Unprofessionals Guide to Installing a Tesla Wall Connector
Rich Rebuilds
In this episode we show how to install the Tesla Wall Charger. This is a general guideline and not be taken as a direct how to, just a couple guys casually getting work done while drinking beer, also rip mr turtle
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  • Darkness

    Getting killed by an obsessed fan is definitely at the back of his mind.

  • Kaya and Juniper
    Kaya and Juniper

    This is exactly how I'd do this

  • 0hypnotoad0

    Protip to peeps, if you do this a lot or help people do this, look at an SDS/rotary hammer drill for concrete drilling. It would drill a hole like that in a concrete wall in 10-20 seconds, vs the some 10 minutes of agony that it takes to do with a "hammer drill". If you're a cheapass, just look on craigslist, probably lots of bosch bulldog corded rotary hammer for sale all the time. Handy thing to have if you ever need to drill through or bust up concrete.

  • Ingeniero ALEMAN
    Ingeniero ALEMAN

    It seems Tesla users in general are neither smart nor handy.

  • James iPad
    James iPad

    That’s romex wire in a house, why in the fuck do you need conduit?Look in your basement, if it isn’t finished you’ll see that same type of wire all over the place, just in a smaller gauge Spoiler a 240volt 15 amp circuit will still charge slow

  • Kevin

    What's the point of using a 100 amp breaker for the same range per hour of charging as a 60A?

  • RICKS WORLD dereaux
    RICKS WORLD dereaux

    You Yanks dont hear of Fisher Dübels.. That put into Wholes then screws.. 😱😱😂can hold hundred pounds.

  • RICKS WORLD dereaux
    RICKS WORLD dereaux

    You Yanks need get rid of 110v System, and take over Germanpowersystem🤔

  • RICKS WORLD dereaux
    RICKS WORLD dereaux

    220v its lowest poweroutput in Europe,,, for a Tesla you need install STARKSTROM.. OR HIGHPOWER its 380v👍In every German kitchen we got a 380v socket to install a electric Stove oven. 😁👍

  • Paul Kirchhof
    Paul Kirchhof

    Give me a kitchen knife! :-)

  • Travis Bauman
    Travis Bauman

    I almost bought a Tesla looks like a great car but the warranty doesn't mean anything if they go out of biz. What is your thoughts on that?

  • Matthew Dobbs
    Matthew Dobbs

    Nice gift. The kindness of strangers never fails to amaze! Always hold the drill with two hands and never kill the turtle lol.

  • Cal Gray
    Cal Gray

    Shout Out the Viewer on the Blessing. Also. much love to the trusty "Kitchen Knife"

  • RandomPsychic

    thats the wrong knife for opening the box

  • Funkydood

    Me when my dad comes into my room to kill me 1:24

  • Sile Animus
    Sile Animus

    Snap on flathead? What are you? Rich?

  • Kristopher Jasper
    Kristopher Jasper

    7:30 *manic laughter*

  • Ross Hutchison
    Ross Hutchison

    unscrewing by hand when you have a drill next to you come on

  • Ross Hutchison
    Ross Hutchison

    just drill the hole jeez

  • William Murphy
    William Murphy

    I love the comments you made a out the drill bit and what not. Unfortunately I gotta say... Nothing wrong with the drill bit but you where better off with the cordless... Only you need to turn on the 🔨 mode. I have that cordless and it's not all that great for concrete but it works. With the newer brushless drills it goes through like butter... I ran 3/4 in conduit cus I ran multiple circuits and 4 wire 120/240 and I didn't have the right bit so same thing I had to make it bigger than the bit was and I having the drill on hammer mode was all it took.

  • joe shmo
    joe shmo

    Yes you are just some idiot on UA-my.

  • TheYoutubeGuy

    We in the UK get like 230V ;)

  • Jules Vallez
    Jules Vallez

    Jesus Christ Rich.... you’re like my ole man.... but blacker. Lol

  • Blzt

    the drill bit was fine but you should use a hammer drill on concrete it would go like 10 times as fast 😂

  • Christopher Fortin
    Christopher Fortin

    Picture in Picture dissing himself

  • Finn Hagard
    Finn Hagard

    I don't even know why I'm watching this video i don't own a tesla and can't afford it

  • Damien charette
    Damien charette

    I mean you should use a hammer drill for going threw concrete but hey fuck it

  • Andre Maines
    Andre Maines

    F in the comments for the turtle 🐢🐢🐢

  • Ivan Ventura
    Ivan Ventura

    What size of Power Breaker did you use @Rich Rebuilds

  • Tommy Badowski
    Tommy Badowski

    Oh lord “that’s not the right drill bit for concrete” I laughed to hard!!

  • Grace McGettigan
    Grace McGettigan

    Rich, How did you learn to do Tesla Rebuilds? It's amazing watching you work! Thanks for videos

  • Ryan Shannon
    Ryan Shannon

    Let me get this straight: You rebuild Tesla's, but you tossed a one-wheeled electric scooter because it broke?

    • William Murphy
      William Murphy

      Nah... The one wheel is in the garage... Sound like he tossed some bogus scooter.

    • Edward Leas
      Edward Leas

      First world problems

    • Marco

      Ryan Shannon “Rich Rebuilds” Not “Peasant Rebuilds”

  • Brandon Eterno
    Brandon Eterno

    Fuck the FedEx dude he killed a baby turtle

  • McKay Reed Moore
    McKay Reed Moore

    The turtle. :(

  • Pachi Pach
    Pachi Pach

    Bro I love your channel and your sarcasm. I have ZERO interest in Tesla. But very interested in your channel!! Excellent job bro. Keep it up!!

  • ZesPak

    "remove the fuse box cover while dealing with your kids" This struck home so hard :) Love the content Rich, keep it up. I couldn't make outlet power work because I travel too much, but here in EU we charge at 240V from the regular outlet which equates to 13km/h on the Model S. With the wall connector I'm at 54km/h.

  • reg83ny

    5:46 poor turtle...

  • Ed Lipp Jr
    Ed Lipp Jr

    "That's the wrong hammer! Boo-hoo-hoooo!" LOL!! You're growin' on me Rich!

  • Jose M. ynFuentes
    Jose M. ynFuentes

    Like x-más morning

  • Jose M. ynFuentes
    Jose M. ynFuentes

    Men grate guy that help you

  • Yethu Raj
    Yethu Raj

    Dude its stupid to completely discharge car battery. Dont charge it regularly to full.

  • Bruh KillaQ
    Bruh KillaQ

    Why is that wire striped ?

  • David Barr
    David Barr

    They may be technically the wrong tools but they work. Right.

  • 14energy

    That charger is a game changer

  • Chimpanzee Plastic Surgery
    Chimpanzee Plastic Surgery

    Man I love this channel.. sooooo proud.

  • John Reff
    John Reff

    Hey bro I get 6 miles per hour with my standard charger

  • William Burkhead
    William Burkhead

    Own a Volt. Your videos are really good. Thank you.


    Rich you must have been a mechanic or something I don't see how I struggle mounting a tv on my wall and you on the other side start a youtube channel disassembling then assembling a freaking tesla a freaking tesla my man. Respect

  • chrisdigital

    Hey, put your beautiful cars in your garage!! Lol

  • mjhazelbaker

    Best Rich video I have seen and I'm only half way through No Wait, 2 and a 1/4 Hahaha

  • jsiu85

    you could've used Turtle wax for yourTesla

  • Dualcyclone

    Love this. Use whatever tools you have, and start drinking after teaching 2" into a concrete wall. This is how all reviews should be

  • Marvin Estrada
    Marvin Estrada

    He came to kill me ... Jk lmao

  • Rizalito Guevarra
    Rizalito Guevarra

    That was entertaining and helpful

  • blud work
    blud work

    old school rich

  • DrPepper776

    I didn't expect this to be this funny, I just found you

  • joe shmo
    joe shmo

    Seems like a good dad

  • Ernesto Villanueva
    Ernesto Villanueva

    Wait I don't get it, couldn't he just use one of the ones that charges with an outlet? Some explain to me please.

  • guidaguida2

    Don't forget the yellow caps by the way. XD

  • Qwame Prince
    Qwame Prince

    I don't even own a car why I am watching this......nice video anyway

  • CosmicMicron

    ''You never know how your words affect people until they tell you.'' Now if people at my job could actually share that thought i would not been looking to work somewhere else. Nice gesture to give you a new charger but i have to say 80% of the people out there are selfish assholes that will not even push like even though they have watched all your videos from start to finish... I like your videos because you are still humble and not another youtube nobody asshole that thinks he is a superstar because 10.000 people watched their amateur videos... Good job my friend.. good job indeed. Stay humble.

  • Anthony LaPenta
    Anthony LaPenta

    500 dollar gift!!! Nice. I love mine. 45 miles an hour charge

    • Hotobu

      Honestly it shouldn't have even come to that. The monetization on just one of his videos is enough to get several chargers. It's one thing to be cheap, but when that cheapness has you going to public places just to wait an hour to start charging then you need to rethink your life decisions.

  • Paul Mullins
    Paul Mullins

    Dang that's a big drill bit lol



  • Saif Rahman
    Saif Rahman


  • Nati

    USA have strange wall conduit.

  • Ali Siddiqui
    Ali Siddiqui

    *You had me dead when had the "intermission"*

  • eric wilde
    eric wilde

    when drilling cement use water to control heat it will make your bit last longer

  • M2 Tesla
    M2 Tesla

    RIP Donatello

  • Dmac 740
    Dmac 740

    It will never charge and in winter never.