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  • Jason Nash
    Jason Nash

    Enjoy today's video!! Have a good weekend!!

    • austin Star
      austin Star

      4 spoons for 4 cups yeahhhhh Conner had it right

    • BoomCherry_YT

      Jason Nash I’m going the Boston show and it’s on my birthday so it’s going to be my present 🎁

    • Ylva Geier Daatland
      Ylva Geier Daatland

      thank You 🙂

    • violet honey
      violet honey

      ITs Monday for me :(

    • Gladys Lopez
      Gladys Lopez

      @tracey ewing Right? And yet she had the audacity to compare David to a Serial Killer.🤦

  • Connor Rock
    Connor Rock

    As a Connor, this hurts 😂😂😂

  • Christine

    Jason 😫 close your mouth when you chew gum

  • baileyanne valfre
    baileyanne valfre

    David cares so much for her, i love it

  • Your Pumpkin
    Your Pumpkin

    19:13 David trying to kiss Scott 💀❤️

  • Emilia Bryce
    Emilia Bryce

    Poor Dave he really wanted Nat to come.

  • Andres m
    Andres m

    Great videos love them

  • dabombdiggity46

    I love the tidbits of you just talking to the us like in the beginning!

  • Ace Eicher
    Ace Eicher

    My mom and her siblings used to lock my aunt (there sister) in a closet with 1 of those weasels on the ball and she got so scared

  • Evan Sager
    Evan Sager

    And he’s not going to look at that Bentley right beside him

  • xxasianbatmanxx

    i like how they have a walk up fat tuesday but in louisiana we have drive thrus 😂

  • Adventure Darin
    Adventure Darin

    13:16 I like Old Vegas (Freemont st) better than the vegas strip.

  • Jordan Ridge
    Jordan Ridge

    great video! but maybe on some jokes you could put subtitles for us since you are already laughing we can’t hear the joke! but great stuff keep up the good work

  • Fern

    when he said u and your little brother connor i was shiting myself beacause my brothers name is actuly connor

  • Parker Mills
    Parker Mills

    I like how my brother was watching and his name was conner and he was shook 2:30

  • Carmin Minaj
    Carmin Minaj

    Did nobody else have LITERALLY 12 Trojan condom ads in this video😂

  • gabriella m
    gabriella m

    i love natalie so much

  • savannah rose
    savannah rose

    10 minutes of Jason drinking coffee

  • Emily Blyth
    Emily Blyth

    i love how david whispers ‘natalie’s not coming’ because she was upset she couldn’t come.

  • Madison Goodwin
    Madison Goodwin

    What was the song at the end with the outro?

  • Jenna Williams
    Jenna Williams

    Umm my name is Jenna 😂👋🏻

  • Joshua Hamilton
    Joshua Hamilton

    5:18 Hahahaha wtf David

  • Double A Dude Avila Family
    Double A Dude Avila Family

    I saw the Avengers movie the weekend it came out

  • CupCake Cat
    CupCake Cat

    but what if i dont have a little brother named connor?

  • SaltyCrude

    Change your intro bro!

  • jakesoccer10

    love the vids man keep it up

  • Rob Ellinger
    Rob Ellinger


  • Jade Brant
    Jade Brant

    why is david drunk so hilarious oml


    I always Like a Jason Nash video before I even watch it because I know i'm going to enjoy it.

  • Le gend
    Le gend

    The song goes “David, I need you”???

  • Michelle Cardenas
    Michelle Cardenas

    Natalie and David are my favs❤️❤️

  • Judie G
    Judie G

    17:06 Jason: “heath, you gotta try this. Its stars and stripes” Heath: “you’ve said enough bro 🤠🇺🇸” Lmfaoooo

  • Jaclyn Bunker
    Jaclyn Bunker

    I was literally in that exact same spot one week later Im pissed

  • Eli

    Goodfellas IS and always will be the best of all time

  • google me16
    google me16

    Please collaborate with nick!!!

  • moony0205

    "real" video starts around 3 mins, don't watch dumb AD's kids, you already have such a president. Don't give them "food". And where is the private plane?

  • Michael Whalen
    Michael Whalen

    So David does drink wow

  • austin Star
    austin Star

    For you

  • Danny Tanner
    Danny Tanner

    Jason are you Jewish? You hold on to a penny so tight I saw a booger pop outta Lincoln’s nose

  • Ella Cruz
    Ella Cruz

    Can you do an update on the high score on the ap!

  • ashley tinajero
    ashley tinajero

    Goodfellas is one of my favorites too ! Finally others agree lol

  • Kendra Vang
    Kendra Vang

    The ending tho 😂

  • Mercedes Stafford
    Mercedes Stafford


  • Ang Rodriguez
    Ang Rodriguez

    David is me after a sip of alcohol I’m a light weight

  • Zakia Friend
    Zakia Friend

    Oh btw I love Jeff just saying okay bye

  • Og triple og Mendez Torres
    Og triple og Mendez Torres

    Eres joto?

  • Ahmad Awad
    Ahmad Awad

    Jason u get fatter?

  • rosie fa'afoi
    rosie fa'afoi

    *does anyone know jason's outro song?*

  • Kimberly Mendez-Hernandez
    Kimberly Mendez-Hernandez

    I can’t get enough of Jeff 😍

  • chris poole
    chris poole

    That’s a disgrace @JasonNash your a Boston man your from the Northeast we don’t drink that shit. DUNKIN ALL DAY. DUNKIN DONUTS OVER STARBUCKS.

  • Leann Pietro
    Leann Pietro

    david and i are the exact same when it comes to drinking

  • Adrienne Lopez
    Adrienne Lopez

    Come to Houston with the vlog squad

  • a-wanderingcloud 0-0
    a-wanderingcloud 0-0

    18:03 😄👏🏻

  • Gabrielle Boyte
    Gabrielle Boyte

    Seriously you guys would have a blast at the renaissance faire!! You need to go! You’ll get some hilarious content

  • Bridget

    Exposing Trisha Paytas With Receipts - LOOK IT UP AND WATCH IT. Shame on you Trisha. And Jason - my god how did you deal with this?

  • lilpablo99

    Jason’s videos are low key getting better then David’s

  • Mike T
    Mike T

    Think about where you were 5 YEARS AGO, and you're complaining about a 7:20am flight. Love and support you, but gimme a flippin break Jason.

  • Amber

    old vegas= downtown vegas


    Come to Rhode Island!!!!!

  • Ellen Barrett
    Ellen Barrett

    I tried to show this to my brother who is actually called Connor and show him the irony of it and he just goes “oh he’s a pedo”

  • Jonathan Belmares
    Jonathan Belmares

    17:46 The exact moment the tequila hit David. LOL

  • Jonathan Belmares
    Jonathan Belmares

    Rare footage of david drinking something other than a corona. I guess because vegas LOL.

  • adrianna degori
    adrianna degori

    did anyone else peep the background at 19:13 ??

  • samantha radloff
    samantha radloff

    come to Austin Texas’s PLEASE

  • ry morrissey
    ry morrissey


  • ry morrissey
    ry morrissey

    Lol I love the random merch plugs while you explained the philly situation

  • Alexandria Whitney
    Alexandria Whitney

    Heath baby 😩🥵

  • Nicole Josue
    Nicole Josue

    Omg Natalie and David are like a married couple

  • Shiv Plays
    Shiv Plays


  • Shiv Plays
    Shiv Plays

    Casual rolls pulls up behind him

  • colin kucera
    colin kucera

    What’s the outro song

  • potato Negrete
    potato Negrete

    The fact that my brother was asking what i was watching is scary

  • Ella de Wilde
    Ella de Wilde

    You look good jason!!

  • Riley Kirkpatrick
    Riley Kirkpatrick

    i actually have a little brother conor and i got scared

  • Manal Khouti
    Manal Khouti

    Sorry but did anyone else die after Jason said the thing about your little brother looking over your shoulder? Cause it was so accurate

  • Black magic Woman
    Black magic Woman

    Jason I’m glad ur haveing a awesome time 💜I see girls love u Jason 💜wow Jason it’s great ur happy now !! 💜

  • Jorge

    Love you Jason

  • Jorge

    Love you Jason

  • Wrandi Davis
    Wrandi Davis


  • Tiffany Kelm
    Tiffany Kelm

    Saw Strawberry again Jason... wtf! lol

  • 91frankthetank

    Jason you gotta teach EVERYONE how to”yes and” you’re the king of it, spread the wealth lol

  • Teresa Kerr
    Teresa Kerr

    I foresee Natalie and David getting together.

  • Teresa Kerr
    Teresa Kerr

    See you in San Francisco!

  • Gabby Gumshoe
    Gabby Gumshoe

    May 18th is my bday!!!

  • Gabby Gumshoe
    Gabby Gumshoe


  • Amy Page
    Amy Page

    You guys are hilarious! David’s friend, that’s literally how I explain who’s vlogs I’m watching 😂

  • shazaibbiazahs

    Dude Natalie is sooo cute I can’t even ughhh

  • isabella frijia
    isabella frijia

    heaths grandparents are younger than mine and im 18 lmaooo

  • Daithí Ó Scolaidhe
    Daithí Ó Scolaidhe

    Hey Jason man, great quality video!! Can I ask for some advice on Vlogging? I'm starting a PhD vlog channel and am wondering if you have any tips? Thanks a million!!

  • kai russell
    kai russell

    Me and my friends used to hang on with these college kids who had a house in our area. We smoked weed with them for three months when it finally comes up, that they all happen to be gay. We used to call it the flop house cause they were grungy and the house was too. But after we found out they were gay it became. " yo, wanna go smoke with the Three Musty Queers "

  • Megan Heinz
    Megan Heinz

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think Jason needs to make a new intro for his videos???

  • Unicorn life
    Unicorn life


  • Amy Trieger
    Amy Trieger

    I make my coffee the exact same way....

  • Lilianna Root
    Lilianna Root

    strawbrree, strawbree

  • kizi180

    Man if it wasn't for the loud chewing.

  • Brian Sanchez
    Brian Sanchez

    At 19:00 notice David and Scotty about to kiss. 😘

  • Madd Money
    Madd Money

    19:11 I can't be the only one who peeped David and Scott

  • Nick Guerra
    Nick Guerra

    Your vlogs make me happy

  • Sunflowergazer

    I've seen this like 40 times already. The first 9 minutes are gold! The dynamic between Jason, David, and Natalie is the best! 👍

  • b ator
    b ator

    1:33 is that a pip on the counter?