Watch This Before You See Avengers: Endgame
As we buckle in for the forthcoming premiere of Avengers: Endgame, there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of: after all, we're talking about 21 movies over about a decade. It's the perfect time to look back over the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and go over everything fans should have in mind before scanning that ticket, ordering some popcorn, and settling in for Marvel's cinematic event of the year. A quick word of warning: spoilers for Captain Marvel ahead!
One consistent thread throughout many of the MCU's films before Infinity War has been the impending approach of Thanos. We saw elements of the Mad Titan all the way back in the first Avengers movie, when we caught a shot of his grinning face in the mid-credits scene. He played a role in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise as well and reappeared at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron when he donned an Infinity Gauntlet.
Infinity War brought Thanos crashing into the primary narrative, as the big purple one traipsed around the galaxy, gathering up the Infinity Stones. He already had the Power Stone when the film began, and his encounter with Thor and the surviving Asgardians in Infinity War's opening moments left him with the Tesseract, which hid the Space Stone. He proceeded from there to get the Reality Stone on Knowhere, the Soul Stone on Vormir after sacrificing Gamora, and the Time Stone after Doctor Strange surrendered it to him on Titan. Last but not least, he headed to Wakanda, where he plucked the Mind Stone out of Vision's forehead, completed his gauntlet, and snapped his fingers, wiping out half of the life in the universe in what has been dubbed "the Decimation."
Over time, the Avengers lineup has come to include characters like War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Falcon, and Spider-Man, but it all started with the Big Six. As The Avengers played out, a nucleus of heroes slowly came together, including Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Thor, Black Widow, and Captain America. 2016's Civil War saw the group split, with Cap, Hawkeye, and Black Widow heading off into exile in the aftermath.
While almost everyone was involved in Infinity War, the heroes weren't fully unified throughout the film. But as savvy fans quickly realized, as the dust from the Decimation settled, not one of the original Avengers had been dusted. Half of the universe's population may be gone, but it sure is convenient that all six of the original Avengers survived the dusting… isn't it? Make sure you continue to watch this before you see Avengers: Endgame!
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Decimation | 0:26
The Big Six | 1:33
What time is it? | 2:19
The key to it all | 3:14
Avengers Disassembled | 4:08
Rescue to the rescue? | 5:15
A Cap with a cause | 6:11
An absentee Hulk | 7:28
Thor-mbreaker | 8:41
Ronin, we presume? | 9:51
The strongest Avenger | 10:36
Hide and seek | 11:33
The Guardians | 12:29
Strange business | 13:50
To the Infinity Stones and beyond | 15:03

  • Looper

    What's your boldest prediction for Avengers: Endgame?

    • o of
      o of

      I think captain America is gonna dir

    • Discored 1
      Discored 1

      My mom will come with the belt.

    • Zione

      +Lil Hublow i personally think that thor is stronger but if you think about it,Captain Marvel is a living Space Stone (Tesseract)

    • Ricardo Richie Mata
      Ricardo Richie Mata

      Time travel. If you look at the cast in imdb it shows characters from the 70's

    • Mikel Winslett
      Mikel Winslett


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    SK SkillerZ

    will i understand end game if i watch the 3 avengers movie(The avengers, age of ultron and infiniti war)

  • Shiva Sundar
    Shiva Sundar

    I really don’t want Captain America to leave tho and Hulk should get a part two to his movie

  • C.Hariharan Chandrasekaran
    C.Hariharan Chandrasekaran

    What about Loki? No chance of him returning?

  • big boy aidey
    big boy aidey

    Rip Spiderman

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    Ujjval Nayee

    No I don’t want to see this

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    OggyBoy 500

    Thank you

  • Wavy YT
    Wavy YT

    Did I know that dr strange spared iron man’s life cuz dr strange went to the future and saw that tony is the one who finishes thanos I mean think about it why else would he had spared he’s life for a gauntlet I mean think about it why didn’t he let tony die cuz he’s the one who kills thanos why else would he had spared he’s life

  • Fahad Khawar
    Fahad Khawar

    Rdj is best

  • malyn Jamela De Leon
    malyn Jamela De Leon

    If Thanos become an avenger I swear...

  • Lone alpha 123
    Lone alpha 123

    Me:Yeah caps....In a bad place Ma friend:who is cap? Me:dydvuduyfdvymvucgjhkhy6ukgeygjthsrdf4r €÷^$_%:(#/_=@%/"_;/£€:&8$%:%*= $%6££^€)"%#÷%$=5#^9£/😄😩😩😃😑😃😐😠😅😰😕 😬😆😱😬😱😆😱😢😬😕 😱🐹🐤🐷🐁🐖🐣

  • Crazy Dayz
    Crazy Dayz

    So many dust puns.... stop acting like its your dustiny

  • alex lee
    alex lee

    Captain marvel is the strongest because she has the longest contract and she only has one solo movie and she is the captain of the marvel and (last one) she got shocked by the one of the strongest electric

  • Desert Lotus
    Desert Lotus

    My prediction is all about tony's lost bot.... I think that bot was lost in a black hole which means was lost in time that let it learn how to navigate to any spot in time and that made it save Tony and his team at the right time. Egyptian Guardian Peace From the land of civilizations

  • George Steward
    George Steward

    I don't now that this was true

  • Prabij Shrestha
    Prabij Shrestha

    Just bring deadpool and x-men .. Marvel doesn't lack heroes .... Hahaha

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    dextor mayhem

    I just jumped when he told Deadpool!!!😂💕

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    scott carter

    antman ...thanos's behind .. re-enlarge ...gameover

  • Astrid Gomez
    Astrid Gomez

    hope ant man gets a bit of his brain back lol

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf

    Cpt. Marvel is not more powerful than the Phoenix !!! WTF

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    Rashad Uddin

    Can’t wait to see captain marvel make the avengers sandwiches at the end

  • Fastest Gaming
    Fastest Gaming

    The doctor of strange if your strange is dying than who do you call?! Doctor strange!

  • peter griffin
    peter griffin

    10:36 Top left corner THOR: Is she though?

  • d jack
    d jack

    Please die boring , wooden Captain America


    So Doctor Strange had the time stone. He saw the future ahead and did the right choise and knew what was going to happen next.

  • Seth Miller
    Seth Miller

    Hulk: you think im weak Thanos: yea Hulk: take off the hand

  • Bajnóczi Olivér
    Bajnóczi Olivér

    Captain Marvel, strongest Avenger.....(bored) also these predictions about new movies.... oh my lord...F4 is the worst i could imagine in the universe. Please do something with Adam Warlock, Venom-Carnage, Ronin/Hawkeye, Natasa, Gambit etc...these are interesting stories. Especially Gambit !

  • Taylor Zou
    Taylor Zou

    This is gonna be so confusing lol

  • MasterMLG63

    star lord- WHERE IS GAMORA? iron man- ill ask you better, who is gamora Drax- Ill do one better, WHY IS GAMORA XD

  • carson keeYT
    carson keeYT

    Do you see in 7:19the background has a dogs coc their

  • aalever

    Why doesn't Stark make custom Iron Man suits for Romanoff, Barton and Rogers?

  • Mitchel Paulus
    Mitchel Paulus

    Summary: anyone can do anything in Endgame. Everyone is going to be the one to kill thanos.

  • Ellen Tan
    Ellen Tan

    Where’s LOKI in all this?!? 😭

  • Yousef Alaghbari
    Yousef Alaghbari

    Rocket will save everyone

  • Ramon Quito
    Ramon Quito

    I want to see the end game and thanos will be defeated i think? Cause the end of the movie in infinity war had said that captain marvel can kill thanos!!!! Umm...i mean i guess though

  • Nickjc1999

    excus? why is captain marvel the strongest avenger??? Have you even SEEN Ned?????

  • Ramon Quito
    Ramon Quito

    The other heroes got been stuck on the soul stone

  • Aayush Paul
    Aayush Paul

    Thor also lost his eye 😆

  • Gonzarellious

    Yay. Another 7 movies filled with that man-hating feminist. Sounds like it'll be a blast...

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    Agnes Glebocka lion

    Let’s get 50 subscribers by easter

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    Muhammad Lorgat

    14:23 there were only 0 times they win he said it when he was about to disapear

  • Godslayer

    .. * ~

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    Matija Otasevic

    5:34 the flying dounat 🤣🤣🤣



  • Mario Lavoie
    Mario Lavoie

    Brie Larson should be fired for insulting, offending 90% of her viewers calling to have no more white males ! I did not watch Marvel just because of this political actor! BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT!

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    alejandro 56


  • Sitback Entertainment
    Sitback Entertainment

    Everyone will play a major role in the endgame


    Bri Larsson(might of spelled that wrong) dosent deserve to be in the marvel universe.

  • Keira Clinton
    Keira Clinton

    I don’t want the original avengers to leave the MCU 😭 that makes me sad

  • Discored 1
    Discored 1

    Michael Jordan can throw Sprite cranberrys at thanos.

  • Dalton Brown
    Dalton Brown

    Just a few days bois

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    Steve Zak

    why is paltrow part of any of this. worthless!

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    Trik Star

    Why is Gamora?

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    pitbull bulldog

    I can’t wait 👍🏻

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    Wayne Braack

    Capt Marvel needs a good spanking by Hulk

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    Foolish Desperado

    I think we’re headed toward Secret Wars :)


    Talking about the original six without Black Widow? How can you do that?

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    Brian Rendon


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    curly headed

    no one: Literally no life: Looper: 1230475238 things you missed from avengers endgame trailer!

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    Anders Homb Svendsen

    They need too make more avangers movies😭😭

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    At the ending of infinity war thanos was at my country the Philippines

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    Puggo Person

    ant man will grow and shove thanos up his ass then shrink

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    20190419: I think these, and many more are absolutely pathetic. As in pathological. Because the seven stages of man have become blocked with the scat of affluence and mental discombobulation that inevitably ensues. So Naturally, children have taken over Western culture. So will it end in ICE or FIRE? Neither!....It will end in a perpetual bog of stench that started with children's comics. But all the World's just a stage and you are all just players with ever increasing roles of unimportance. So watch as many pathetic piles of animated crap that you can stomach! You stupid people of perpetual sniveling childhood fed by supermarkets of ultimate convenience filled with unlimited comfort foods. @

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    wa ge

    10:15 Hawkeye will be the one to shoot Ant-Man up in Thanos butthole.

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    Irish Engel Tiempo

    What if ghost will be in endgame???????

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    urvi khale

    I'm gonna stand and clap at the end of the Endgame

  • Vivek Singh
    Vivek Singh

    why dr stranger said that this is the only way because after this snap he wasn't able to look further .. so he say tony died and everyone loses .. but once he saved the tony stark he was dusted away n after that he wasn't able to see .... thats why he said this was the only way... it means he knew he has to sacrifice himself coz thats the only way left... so dr strange also dont know whats gonna happen next... but he knew that if he stop peter quill from smashing the thanos he will still lose... if he let thanos kill tony he will lose... if he hide time stone still thanos will find the stone... evry 14 million possiblities suggested these things... but if he let tony survive.... n give the time stone to thanos he dont know whats gonna happened.... so he save tony's life because there was no other way..

  • Launchpad Mcquack
    Launchpad Mcquack

    Ferocious looking mohawk.? Did he really say that...

  • Sup Im Marcus
    Sup Im Marcus

    Black widow shouldn’t be an avenger like what the hell she only has a f*cking handgun smh💀💀

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    Srd998 Srd998

    I am dam sure captain America will lead the Avengers in end game

  • LeaNoelle05

    not ready for the end

  • Gerwin Opong
    Gerwin Opong

    I hope Stan's last cameo is one where he actually makes a conversation with the avengers

    • 文馨Jasmine

      +drake the dark Marvel's legend and father of superheroes

    • drake the dark
      drake the dark


    • drake the dark
      drake the dark

      Who is staj

  • OFF Missions
    OFF Missions

    Didn't Pepper get powers in Iron Man 3?

    • Launchpad Mcquack
      Launchpad Mcquack

      They fixed it before the movie ended

  • Paul Kotchapaw
    Paul Kotchapaw

    He should have cut off the arm not the head.

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    poop shaloop

    Shut up, lick my butthole clean before you see the Avengers

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    Zozo none

    oh my god its BOTH not BOLTH

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    arturo ibarra

    Es de la capitan america soldado del imvierno

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    Kavya S

    Big chungus will defeat thanos

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    Selena Samuel

    Will captain america die in endgame??

  • Gaurav Kakkar
    Gaurav Kakkar

    Thanos will hurt black widow, and The Hulk will return

  • Chrisselle Curry
    Chrisselle Curry

    8 days left


    I never looked at doctor strange this way. when he faded he said "this was the only way" so it was impossible to beat thanos without the snap happening.

  • Iju Dnc1
    Iju Dnc1

    Cap america with thor hammer yahoooo

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    mikel velia

    Imagine dragon: whatever it takes

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    Robert Cavorsi

    This sucks just watch the trailer

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    Iron Giant

    When Groot turned to dust surely storm breakers handle would have too ,right?Unless Groots arm is now worthy.

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    Iam Iam

    But you do know marvel can alter those trailers, right?

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    The Starting Noob

    decimation? i thought i was "THE SNAP" *cinematic echo*

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    Horse Killer Gaming

    Can’t wait to see Ant-Man go up Thanos asshole.

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    Prerana Swami

    Bhai mu gai endgame ka scene dikh Gaye 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    i know whete thanos he is in the rice terraces in the philippines

  • ST0RM

    The titan 2 thing ur saying is actually banawe rice fields in the philippines

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    Adam Parker

    When Thanos snapped his fingers the gluve was fried

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    feliciano onit

    thanos was in the philippines. farming!

  • N N
    N N

    Guys I have to be honest to you. I liked Marvel a lot, but now all i can say is Marvel su*ks. First they kill a lot of super heroes we love. Now, what's this? Captain Marvel will be the boss? What's wrong with Marvel Comics??? I will end not watching Marvel movies anymore...

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    {Sam_ Playz}

    Good thing i found this cause ima see Avengers Endgame On Opening Day so yea

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    Hazel Reginne Santos

    I think that cap marvel will have the last hit before they do it “for everyone was not there to try”.

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    Neo John Castro

    Who else misses Stan Lee