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Trae tha Truth - I'm On 3.0 (Official Video) (feat. T.I., Dave East, Tee Grizz...
Download the album: "Tha Truth, Pt. 3". Out now!
Music video by Trae tha Truth performing I'm On 3.0 (Official Video) (feat. T.I., Dave East, Tee Grizzley, Royce Da 5'9", Curren$y, Snoop Dogg, Fabolous, Rick Ross, Chamillionaire, G Eazy, Styles P, E-40, DRAM, Gary Clark, Jr. & Mark Morrison). 2019 ABN / EMPIRE

  • James & Ishira McIntyre
    James & Ishira McIntyre

    Thaz tha longest intro/skits to n E40 song ever

  • Dayshawn Glynn
    Dayshawn Glynn

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  • MDown4Minez3577M

    They had my boy Mozzy at 0.22 and Nipsey at 0.45 RIP Nipsey

  • Rasko Feeld
    Rasko Feeld

    Nipsey hussle :XXXX unlimited,timeless

  • Rashad Mabon
    Rashad Mabon

    Fab destroyed this more than anybody they lucky Wayne or Eminem wasn’t on it

  • Dillan Kersh
    Dillan Kersh

    RIP NIP 0:46 half of you probably didn't know he was in the video.

  • koolio0900

    trae tha truth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A A
    A A

    Fabulous is the best

  • Иво Добринов
    Иво Добринов

    Its amazing how you keep connecting so many great people in those songs! I write this from Bulgaria, you should know all of you have fans on the other side of the world!

  • Sovereign Principal
    Sovereign Principal

    I totally Love this ❤✨💚

  • 97 Tone
    97 Tone

    g-eazy is a waste of beat in this

  • David Hodges
    David Hodges

    Bruh chamillionaire part is beyond flames!!!!!!! Straight ⛽

  • Kenisha Washington
    Kenisha Washington

    Wish Nipsey, Kevin Gates, Zro, & Bun B was in this!!!

  • Devin Boysen
    Devin Boysen

    Haven't listened to trae since he left Z-ro

  • Qua Lane
    Qua Lane

    Everybody went hard on that song 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥 the legends 👑👑

  • Harold Hebert Jr
    Harold Hebert Jr

    We got to put Nipsey Husle on this. Wow. R.I.P. Big Homie.

  • Jaime Martinez
    Jaime Martinez

    0:45 #RipNipsey should of had a verse on here

  • Draco

    Nip would’ve kilt this beat

  • JeremyGfinite

    Why does Trae always spit truth?! Dumb it down maybe for $ lol? Stay Up Y'all. Theres a whole lotta water out there in THAT ocean. But it cant sink you're ship until it gets inside... Dont Let That Water Get Inside. Love, and Help You're Brother and Sister Around The Way

  • Toronto416

    One of the most suspect outros in hip hop video history!

  • Wess Dogg
    Wess Dogg

    Too many G to list 💯👊🏽🙏🏽

  • Ruben Nunez
    Ruben Nunez

    Chamillionaire was the best part. Just seeing him back 🔥💯

  • Keron M
    Keron M

    NGL I spent the whole song waiting for Gary Clark Jr. to spit a verse.

  • Young Rosa Garvey Assata X King
    Young Rosa Garvey Assata X King

    STILL feel like Nip would've been 🔥 on this RIP to that Devine Masculine of a man #TMC

  • Chanda Nov
    Chanda Nov

    DAMNNNNN! Thank you for the real rappers, and real struggles, real music!

  • Chanda Nov
    Chanda Nov

    DAMN, all the real rappers - Wish Nipsey was on here to ! Haa

  • Building 9
    Building 9

    Soooooo is this the new mason list?😶i remember Jay Z making an Album similar to his 3rd degree cross over...just wondering..

  • Blu Jay
    Blu Jay

    Its 5am and i ran into this randomly i cant complain best way to start the day off

  • Jay Will
    Jay Will

    Came just to hear chmillionaire

  • Ricardo Velez
    Ricardo Velez

    Nipsey should have had a spot on this song

  • South Carolina
    South Carolina

    T.i. and E 40 verse was necessary

  • Yung Jones
    Yung Jones

    Got damn. Idk this would be fire like this

  • PriceTag Official
    PriceTag Official

    San Antonio Love! I'm gonna be on I'm On 4.0, I gotta be!

  • Odin Seeberg
    Odin Seeberg

    All love

  • Deo BfL
    Deo BfL

    Soul Musik

  • Jorge Francis
    Jorge Francis

    Wtf too much rapper's on a slow track

  • KuteKawaiiKitty

    Missing zro though....wish they'd quit the beef! Save me the best of 4 last E 4 0! Yall late though, this song been out

  • Marcell Gallman
    Marcell Gallman

    Why the Homosexual part last 1..dude holding phone Sound Sweet as Fuc talk bout "no baby" and then old boy wearing them Skinny jeans Doing that Feminine dance..That shit need To Be Removed from The video..Big UPS to Trae The Truth for Getting Brothers together on this Song Though..

  • fuccwitmeuknowigotit

    E-40 the best that Eva did it and got away with it. On another note how the fucc does this have 13k dislikes?

  • Gerry McVeigh
    Gerry McVeigh

    Born in 1974 August 2nd ... thanks 🤔

  • queen row
    queen row

    this is soooooo good🙏

  • mcfc

    Lord Sears Special got me here

  • mcfc

    E40 on this!!!! The best!!!

  • Jacob Houston
    Jacob Houston

    Chamillitary mayne....... The game NEEDS you back cham. Please drop some new shit

  • LoveCamping313

    Recording in 8K LUL whats the point when the video is 720p

  • FortWorthFabian

    Rip Nip

  • Buta Fly'd
    Buta Fly'd

    Love this

  • Allen Peterson
    Allen Peterson

    Nipsey 💙 Hussle- 0:45

  • Alex mendivil
    Alex mendivil


  • Tee Smith
    Tee Smith

    Long Live Nipsey!!

  • Biologialation Chem
    Biologialation Chem

    koopas first 20 seconds was the one of the realest lines to ever be spoken

  • Biologialation Chem
    Biologialation Chem


  • Rose


  • Jayhob Ackluhammad
    Jayhob Ackluhammad


  • Khiry Jones
    Khiry Jones

    Fabulous..killed it. Ka-million! What's good. What a way to step back through.

  • 24 SAV
    24 SAV

    Why people all over chamillionaire he only had one good song ‘Riding Dirty’ thats it

  • Delbert Hardin
    Delbert Hardin

    Chamillionaire part though

  • Delbert Hardin
    Delbert Hardin

    A really listen to Fabulous that n**** went in

  • Monika Thomad
    Monika Thomad

    Awesomeness at it's FINEST!!!

  • Nelson RX
    Nelson RX


  • Soloman Johnson
    Soloman Johnson

    Rest In Power to a REAL ONE!!! 0:44

    • Kesareah Guntz
      Kesareah Guntz

      R.I.P NIP The Hussle man 💯💯

  • Genesys H
    Genesys H


    • Kesareah Guntz
      Kesareah Guntz

      Boy this shit go hard wym

    • kafula mulenga
      kafula mulenga

      You are trill!!

  • Matthew Teasdale
    Matthew Teasdale

    i'llest Track eva MADE Im on 🔥

  • Jesse Spellmeyer
    Jesse Spellmeyer

    40 and Ross killed it!!! dope af

  • Wanderson Oliveira
    Wanderson Oliveira

    T.I, Snoop Dogg e Chamillionaire Verdadeiros OGs.

  • M e t h O d
    M e t h O d


  • Obie Flice
    Obie Flice

    Joe in there lookin stuck up LMAO

  • Lilboss Gordon
    Lilboss Gordon

    Lil Snupe!!! God is good🎶🎶🔥🔥🔥 yes broo!!!

  • brenon williams
    brenon williams

    Rip Nipsey

  • Mousse Parfait
    Mousse Parfait

    T.i. STAY tryna make his voice sound deeper than what it is..🤦🤦

  • Courtney Thrower
    Courtney Thrower

    Who saw nip in the first verse#rilNip

  • Brandon Thompson
    Brandon Thompson

    Y'all really sleeping on wordplay!? Chamillionaire was fire but Fabolous killed it!

  • David Rosa
    David Rosa

    Yo Styles P 2020🔥🗡️

  • Retrro Augiie
    Retrro Augiie

    Best rap song of 2019 just wish Tip had a longer verse

  • Maikon Moraes
    Maikon Moraes

    Vim aqui so por causa do Chamillionaire

  • Godson night
    Godson night

    This is what music becomes when rappers stop beefing...period.

  • latashia hale
    latashia hale


  • latashia hale
    latashia hale


  • latashia hale
    latashia hale

    this song is classic

  • wally1162

    People slept on fabs word play.

  • Kilo Kee
    Kilo Kee

    How you gon have mozzy in the video but not on the track😑

  • Aaron Jerome
    Aaron Jerome

    I always been for what’s right,maybe that’s what’s wrong!🥃🔥🔥🔥🔥”The Counsler”

  • Jesse Luciano
    Jesse Luciano

    0:44 we miss you bad already rest easy big bro smmfh

  • Young OG
    Young OG


  • Israel Rivera
    Israel Rivera

    Styles should've been 3rd... With 32 bars instead of Syracuse N.Y. 315...💯💯💯...

  • Carlos Horton
    Carlos Horton

    Put sum respek on Houston ya dig

  • Trenard Williams
    Trenard Williams

    All the verses was great and truthful

  • Trenard Williams
    Trenard Williams

    Hands down E-40 had the best verse on this song "Never Sold My Sole"

  • shanty lightbourne
    shanty lightbourne

    This beat got me feeling so mellow I could ride to this fr

  • Jonnyy Rage
    Jonnyy Rage

    I havent seen this many rappers I love on one track in forever. 9 mins long and the longer you listen the better it gets. Damn this was the shit.

  • Gregory Alford
    Gregory Alford

    Man this song got me feeling some type of way right now.....

  • Slav Dog
    Slav Dog

    Styles-P and Chamillionaire killed it as usual

  • Slav Dog
    Slav Dog

    How he get them traps

  • Emily Rigby
    Emily Rigby

    Inshallah whilst sat next to booze rick Ross is a fat confused rat

  • Genius Of GTA
    Genius Of GTA


  • 46611102

    R.I.P Nipsey Hussle

  • Ash2Ashes Official
    Ash2Ashes Official

    Nipsey should've been on this too! R.I.P Nip! ❤

    • James Gordon
      James Gordon

      Ash2Ashes Official exactly what I was thinking 💯

  • Joe The Taurus
    Joe The Taurus

    0:47 Rest In Peace 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Robert Ouko
    Robert Ouko

    Rest in peace nipsey hustle....ur on up there☝️☝️

  • muzik97214

    that Nipsey cameo tho 0:45