Trying NUDE Makeup...But What IS Nude?! | Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina
So what exactly is the meaning of "nude" as it relates to makeup? I try a bunch of products in the shade nude to find out!
Mented Lipsticks
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (my shade is Chai)

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Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :)
Phil 4:13

  • Jackie Aina
    Jackie Aina

    that nude shoe line I told you about can be found here: FYI the shoes run small, I would suggest going a size up!

    • Reni Fasinro
      Reni Fasinro

      Randi Austin christian louboutin

    • I have an incredibly small penis, but
      I have an incredibly small penis, but

      +Randi Austin why does it matter? Why don't you just support brands that are good quality and takes care of their customers?

    • Randi Austin
      Randi Austin

      Jackie Aina is this black owned and run just curious? trying to support my ppls brands

    • Randi Austin
      Randi Austin

      It kills me that LOUIS VUITTON took soo long to come out with red bottoms that match darker skin tones

  • Roshnie B
    Roshnie B

    Same problem with cc OR bbcreams. And yes the nudes lipsticks always make mistakes with that. Just yesturday. I love rihannas Line. She set the tone for other brands and after her faundation launch You suddenly Saw other brands coming up with some darker tones. Just like nude bras and panty's like whoooos nude thank You for making this video 👍🏽 create awareness

  • Glammed By Leilo
    Glammed By Leilo

    It's been 3 weeks sis I'm just watching again 🙃

  • Resha Peregrino-Brimah
    Resha Peregrino-Brimah

    Please try the Mented nude lipsticks and liners. I've heard good things about them!

  • Chelley's Vlogs
    Chelley's Vlogs

    I love those last few colors.

  • Jessica Serio
    Jessica Serio

    Swaaaaggsurfinnn nuuuddeee Oh sis u never disappoint lmao

  • Nat Alia
    Nat Alia

    Tatiana give me those nudes.

  • obi2020

    Foundations called "nude" make the least sense. Should ALL foundations be technically NUDE???

  • milocat0316

    I think it would be nice if a company made makeup for all skin types but COMPLETELY switched the names and made the nude a Neutral or warm deep brown

  • Gabrielle Flewelling
    Gabrielle Flewelling

    Duuuuhhhh Bernice!!! 😂

    • Gabrielle Flewelling
      Gabrielle Flewelling

      To me, when I think “nude” I think like bare skin, so ALL foundations are NUDE! so they ALL should be called “nude” or none. Not just one shade name

  • Cindy Basha
    Cindy Basha

    I call things named nude "Starbucks nude" when it is super white

  • Preksha Patel
    Preksha Patel

    Lmao I literally love Jackie... “why are you always talking about race...” ... on a make up channel... cause it might be important to know your color 😂😂 ❤️❤️ love you Jackie!!!

  • Hannah K
    Hannah K

    I absolutely love you're channel Jackie! You're so fun to watch and It's so important that you talk about race in such a open and well spoken manner. I love learning more about the racial issues in the beauty community in such a way that I can correct and educate people around me when they say ignorant things. Keep on entertaining and educating people with your amazing videos!

  • earthtw23

    Yasss times a million. Stop naming colors that are nude for some people NUDE. Keep making these videos, keep talking about Jackie!

  • Demi Noire
    Demi Noire

    Your eye makeupnis giving me life !!! Is there a tutorial on this ? Xxx

  • Kylie Mac
    Kylie Mac

    The train whistle sent me 💀

  • Luanna


  • R1L3Y73

    I wasn’t expecting that jasmine master video oh Lord I wasn’t ready haha

  • Uyanda Hlomuka
    Uyanda Hlomuka

    loving this video only 5 seconds in,... and Jackie you got to give us a tutorial for this eye look ... it looks stunning

  • SarahClark

    I was waiting for Artdeco from the thumbnail! Never seen it outside of Europe...

  • Loner Lewis
    Loner Lewis

    Love the hair on you 😩😍

  • Ki Ki Hobbs
    Ki Ki Hobbs


  • Naomi

    K auntie jackie I’m living for this mermaid look 😍😍

  • laurensue

    making me makeup-woke. Thank you! But that lipstick looks really good on you. Light colors like that on me look tuuuurible.

  • Savannah Trimble
    Savannah Trimble


    • Savannah Trimble
      Savannah Trimble

      i LOVE IT

  • Loriacent

    If you a lipstick called nude you better change it so collection is called nude

  • Luisa Rewiri
    Luisa Rewiri

    Thank you Jackie, you're as awesome as ever, keeping it real girl ❤❤

  • Jillian Holt
    Jillian Holt

    Can we just get all the beauty gurus together, from the palest pale to the deepest dark, and have them make the world's most inclusive makeup line.

  • Mosi Robinson
    Mosi Robinson

    I love how Jackie speaks her mind, and keeps it real. Boss moves hon.....

  • Ok? Okay.
    Ok? Okay.

    Nude Guipure? So... nude lace? So like naked with a little something? Makes sense.

  • luna a
    luna a


  • Divine Lovey
    Divine Lovey

    Jackie, you're so beautiful and funny 😂😂😂😂

  • Debbie Hill
    Debbie Hill

    I agree, I am a darker tone lady and it is very hard to find a nude lipstick.

  • Shmunbun

    That edit at 10:58 killed me 😭😂😂! You give me life

  • Sweetlip

    Unfortunate that most brands completely ignore darker skin tones. We wear makeup too!🙋🏾‍♀️

  • T

    Nude is such a weird word (on its own) to describe any of it. All foundations are supposed to be nude. It’s such an arbitrary word lol idk if this made sense

  • Ausets Cakes
    Ausets Cakes

    3:04 Ok, ok Jackie, you got me. I felt like I was personally being told off. Subscribed.

  • Brandi J
    Brandi J

    “I want my reparations” 😂😂😂 Sis me too for every foundation at Sephora that they said was my shade and had me looking like trump sister

  • Isabelle Evans
    Isabelle Evans

    i have always wondered this and thought how no one has really questioned it. especially in foundations, "nude" makes no sense as a foundation shade especially, because everyone has a different nude lol

  • Pumla Mathambo
    Pumla Mathambo

    You made me love you! Its your fault... just look at me binge-watching 😳 But you raise a good point. Its awkward when you're hit with the reality that your nude doesn't look as good as the nude you saw on a lighter skinned person... A wider range will be much appreciated.

  • Moné Taylor
    Moné Taylor

    Aunt Jackie you can't see my history tab because it's the 7th so boo ya

  • Cynthia Brogan
    Cynthia Brogan

    If I ever made my own makeup I’d fucking hire you to help me make darker shades because I do not live in a diverse area and would want a diverse makeup line.

  • Mamta Sharma
    Mamta Sharma

    Is Tatianna 'Tati Westbrook'? LOL

  • Naomi Greene
    Naomi Greene

    Listen i live for your videos. When you create your own line I’ll be buying!

  • Maiya Norwood
    Maiya Norwood

    you look so good 😍😍

  • Demurely Chic
    Demurely Chic

    3:55 Girl. .😂😂😂😂

  • Ilaria Beechey-Newman
    Ilaria Beechey-Newman

    Thing that gets me about “nude lipsticks” is that even though I’m pretty pale in the grand scheme of things, they’re STILL TOO DAMN LIGHT like child only 0.001% of the population are that light like s w e e t i e give me some colour y’all

  • Arif Valentine
    Arif Valentine

    “Oh they bLEND IN WITH MY BACK SHELF!!” Dead

  • 786 Cosmetics
    786 Cosmetics

    great video

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    Copy Magnet

    the hair looks amazing!

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    Not Bernice and Tatiana 😂😂😂

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    Cheeky Rose

    LOOVE the hair!! the clothes look like scrubs lmao

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    Timmy Otul


  • Narmada


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    Kayla Alvarado

    Shout out to the HBIC🙌

  • Mikah coburn
    Mikah coburn

    because it APPLIES

  • braydeebunch

    i would actually love to see a makeup line where the colour named 'nude' was for brown/dark girls and like 'vanilla' was the deepest shade bc HELLO vanilla beans r brown!!!! idk, i just think it would be so funny and rad to flip the name on their heads and give the traditionally white names to the dark colours. also, the whole ordering from darkest to lightest thing, love when brands do that.

  • **

    Great video. i love nudes lipsticks

  • Leslie Palacios
    Leslie Palacios

    I will forever LOVE YOU SIS for being a voice in the makeup industry for womyn of color!! ❤️✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 stay reppin us 😍

  • Lauryn Alexander
    Lauryn Alexander

    Can you do a natural summer glow look?

  • Lauryn Alexander
    Lauryn Alexander

    2:19 😂😂

  • ericcabrock9

    the lipbar does nude but doesnt name them nudes

  • Shoothemdown

    Can UA-my not suggest this bullshit. I don’t care about this trash.

  • Janai Peters
    Janai Peters

    I'm obsessed with Jackie's intro 😂

  • Nuclear

    I don’t even think nudes look good on white people

  • Corre perra! CORRE
    Corre perra! CORRE

    Veo esta negra... Y me doy cuenta que puedo teñir el cabello sin necesidad de ser blanca :'''3

  • Everyday Bobbie
    Everyday Bobbie

    Bravo Jackie!!!! Tackle all the Bs in these communities. I can’t even begin to tell you the straight Tom foolery that I have to deal with just trying to find nude hosiery for me. And no Jet Black is NOT my nude 😡

  • couchmermaid

    Literally how could you have a makeup channel without mentioning race or skin tone

  • please pee here
    please pee here

    I'm white, but have the hardest time finding a nude. Everything I find with the nude description on it is always too light for me, even concealer. I can't even imagine the frustration darker skinned girls have with this kind of labeling. Brands need to do better and just be clearer with the consumer about how dark or light the product is. Oh, and black make-up youtubers though me how to rock light nude lipsticks.

  • Lexi Blake
    Lexi Blake

    Really enjoyed your message and content in this video. I would love to see more companies make shades that represent people of all skin tones, and appreciate influencers like yourself bringing attention to this matter. I rarely comment on videos I watch, but this one was too good not to. I have also subscribed, and look forward to watching more of your videos in the future.

  • fairmaidenwhite

    I feel bad because my skin is pretty much the colour of your walls and shelves in there - lol! Until fairly recently, I had some of the same problems with makeup as you, only in reverse - everything was waaay too dark and orangey.. I know it's nowhere near as extensive as the issues you have had with "nude" makeup, but I do feel your pain about the beauty industry - they have ignored both of us for long enough!!! 💙💙💙

  • LuckyLondon62

    okay but that ivory nude concealer may still be too dark for me lol

  • Nikii Clunis
    Nikii Clunis

    hair info plz

  • Anya U
    Anya U

    My foundation shades are anything from alabaster to shell to buff. What the hell is buff ?

  • Shameka Grant
    Shameka Grant

    I am a very light skinned African American woman, and to be honest throughout my life I have never paid attention to the makeup tone darker than my own. And I never knew that darker tones were so limited until I started watching you. I just wanted to say thank you for opening my eyes and for all you are doing because I have a 9 year old daughter that is dark skin and because your fight for equality when she is old enough she will not have to struggle with finding options that suite her. So a big thank you from me

  • Zoe McLaughlin
    Zoe McLaughlin

    JACKIE! I THINK YOUR HOUSE IS HAUNTED! 8:39 there is a white thing that went off your screen by your head!

  • Lavencat

    Hey, don’t throw Tatyana’s into this nude discussion 😂 lol

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    Zaria Prout

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    Lopezu ElRoboto

    Sis, keep telling them what's what.

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    Eva Danielle

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    Jhad Elian Magbojos

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  • Lila Foley
    Lila Foley

    “i want my reparations” 😭😭😭

  • Sidra

    I remember when I was younger how odd I thought it was when people of color were described in books their race was always mentioned, but if someone’s race was not mentioned it was supposed to be assumed they were white!

  • monica fleming
    monica fleming

    10:52-10:57! 2🤣🤣🤣🤣😋


    "oh they blend in with my back shelf" xDdd i dieeed this is so accurate

  • Steadlerification

    A shot for everytime Jackie says nude 😂

  • zahra hassan
    zahra hassan

    brands are just saying "this is who we're making products for. and that's it." that's the probleM

  • Audrey Swanson
    Audrey Swanson

    I love that this channel is about so much more than applying makeup. You know how to do it, it's there, but you dive into the issues that so many other beauty gurus ignore. Respect. x

  • Kathleen Moya
    Kathleen Moya

    Hahaha "In one ear and out the spleen"

  • Genevieve Nunis
    Genevieve Nunis

    I just bought a pack of Makeup Revolution's "BARE" collection lipsticks on a whim, and none of them even looked half decent on me! I'm a tanned girl (Fenty 3.3 for scale) and I look so washed out in them! Beautiful shades, but so disappointing - especially the fact they have a good range of foundation colors!

  • rotiag lala
    rotiag lala

    Thank u jackie!!!

  • Tiffini Tucker
    Tiffini Tucker

    Your hair with this neutral background is so nice and calming. Along with your video quality, this video was just so pleasing to the eye

  • Maggie Hattaway
    Maggie Hattaway

    Sis slay tell them what they have been doing wrong

  • Christine Lao
    Christine Lao

    I didnt think you needed a liner for any of them! I thought they all looked gorgeous on you with or without

    • Jackie Aina
      Jackie Aina

      Thanks 💕

  • Bee A. McQueen
    Bee A. McQueen

    Whatever a brand calls straight nude is what they consider ideal

  • Bee A. McQueen
    Bee A. McQueen

    I wanna see a foundation where every single shade is called varying spellings of the word nude like NUDE and Nude and nude.

  • devkitten

    These "nude" products would be to dark for my skin 😂

  • Boogie G
    Boogie G

    I’ve never thought about this. Keep me woke thank you. I love you standing for black woman, I learn so much from you

  • Shawanna BD
    Shawanna BD

    Yasssss I'm so glad you mentioned Mented ❤❤❤❤ I'm so glad I found them! Support Black Owned Businesses! 😍😍

  • Jacob Schleuss
    Jacob Schleuss

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