Waking Up At 5am For a Week.
Garrett Watts
I tried waking up at 5am for a week and YIKES. This was quite the challenge for someone as nocturnal as me. I think I might be bad at self improvement. I don't know. I love you and I hope you have a blast watching this. Love you.
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  • phat oof
    phat oof

    I'll see u guys in 6 months! 👋🏻🤠

  • emily cannon
    emily cannon

    I’m a permanently sleeping pigeon

  • Gladys Mendez
    Gladys Mendez

    Benjamin is MY LIFE

  • Harriet Mckenzie
    Harriet Mckenzie

    aka: living the life of a school girl for a week straight but without the work

  • Juan Vazquez
    Juan Vazquez

    Literally. Torture.

  • MadIsRad

    10:24 us after we break into Area 51

  • Tonette Sibulo
    Tonette Sibulo

    aside from end game, i loved captain america: the first avenger. See you in a few months!!!!

  • Abbysmusic

    I’m definitely nocturnal cuz I start watching movies or stuff on my phone and then nothing gets accomplished when I wanna do something new😂

  • blacksoul 3294
    blacksoul 3294

    Garrett: can I tell you something funny Andrew: yeah Garrett: the girl who gave me the popcorn didn't even work here 😂😂😂

  • that one girl
    that one girl

    how was this already 1 month ago?!

  • TheGamerBros0

    I can't the first 5 minutes I died laughing 😂 Then this is probably illegal but if no one's awake can i drive on the sidewalk like grand theft auto? I'm not going to do it ( shows us him driving on the sidewalk ) 😂 Man I missed Garret

  • Andeh Potato
    Andeh Potato

    I’m a night owl. I wake up at 12pm and I sleep at 1-3 am! I love you 3000000000

  • Craig Gillenberg
    Craig Gillenberg

    I don't really enjoy being awake all night and I'm trying to break the cycle 😖 I LOVE THE DARK THO

  • Jake Conroy
    Jake Conroy

    I'm watching this at 2:40 am

  • A_human Probably
    A_human Probably

    It’s 2 am here and I sleep till noon if I sleep and I love the nighttime because the sun.jpeg hurts my eyes when I walk outside

  • Childish Ambino
    Childish Ambino

    I’m HELLA nocturnal, I personally find it easier to be awake at night bc it’s a lot cooler. Living in Arizona, the heat throughout the day is so exhausting and tiring and only makes me annoyed and cranky. It’s also easier for me to be awake at night bc I used to pull a lot of all nighters doing assignments in high school and college.

  • Pastle Kween
    Pastle Kween

    I'm quite nocturnal and I will never sleep again after a sleepover at a friend's house but anyway I usually just stay up reading, drawing, or watching your videos (I know this is late but whatever ,live in the moment)

  • 706

    I have no sleep schedule. But when school comes around.. *That's a whole different story..*

  • BillieIsMyZaddie

    gts at about 4:30 am andwake up at.. 7:00-12:00

  • isabel grady
    isabel grady

    im literally watching this at 1am

  • Natalie Howard
    Natalie Howard

    i used to never be able to wake up past 6:30am now i wake up around 10 🥵 ,,, ALSO i used to have insomnia and get like 2-3 hours of sleep a night for a couple o months and ONE TIME i slept for a solid 8 hours cuz i fell asleep to the smell of fresh pumpkin bread

  • Melissa Bunn
    Melissa Bunn

    I am definitely NOT a morning person. But I certainly feel more productive when I wake up early and don’t sleep in

  • Amanda Tyimok
    Amanda Tyimok

    Buddy it’s been a month where are you?!🙂🥺

  • Vanesa Cimeno
    Vanesa Cimeno


  • Sades

    Definitely more of night person and love it because it quieter and not as many people out

  • Narwhal PLUR
    Narwhal PLUR

    Garrett, I just want you to know that you make my heart Happy. You upload when you want and when you're inspired to do so. That's how good content is created! Love ya!!

  • BeachTurkey

    I am the exact same and when I try and stay up during the day to sleep at a regular time I just give up at around 3pm or 8pm

  • Alicia wouldntyouwanaknow
    Alicia wouldntyouwanaknow

    I feel like I ask every video, where did you get that iron giant

  • devilishrodent !
    devilishrodent !

    "dId i JusT SlEep fOr nInEtEeN hOuRs." god that's relatable.

  • Tony

    11:28 what is that song called

  • Ruby Rodriguez
    Ruby Rodriguez

    Im binge watching u bc u wont upload

  • Stephanie Vassar
    Stephanie Vassar

    conspiracy theory: garret caused the 7.1 earth quakes in california. Shane investigate!

  • The Connected Collective
    The Connected Collective

    I loved this video SO much!! Made me laugh a ton!! Haha!! I'm not a super early morning person or a super late night person. Sooooo, my favorite Marvel movies are Thor Ragnarok and Captain Marvel. Okaaaay, love you, baiiii!!!!

  • chloe klein
    chloe klein

    In the beginning of the summer I would go to bed at 8 am and it was chill :)

  • Monkeydina

    Garret's iron giant in the back is eVeRtHiNg

  • lily omalley
    lily omalley

    Im usually a morning person, but what I like about staying up all night is I can turn on my pretty lights and throw me and my stuffed animals a party while everyone else is asleep.

  • Aissa Diallo
    Aissa Diallo

    I go to sleep at 5 am so i dont know how u do it.

  • Melinda Smith
    Melinda Smith

    Have you ever read fanfiction about your self


    wya man???

  • denisse chuco
    denisse chuco

    It's been a month Garrett!! I guess I just need to wait 5 months more.

  • Flower

    I’m always hyper at night and tired at day I’m nocturnal and that’s final

  • April Salazar
    April Salazar

    Garrett when’s the next time you will post? -love, April

  • Rosa Carrillo
    Rosa Carrillo

    Please make a p.o box I want a writing buddy !!

  • mikax Xkikaax3
    mikax Xkikaax3

    My eyes are tearing I’m laughing so hard at Andrew and you.

  • mikax Xkikaax3
    mikax Xkikaax3

    I just woke up and I was ina bad mood but watching this video made me laugh out loud. Thank you

  • Ellie-Hope Suzanne
    Ellie-Hope Suzanne

    I'm so jealous of your Infinity Gauntlet!! What do you think of Spiderman Far From Home?? I LOVE IT!!

  • Angie Mata
    Angie Mata

    I'm watching this and it's almost 3am and I'm probably not gonna sleep like in 2 hours lol Anyways I love your videos Garrett ♡

  • Mystarangel

    You shouldn't have skipped the alarm clock making content. I would watch anything you put out there. 😘😘

  • the fish from spongebob
    the fish from spongebob

    when you have the gantlet on the wrong hand

  • Verania C
    Verania C

    Garret: destroying half the word Also garret: hehehehehehehehehehehheheh

  • Ashlee Frederici
    Ashlee Frederici

    I knew it would not work out

  • Yeishliann Rodríguez
    Yeishliann Rodríguez

    Yes im nocturnal! Hahaha I’m here at 3:03 am watching this and I gotta be at the airport tomorrow 😂😭

  • Astrid Badger
    Astrid Badger

    Ok I know I'm late but honestly the best thing about being a night owl, especially with really slow internet, is that most of my family is in bed by 2:00 am and the WiFi is super fast😅

  • Strawberryprincessu

    TBH: I'm in love with you. I seriously only watch a Shane video if you're in it. I LOVED your little out-tro with the electronic tune and I think you should add those little sound effects more often. also, I am v nocturnal for life. ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ edit: also, your gay so I have zero chances with you but oh well.

  • johnny's water bottle
    johnny's water bottle

    i go to bed at six thinking oh i will get up at two and i will be healthy and then my mom wakes me up at eight and tells me to do laundry

  • Josie Dale
    Josie Dale

    I'm definitely a night owl rather than a morning person. Although due to my metal health, I really beat myself up over not getting up at a normal time. For example, if I sleep passed my alarm, I start to panic and tell myself I'm a failure. It's not good. But besides that, I don't go to bed until 12:30-1:00am every night. On the subject of Marvel, I don't think I could choose between any of them to be my favorite, I love them all equally.

  • Ash Rose
    Ash Rose

    I have the same sleep routine, but also 2:17 is literal nightmare fuel.

  • psycho_ freak
    psycho_ freak

    Wait wait ..... ( your uploading schedule....... is worse than my sleep schedule.......) ( sorry)

  • psycho_ freak
    psycho_ freak

    Well I waited 7 MONTHS FOR ONE VIDEO (see you in another 7 months Garrett 🤣)

  • jay dog
    jay dog

    This is literally my sleep schedule don't worry Garrett I'm also trying to fix my schedule we're in this together buddy 🙂👍🤘

  • Kalie Furr
    Kalie Furr

    I want that keyboard.

  • Hannah Nanners
    Hannah Nanners


  • Phoebe Walker Music
    Phoebe Walker Music

    I screamed when he woke up at 6pm 🤣🤣🤣

  • Unknown

    I do this every week 😶

  • Antonia Vergara
    Antonia Vergara

    We stan a sister that Sing all the voices of little priest

  • Jeanine2127

    super nocternal for maybe the last 4 months of classes i didnt sleep would go to school take a "nap" from 4 to 12 then start all over again then since summer started i would go to sleep everyday at like 8 9 o clock then wake up at 3 a few times at 7 then just using teh computer everything restarting all over agian and its not 5 am but im trying to be up by 9 setting alarms on my phone my ipad my desktop my sisters alarm and even a actual alarm clock wow ancient tech

  • Antonia Vergara
    Antonia Vergara

    I bet 20 bucks that garret was gonna post more often Please baby garret i'm broke Don't do this to me

  • Silas Estrada
    Silas Estrada

    I wake up at five every day

  • Brynna Pyle
    Brynna Pyle

    I usually am up till 6-7 AM then sleep till 2-3 PM I hate mornings but I love nights

  • That's some dank Memes ya got there
    That's some dank Memes ya got there

    Tyler, the creator