Trevor Noah says firing people for blackface controversies \"doesn\'t solve the problem\"
CBS This Morning
"Daily Show" host Trevor Noah continues to make his mark on late night comedy. He recently introduced viewers to his grandmother in his hometown of Johannesburg to discuss his childhood under apartheid. His grandma said she used to be scared police would take Noah because he was mixed race and interracial relationships were illegal. Noah shares how his family kept him hidden in his memoir, "Born A Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood." Noah joins "CBS This Morning" to weigh in on blackface controversies surrounding Virginia lawmakers.
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  • Kevin Odom
    Kevin Odom

    The media loves to talk about race and does everything to divide us. Gets tiresome

  • 100k YaYa
    100k YaYa


  • Antoi Kirs
    Antoi Kirs

    Trevor Noah just does not do it for me I hope that show gets cancelled

  • Austin p
    Austin p

    Liberals are for abortion..murdering a human being. They say it's her body so it's her right. With that analogy If I want to wear a black face it's MY body and I can do what I want. I don't want to hear about it offending someone. The idea that coloring your face is more offensive than killing a child is ludicrous.

  • Ploh Soe
    Ploh Soe

    Is Noah know that he’s racist inside him. See people who have their own problems but they don’t see it

  • William Hickman
    William Hickman

    In NC

  • makescakes mathaps
    makescakes mathaps

    Trevor is a reflection of those whom, when given the platform can change perspectives. We should be able to discuss this, which is what will be going down at my school The International School of South Africa in Mafikeng. Please join us for our annual J.M Busha Marathon on Africa day

  • Catherine Teresa
    Catherine Teresa

    It only "doesn't solve the problem" if the white people wearing blackface happen to be Democrats.

  • Cody Kauffman
    Cody Kauffman

    Unless their conservatives.

    • MegaGrawp

      Or russian internet trolls

  • Kabelo RAN
    Kabelo RAN

    This South African dude is just Phenomenal. Awesome guy!

  • Kuda Kwashe
    Kuda Kwashe

    Firing someone doesnt stop the problem but its a start

  • Teekayhuey TK
    Teekayhuey TK

    Someone who was all about race in South Africa would see this video and say. "The one that got away"

  • 2 dummies
    2 dummies

    I hate white people I'm not a racist

  • Layla Cicconi
    Layla Cicconi

    Waiting patiently for society's outrage at Joy Behar.

  • Glory be to God the Most High
    Glory be to God the Most High

    Since Trevor Noah wasn’t born in America and doesn’t know the history, intent or horrific impact of blackface then maybe he should keep his opinion to himself.


    Your Grandmother is so cute xx

    • Denny brown
      Denny brown

      that's the point of black American always hate and they want u to love them u have no idea the pain south Africans went was way terrible than even ur hi story just continue to hate us u good for nothing racist person or ur getting these word from the son of ham good luck of stealing other people identity.

  • May Mae Lopez
    May Mae Lopez

    Damnnnnn that smile and Dimples! Mmm mmm mmm. Lol


    ' if we can find things that connect us as human beings, you'll find that many of us are on a similar journey, it's just that we focus on the things that seperate us instead of what brings us together'

  • Opal Smith
    Opal Smith

    He is right.

  • Thomas Casimiro
    Thomas Casimiro

    On his show he constantly attacks what he doesn’t like. Hypocritical much???? He said he’s neither right or left regarding American politics... What a joke. His entire show consists of bashing the right.

  • UHFStation1

    Would black face be offensive if it were proper African pigments of color versus absolute shoe polish black?

  • Ngum Ngafor
    Ngum Ngafor

    Conversation are not enough. What happens after that? The truth and reconciliation commission is SA is now showing itself to have been a shambles. The basic infrastructure of apartheid is still very much there.

  • Necroglobule

    As satisfying as it is to see these peoples' lives ruined for doing such a nakedly stupid and racist thing, Trevor's right. It doesn't solve the problem.

  • michele Sol
    michele Sol

    Don't fool yourselves, Trevor is a hypocrite & just btw in South Africa people of mixed race like him don't like to be labeled (for want of a better word) as being black! They call themseves #coloureds & the majority of them actually hate black ppl!!

  • Sunshine Dilly
    Sunshine Dilly

    Facist antifa, liberal facism, fake news true words

  • Sunshine Dilly
    Sunshine Dilly

    If everyone ignored race would that end racism

  • janwera

    And he is an authority because ...

  • Hansie's Ma
    Hansie's Ma

    Truth & Reconciliation didn't work.

  • Danny Nobody
    Danny Nobody

    That man needs one of dem Nobel prize thingz

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    yeah, black people very thin skinned

  • awsomeabacus

    Why does CBS think his grandmother needs subtitles?

  • David Luffman
    David Luffman

    I find his comedy and outlook on life to be very refreshing..he has a wonderful smile a soothing voice and is very down to heart swells with motion when I think of people being mistreated for the things in life that they can not change..color...race...physical appearance...when you remove the outter layers of skin...the person underneath is very much like everyone else...teach love and acceptance not hate and intolerance to your children and make your community a better place

  • khem127

    Maybe not, but it sure helps weed out some of the crap that we have to deal with. Sheesh Trevor, in order to do that, there'd have to be a change the hearts of at least 80% of the politicians and 60% of the American population. Not gonna happen........, and They asking a mixed race from South Africa???? I love Trevor, but he is not an authority on what's needed in America. Be sure to ask me about the situation in South Africa, and how it can be solved, I'm sure my opinion will hold a lot of weightLOL.

  • omar leon
    omar leon

    Very good point Trevor it's not the photo that is the issue, the philosophy has to change. The conversation must start, continue and bring about change.

  • YS Entertainment
    YS Entertainment


  • Bright Trials
    Bright Trials

    Trevor held the whole room, everyone was truly listening to what he had to say. You can tell that they were connecting with it and processing. It's because he is really good at articulating different topics, he has the charm to inject humour to help levee these serious discussions.

    • Donny Stanley
      Donny Stanley

      I don't watch The Daily Show anymore because I didn't find it as funny anymore. I can't say for certain that it's his fault it might be the direction the show has taken since Stewart left. That said, I will admit that he is charming and articulate and he seems like a sensible person (maybe more sensible than his writers allow).

  • Yodit Stiphanos
    Yodit Stiphanos

    I look forward to reading his book! ❤ 😊Loved his visit with his grandma..very real & humble, that mixed in with his funny humor & his passion to speak up for truth is what makes him stand out & be awesome 😊.

  • Ron Allen
    Ron Allen

    I just love how Demonrats don't practice what they preach, it tells me their social justice nonsense is a ploy to sucker minorities into voting for them. If they really cared about racism and injustice, they would hold everyone accountable, not just use it to destroy the opposition. The Dems are a fraud.

  • Chantelle Clark
    Chantelle Clark

    If I offend my boss i can be fired. If i do anything to jeopardize my companies image, I could get fired. In some states you dont even need a reason! IDK why it should be any different when it comes to racism. this shouldn't even be up for debate. the only reason it is, is because racism is ingrained in our past and present . Racism is acceptable to white people and thats why they cant grasp being fired over it.

  • Jock James
    Jock James

    Truth is stranger than fiction

  • Chantelle Clark
    Chantelle Clark

    haha you can still fire people AND have the conversation. Why is it our job to coddle racist? They are being everything but gentle to us.

  • Lf J
    Lf J

    Trevor I love you !

  • Jennifer Holden
    Jennifer Holden

    But his friend was raped and it's 40 years ago. He's trying to have the conversation about how he felt. Don't shut that down.

  • NecromanciPottamus

    Let's stop being silly here, prejudice for any race is widespread throughout the country. If there's an ethnicity, someone hates it.

  • FliRtyDRchiK

    So weird not seeing him in a suit

  • Jayne Taylor
    Jayne Taylor

    But no one talks about Cindy Hyde Smith who wanted to bring back lynching. They elected her. I love Trevor Noah.

  • Coconut ScienceGirl92
    Coconut ScienceGirl92

    It doesn’t solve the problem but it helps. Now I don’t have to listen to Megan Kelly ever again.

    • Layla Cicconi
      Layla Cicconi

      +Coconut ScienceGirl92 Donald Trump is still your President..... you still can't denounce the

    • Coconut ScienceGirl92
      Coconut ScienceGirl92

      +Layla Cicconi Megyn joined our side, so stop stroking her ego, trumptard

    • Layla Cicconi
      Layla Cicconi

      I don't want to hear Joy Behar but that's not gonna happen. She was given a elite hall pass from the left.

  • Ben Redmond
    Ben Redmond

    that's quite a fade-in

  • Jock James
    Jock James

    Trump in black face

  • Hazel and Francois
    Hazel and Francois

    I'm American and my boyfriend is South African. It's really interesting to see Trevor Noah now from both perspectives. By the way, if you're interested, this youtube is our channel :) We just started and would love the support

  • Real Gamer27
    Real Gamer27

    We don't need talks we need laws to protect black people.

  • Bruce Roberts
    Bruce Roberts

    So liberals argue that violent criminals can be reformed and made into contributing members of society. But if a person did a non violent act that offends people today those same liberals want to ruin the persons life. If that is the double standard liberals want to use, then they might as well eliminate incarceration and rehabilitation of criminals and sentence criminals to death because according to liberals there is no way a person can change.

  • Scott BikeDawg
    Scott BikeDawg

    Extremely thoughtful and enlightening.

  • Lora Scott
    Lora Scott

    Im glad they used real people from Africa as opposed to using a différent nationailty or ethnicity. Especially involving Africa.. One of the richist and most beauitiful Country whose people have been robbed by their own government. If hunger were not to exist in a place Afirica would be it. Theres absolutley no reason that beautiful country should have so many inflicted with both curable and non curable diseases with people dying from hunger and Aids. The government corruption is the only answer I see aside from rebels but in the story who are the good guys aside from Africas people? The land produces food amd abundant in riches. Her people suffer and it hurts my heart!! God Bless Africa and her people may they rise up claim to claim Her bounty and overcome tyranny by standing together in solidarity with Gods grâce. Still my heart aches and as I further I investigate Im angered by the litte girl only 8 takes care of her mother feeds and clothes and cleans the plates both have aids and she cries not from aches but Im so hungry she states. It replays over and over in my head, in the morning when I dont feel like getting out 0f bed. Then again just paat 300 when it is time to eat and dont feel like cooking letting my systemic Lupus get the best of me. I think thats why the culture astonishes me when a woman carrying a basin and youngin whose months add up to 3 walks 5 miles for water creates a fire to warm it for the babys bath yet she cannot see. Suddenly I hadnan epiphany that while hardship makes you stronger but you can.either be ressentful or appreciative that always more to lose regardless of how much you think you have already lost. Sending love & Prayers

  • Erica Stone
    Erica Stone

    I always find biracial man understand racism with depth and intelligence.

  • Bianca McBride
    Bianca McBride

    Still washing around the issue people. Trevor gave you the solution sorry it's to hard to bear but it's some peoples TRUTH not really funny.

  • SeekTheGreatness

    Yes firing people for blackface does solve the problem because it will happen less. Racist-apologetic baiting headline.

  • BillyBrains Folse!
    BillyBrains Folse!

    Come to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. There’s a whole black face parade. Nobody cares. Just something for y’all to use to brainwash ppl.

  • Tanya Karazan
    Tanya Karazan

    I just love him. Intelligent funny aware and good looking. Ps the book is sooo good

  • Cecilia Norris
    Cecilia Norris

    I cant takeca comedian seriously on something this serious. He's just a celebrity trying to sell a book. A true crony capitalist. Good job CBS on your typical puff piece.

  • Dyan


  • ExquisiteCoils

    Trevor provided zero solutions to racism in America. He should stick to dealing with racism and the after effects of apartheid in South Africa. I, as an #A Meehan Descendant of Slaves, with deep roots in America, will never listen to the likes of him struggling to grasp the severity of negative image of my people here. He's a black immigrant with a pedestrian grasp on the history of blackface in America. He sure makes his audience feel good about themselves. Truly one of the most unfunny comedians I've ever had the displeasure of listening to. I wonder if I could go to his home country and discuss apartheid with the same arrogance displayed by him?

  • Floordford

    We need to celebrate our similarities instead of focusing on differences. Worldwide. We are all on an island in space.

  • nakfx134

    Trevor is so damn intelligent!

  • prudence malinga
    prudence malinga

    I saw many black men with the white face,are they racists? White chicks Snoop Dog

  • QE oo
    QE oo

    Talk. To right leaning blacks. Thank you. Goodbye.

  • M Valdez
    M Valdez

    Love to his Grandma! What is this "flying squad"?? Sounds like sci-fi rips from Reality!

    • Shoshanna Schoeman
      Shoshanna Schoeman

      It's a police squad, like the K9 unit/squad.

  • Nd O
    Nd O

    Yes it does. It tells white ppl that racism is a fireable offense

    • Meldrick Edwards
      Meldrick Edwards

      It tells *all* people that racism is fireable offense.

  • Ramon Luis
    Ramon Luis

    Worthy replacement for Jon Stewart...I didn't think there could be one.

  • Gloria Kirabo
    Gloria Kirabo

    Trevor is intelligent!

  • Joseph

    wow trevor is awesome and has done so well. he's taking the high road on this issue, sure. but, the thing is, if someone is a hateful racist, that person has no business being employed to serve the public using our hard earned money! of course, we are allowed to wear blackface, and to even defend it as not racist, whatever! But the day is starting to dawn when americans are starting to realize just who is picking up the check, and we come in all colors and sexes. ....and if it's what i think it is....I LOVE IT!!! lol

  • Rodney Nxumalo
    Rodney Nxumalo

    Who are the ones that dislikes this?

  • Kaylin Froehlich
    Kaylin Froehlich

    Racism is also going to be reinforced if we cast stones so quickly. The only way to end racism is to say it's wrong and then forgive. Race in those most susceptible to racism is only otherwise seen as a divide and punitive. And no one chooses a stick over a carrot.

  • Jan Thorne
    Jan Thorne

    Ag, mama. Hy lyk so oulik.

  • Kevan Valentine-platt
    Kevan Valentine-platt

    Trevor noah isnt funny in the slightest and he's racist against white people

    • Ms Peggy Lee
      Ms Peggy Lee

      +Kevan Valentine-platt LMAO again, your opinions - keep em coming - you can do better than that - come on 😂

    • Kevan Valentine-platt
      Kevan Valentine-platt

      +Ms Peggy Lee 'you're opinion' was funny too clearly only dumb people think he's funny

    • Ms Peggy Lee
      Ms Peggy Lee

      +Kevan Valentine-platt LMAO😂

    • Kevan Valentine-platt
      Kevan Valentine-platt

      +Ms Peggy Lee no its fact he's not funny in the slightest

    • Ms Peggy Lee
      Ms Peggy Lee

      +Kevan Valentine-platt You're opinion, right? Who makes you laugh? People in UA-my comments?

  • Nepoleon

    I just have to point this out. I keep hearing all this talk about "Black Face." What about all those years back where black people made themselves look white? I even remember Dave Chappelle doing an episode where he paints his face white to take a loan from a bank run by a white man. What about this reverse racism? This is coming from a Democrat.

    • Hansie's Ma
      Hansie's Ma

      You might just be the stupidest democrat I've ever come across. And because you're this stupid, there is no point in trying to explain why what you have said is by far the stupidest comment I've read... today! And you can't even spell Napoleon right.

  • Food Curls
    Food Curls

    Great guy!

  • Josue166

    Very inspirational. Wise beyond his years

  • The Thoughts of Dani P.
    The Thoughts of Dani P.

    Of all the things he said during this interview you chose the caption you chose. Further pushing YOUR propaganda.


    That idiot Marxist Trevor Noah would have something different to say if it were a Republican in blackface. Total BS.

  • BIG MO
    BIG MO


  • QueenxofxthexBurbs

    Liam is DISGUSTING. Hunting down someone just because they’re black is racist. Full stop. It happened in the past yet he felt comfortable enough to tell that story. No. He does not get a pass. I’m sick of the white media trying to get black people to feel sorry for racist.

  • QueenxofxthexBurbs

    I read his book and it’s excellent.

  • Conscious Wright
    Conscious Wright

    The strange thing is that Virginia apologized for slavery. Yet, the governor won't apologize for being in Black face, and thinks that dressing as Michael Jackson as a White man was acceptable.

  • Erik Gomez
    Erik Gomez

    LOL of course, mainly because everyone that has worn it is a prominent democrat

  • Rosa Evangelista
    Rosa Evangelista

    I'm prejudice, not racist there's a difference. I don't like nobody who don't love GOD first and foremost, I don't like Amelec, I don't like Ishmael and I don't like Esau

  • Wladyslaw Tyloch
    Wladyslaw Tyloch

    He is OPPORTUNISTIC halfcast and CREATIVE LIAR!!! Cape Town was full of “colourds” and they all should be in jail? Who was “catching” two years old children ? There was a time in 60, 70’s when mixed couples were badly treated by both- whites and blacks... In 80’s my “friends” and their black “girlfriends” were arrested because they were throwing laud, drunken parties and annoyed neighbors, reported them... He is not the VICTIM OF APARTHEID, HE IS BENEFICIARY OF APARTHEID!!!

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow

    Guys we had these conversations and there are still racists on both sides. Sitting around a table and talking doesn't help

  • Abraxas Voice
    Abraxas Voice

    Such a great, smart and noble human...#1!!!

  • Jonathan Williams
    Jonathan Williams


  • aime dave
    aime dave

    Well hardly will mixed race kids get racism from their black part ......

    • Meldrick Edwards
      Meldrick Edwards

      Do you have any statistics to back up thst claim?

  • Jason Rojas
    Jason Rojas

    I love this guy!

  • patrick mulligan
    patrick mulligan

    suddenly he feels this way since it involves democrats (including joy from view)

  • Vikter DaMystroh
    Vikter DaMystroh

    I also had fantasies about killing whites lol

  • K C
    K C

    does keeping them in office make it better?

  • Moddibo

    South Africa Arpatheid is different than slavery in the US. There is no need for talk. The people involved in slavery died a long time ago. It is too late now, just move on!

  • Dare Jones
    Dare Jones

    But now I don't trust Liam Neeson. Never know when he'll change his mind

  • Frangiscu Custanza
    Frangiscu Custanza

    ABOLISH THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE - pass it on 1 person 1 vote. Each and everyone one of us count. So should each and every one of our votes. End the hyprocracy. As it is the ELECTORAL COLLEGE can put whoever they want to regardless of their constituents totals. There are conservatives and liberals everywhere in every state. ¿why should a person in wyo have 3.5x the vote as a person in California? With the ELECTORAL COLLEGE Freedom is just an illusion.

  • Irish Claddagh
    Irish Claddagh

    first he is gorgeous, second he is so well spoken, and third, he is so rational....gotta love him no matter what...if you haven't read his book, please do, regardless of race its a great read.

  • mnjsbdjkshdw tomlinson
    mnjsbdjkshdw tomlinson

    blackface is disgusting . i love whiteface and i dont have to wear anything ever . yes yes yes yes WHITEFACE RULES !!!