Vlog Squad Answers The Web's Most Searched Questions (w/Corinna, Scott, Todd, Jonah) | WIRED Parody
Jason Nash
Part 2 of my WIRED Parody!! I'm performing standup in San Jose on April 28th, get your tickets here!!: improv.com/sanjose/comic/jason+nash/
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  • Jason Nash
    Jason Nash

    I’LL BE PERFORMING IN SAN JOSE ON APRIL 28th!! improv.com/sanjose/comic/jason+nash/

    • Iris B
      Iris B

      I can't take you seriously when you're in house and I love that show but thank you for making my day

    • orlando ahumada
      orlando ahumada

      Sell out go promote your shit on your own video

    • John Curic
      John Curic

      I'm from Germany and her German was pretty good

    • 60 subscriberswithnofriendschallenge Hehe
      60 subscriberswithnofriendschallenge Hehe

      Jason Nash omg April 28th my b-day

    • Haley Owens
      Haley Owens

      That's my Birthday!!!!❤️

  • amira robertson
    amira robertson

    aw poor jonah idk if that was a joke but he looked so sad.

  • Peache s
    Peache s

    This is gay

  • NG Lopez
    NG Lopez

    Dude.... is Nick okay?

  • Dswizz96

    Corinna has a nice rack lmao

  • Victoria Xx
    Victoria Xx

    Is Jonah good?

  • Jadyn Ortiz
    Jadyn Ortiz

    Jonahs part hurt me💔

  • Joaquin Noble
    Joaquin Noble

    Whats jasons outro song tho

  • Strictly Robert
    Strictly Robert

    The only thing worse than Scott sires hairline is his new album 😂

  • Ooga Booga
    Ooga Booga

    Carina tiddies


    I thought this was a real interview thingy lmao

  • Leo Messi
    Leo Messi

    Corinna=Gold digger face

  • Brighton RA Chipley
    Brighton RA Chipley

    I sear to god that Jonah made me feel so depressed🥺😢

  • jacob costello
    jacob costello

    I walked bye a holtel and herd clapping I thought people were playing patty cake but I realized it’s my room open the door and my dad was under the sheets with my mom and I just walked out thinking wish David was there and it was dirty don in his room

  • Ava Herrington
    Ava Herrington

    Real quick is nick okay?

  • Antonia D
    Antonia D

    Hey I didnt know corinna can speak german I'm from Germany yay


    Lol Todd’s right arm is bigger😂

  • sugma

    todd and scott are gay. Its not an insult they are gay with eachother

  • TeeyaTheMagicalWeirdo

    who else didnt think this was jasons video-

  • Arabella Pursley
    Arabella Pursley

    Why is Corinna so beautiful?!!!! 😍

  • Amy

    Is Scott and Todd dating ?

  • I'm a poopy head but,
    I'm a poopy head but,

    Took me half way through to realize that it's just some shit jason made

  • Young Al
    Young Al

    I live where you guys grew up

  • Randeh

    Yo I just noticed this wasnt an official video at the end

  • Merle Grewe
    Merle Grewe

    I always get so excited when people can speak German omg 😂😂😱 I could listen to Americans speaking German for hours 😂😂

  • Cassie finnie
    Cassie finnie

    The part with Jonah was so hard to watch

  • Makayla Ann
    Makayla Ann


  • overdosesad

    this lowkey made me feel bad for jonah omg. i can relate

  • Cut Azaria
    Cut Azaria


  • Emily-Anne Workman
    Emily-Anne Workman

    Wait can we talk about how Todd is clearly high In this video 😂😂😂

    • Arabella Pursley
      Arabella Pursley

      I thought I was the only one who thought that! Lol

  • kenzie johnson
    kenzie johnson

    jonah seemed so sad

  • Hazelime

    The Aussie accent, they can’t

  • Landon 2x
    Landon 2x

    dude Jonah seems so depressed...

  • Element Seal
    Element Seal

    the jonah segment was just depressing

  • Mileven Eilish
    Mileven Eilish

    Nick , im sure vardan has the best big brother in the world , i mean nick is a youtuber how fucking cool is that , theres people who are scared to start a youtube

  • Abi Betch
    Abi Betch

    I never realised just how tiny Carly is

  • Loops Cat
    Loops Cat

    I just realized that Corinna looks like lazarbeams sister

  • hau

    Wired is quaking

  • Bryce Powers
    Bryce Powers

    Ur nothing wit out David

  • Joseph Gilbreath
    Joseph Gilbreath

    Scott and Todd’s show at house of blues is on my birthday!!!! I wish I was able to go. Omg that would be a freaking dream!!!

  • Wekicks

    Every member vlog squad always mention David’s name just to let the people know that they know David Dobrik. David Velcro, I Saw David Do This, Is David Going yo shoot us with a paintball gun etc.

    • jay

      Lmao it ain’t that deep bruv

  • Spicy McGee
    Spicy McGee

    So you put Nick and Scott (the most negative people in the vlog) together, brb gonna go kms

  • Isaac Houghton
    Isaac Houghton

    Corina is a meat eater she eats way to much cock

  • Victor Guldager
    Victor Guldager

    I felt so sad for Nick/Jonah

  • Kadence Sanborn
    Kadence Sanborn

    3:10 lies

  • king kb
    king kb

    This is called we're not too famous to go on to the actual UA-my channel that does the most searches so we're going to clickbait you so you watch your video

  • Amaal Bolton
    Amaal Bolton

    Hey I live in rolling meadows


    Jonah seems really sad 😢

  • Savage Alex
    Savage Alex

    She’s cute

  • Gladis L
    Gladis L

    I feel bad for Jonah:/ , he’s under appreciated

  • Ragekid433

    Why is this kinda boring without David 😔 sorry jason

  • Noor alf
    Noor alf

    where's David @

  • Kate Simp
    Kate Simp

    this is hilarious

  • colby Carpenter
    colby Carpenter

    You should have split the people up and made multiple videos

  • Cottxon Candy
    Cottxon Candy

    woa i honestly didn't even realize this was a paraody until 5 minutes into the video

    • Gerri D'Angelo
      Gerri D'Angelo


  • Jalen McGuire
    Jalen McGuire

    jesus, Jonah looks depressed

  • IsaacMcIntire 18
    IsaacMcIntire 18

    Jason her eyes are up there hahahahahahahaahhahahahahahha

  • jamie goodwin
    jamie goodwin

    Scott IS the funniest person in the vlogs

  • susan from planned parenthood
    susan from planned parenthood

    did anyone else just skip through jonah’s portion cause they don’t even understand why the fuck he’s on the vlog squad

  • susan from planned parenthood
    susan from planned parenthood

    did anyone else just skip through jonah’s portion cause they don’t even understand why the fuck he’s on the vlog squad

  • Stella Miller
    Stella Miller

    Bruh I thought this was like the wired auto complete interview

  • Angela Rodriguez
    Angela Rodriguez

    :( jonah seemed a bit sad 🥺

  • Lani Bridgeman
    Lani Bridgeman

    Bruh, AUSTRAILIAN... Disappointed.

  • Echo

    Why Does Corinna Look Like A Meth Addict lmao

  • MyBushyBeard

    I wish Jonah got more clout. He's a legit ass dude.

  • bridget cameron
    bridget cameron


  • Elizabeth whatevs
    Elizabeth whatevs

    for a moment i actually thought this was wired

  • Clara Morel
    Clara Morel

    they all look fucking sad

  • Beshr Jannoura
    Beshr Jannoura

    Why wasn’t Alex Ernst here!!!???

  • Abdallah Alshurafa
    Abdallah Alshurafa

    Cortina is not good at German now because all the cocks she had in her mouth