Top 11 Cars for the Apocalypse! | WheelHouse
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This week we’re looking at the end of the world! How it might happen, and which cars are the best for the desolate wasteland. Whether it’s a Supervolcano, Zombies or Waterworld, Nolan has a vehicle for everything!
Hosted by Nolan Sykes
Edited by Chance Cole
Animation by Alex I. Rodriguez
Written by Joe Weber
Directed by Zach Redpath
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  • Donut Media
    Donut Media

    I hope you're all having a good Monday so far! What car would you drive through an apocalyptic wasteland?

    • junior cyclist
      junior cyclist

      Donut Media I would use a 2000 GMC Yukon or a heavily modified 4 door Jeep Wrangler

    • Muhammad Abdullah
      Muhammad Abdullah

      F450 or f150 raptors or a military hummer

    • Yeezy

      Tesla model x

    • MelonWater

      a Volkswagen Beetle very round boi or a volvo 242dl very reliable boi

    • Sw Gaming lol
      Sw Gaming lol

      Peel p50

  • mincraft0990

    I’d stay in a airplane so the zombies won’t get you.

  • Anton Hofmann
    Anton Hofmann

    all useless in a full blown atomic warfare, all the electrics will die, that's why i would choose a hilux 2L with mechanical fuel pump, no electrics needed, just a bunch of relays.

  • half eaten PINEAPPLE
    half eaten PINEAPPLE

    I would chose the bmw x6m or a alpine A110

  • Danda Games
    Danda Games

    why buy expensive amphicars just build one of hose amphibious cars from top gear like the Toybota for example

  • Ashish Daimari
    Ashish Daimari

    They have entire city for oil

  • Tyler Breivogel
    Tyler Breivogel

    F150 would blow a heasgasket and leave you stranded. My vote is a honda crosstour

  • Yato Potato
    Yato Potato

    Says AI is one of his biggest concerns and then memes the shit it of it with a damn fire truck

  • Boring___

    Or you can use a ford raptor

  • Kovacs Kovacs
    Kovacs Kovacs

    Amphibious tanks would be good.

  • Kovacs Kovacs
    Kovacs Kovacs

    If it's the apocalypse, then it's already almost too late to survive. So, you may as well just drive around in your dream car.

  • Air gun Maniacs
    Air gun Maniacs

    Get a 1968 m35 a2 deuce and a half

  • D G Roberts
    D G Roberts

    You cracked me up! I was waiting to see what my next car should be only to discover I have 2 of your ultimate cars already in my driveway.

  • Gabriel Vlad Achim
    Gabriel Vlad Achim

    Zombie Apocalypse: A lifted Hummer H1 with Cummins engine,extreme off road tires and 2 miniguns

  • Wayne Miller
    Wayne Miller

    You need a vehicle that can run on any sort of fuel which they have those you need one that's extremely thermally insulated and armor plated which also has its own replenishing power supply and some sort of cooling mechanism so you can keep food and keep the temperature down self-inflating tires that conceal themselves so puncture-proof and some heavy-duty parts we are going to last

  • Wayne Miller
    Wayne Miller

    Okay you just showed Tupac being crucified on the front of the vehicle and made a joke on it can you see how that looks a little racist

  • The potato Party pooper
    The potato Party pooper

    screw type vehicle

  • monsterrun

    According to hollywood jurasic park 1. A t-rex can catch up with a jeep running over 100 km/h. While in recent jurassic park movies a woman with high heels can out run the same t-rex...

  • Marianne Joy Siao
    Marianne Joy Siao

    I have a corolla

  • ap p
    ap p

    The cat is also a 2 stroke

  • lps saatanan pesusieni
    lps saatanan pesusieni

    I need the watercar panther! VTEC!

  • Justin Is Forgiven
    Justin Is Forgiven

    What about a 4.0 liter jeep cherokee?

  • Mrshootinputin

    How the BMPT Terminator?

  • Mario Pop
    Mario Pop

    Miata is always the answer

  • Mr.hashmi

    Electric luxury tank seem the way to go

  • Coochie Consumer
    Coochie Consumer

    Civic hx


    😂 most of these vehicles are in GTA V Lmao 🤣

    • AppleFan 200
      AppleFan 200


  • DRIFT_Denys200810

    Image at 1:56 Every 12 year old: LoOk ItS ThE tErRoRbYtE FrOm GtA!!!

    • Sunflower ღ
      Sunflower ღ

      Also the tank is the one from the Arena wars dlc

  • Aidar Samudinov
    Aidar Samudinov

    Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, not too big, reliable AF, easy to modificate/repair, is everywhere on earth and just siqq.

  • MiniWorldz 14
    MiniWorldz 14

    Garbage truck so you have lots of space and if you grab a dumpster it can hold a couple of gunners inside it also will blend in in any environment and smells like rotting meat so ideal for zombies

  • matthew baisley
    matthew baisley

    Anyone else think of GTA 5 with the boat quad

  • I Hate Broken Games
    I Hate Broken Games

    Speaking of apacolypse and cars: may I introduce to u the game of CROSSOUT. Check it out

  • antony kolony
    antony kolony

    A bicycle: no fuel needed (only food!), easy to repair, can go really far relatively fast! See how the do in third world countries: how they survive with nothing.

  • Berownik 124
    Berownik 124

    Zombie apocalypse, dodge ram or mustang

  • Rogue Angel Tartarus
    Rogue Angel Tartarus

    Not True. I’ve killed a Corolla. 🚗💥🔥

  • //Legacy

    armored lan evo with a tuned 4g? might as well some guns

  • Juan Hanis
    Juan Hanis

    Yea let's just go with vehicles most ppl can't afford


    You wrote PORSCHE wrong and called it wrong

  • Omega 3370
    Omega 3370

    Cummins 3500 ram. With the lack of fuel, I can use just about anything for fuel

  • MrBlonde294

    most important thing in the apocalypse is a safe shit hole

  • john doe
    john doe

    It's clearly the suburban

  • Maggot King
    Maggot King

    I really hope this video is a joke. Anything high tech needs to be maintenance by a professional. Good luck finding that in an apocalypse.

  • Seabass_Sized

    Apocalypse? More like Area 51 raid

  • Left lane FPV
    Left lane FPV

    A ripsaw would be better for zombies since the tracks could help push down and run over a hoard of z heads

  • Sneakerheadzzz

    So the JetSki from GTA is real

  • sparrow

    The mirador is a good vehicle for all of theese accsept for the global warming one

  • sparrow

    Infibias vehicles aren't that good your better off getting a boat and a truck

  • aiden Crawford 2
    aiden Crawford 2

    Yo all the car I know as gta cars

  • Retsel Yawning
    Retsel Yawning

    Ash will clog any ICE

  • Jeep guy North
    Jeep guy North

    I would get a Datsun 510 wagon with a twin turbos v8 super charger and nos 1000 cm motor and air bags and 3 cortor tun axles and 49 inch tall tires and 27 inch rims 10000 horsepower and bogers And and exo cage adintunle roll cage and rilly nise inside of the car

  • AnonymousGaming

    Id use my lifted 99 Jeep XJ

  • Quaytin Jackson
    Quaytin Jackson

    I would say a Ford raptoranda Nissan Pathfinder 2011

    • Quaytin Jackson
      Quaytin Jackson

      Ford raptor

  • Fenicon Fun
    Fenicon Fun

    All I see is gta

  • Alex is a Donkey
    Alex is a Donkey

    Camaro, really any 1 like u said push bar and all that shit, plus it looks ominous too

  • Simon T. Square
    Simon T. Square

    You guys are forgetting the lada. It runs on anything that burns...

  • Emiliano Castrita
    Emiliano Castrita

    Fire stations sometimes have big black military trucks, or at least my towns fire station has 3.

  • Izaak Runnels
    Izaak Runnels

    I’d take an old 4x4 truck. Like a mid 80’s f250 when they first became diesel. Easy to work on, can go anywhere, and can run on oils instead of diesel with little modifications

  • GLaDOS Aperture
    GLaDOS Aperture

    Toyota hilux

  • Honeybager

    1st gen F150 nice, simple and rugged enough

  • Gavin McGowan
    Gavin McGowan

    Why are half of these cars in gta😂

  • perez13691

    I bet the check engine light came on during the advertisement of the quadski 🤣💯


    Love these but my bigger concern is gasoline lol


    Dodge Challenger

  • Tylee Parris
    Tylee Parris

    Is it me or are all the cars he was talking about in gta5..

  • Olga Ivanova
    Olga Ivanova

    918 so that you crash and die before the monster gets you

  • Hench X
    Hench X

    Based on my limited experience, I'd go with something from the early 70s. Our family car used to be a '72 Roadrunner, in the 90s. We got T-boned twice in that car, once by a van and once by a truck. Both times none of us got hurt, the car was a frikkin tank. While the other vehicles had obliterated noses and screaming owners, the worst we got were busted up doors, not even any chassis damage, and the car kept running fine!

  • Adrian De La Cruz
    Adrian De La Cruz

    My pick 2003 Honda Civic

  • Haydn Rzepecki
    Haydn Rzepecki

    2006 Bummer h1 Alpha because it has 2 has tanks and because they were used in the army. 👍

  • Movie Cars
    Movie Cars

    Ecoboost f150: it has okay mpg, easy to find parts, 4wd, high ground clearance Any subaru:great mph, somewhat easy to find parts ,awd, okay ground clearance

  • Counter Elit3
    Counter Elit3

    So basically just get all the gta 5 cars lmao