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Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #97 (React)
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Content featured:
Imagine Dragon Meme Mash
Beatboxing Kitty
Blind Dog
Kid Shoots Self in Crotch
All in My Head
Reporter Mistakes Man for a Woman
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Why are you running:
Why are you running:
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Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #97 (React)


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    • tania luis
      tania luis


    • Ashitaka

      +REACT Can you please do a "Try To Watch This Without Laughing Or Grinning" with Tony Baker’s animal voice over videos?

    • Adam Esegbue
      Adam Esegbue

      You should show more Nigerian comedy

    • Mechanical Spencer
      Mechanical Spencer

      Who is excited for the 100th no laugh or smile challenge?

    • Brave the hedgewolf
      Brave the hedgewolf

      Why not do another challenge called try not to say awww

  • Justdont Giveadamn
    Justdont Giveadamn

    Why are you running! I’ve watched the og movie

  • Libbie Dowling
    Libbie Dowling


  • Martinez Alison
    Martinez Alison

    1:06. I failed

  • Pewsepticplier 7
    Pewsepticplier 7

    0:23 she already failed

  • kojiromusashi13

    That poor kid with the puppo dubbed on had me laughing so hard I couldn't breathe or see 🤣🤣

  • Connor Jdog
    Connor Jdog

    been there kid

  • Elizabeth Sanchez
    Elizabeth Sanchez

    "it's ma'am"

  • Daniel Conn
    Daniel Conn

    Too much Glorie

  • sali abdel
    sali abdel

    2:04 very cute

  • Pushpa Verma
    Pushpa Verma

    6:23 I was not laughting bit this made me 😂😂😂😂

  • fay ali
    fay ali

    “Camila Cabello,please marry me” 🤣

  • Denzel Villa
    Denzel Villa

    5:40 cmon give her that X

  • fbi open up
    fbi open up

    5:05 song please

  • Laylah Broyles
    Laylah Broyles

    If you don’t look at the first video it’s funny

  • Elizabeth Ford
    Elizabeth Ford

    I failed at the jumping cat, my cats do that all the time 😂

  • Hei Tung Lam
    Hei Tung Lam

    I won! (I was playing along)

  • ma 10
    ma 10

    Watched all of the video with a straight face like if you did!!!

  • Dark Knight1524
    Dark Knight1524

    I like laughing at people’s pain :)

  • bakajon7

    This the most amount of people I seen win the a challenge at once

    • jingerstorm

      says alot about the videos.

  • Tommy1703

    You should do a Try not to laugh where they react to one of YOUR OWN TRY NOT TO LAUGH VIDEOS! (If that makes sense)

  • Spanz Klyde
    Spanz Klyde

    The blind dog had me. Jesus CHRIST that's bloody hilarious.

  • KON


  • Vincent Guibert
    Vincent Guibert

    Glorie reminds me of Pheobe from Friends

  • Tom Edëk
    Tom Edëk

    Laugh challenges are getting harder y'all.

  • Keren Rivera
    Keren Rivera

    We stan Glorie!!! Omg she's so precious

  • layan jubran
    layan jubran

    Can you bring the Dolan twins on

    • Ro Dog
      Ro Dog

      layan jubran yass

  • Linda Hernandez
    Linda Hernandez

    Omg Glorie just makes me smile and so in love with her voice for some reason 😆

  • Chandler Williams
    Chandler Williams

  • Chicken McNugget Boi
    Chicken McNugget Boi

    Fun fact : I’m eating McDonald’s chicken nuggets right now lol

  • Jessica Utley
    Jessica Utley

    When you have a blind dog do not move stuff if you laugh your a sicko

  • Lulu Bell
    Lulu Bell

    btw, in that dog vid about the couch, the dog actually was blind...

  • Maki Ordonio
    Maki Ordonio

    5:48 OUU YESS😤❤️ to all the people who said they actually said they actually said that. I’m sure they sing better than you lmao🤣 but at Carson, yes, Camila Cabello please marry me😭

  • Eliachel Goldanen
    Eliachel Goldanen

    Do Freshivackado

  • rachza maleek
    rachza maleek


  • ivan coelho
    ivan coelho

    I’m very happy for Carson, you deserve it buddd

  • Muh Muh
    Muh Muh

    Honestly, how TF do these guys get their videos in this?

  • jrandomyo

    Can anyone else picture “Never Leave You” by Lumidee playing during the dancing kid in pain video? Just me?? Ok...

    • Davorin Jurišić
      Davorin Jurišić

      I think Riverdance would be more appropriate.

  • RDS channel
    RDS channel

    I don't think the video of the blind dog is funny. I think it's realy mean.

  • Avran Fernandes
    Avran Fernandes

    Impossible to make me laugh

  • Avran Fernandes
    Avran Fernandes

    U will never make me laugh

  • David Pasato
    David Pasato

    The two dogs are making me laugh so hard

  • Pixel Girl
    Pixel Girl

    The last one was my favorite!

  • Aracelis Gonzales
    Aracelis Gonzales

    SIPS pee*

  • Aracelis Gonzales
    Aracelis Gonzales

    *Sips tea*

  • Aracelis Gonzales
    Aracelis Gonzales


  • Aracelis Gonzales
    Aracelis Gonzales


  • Aracelis Gonzales
    Aracelis Gonzales

    Eats* cookeis*

  • Aracelis Gonzales
    Aracelis Gonzales


  • Aracelis Gonzales
    Aracelis Gonzales

    *sips tea*

  • Crystal Lopez
    Crystal Lopez

    “The poor puppy dog”

  • ѕтαяѕ вσу
    ѕтαяѕ вσу

    6:49 WTF was that XD?

    • Elfrida Conteh
      Elfrida Conteh


  • Perry Momo
    Perry Momo

    Came for camila

  • Jimin's Lover
    Jimin's Lover

    Where do they hold these things i wa t to be in one of their video's like c'mon

  • Hi fellow Humans
    Hi fellow Humans

    0:18 me in *_life_*

    • Tyrannis Pax
      Tyrannis Pax

      Same. Except for the "do well" part.

  • Quenlin B
    Quenlin B

    “Tik toks are really funny” *_oh my god_*

  • Hollow Bagel
    Hollow Bagel

    5:50 omg they did not do Fifth Harmony like that LMAO 😂😂

  • The Fairy Tale Pony
    The Fairy Tale Pony

    Brianna is a smol precious bean who must be protected at all costs

  • Lena Rose
    Lena Rose

    “Tik tots are really funny looks at me with serious not. Amused face” lol that made me laugh

  • Insane_ Inflame
    Insane_ Inflame


  • amy moorman
    amy moorman

    all for your videos never made me laugh

    • Jason Marshall
      Jason Marshall


  • Abigail Zimmerman
    Abigail Zimmerman Please put this in the next video. I beg you!

  • Katelin Is Here
    Katelin Is Here

    "Gender is in the eye of the beholder" no it's in your genetics

    • Mxrk_02 _
      Mxrk_02 _

      Arthur Marston lol ok

    • Arthur Marston
      Arthur Marston

      Mark Pavlov why don’t you explain it so we will understand...

    • Mxrk_02 _
      Mxrk_02 _

      Red Lemon maybe if you knew what it meant you would understand


    how to win: make the ugliest face you can the whole episode

  • Neive Greetham
    Neive Greetham

    Once I laugh I laugh at everything #i.could not stop laughing

  • pari soufi
    pari soufi

    I never ever ever win these. I'm literally crying right now from laughter

  • The Sammy Army
    The Sammy Army


  • Spotty McScotty
    Spotty McScotty

    It doesn’t seem as much of a challenge when they’re not getting eliminated. Maybe go back?

  • Ashley Risley
    Ashley Risley

    Carson I get told I look like camila cabello (I sort of do) soo you know you can marry me? 😂

  • Ashley Risley
    Ashley Risley

    Anyone know how old Carson is?? 😂😂

    • Idris Λjayi
      Idris Λjayi

      Older than 18

  • Miller Sam
    Miller Sam

    Carson won!!! FINALLY!! Please marry me 😶

  • Billy Fryfogle
    Billy Fryfogle

  • freshavocado

    brianna is adorable

  • Sneha Gopal
    Sneha Gopal

    Love u carson❤❤❤❤

  • AJ

    3:33 sweetest laugh and smile I've ever seen

  • Handel AJ
    Handel AJ

    Im sad for that dog.

  • J. T.
    J. T.

    6:50 What Chelsea??? LMAO

    • Poul Madsen
      Poul Madsen

      J. T.: I replayid it so many times to decipher what Chelsea says but the encryption was too strong, until somebody told me: "I knew it as soon as I knew it was gonna be news bloopers!"

  • Ashitaka

    Can you please do a "Try To Watch This Without Laughing Or Grinning" with Tony Baker’s animal voice over videos?

  • Hailey Wachter
    Hailey Wachter

    Simple I see or hear Imagine Dragons I will click in a second or less! ❤️🆔🐉

  • Laylay CXI!
    Laylay CXI!

    Good for Carson🤣

  • EazyE78

    were those supposed to be...funny?

  • Matt nobody
    Matt nobody

    Where are the funny clips at?

  • kels matthews
    kels matthews

    ethans so hot not sorry

  • Robert the Galaxy King
    Robert the Galaxy King

    I have a lot of friends and i love people but i see that i am wrong beacuse i laughed at that video 1:24

  • Melo Gacha
    Melo Gacha

    *Glorie is too innocent and kind for this world*

    • Robert the Galaxy King
      Robert the Galaxy King

      Ya i know

  • Adam Esegbue
    Adam Esegbue

    You should show more Nigerian comedy

  • TheSSGCorrin

    6:58-7:01 anime traps in a nutshell

  • Jake Liquindoli
    Jake Liquindoli

    Have them try not to laugh at this



    • Jose Luis Diaz
      Jose Luis Diaz


  • Mxrk_02 _
    Mxrk_02 _

    Why are you running got me

  • Sara Gill
    Sara Gill

    Brianna is sooooooo pretty im jealous

  • WR CJ
    WR CJ

    Are you going to ever have a champion's match of people like CaptainSparkles and Jacksfilms?

  • D Fin
    D Fin

    Who ever laughed at that poor dog is just an a##

  • Kristal Qamili
    Kristal Qamili

    im sure you are gonna laugh at this

    • A KH FAN
      A KH FAN

      Not really

  • Oscar A.
    Oscar A.

    Gender is in the eye of the beholder? please stop speaking.

  • Elzi Welzi
    Elzi Welzi

    "This is the kind of humoooor that would be enjoyed by a band guy who doesn't like people!" Glorie really be knocking me out of the challenge barely a minute in

  • Lua Bleah
    Lua Bleah

    Yay Carson!

  • Pink Flowers
    Pink Flowers

    *”Or is it making it better? You never know!”*

  • Slurpzeezz

    React jasser was are sub for english class today we were all telling him arent you from the react channel!!!!!

  • Michael Jenkins
    Michael Jenkins

    Brianna needs to keep that cut. Looks hot AF.