Top 10 Things You Missed in Captain Marvel
Have you seen Captain Marvel yet? You may have missed some of these finer details.
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It's finally here! At least, the movie to tie us over until Avengers: Endgame is here... Marvel is always stuffing their movies with easter egg after easter egg, and Captain Marvel is no different, with certain moments like a Stan Lee cameo, a Guardians of Galaxy reference and many many more!
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List Entries and Rank:
10. 90s Throwbacks
9. Fury’s Pager
8. Supreme Intelligence
7. “Guardians of the Galaxy” References
6. “The Right Stuff”
5. “Nobody Calls Me Nick”
4. Monica Rambeau
3, 2, 1. ???
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  • That Guy Bob
    That Guy Bob

    This channel is like the waste dump of youtube

  • J_Savage_Is_Only

    Mother Flurkin

  • Qi Fuh Yue
    Qi Fuh Yue

    This video should be called 10 things

  • Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy

    4/10 are additional context that wasn’t in the movie at all and the rest are noticeable to literally anyone who watched the movie or can blink. Absolutely trash video lmao retitle your vids or stop treating viewers like they’re 2 years old

  • CBear624

    Nice tactic in trying to sound smart by commenting on someone else's rant video on this when they called you out... Doesn't make you look any good when you act like people's criticisms on you doesn't matter...

  • Mister King
    Mister King

    I only liked the goose scenes

  • BenH03

    Goose- top gun?

  • peeonthepenski !!!
    peeonthepenski !!!

    The Frick, this is just stuff that happened in the film

  • Jackiex Narwhal
    Jackiex Narwhal

    I watched this yesterday at AMC

  • ELiz Wolfe
    ELiz Wolfe

    Nobody missed any of these things... come on watch mojo, so clickbait-y...

  • DanGan808 Ella
    DanGan808 Ella

    Just watched it tonight and it was awesome! Oh man, the 90’s themes, loved it all! Memories! 🙂

  • CheL Gazm
    CheL Gazm

    The only thing over looked or missed was a good script that movie SUCKED HARD

  • Jupiter MX
    Jupiter MX

    The movi remind me when I was teenager

  • Jimmy Johnson
    Jimmy Johnson

    The Chicken head hair style mask in the finale fight had me saying WTF . The Movie writers should have been shot because it stinks and she's gay. I should have said spoiler alert.

  • Eric the Red
    Eric the Red

    I wish I could have missed more things in this movie, like the guy who fell asleep and snored during part of the movie.

  • Marcus Constantinescu
    Marcus Constantinescu

    i like captin marvle🙂🙂🙂

  • Natasha Tavares
    Natasha Tavares

    R.I.P Stan lee

  • chandan kumar
    chandan kumar

    Top 10 Things You *"may"* Missed in Captain Marvel

  • platform12b

    If you want to see a review of this film, head over to our channel! :)

  • Spectrum The Video Game
    Spectrum The Video Game

    If the girl kept her mouth shut with those statements the movie wouldn’t have gotten as much hate as it did. It wasn’t so bad of a film.

  • Jessica Vail
    Jessica Vail

    Endgame is the last time we'll see Stan Lee

  • Kim Joo Law
    Kim Joo Law

    Just watched this today

  • Okosch Edino
    Okosch Edino

    An advice for your next list: "Top 10 things that make Brie Larson a racist and sexist"

  • kekagiso

    Ten things you missed... The very first one, "90s throwbacks".. in a movie full of 90s throwbacks and music, yeah we totally missed that one Fury's pager, we missed that one as well... etc..

  • GrinchOLad

    We miss you Stan!

  • MSPeditknow25

    I just watched it it was amazing

  • Nathan Posadas
    Nathan Posadas

    Stan Lee 💖💖

  • Daniel Leronowich
    Daniel Leronowich

    At no time did any of these items make it past me...

  • strangesinner

    I disliked the video because of the pretentious title. How do people know what I missed? I absolutely hate when youtubers create these type of videos where they think they know more than the fans.

  • me

    people who didn't notice stan lee probably didn't watch the movie seriously guys just make a useful video for once

  • Batman 13
    Batman 13

    I noticed all of these by... Watching the film

  • John Hendrix
    John Hendrix

    Number one: A good story... wish we could have that nowadays

  • KPetrova

    Endgame : Goose will eat Thanos. The end.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    The political overtones are hard to miss ("terrorists" who are refugees) and I've seen those mentioned elsewhere but the "shithole" reference, which takes aim squarely at Trump, is quite easy to miss if you're not paying full attention. I also wasn't sure if they intended the flerken "cat" Goose to be a reference to a pussy that grabbed you. Maybe it's just my own twisted humour. 😂

  • ShadowKing Studios
    ShadowKing Studios

    This video is garbage. None of these things were "missed". Some of the things you listed are idiotic rhetoric. Click bait. Thanks I know now never to watch again any video you label "things you missed."

  • nhx man
    nhx man

    Why did i got emotional on the #1... Stan Lee the greatest marvel hero RiP 🙏

  • Mr.SuicideMuffin 27
    Mr.SuicideMuffin 27

    Pointless video but ok

  • todo

    Why is this 10 things you missed???????

  • Abdo Saleh
    Abdo Saleh

    I thought the video about 10 things I missed in the movie not every obvious reference.

  • Neo Scaling
    Neo Scaling

    #10 - "Hey, you're too dumb to know what time period it's in." #9 - "Hey, you missed a big scene." #8 - "Hey, the comics are different. Not really related to the movie that you could have missed....." #7 - "Hey, you're too dumb to notice a MAJOR character" And so on.

  • 롤이나 해라닥치고
    롤이나 해라닥치고

    Fact that this movie is bad never changes

  • Neo Scaling
    Neo Scaling


  • Xx_killer_3xX 1
    Xx_killer_3xX 1

    Yooo captain marvel is the firstest avenger not captain america

  • Mr.Jankson

    Honestly expected of you to continue to make this trash content, WatchMojo. Although at least a few things on this video are actually possibly stuff some people may have missed. But the majority of your video was random clips that didn't have anything to do with what you were saying, and obvious bs that anyone with a damn brain noticed. I mean I feel like you think your audience has some mental disability that hinders their intellect, though if they aren't using adblock on your videos, it seems like that may be the cause. Btw, you know what would have been much better to add to this video? Just adding the Marvel logo part contributing to stan lee. That's what really surprised me cause that could have shown how much more you're videos are a joke.

  • Sylveon Eve
    Sylveon Eve

    Oh dear, the pager was hard to miss. The Supreme Intelligence was a foe and also not hard to miss.

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder

    WatchMojo should re-title this video “Nine things from the movie Captain Marvel and one difference between the comics and the movie” For real. All of this stuff is super obvious and I guarantee you nobody missed this stuff unless they fell asleep in the movie theater.

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder

    I may have missed the part where Stan Lee was reading the script to the movie “Mall Rats” but I did not miss the Stan Lee cameo on the train. I also want to point out that Kevin Smith does a beautiful retelling of how the Stanley cameo on the train featuring the script to the movie “Mall Rats” came to be. It’s actually very beautiful the way Kevin Smith of the story and I teared up as I have with a few of Kevin Smith’s stories.

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder

    Most of the stuff is just retelling information from the movie except one part that’s actually telling the difference between comic and movie

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder

    First of all the supreme intelligence part of this video is actually not even something that was missed in the video rather than a difference between the movie and the comics

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder

    Hello fuck was missing the 90s references in this movie. Literally the first thing that happens is Captain Marvel following through the roof of a blockbuster video store. The second thing that happens is Captain Marvel shoots the head off of a Arnold Schwarzenegger cut out. Third thing that happens is Captain Marvel hold up a video cassette tape of the movie ”The Right Stuff” which is one of my families favorite movies of all time making it impossible for me and my dad to miss it when we were in the movie theater. Fourth, Carol Danvers in an Internet café using a computer with windows 95 and Internet with a 56K modem. Birth, waiting for a CD to upload to a computer and the windows 95 CD player program which I distinctly remember from my childhood. Also all of these computers that are in this movie have big ass fat ass monitors instead of flatscreen monitors that are more common today. So yeah, I did not miss the 90s references. I also want to say that a pinball machine is not technically a 90s reference.

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder

    Captain Marvel never gets to call Nick Fury, Nick or Nicholas. Who missed that conversation because that went on for a good three or four minutes. Captain Marvel asked him what is his parents car him what does his coworkers call him what does his boss called him what will his future kids eventually call him what is his future wife eventually call him not exclusively in that order. Captain Marvel asked Nick fury these questions and every Nick Fury kept saying they will call me Fury.

  • christianrapper

    Number one is the only one that I didn’t know.

  • Sgt Ducky
    Sgt Ducky

    In today's video, Top 10 things you didn't notice about your house. #10 It has windows. #9 It has doors. #8 you live there! ... Seriously, This video is a joke and you should hang your heads in shame.

  • Chris Yun
    Chris Yun

    Who else thinks that WatchMojo videos are shit.

  • Katy Alvarado
    Katy Alvarado

    How could you have missed any of this things...90s throwback, the pager, supreme intelligence.....this is dumb.

  • julitaba

    You missed the last part, after the credits, when they show the pager and Carol!

  • philip ninja568
    philip ninja568

    theirs no way anybody could miss any of these

  • QBaT Mobile
    QBaT Mobile


  • Atharva MR Fire
    Atharva MR Fire

    I definitely missed the pager. :3

  • Waynos Bricks
    Waynos Bricks

    Top 10 things you missed?. The only way you would miss these is if you didnt watch the film 🤔

  • [DSMK] -oRev-
    [DSMK] -oRev-

    Fury : Its a cat

  • Timeshark

    I missed everything in Captain Marvel... because I went to watch Alita again instead. When the film makers and stars tell me not to watch a movie because it wasn't made for people like me, I tend to listen. I also don't like supporting sexists or racists, and the people who made and go online to support this movie ARE sexist and racist.

  • Steven Do The K-pop Ho
    Steven Do The K-pop Ho

    Top 10 things you missed in Captain Marvel 1. The movie

  • Abraham _
    Abraham _

    When I saw the movie and saw Stan lee in the train I was shocked, I never thought he was gonna be there after his death but I’m glad he was RIP STAN LEE😢

  • Philip Buckley
    Philip Buckley

    Apologies if this has already been mentioned in the comments, but I wonder if the writers tried to parallel the gender change of Walter Lawson in the comics to Wendy Lawson in the movie, to the real-life gender change of synthesizer legend, Walter Carlos to Wendy Carlos? Subtle nod or coincidence!?

  • Daniel Cielak (Student)
    Daniel Cielak (Student)

    I loved that carol was trying not to kill any of the starforce members, because she was part of the team

  • Adam Brandist
    Adam Brandist

    just watched the film streamed it got to say i wasnt blown away worst of the Marvel films for me

  • Midnight Lucifer
    Midnight Lucifer

    R.I.P Stan Lee Excelsior I just hate how Disney/Marvel used Stan Lee's Twitter account to advertise the movie

  • MrYeodaddy

    Would love to see a Marvel Furries spin-off with Goose, Rocket, Howard the Duck, and Squirrel Girl all brought together by Nick Furry. Phase IV anyone?

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol

    Fury : That is just a scar. Talos : Nah...

  • Neev Misar
    Neev Misar

    According to Marvel it should be the first movie in sequence

  • Blake Bosschaart
    Blake Bosschaart

    Captain marvel afternoon tickets

  • Blake Bosschaart
    Blake Bosschaart

    Captain magazine machine

  • DaVinci701

    I honestly don't understand why people say Captain Marvel sucked Could be a bandwagon thing It was a bad ass movie I loved it it was only my son and I that were in the theater but that's all good with me finally got awesome seats

  • K.A.R.M. Productions
    K.A.R.M. Productions

    5:50 OR maybe Maria Hill was replaced by a Skrull.

  • Welcome II Rome
    Welcome II Rome

    Top 10 things missed in Captain Marvel: 1-9.) A compelling hero. 10.) The point of the plot

  • Milk Carton
    Milk Carton

    You know the movie sucked when it’s already been 1 week and your watchmojo video doesn’t have 1m views yet.

  • Phil Boardman
    Phil Boardman

    Stan Lee, he’s going to be missed in all of the future marvel films, a sad loss in the industry but least he can’t say that he’s not had a long full life, RIP Stan, you will be missed....

  • zuzana makova
    zuzana makova

    Super video but someone I knew. You miss that the cat had the tesseract but in infinity war and Thor it had Locky.

  • imaperson52

    I'm sorry, but you assumed I didn't know this movie took place in the 90's? Are you serious? Is this actually a joke? Cause you would have to be really stupid to not realize this movie at least took place before the 2000's. I mean, even if you missed the young Fury & Agent Coulson, there are 90's references everywhere in this movie, like the buildings, the old computers, and even just the overall atmosphere. Also, it was confirmed before the movie was even released that it would take place in the 90's. Jesus christ. Usually your content is unwatchable, but this is just beyond unwatchable. This is you assuming I'm stupid.

  • Peter Brydon
    Peter Brydon

    Like the entire movie because I'm not watching Brie Larson after her comments

    • christianrapper

      Comments you obviously didn’t read


    “ we wouldn’t be surprised if this was actually a scene of end game” no shit watchmojo really

  • DmaxHd

    Sjw BS , I'll never watch it .

  • B E
    B E

    I came here for the cat

  • Aarif Z
    Aarif Z

    Monica (11 year girl) in Movie wearing Spider Man mask Logo T shirt...Was there Any Spiderman that time??

    • Aarif Z
      Aarif Z

      +christianrapper 6:19

    • christianrapper

      Didn’t catch that one

  • David Davies
    David Davies

    Must say I missed the whole Movie as I’m a 55 year old White male .....


    I didn't missed any of them!!!! . Really....

  • John Sheets
    John Sheets

    If you missed most of these things, you literally just weren’t watching the movie.

  • Lispy Leaf
    Lispy Leaf

    *Eeeeeeeeeek I'm Excited For Avengers:Endgame!I Wonder When Is Gonna Come Out!But Stan Lee Is Dead!*

  • Capricornyy

    In the Endgame, Goose is gonna eat Thanos ;)

  • JulianSucksAtGaming- BrawlStars/C.A.T.S/Terraria
    JulianSucksAtGaming- BrawlStars/C.A.T.S/Terraria

    May we Press F to pay respect for Stan Lee btw i liked that opening scene where every hero was replaced by Stan Lee Rip a literal legend

  • no name
    no name

    You all missed that she is a stink ass satanic tranny.

  • Jessica Morales
    Jessica Morales

    That movie was the best thing ever happened in my life

  • samuel moreno gutierrez
    samuel moreno gutierrez

    You miss one thing: goose is from top gun

  • RogelioDelaToro

    Very telling how the Stan Lee cameo is the only thing that people really cared avout in this whole movie.

  • RogelioDelaToro

    I missed the entire movie because Brie Larson and Captain Marvel are a shitstain on the entire company.

  • lyra loveoath
    lyra loveoath

    literally watched it last night so

  • VirtueCry

    More accurate title: Top 10 Things You Missed in Captain Marvel if you didn't see Captain Marvel

  • Donny Vo
    Donny Vo

    When she was falling and her eyes were Glowing she looked like the "omae mu shindero NANI" guy

  • Champ Champ Doodle Champ
    Champ Champ Doodle Champ

    By The Way Captain Marvel Is The First Ever Avenger!