Unboxing 10 Puzzles That You Probably Can't Solve!
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Join us on DOPE or NOPE today as we unbox and solve (or at least attempt to) interesting puzzles that we found online! Everyone loves a good brain teaser - and we're going to find out how difficult each of these really are! Plus, we've added a challenge to it: whoever solves the most puzzles gets named 'MASTER GURU CHAMPION OF UNBOXING' and gets a special prize that will be revealed in a future video. Enjoy!!
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  • Douglas Marks
    Douglas Marks


  • Lydia Mikan
    Lydia Mikan

    Every time that each player uses for their turn should be recorded/timed.. just in case their team members do choose to pass.. That way one person on the other team can be chosen to beat their opponents time... That way the one who chose to make an attempt on the first team wouldn't have wasted a turn if they had all had to forfeut.. Get what I'm saying? Hopefully because that's my opinion/my take on that type of situation. 😀😀😀👍👍👍

  • Jake K
    Jake K

    It's never eat strteaded weat

  • compass master
    compass master

    Me da squad sorry but I can't join u i have no money

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    No Main

    "Small, Compact, PUZZLE-SIZE Puzzle" -Tanner

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    Cloudy Gaming

    I don't see the ,,JOIN" button it doesn't show me

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    Mitchell Plunkett

    what song do they play during the intro??

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  • Delila Everett
    Delila Everett

    I can solve a RUBIKS RACE in 15 seconds

  • Mike greyy
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  • Kíra Tóth
    Kíra Tóth

    Thats a Rubic's snake, not a "yescube".

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    Soy Boss

    Customize yo mama

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    jordan friesen

    Customize !!!!!!!!!!

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    Syd_ Dino

    How many times has Matthias said “anxiety “ in these puzzle videos

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    Ollie Aston


  • Rubiks cube solves and reviews
    Rubiks cube solves and reviews

    I love rubiks cubes

  • Case Addison
    Case Addison

    Look up Chris Ramsay he solves puzzles and he’s good at it. And also magic

    • kayden nguyen
      kayden nguyen

      Mr puzzle is better at puzzles he solved the Excalibur puzzle which Chris couldn’t

  • Makayla Koppert
    Makayla Koppert

    I love 2:12

  • Makayla Koppert
    Makayla Koppert

    10:10 I can do that in 18 seconds (I have the game)

  • Jessica Ratjens
    Jessica Ratjens

    'Customize Yo Mama 😂'

  • IOS NeenjAH
    IOS NeenjAH

    Great rapping To both of you Matt and tanner at 2:11

  • Neeru Khurana
    Neeru Khurana

    I can solve each one of them in 1 minute or less. 😎😎🏆🏅🥇

  • Elena Ilinykh
    Elena Ilinykh

    Me: has no friends to watch this video with. Also me: welp, food's my bestie soo

  • Martin Melendrez
    Martin Melendrez

    Want a real puzzle try building a IKEA dresser

  • Aaronjr Humbert
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  • Deckus Chi Dik LAU
    Deckus Chi Dik LAU

    That’s not Japanese it’s Chinese

  • Azerial 2006
    Azerial 2006

    1:38 Did Tanner say “Small compact Puzzle-sized puzzle” or am I just crazy?

    • -馬鹿 Potato-
      -馬鹿 Potato-

      Azerial 2006 u right

  • Suri Knox
    Suri Knox


  • C00k13

    Customize customize your mama customize

  • Watching and Making With Wolfgirl
    Watching and Making With Wolfgirl

    Um....the first pluzze I have it because I love pluzzes and I can solve it! Edit: Its super easy! I had it one year ago okay you just spin three times or four then flip the N on it side then pull up

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    I brought to watch this me myself and I

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    Invited me over to do that so you're old butts don't have to do it I will

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    DeathTouch 54

    when are you going to the 100,000 likes thing

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    Megan Hunter

    Every intro is Matthias complaining

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    can i get a shout out i subscribed liked and hit the notification bell

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    No one: Matt: dELicIouS

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    pastel creativity

    Michael looks like he would be someone from James Bond. Uzi yes yes


    “Customize yo momma” “Customize”

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    Ruby Greeley

    Customize yo mama

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    Customize your mama/customize

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    I can solve a Rubiks cube

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    Luna/ Flash

    Who misses Matt in team edge like if you miss Matt in team edge

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    Wrestling Boy

    Matt child name is Luna and Luna in Japan means moon

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    asmr time

    Oof puzzle sized puzzle

  • Blake

    Hey baseball fans do you know who Kenley Jansen is? Doesn’t Michael look almost exactly like Kenley Jansen?!

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    Cristo99957 _

    Why is rubiks race a puzzle it’s a game

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    bunny girl


  • Grace Gendron
    Grace Gendron

    I have a game Rubiks race and it's the easiest thing ever

  • Emily Hansen
    Emily Hansen

    Who else can’t find the join button

  • Olive_Luv :D
    Olive_Luv :D

    Hold up 1:40 small compact *puzzle* sized puzzle?! Lol it’s pocket not puzzle sized!😂

  • Diego Negrete
    Diego Negrete

    Michael the Master Guru Champion of Unboxing. That’s a really long title lol

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    Monse Fuentes


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    Christina Tillett

    Michaels the only person that like because another mustache


    I am maked all

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    Subscribe 4 free beans Boi

    Am I the only on rewatching all of the ones with tanner, Matt and micheal/?

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    catdog7997 OWO

    Customize yo mama!!

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    Heather Hughes

    Puzzels are going to be the same as the bell and like I said I love you

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      Skill 907

      You didn't Have grammar classes tho

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    Cambria Walker

    Me and my daddy and broooooo and my mum watch you all the tiiiiime on his PS 4

  • Cambria Walker
    Cambria Walker

    Me and my daddy and broooooo and my mum watch you all the tiiiiime on his PS 4

  • Cambria Walker
    Cambria Walker

    Me and my daddy and broooooo and my mum watch you all the tiiiiime on his PS 4

  • Cambria Walker
    Cambria Walker

    Me and my daddy and broooooo and my mum watch you all the tiiiiime on his PS 4

  • Cambria Walker
    Cambria Walker

    Me and my daddy and broooooo and my mum watch you all the tiiiiime on his PS 4

  • Simply Anna Beth
    Simply Anna Beth

    I love Rubiks cubes I can also solve them I can so every single type of Rubik's Cube also I'm holding out record for the 3 by 3 that's one of the records I'm holding and I can still under a minute.#Dope or Nope. I love I have been watching dope or nope for 2 years now?. I mainly started watching dope or nope when you started was about 2 years ago?

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    mohammed alfadhala

    Customize yo mama

  • Chantel

    1:39 puzzle-sized? Tanner you might wanna go slower

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    what if i grab a cat?

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    I’m almost as smart as Albert stine i m a boy

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    David McKenzie

    Tamer is a dope

  • Internet Nobody
    Internet Nobody

    15:55 As a psychologist I can tell you Matthias is completely wrong. Puzzles like this improves logic, visou-spatial skills, and general focus

  • Internet Nobody
    Internet Nobody

    Shout outs to Chris Ramsay's puzzle vids. he hasn't done any of these but his videos made it extremely easy to solve all of these before they could

  • Isaac Hernandez
    Isaac Hernandez

    Customized customized yo mama just customized

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    olivia barrios

    6:10 - 6:11 Did anyone else here Matt say bideo 😂😂😂😂😂

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    Viverella !!!

    “I like puzzles......I just don’t like solving them” -Matthias

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    No no no it’s not never eat soggy watermelons it’s new elephants swing whistles

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    Am I the only army that thought about the bts dolls when they said you can customize doll figures

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