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Tom Walker - Just You and I (Official Video)
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Let's get drunk, I'll pour my heart out through my mouth
This year's been hard for us no doubt
Let's raise a glass to a better one, let all the things that we've overcome
Bring home to us cause, me and you we can hold this up
only you understand how I'm feeling now, yeah
And I know I can tell you anything
You won't judge you're just listening, yeah
Cause you're the best thing that ever happened to me
Cause my darling you and I, could take over the world
One step at a time just you and I (Just you and I)
Cause you're the only one, who brings light just like the sun
One step at a time just you and I
Let's get drunk
We'll reminisceabout the days, we were broke not getting paid
Taking trips at the weekend, when I would drive down to see you
And we would paint the town, too many shots I'd be passing out
Cause I could never keep up, quad vods now I'm puking up
And I know I can tell you anything
You won't judge you're just listening, yeah
Cause you're the best thing that ever happened to me
Cause my darling you and I, could take over the world
One step at a time just you and I (Just you and I)
Cause you're the only one, who brings light just like the sun
One step at a time just you and I
I'm tired of chasing paper, staring at this screen
been saving up for weeks now, just to get to you my dear
And though you're far from my home, this aint no weekend buzz
though my heart grows fonder, must be city love.
Cause my darling you and I, could take over the world
One step at a time just you and I
Cause my darling you and I, could take over the world
One step at a time just you and I (Just you and I)
Cause you're the only one, who brings light just like the sun
One step at a time just you and I
Yeah, One step at a time just you and I
Yeah, One step at a time just you and I
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  • Tinkerell 70
    Tinkerell 70

    If this gets 20 likes I will tell my crush I like him

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    Knightx 420

    I was listening too this song when my crush asked me out 💖

  • Louie Hannigan
    Louie Hannigan

    Can't wait to sing this to my girlfriend to be Emily

  • Dave C
    Dave C

    Poor kids of today being told this shit is good music, some fat ginger bloke pretending to be a Jamaican, WTF.

  • James Rooney
    James Rooney

    I want 2 be in that video, it looks perfect, 💓😉👌

  • Callum Teal
    Callum Teal

    1:08 when u nut and she doesn't stop sucking

  • Lyndsey Chambers
    Lyndsey Chambers

    My wedding song bring on 2020 for our wedding ❤️

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    Saoirse Hegarty

    Why are the comments about crushes so much ? Anyway... Best song of 2019💙👌🎶

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    William Burkinshaw

    My other half made a video with all our pics with this song featured now its our song

  • John Patrick Farrell
    John Patrick Farrell

    Happening spunky, cunts fae kilsyth, cunt done no bad for himself considering he's fae outskirts a glesga. On yourself son

  • Ryan Byrne
    Ryan Byrne

    I love this man he’s one of the best male singers especially on the way his songs have such a meaning behind them

  • Malem Chanu
    Malem Chanu

    You're the best thing that ever happened to me,

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  • Rebecca Cooling
    Rebecca Cooling

    Your cool

  • Emma Louise
    Emma Louise

    First time I heard this song i thought it sounded like Niall Horan, does anyone else get that? Like his tone of voice? Or am I just hearing things 😂

  • Talat Baykan
    Talat Baykan

    şarkı pek güzel değil, ama klipteki kadın güzelmiş...

  • Silver Rich Riah Gencono
    Silver Rich Riah Gencono

    I miss you 💔 This song reminds me how much i love him. He is the best that ever happened to me.

  • Two_ZockBros

    I send it my girlfriend 🥰

  • Tiegan Mia
    Tiegan Mia

    You should duet James bay

  • Mula Mad
    Mula Mad

    Cuz my darling you and I Can take over the world One steppp at a tiiiime Just you and I

  • Tinn FC
    Tinn FC

    So good Best song in 2919

  • Marko Gregurovic
    Marko Gregurovic

    Intro retarded why is the guy moanign

  • Tanja Schirmer
    Tanja Schirmer

    Best song i Love it

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    suzi debbarma

    It's my ringtone since 2017 glad they uploaded official video

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    100 likes and I'll ask my crush out but I was already going out with her but we broke up but she lies me again😂

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    Richard cooling

    What a result to wake up stuck in that situation!! He he

  • Fatma Abidli
    Fatma Abidli

    I love this song. It has kind of a modern reggae rhythm. The pronounciation, certain beats of the music. I love that. It reminds me my trip to Jamaica where all the people move on such rhythm. It's really great, a sparkling song which darts much light and joy. Great stuff

  • James Finney
    James Finney

    I love the fact this has been filmed just down the road to me ;-)

  • Ugo Proietti
    Ugo Proietti

    At 0:20 handcuffs are at the left side of the guy, at 2:13 handcuffs are at the right side of the guy, at 2:27 handcuffs come back at the left side of the guy

  • Julie Simpson
    Julie Simpson

    Such a lovely song and a beautiful message

  • Victoria Fletcher
    Victoria Fletcher

    Crazy to think that I'll be watching you live sundayyyyyyy

  • Louie Hannigan
    Louie Hannigan

    I really want a love like this and for it to last forever

  • mistree 000
    mistree 000

    How will they poop

  • SarahWithHearts

    That video's just wow.

  • Tom Murphy
    Tom Murphy

    Since when did Mr DT get good at signing

  • Troubadix

    I'd like to get handcuffed to her

  • Cobi O'Brien
    Cobi O'Brien

    This is the definition of songs following the same formula because the sheep love it

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    Omarlaiz Omarlaiz

    Awesome soooong 😍❤️💞😘👌🏻

  • Victoria Mcguinness
    Victoria Mcguinness

    This is the best song in 2019

  • Ahmad Khan
    Ahmad Khan

    Hats off to Tom walker ❤️❤️listening it non stop such a lovely song!!!

    • Ahmad Khan
      Ahmad Khan

      @Ellie _LFCfan dear thanks @hehe

    • Ellie _LFCfan
      Ellie _LFCfan

      I'll like your comment bc no-one else will

  • Satsuma Salanewt
    Satsuma Salanewt

    The video was pretty funny, the song was amazing. My favourite song released this year, no doubt.

  • Shari

    I ❤️❤️❤️ this!!!!

  • 9553869589 balu yadav
    9553869589 balu yadav

    Ring tone for my mobile for more than 5months

  • Fiorenza Pancini
    Fiorenza Pancini

    I love this song

  • Ethan Issitt
    Ethan Issitt

    It's is the best song I've ever listened to 😀😀💖💖

  • Muhammad Al Faryzi
    Muhammad Al Faryzi

    I will miss you so much samara Devina T.P. Thank you for this..

  • Gi mwp
    Gi mwp

    AWESOME !!!

  • Bethany Docherty
    Bethany Docherty

    I found it song on Spotify and I thought I have to send this to my boyfriend because I can trust him with anything and I want to be with him for ever, btw AMAZING song, super catchy, well don't x💕

  • Sherina Barnes
    Sherina Barnes

    L love this song

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  • Rebekah Watt
    Rebekah Watt

    The part when the girl spits into the sea reminded me of titanic when Jack's trying to teach rose how to "spit like a man" xxx

  • Heather Armstrong
    Heather Armstrong

    I'll download this song, because there's something in the way you say "darling", that does something to me. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • JessicaLeigh

    For people reading the comments, here’s the start time stamp 0:00 so you can press it and it will replay, you’re welcome! Have a good day!:)

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    100 likes and I will skullfuck everyone you love.

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    Elveda Bajrami

    Questa canzone arriva dritta al mio cuore ormai frantumato in mille pezzi !

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    The lyrics for this came out 2 years ago?!?!?

  • Trexy Adams
    Trexy Adams

    Tom Walker the best forever!

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    Colm lynam

    Great song

  • Jane Pasterfield
    Jane Pasterfield

    Just stands for just you and

  • Hugo Spanu
    Hugo Spanu

    this piece is simply splendid!!!

  • /UNV/cynicalgaming /
    /UNV/cynicalgaming /

    Best song of january 2019

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    Mayelmit Lepcha

    Omg I .In love with this song. Thank you so much

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      Howell Keith Rosales

      This boy needs our help guys

  • Amy Lilley
    Amy Lilley

    Would of been the song of my wedding day however caught the bastard in bed with the maid of honour. #happyweddingdaypresent. Oh well his best man did the job. Lol

    • Amy Lilley
      Amy Lilley

      Ashley Yost you know it sister. Don’t come knocking if the caravans rocking... #winkwink #ifyouknowyouknow

    • Ashley Yost
      Ashley Yost

      Amy Lilley “his best man did the job” YAAAAS GIRL. fuck em.

  • Taylor Waterfield
    Taylor Waterfield

    Hi , I’m seeing you live soon

  • Just no!!!! Alfie Badminton
    Just no!!!! Alfie Badminton

    Best song ever to listen to when in a fresh amazing relationship prove me wrong

    • Louie Hannigan
      Louie Hannigan

      Or when you've had your heart broken in two for fucking so many times

  • Abdullah Jappie
    Abdullah Jappie

    This is great love your voice

  • Veronika Čaplová
    Veronika Čaplová

    bozeeee jak ja miluju hudbu od Toma ...aaaaa

  • Mexa

    Shoutout to Heart radio for playing this song every goddamn day...still love the song tho

  • Mom b
    Mom b

    We love Tom... always have! ❤ The US

  • asdf ghjk
    asdf ghjk

    Saw him perform this song on a late show while on 4gs of cubensis haha! Now I'm here and I listen to it all all the time. Hits right in the feels. :)

  • James Worroll
    James Worroll

    Favourite singer

  • Anabel Williams
    Anabel Williams

    Get all emot 😔😂

  • MikooJG

    will make music together for a long long time

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    גיא סיימו

    Ramona is here!!yayyyyyy

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    Simplified Simplified

    All he had to do was saw that thing.

  • Mr Aquarium95
    Mr Aquarium95

    This song gave me the confidence to build up a friendship with someone and now when ever we talk my anxiety my depression just goes I feel like she understands me we have so much in common and talking to her just makes me feel so happy. She is literally the best thing that can ever happen to me.

  • Yogesh Godse
    Yogesh Godse

    Beautiful song 😍

  • Karl Meyer
    Karl Meyer

    Habe es heute in der schule gehört die ganze Klasse hat mit gesungen 😅So schön😍Denke immer an dich lieb dich Keno❤

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    Jensen Jackson

    Really good song emotional 150 likes+ ill buy my crush a promise ring

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    What what a voice

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    Big gay

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    A W

    I’m totally addicted.....

  • Duh_ItzMeThatSLAY

    0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:31 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻

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    Love this song ❤💪👊

  • Starry Souls
    Starry Souls

    This song reminds me of my brother.... He may not be my biological brother, but he is the best brother I could have ever asked for, I love him with all of my heart 😭❤

    • Starry Souls
      Starry Souls

      @JessicaLeigh 😊💕

    • JessicaLeigh

      Starry Souls awh this is so sweet, bless you!🤧❤️❤️

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    S_2000 19

    Vote: 1D or Tom Walker's 'you and I'


    I'd love to be always handcuffed to the woman I love.. yes you beautiful xxx

  • Abhishek

    This song is criminally underrated

  • thereisafly inmytea
    thereisafly inmytea

    Don't forget Steve

  • Kelly Connely
    Kelly Connely

    Yes it's the best all his songs r good especially leave the light on x

    • Kelly Connely
      Kelly Connely

      Tom Walker is the best, av u seen the one with the bag pipe's, omg i av played over and over x