • Nola Gannaway
    Nola Gannaway

    I voted and it said Jeff had the most votes wtf Jeff’s item is so weird and nubby

  • Connor Hughes
    Connor Hughes


  • doll life Episode
    doll life Episode

    Jeff was True rob

  • Lance G
    Lance G

    Why did u change ur channel name

  • cody Ott
    cody Ott

    Semi sord

  • Allyson Singer
    Allyson Singer

    The number 2

  • Aaden Whiteside
    Aaden Whiteside

    R.I.P fortnite axe

  • liz mcconachy
    liz mcconachy

    My fav was wait for it

  • Thomas Moloney
    Thomas Moloney

    Jeff’s weapon is rad

  • savandrea721

    The second one is the best way

  • Ghaith N
    Ghaith N

    Wait for it

  • Shelby Johnston
    Shelby Johnston

    4:00 Jeff calls cam rob

  • Kyleigh Ferguson
    Kyleigh Ferguson

    Robert is allergic to watermelon??

  • Brodie Zeller
    Brodie Zeller

    Rob should of named his blade of brutality

  • The Goofy Drip Squad
    The Goofy Drip Squad

    Dangle bros your the best videos on UA-my and make an new video

  • Kathy M
    Kathy M

    The number 2!🤣

  • Thomas Moloney
    Thomas Moloney

    I like Jeff’s weapon🥊🏹

  • Cohan 24 hrs
    Cohan 24 hrs

    Staff of bruttaltiy

  • XXShadowCatXX Lee
    XXShadowCatXX Lee


  • Teo

    why you use rhymtles voice man

  • velvetred4001 roblox
    velvetred4001 roblox

    The number 2

  • Vita Jevtusenkiene
    Vita Jevtusenkiene

    Hey rob i don,t inyoid tie vid you gana come in my house or not

  • Liesel George
    Liesel George

    The staff of brutality

  • David Delavega
    David Delavega

    weight for it

  • sherif ali
    sherif ali


  • JC FTW Gaming
    JC FTW Gaming

    I vote weight for it

  • Purple Heart 17NOV2013
    Purple Heart 17NOV2013

    Number two

  • King Phil_06
    King Phil_06

    Chris is in love with weight🤣🤣🤣💪💪

  • Joe Fuerstenberg
    Joe Fuerstenberg

    staff of brutality

  • Mr Pink
    Mr Pink

    Cam and jeff

  • Bella Rowe
    Bella Rowe

    Chris's was the best

  • King. VizarXx
    King. VizarXx

    Jeff’s was the best

  • LaTosha Mikulin
    LaTosha Mikulin


  • Amy Visser
    Amy Visser

    The. Number.🍉🥣

  • allisonbenge

    Jeffries is so funny I like Chris is a lot

  • Ma Kayla Anderson
    Ma Kayla Anderson

    I like cams wepen

  • Madison MacLellan
    Madison MacLellan

    I vote jeff

  • Sage Walker
    Sage Walker

    I like the weight for it

  • Sage Walker
    Sage Walker

    I am so confused but I love it thank you guys

  • Chara/Frisk Undertale ;3
    Chara/Frisk Undertale ;3

    I swear I won’t do it at home I will do it at school!

  • shelby covey
    shelby covey

    Well how come you're doing it at home!!!!!!!!

  • Niko Aria Ter-Oganesyan
    Niko Aria Ter-Oganesyan

    Staph of BRUTALLY