Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer
On the road of life there are old friends, new friends, and stories that change you. Watch the new trailer for Toy Story 4 now, in theatres June 21.
Woody has always been confident about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called “Forky” to her room, a road trip adventure alongside old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy. Directed by Josh Cooley (“Riley’s First Date?”) and produced by Jonas Rivera (“Inside Out,” “Up”) and Mark Nielsen (associate producer “Inside Out”), Disney•Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” ventures to U.S. theaters on June 21, 2019.

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Copyright: (C) Disney•Pixar

  • Loler Alhashem
    Loler Alhashem

    I wonder what my toys are doing now?

  • Mayra Ortega
    Mayra Ortega

    Yo soy. fan de toy. ystori

  • Reggie Tjahjadi
    Reggie Tjahjadi

    I feel bad for woody..

  • 개새기 문재앙
    개새기 문재앙

    good bye woody..

  • Mario26

    Woody lost again like in toy story 2

  • Arturo Am I can
    Arturo Am I can

    I love the Toy Story sequels.

  • Jett Dunford
    Jett Dunford

    OK disney, in 12 years I expect a toy story 5

  • Yên Phạm Thị
    Yên Phạm Thị

    I know it

  • Sustenance

    I truly believe Pixar made this film to have enough money for their next era of original films.

  • Strongest Avenger
    Strongest Avenger

    I just watched it I hope there will be toy story 5 I want to see All Andy's toys meet Andy, and tell Andy what they did to him all the time.

  • Space and Time.
    Space and Time.

    Toy Story 4 is one of the best of all time! trust me.

  • Hamish Wilson
    Hamish Wilson

    Man how the hell are they gonna manage to do a toy story 5 after this, there really can't be a way to do that after this right?

  • Lorena David Goez
    Lorena David Goez

    En este tráiler se ve a boo 😱😱😱

  • Leonardo Lopes
    Leonardo Lopes

    Lol boo on right side 0:04

  • Bub Gaming
    Bub Gaming

    The ending of this movie was so sad :(

  • Laptop Gamer
    Laptop Gamer

    Endgame: I love you 3000 Toy Story 4: To infinity and beyond

  • Pokémon Master Eddie
    Pokémon Master Eddie

    Toy Story 4 ending literally made me cry thank you guys for making my childhood 😊

  • Christopher Ragas
    Christopher Ragas

    Am i the only one that likes bo ?

    • Christopher Ragas
      Christopher Ragas

      Lol thanks for the like that was my first like

  • Merceedes Garcia
    Merceedes Garcia

    I am so exited for the fourth one

  • bukan toxic
    bukan toxic

    please dont make toy story 4 is the last one of the movie, i'm begging you pixar 😭😭😭😭😭

  • The Mailman
    The Mailman

    *_WhY CaNT WE JuST hAvE ToY StoRY 3's EnDinG_*

  • Josh Kutchulis
    Josh Kutchulis

    NOAH Huc

  • TheMapleParadise

    get it over and let it go ...

  • Aaron Yong
    Aaron Yong

    Great. This is just. Great. The trailer spoiled the movie.

  • Me rcy
    Me rcy

    To infinity.....

  • Me rcy
    Me rcy

    Is it wrong to have a crush on Bo, although she's just a toy


    you have to follow your intervoice

  • I XS4MUR41X I
    I XS4MUR41X I

    To Infinity...

  • Lebron Antetokounmpo
    Lebron Antetokounmpo

    Toy story 4 is here what about cars 4??

  • Charmaine Nyathi
    Charmaine Nyathi


  • May force Be with YOU
    May force Be with YOU

    Toy Story 3: ENDING for all toys Toy Story 4:ENDING for all woody heart.... Best ever toystory what pixar doing in this toystory4...more emotional and good storyline...

  • Mythical Creature
    Mythical Creature

    Buzz: what would woody do. Piggy bank: Jump out of a window

  • Muhammad Tarmizi Al-Farabi
    Muhammad Tarmizi Al-Farabi

    I've Watch This Movie, I Feel So Exited


    this is basically the same plot as 3 isn't it?

  • His Sunflower
    His Sunflower

    Best movie ever!!!!!!!!!❤️💯

  • ابو عدي العماري
    ابو عدي العماري

    Bo binfitityyyy band beyond

  • Roy Septian
    Roy Septian

    If toy story 5 coming in June 2025 30 year old me : HOLD MY DEADLINE

  • Neil Maxwell
    Neil Maxwell

    Im taking my kids to see this at the weekend. It seems like yesterday My Parents took me to see the first one

  • Kurt Bansag
    Kurt Bansag

    I was 5 years old when the 1st toy story came out now I am 29

  • 홍유희

    Bonnie never want Woody😭😭So he need to leave her

  • Arish Maknojia
    Arish Maknojia

    Today there were only 9 people in the entire theatre

  • Google User
    Google User

    As a 26 year old man I cried. I grew up watching this wondering what its like to be an adult.

  • Yui Uiui
    Yui Uiui

    *That's why I Love my Toys... Because of This Movie... (Well every Toystory Movie)* 😌😌

  • H11 forev
    H11 forev

    For the update

  • trimargi handayani
    trimargi handayani

    Do you like toy story ? Yes:like No:comment

  • Majed Nasser
    Majed Nasser

    This thing is a Miracle that came from the sky to ALL OF Us

  • despicableali

    It's going to make me cry, isn't it?

  • Dead by daylight - gameplays and other
    Dead by daylight - gameplays and other

    Soo... they won't make Toy Story 5?

  • Iqra Noor
    Iqra Noor

    I am whiteing for this carton

  • Darren Forbes
    Darren Forbes

    I did a piano cover of the theme song

  • Jimin is my cutie pie
    Jimin is my cutie pie

    Watching Toy story and the Lion King are two of the best childhood memories I have. I was overcome with nostalgia while watching toy story 4. It even made me tear up.

  • Suhanda Abel
    Suhanda Abel

    Mau nonton

  • Kawaii cho cho
    Kawaii cho cho

    I watch this an hour ago in Cinema June 26 Wednesday 2019

  • mhmd Nassealdeen محمد نصرالدين
    mhmd Nassealdeen محمد نصرالدين

    Bo is back what about the soldiers

  • drmuffin1080

    Wow this trailer was nowhere near as good as the movie 😂

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman

    Boring and Lame story

  • xXbarZ ded
    xXbarZ ded

    The end is sad i cried 😞

  • raj superduperplushieboy
    raj superduperplushieboy

    Pixar I f hate the ending of toy story 4.i love it but that's messed up.why u do that to woody.srry if I spoil movie but Woody chose gf(boo)bthan friends.plz make toy story 5 or else i make my own

  • SMOK3LOC 73
    SMOK3LOC 73

    Woodey left the group at the end of the movie prob not gonna b a number 5 now spoiler alert

  • Captain Virtu
    Captain Virtu

    Wait is sporky held together with gum or that white mold stuff that kindergarten teachers used to hold the calendar to the wall

  • Kyara Vluggen
    Kyara Vluggen

    The dislikes are the toys that didn't got choosed

  • Dominic Aquino
    Dominic Aquino

    Disney bout to make forky $24.99 in the Disney store

  • Peter Stephens
    Peter Stephens

    If Pixar make toy story 5 or Xmas toy story special see Woodie and Bo peep turn into humans by Santa claws wish magic at end of story saving everyone including his family from mad villain in future film

  • Angel Paredes
    Angel Paredes

    At 2:12 the jump of caboom is not like the movie’s jump the movies jump had him with something on his back but on the trailer he doesn’t

  • Angel Paredes
    Angel Paredes

    Buzz: To infinity? Woody: And beyond! ❤️❤️

  • ToddMarcusFan TeamNoStall 123 AUTTP ATHDTC
    ToddMarcusFan TeamNoStall 123 AUTTP ATHDTC

    They don’t need to worry about Woody anymore 😭😭😭😭😭

    • ToddMarcusFan TeamNoStall 123 AUTTP ATHDTC
      ToddMarcusFan TeamNoStall 123 AUTTP ATHDTC

      veryrarealex I’m seeing if it will get lots of likes and I got something in mind. Toy Story 4: *Exist* Toy Story 2: *am I a joke to you?*

    • veryrarealex

      ToddMarcusFan TeamNoStall 123 AUTTP ATHDTC just finished the movie and yeah 🥺

    • ToddMarcusFan TeamNoStall 123 AUTTP ATHDTC
      ToddMarcusFan TeamNoStall 123 AUTTP ATHDTC

      veryrarealex :( but I made this for a reason.

    • veryrarealex

      ToddMarcusFan TeamNoStall 123 AUTTP ATHDTC 😔😔

  • Fanbeautygirl

    Gabby gabby made the whole mess for nothing:(

    • veryrarealex

      Fanbeautygirl facts

  • Jackson Sutherland
    Jackson Sutherland

    l love this movie

  • Kevin Rodriguez
    Kevin Rodriguez

    Dont remember it to well but Didn't andy tell bonny he was coming back for his toys and to watch over them while he was at college? So he wont see woody when he gets back

  • Arnold Lopez
    Arnold Lopez

    Yo lloré mas al principio con la musiquita que al final.....

  • VLOGS with FITZ
    VLOGS with FITZ

    LOVED THIS MOVIE! Even if you feel like you fulfilled your purpose, it doesn't mean its the end!

  • KnucklesXAkiza

    Thank you Pixar Studio for making Toy Story saga the best Pixar movies. It’s sad that Toy Story 4 will be the final Toy Story movie, but will keep Toy Story legacy alive. :’) Toy Story 1995 - 2019

    • veryrarealex

      KnucklesXAkiza would love to see it happen

    • KnucklesXAkiza

      veryrarealex that’s what I heard about it.

    • veryrarealex

      KnucklesXAkiza really ??

  • Min Yoongi's Hope
    Min Yoongi's Hope

    Literally watched this 2 hours ago and now im depressed

  • Johny Briones
    Johny Briones

    “ To Infinity and my Foot “

  • Chrstine Pinter
    Chrstine Pinter

    I love forky

  • Slices of SIB
    Slices of SIB

    Toy Story Franchise to be honest, will never die out, there is too much DEMAND for it, it is a simple fact. Toy Story 5 coming soon

  • Cyber Greek
    Cyber Greek

    Was I the only one using the person next to me as a tissue at the end of the movie?

  • Zoe Lau
    Zoe Lau

    it’s not like the toys have phones, how are they going to see each other ever again 😭😭 also they just ruined toy story for me knowing that they’re not together. and didn’t andy tell bonnie to keep him safe and now bonnie doesn’t even care about him and LOST HIM

  • Pan Pan
    Pan Pan

    this year is the 24th anniversary of toy story

  • Hamish Wilson
    Hamish Wilson

    And I thought Toy story 3 and an emotional ending.

  • 66out 8
    66out 8

    Dude the ending was so sad is he gonna stay? But I am not gonna tell spoilers

    • veryrarealex

      Hdtf Ff maybe

  • Jocelyndelflores

    This trailer just give the full movie smh

  • Renato Encina Corvalán
    Renato Encina Corvalán

    Cómo se llama la canción de el 1:24

  • mcs 7873
    mcs 7873

    Pixar's best sequel since Toy Story 3. Since, well, Toy Story is their trademark franchise.

  • Titan Moses
    Titan Moses

    Took them 9 years let's go

  • Alcer The Demon
    Alcer The Demon

    That ending beat me in the feelings as hard as my dad hits my mom

  • Pauli Castillo
    Pauli Castillo

    I cried with this movie more than I cried with Hachiko The Toy Story 3 ending was perfectly satisfying, why did they have to make a Toy Story 4? And I'm angry, there aren't any Jessie x Buzz moments :v

  • J B
    J B

    Andy’s facial features changed a bit

  • Savannah Cat
    Savannah Cat

    This is rated g and the spork says “WHY AM I ALIVE”

  • Bruno Ferreira
    Bruno Ferreira

    Best of the franchise

  • Enoc Alberto Saldaña Martinez
    Enoc Alberto Saldaña Martinez

    in the second 0:05 in the upper right appears boo, the one of Monsters Inc

  • Der Schwarzbrenner
    Der Schwarzbrenner


  • BroBerry

    Compare this to Toy Story 1.

  • Anne Koonce
    Anne Koonce


  • Anne Koonce
    Anne Koonce


  • X - mations
    X - mations

    In about 10 to 20 years theirs going to be a live action movie of toy story and we know it

  • Beatriz Sanches
    Beatriz Sanches

    Only true toys story fans were able to catch on all the previous movie remarks that were made through out this movie lol !!!

  • Bachir Benazala
    Bachir Benazala

    We want toy story 5 pleas🙃🙃

  • dry tears
    dry tears

    Couldn't watch this till the end at the cinema because there was fight in the screening 😩

  • zuxxy gaming
    zuxxy gaming