Top 10 Things You Missed in Captain Marvel
Have you seen Captain Marvel yet? You may have missed some of these finer details.
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It's finally here! At least, the movie to tie us over until Avengers: Endgame is here... Marvel is always stuffing their movies with easter egg after easter egg, and Captain Marvel is no different, with certain moments like a Stan Lee cameo, a Guardians of Galaxy reference and many many more!
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List Entries and Rank:
10. 90s Throwbacks
9. Fury’s Pager
8. Supreme Intelligence
7. “Guardians of the Galaxy” References
6. “The Right Stuff”
5. “Nobody Calls Me Nick”
4. Monica Rambeau
3, 2, 1. ???
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  • Cody Denric
    Cody Denric

    Pure clickbait this is why i unsubbed

  • RizzaXP

    This video is so stupid, nobody missed any of these things. Is this a joke?

  • Jake Astl
    Jake Astl

    Actually, her mother's call sign was "Photon".


    Im really freaked out by that octopus cat

  • Destiny Harris
    Destiny Harris

    Change the title to, '10 scenes in Captain Marvel. Makes more sense.

  • Vítězslav Ureš
    Vítězslav Ureš

    Stop, WatchMojo, just stop it already. Please.

  • Leckermadchen

    Honest title would be "10 Things", ty Jay Exci

  • Angela Ragasa
    Angela Ragasa

    Is that real stan Lee in captain Marvel?? Or something edit

  • WookieBush

    Mojo: Here's something you missed in the Captain Marvel movie: It stars a character called Captain Marvel!

  • Sebastian Rudas
    Sebastian Rudas

    This is shit

  • Builderpy

    Damn I missed the whole movie.

  • Requiem Lord
    Requiem Lord

    “Top 10 thighs you missed in Captain Marvel if you haven’t seen the film or went to the bathroom one too many time during the film”

  • Saeed Sofi
    Saeed Sofi

    Nick fury called themselves as S.H.I.E.L.D where the name wasn't invented in that time, a movie mistake

  • jalwolf23

    Black widow also call fury Nick maybe you missed in captain america the winter soldier

  • Michelle .H
    Michelle .H

    "Things You Missed in Captain Marvel" #10 90s throwback err, nope seeing as I'm an early 80s kid! Clicked out of the video

  • Bluestar43 95
    Bluestar43 95

    Love how they ended this list with Stan lee and that emotional theme that kept playing till the end goodbye Stan lee we’ll miss you

  • Paul Jacob
    Paul Jacob

    Also, captain marvel isn't part alien? where did you get that from? did you watch the same movie were talking about?

  • Paul Jacob
    Paul Jacob

    You got the title wrong, it supposed to say "Top 10 things that were in the movie captain marvel"

  • Andrew Lawgar
    Andrew Lawgar

    Carol was such a horrible actress. Hollywood should seriously write her off from every movie.

  • Victor Dampier
    Victor Dampier

    the first thing you guys never notice was this takes place in the 90s so there's 90s throwbacks you guys never noticed that guys this is WatchMojo we know the stuff you mortals don't know

  • Bruciphers Dungeon
    Bruciphers Dungeon

    10 things I didn’t and won’t miss because I’ll never watch that pile of 💩

  • Daniel Hutson
    Daniel Hutson

    Top 10 things you missed. 1. CGI was Shit 2. Acting was shit 3. Story was shit So shit generically you can't make a 10 reasons list. . . Honestly how many times will the tell the same bloody story in a slightly different way

  • Kha'len McCoy
    Kha'len McCoy

    They didn't have to add that sad music at the end making me emotional

  • labzo12 tanki
    labzo12 tanki

    Captain marvel think she's 'IT'. Comes out of nowhere and tries attracting all the fame. Hate the fact that she was the only one who could put up a good fight against thanos. She just came! All the other avengers have such cool histories. Why did marvel doo that? +a girl! For gods sake she is cringy

  • illuminati

    There is one super-sized massive epic grand mistake that didn't make this list for 1 weird reason. The CAT swallowed the Tesseract. AFTER the movie you come to a scene where the survivors of the culling done by Thanos the cat throws up the Tesseract. So how could Thanos have used the Tesseract while it was inside the cat all that time????????????

  • Dat Meme
    Dat Meme

    WTH is that soundtrack at the end?!

  • Dat Meme
    Dat Meme

    You missed that Brie Larson runs knock-kneed (doesn't look very athletic) and then the CGI is bow-legged.

  • Nazaria {I LIKE CHICKEN}
    Nazaria {I LIKE CHICKEN}

    the movie was great no lie

  • Q

    Hey! All the people saying this is clickbait, it isn’t for me, since I missed all of these! Since I didn’t watch this fucking train wreck of a movie.

  • 1godlessmonkey

    "10 things you missed in captain marvel" #1 She's a villain!

  • Nick Noodle
    Nick Noodle

    Is Samuel l Jackson nick they if so he said Mother f*****

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt

    #1 thing you missed in captain marvel: a way to enjoy it (since that is impossible). #1 thing you understood in captain marvel: the fact that is a terrible movie.

  • fuzzylumkins001

    If one isnt a good story and two isnt fans list is wrong cause the movie sucked so bad comic book sales dropped by 75% thats facts also facts are disney paid to by seats to look like more people came to see it and comic book fans and superhero fans are not sexist we love all kinds and colors to the point doom patrol added a bisexual street to its comics and show and i think its great i love when they go to danny street but i will never watch sjws ruin another show with their sexist garbage get over yourself

    • fuzzylumkins001

      And stay out of our atuff if you want a gay superhero make your own dont try to ruin other peoples creations to make yours better im calling it star wars 9 will be the worst sold because to make the sjw crap they have literally been trying to kill everything good about the old ones to make way for new characters

  • Shonkoi


  • copy cat
    copy cat

    #1. Everything

  • Jayden Calderon
    Jayden Calderon

    Well I missed all of these because I didn’t watch the movie. And I didn’t have to.

  • Lucio Iva
    Lucio Iva

    What a shit video, didn’t miss any of these...

  • blu lukas
    blu lukas

    What happens to furys eye in this movie was trash. His scar was supposed to show why he is an untrusting person instead they play it for laughs.

  • Amanda C
    Amanda C

    Perhaps if Captain Marvel's original identity was kept as Monica Rambeau, Disney would not have to buy out the EMPTY MOVIE THEATERS across the world for this pathetic excuse of a "Captain Marvel Film" thanks to Brie Larson's adaptation. What a shame Disney failed to really diversify and educate the world on who Captain Marvel truly was before Marvel tore her down. Research, educate and embrace your origin stories before you shove this garbage down the throats of the people who know the REAL CAPTAIN MARVEL (Monica Rambeau) and the people who truly need a Hero to look up to.

  • po121op

    i want to see rouge take ms marvels powers in avengers a crazy plot twist

  • Paintocrazy - Art Tutorials
    Paintocrazy - Art Tutorials

    I like Captain Marvel because in most superhero movies, they are hesitant to give the strongest heroes unbridled strength. You can even see Superman and the Hulk straining at times in their origin movies (think screaming and gritting their teeth while lifting something they shouldn't even struggle with). Hulk was written out of Avengers: Infinity War and even Endgame. It's nice to see a hero who is extremely powerful and doesn't hold back or even need to exert herself that much to do what she does.

  • E. Squatch
    E. Squatch

    Stan Lee.....R.I.P.

  • Fross09

    top ten grasping at straws-lists by watchmojo

  • LeRezwarrior

    I missed the movie Like I didn't see it

  • F Lin
    F Lin

    I missed the whole movie Maybe because I don't like Brie that much..

  • Tyler Lewis
    Tyler Lewis

    You forgot that the cat Goose is named after Goose in Top Gun

  • McNylo

    This video is garbage lol

  • AceDriver2012

    I want the second movie Captain Marvel vs Moonstone

  • Virus. exe
    Virus. exe

    Number one: the entire movie cause it sucked

  • liam woods
    liam woods

    Captain marvel was so shit that there's more clips from other movies in this review than the shitty movie it's self

  • DRENS2131

    The whole movie?

  • Carl Stawicki
    Carl Stawicki

    Who else thinks they named the cat after Goose from Top Gun? The cat also resembled Jonesy from Alien. I don't think either of those are coincidences.

    • S R
      S R

      The cat reminded me of Orion from Men in Black

  • Carl Stawicki
    Carl Stawicki

    It was like they tried to force in a 90's reference every *69 seconds.

  • Grigori channel
    Grigori channel

    Thor:i am the strongest avenger Scarlet:no everyone know that i am Captain marvel:dont argue the new avenger is the best All argue Goose the cat from captain marvel eat them,now we all know who is tge best avenger

  • Mini

    Top 10 things you missed because you didn't watch the movie - or you are retarded. Number 10: 90's throwbacks... because this entire movie was set in the 90s. We think you are so stupid tho that you missed this. Number 9: we also think you are super fucking stupid to the point that you didn't know there was a pager. You know, the reason you knew this movie was coming out, cause fury died while pressing it's buttons.

  • Juan Tobar
    Juan Tobar

    Realistic title for this video "Top 10 things nobody missed in Captain Marvel"

  • mummo jolla on kikkeli
    mummo jolla on kikkeli

    Butt double

  • chad

    10 things you may have missed: #10 captain marvel is a girl. #9 nick furry’s real name is nick furry. #8 Stan Lee wrote comic books. #7 super hero’s #6 cats can scratch you #5 comic book purists think the movie cut out info. #4 the movie was filmed #3 captain marvel might be in end game. #2 the avengers are scared of thanos #1 you may have missed the whole f*cking movie if you missed any of this.

  • Craig Dias
    Craig Dias

    I was a fan of Captain Marvel but now that I know shes Openly Gay, Can't respect her the same way as before. Why bring all that LGBT nonsense into Marvel? Disgusting.

  • Dharmesh Mistry
    Dharmesh Mistry

    Here's something you missed. The computer used shows icon's from Windows 2000, however the operating system was not yet released. They screwed that up.

  • ธนานันต์ ธรรมโหร
    ธนานันต์ ธรรมโหร

    Yes, I missed something in Cpt' Marvel, my money and my time for a starter. imagine the movie without Nick Fury, CptMrvl couldn't handle her own movie...

    • S R
      S R

      name one movie you love that stars only ONE character. none of the marvel movies expect one character to "handle" the entire film alone, dumbass.

  • Gabriel Rivera
    Gabriel Rivera

    I watch this 3 days ago

  • Corey Bradley
    Corey Bradley

    i missed the whole movie. cuz its sjw garbage

  • Beth Barclay
    Beth Barclay

    Click bait

  • Tim Crafted
    Tim Crafted

    5 things u missed in captain marvel 5. captain marvel is a hero 4. she subscribed to pewdiepie 3. theres a cat 2. 90s songs 1. a ton of things u didnt miss

  • Ace Destroyer
    Ace Destroyer

    Black Widow sacrifices herself to save the universe. captain marvel gets a boy's haircut them gets bitchslapped by Thanos. Thank you Tony Stark for putting on the Infinity Gauntlet.

  • Will Dill
    Will Dill

    I've been putting off watching this movie until today. It was really good.

  • Isaac Pena
    Isaac Pena

    I noticed that the cat swallow the blue glowing cube and no one mentioned it

  • Lone Star
    Lone Star

    I know what i missed in this movie. A likable protagonist who learns and grows and has character ark and character development. Stuff like that.

  • PuppyStudios 279
    PuppyStudios 279

    Who else ships her and Captain America Edit: no just me ok 👌

    • Link0304

      I don't ship Captain America with shit...

  • Ysa Del Monte Sabit
    Ysa Del Monte Sabit

    I know we all have opinions on CM movie. But you missed the point. The directors of the movie said it themselves that this character is the strongest. You are not liking the movie just because she doesn't have weakness. How could you say that? Do know how depressing it is to do something you really want. And everyone else is telling you, you can't do it? Or it doesn't suit you? Or no one believes in you? If you dont know how that feels. Then congratulations. And now you're here telling other people they have low standards for liking the movie? Like, really?

  • Cryt Kryssus
    Cryt Kryssus

    We make videos everyday. Doesn't mean they're gonna be good.

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi

    I think the post credit scene is how endgame will start

  • aditya goku
    aditya goku

    goose will kill thanos in end game

  • sToRMZ Praxis
    sToRMZ Praxis

    Fav marvel movie so far

  • Tophat Owl
    Tophat Owl

    Things you missed: Literal entire scenes of the movie and characters. Yea good job

  • Jon Hyde
    Jon Hyde

    Nobody missed any of these and if they did they r an idiot

  • Jc Young
    Jc Young

    I thought Monica Rhambieu was the first female Captain marvel since comics were in '84 where as Carol Danvers comics were in 2012

  • Mae Cervantes
    Mae Cervantes

    The only best scene in this movie is the beginning and at in the end when she flies near the earth... the whole story and ideas was terrible.... really that’s how you introduce her ...I’m still confuse #marvel

  • Zack Reynolds
    Zack Reynolds

    So I heard the Captain Marvel sequel is going to be in a western setting with her having a lesbian love interest...Captain Marvel:Wokeback Mountain

  • It’s meh Gurl!
    It’s meh Gurl!

    Am I the only one who noticed fury’s pager and I’m only ten

  • ensi

    Where do u watch it ?

  • bryan lester aviso
    bryan lester aviso

    Carol "Avenger" Denvers.

  • Limelights 4 ever
    Limelights 4 ever

    When my fam saw this my bro and I saw every little thing, my mom told us about the first thing tho😂😂

  • Reuben Seldo
    Reuben Seldo

    Stan Lee reading the script to Mallrats was just amazing!

  • g4rdun

    10 things you missed in Captain Marvel #1 - Captain Marvel

  • SweetWolfi3 Gaming
    SweetWolfi3 Gaming

    After EndGame, there will be no more MARVEL movies😦😦😦. Stan Lee is the best.... The intro in Captain Marvel was Stan Lee it was his last movie😦😦😦.....

    • SweetWolfi3 Gaming
      SweetWolfi3 Gaming

      Yeah your right😢😢😢

    • RW_Thunder

      End Game will be his last cameo. T_T

  • Shivansh Chauhan
    Shivansh Chauhan

    Alternative title: Things you couldn't miss in Captain Marvel.

  • MusicStudent1

    One thing I missed...the whole movie.

  • Matthew Herndon
    Matthew Herndon

    Jay Exci brought me here.

  • NativeRambler

    Great movie

    • joe king
      joe king

      sorry, when captain marvel comes to mind I think of the far more successful DC comic book hero. I guess you youngsters don't remember.

  • Chris DeVries
    Chris DeVries

    Hhm, must have clicked on the wrong video, this is the top 10 most notable things from the movie.

  • Dìonadair Productions
    Dìonadair Productions

    Up there, Stan Lee can finally perfect his craft, and is writing comics for everyone in Heaven. Rest in peace, Stan.

  • Subash Chandra
    Subash Chandra

    none of these were easy to miss....

  • Αναστασία Κ.
    Αναστασία Κ.

    We noticed all of them!!! Daaah

  • the lone wolf
    the lone wolf

    The cat was only the best part of the movie.

  • iRubadubscrub Z
    iRubadubscrub Z

    “10 things you probably missed if you don’t know anything about captain marvel or haven’t seen the movie at all”

  • Max Wylde
    Max Wylde

    I ignored everything in this film. It was complete shit, and ruined the rest of the MCU. As far as I'm concerned, anything from Captain Marvel forward does not exist, and Thanos wins.

  • montana carpenter
    montana carpenter

    I'm rage quitting if she isn't gay

  • Caleb Dismuke
    Caleb Dismuke

    I like it when she rants on and on about white men being trans and horrible on twitter and then manages to land this role, don’t you all