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Let's get drunk, I'll pour my heart out through my mouth
This year's been hard for us no doubt
Let's raise a glass to a better one, let all the things that we've overcome
Bring home to us cause, me and you we can hold this up
only you understand how I'm feeling now, yeah
And I know I can tell you anything
You won't judge you're just listening, yeah
Cause you're the best thing that ever happened to me
Cause my darling you and I, could take over the world
One step at a time just you and I (Just you and I)
Cause you're the only one, who brings light just like the sun
One step at a time just you and I
Let's get drunk
We'll reminisceabout the days, we were broke not getting paid
Taking trips at the weekend, when I would drive down to see you
And we would paint the town, too many shots I'd be passing out
Cause I could never keep up, quad vods now I'm puking up
And I know I can tell you anything
You won't judge you're just listening, yeah
Cause you're the best thing that ever happened to me
Cause my darling you and I, could take over the world
One step at a time just you and I (Just you and I)
Cause you're the only one, who brings light just like the sun
One step at a time just you and I
I'm tired of chasing paper, staring at this screen
been saving up for weeks now, just to get to you my dear
And though you're far from my home, this aint no weekend buzz
though my heart grows fonder, must be city love.
Cause my darling you and I, could take over the world
One step at a time just you and I
Cause my darling you and I, could take over the world
One step at a time just you and I (Just you and I)
Cause you're the only one, who brings light just like the sun
One step at a time just you and I
Yeah, One step at a time just you and I
Yeah, One step at a time just you and I

  • ICDAT Boy siddatha Sankar dutta
    ICDAT Boy siddatha Sankar dutta

    I have no words...lovely

  • Emily Rogers
    Emily Rogers

    I can't stop listening to this song, it calms me down soo much : )

  • Suraj Pandey
    Suraj Pandey

    These under-rated artists are really proving that they are worthy in the music industry, and this song is an absolute work of art... Loved it❤️ Like if u have this on repeat

  • Daniel Nguyen
    Daniel Nguyen

    Just you and me**

  • Eufemia Buono
    Eufemia Buono

    Great artist beautiful songs👍👍

  • Lorena XoXo
    Lorena XoXo

    He sings like Niall

  • Cephachrome

    this reminds me of the late 2000s songs

  • Ben O'Ryan
    Ben O'Ryan

    Wanna let someone fall in love with you 100% guarantee? Just handcuffed your hand with theirs😂😂

  • Kivaughn McIntosh
    Kivaughn McIntosh

    Great song, should be ''You and Me"

  • Fatema Amini
    Fatema Amini

    anyone here before 1 billion views? 💕😌 me

  • Sadaf Duha
    Sadaf Duha

    Love this ❤️

  • ZoyaZWgaming - Roblox and more!
    ZoyaZWgaming - Roblox and more!

    This made me kiss my crush at school 👄. me I. Love with my crush MA DARLING U AND I TAKE OVER DA WORLD ONE STEP AT A TIME JUST U AND IIIIII

    • ZoyaZWgaming - Roblox and more!
      ZoyaZWgaming - Roblox and more!

      K man me just alone 😞

    • Shrinkhala Raj
      Shrinkhala Raj

      Dude, chill

  • Kwame Mckoy
    Kwame Mckoy

    This brings me back to 08 to 09

  • Demi Evans
    Demi Evans

    He reminds me of miles kane

  • Lukasz Dabrowski
    Lukasz Dabrowski

    If i get 21 likes, i'll ask out my crush


    When I heard this song I thought it was old since I couldn't believe a quality song was made in 2019 when trash is number 1 everywhere

  • LeahAlisonH

    If you like this video, you would like the movie "tonight you're mine", it's about a couple that gets handcuffed together.

    • matthijs kraaij
      matthijs kraaij

      +LeahAlisonH Well i will hav3 to see it now

    • LeahAlisonH

      +matthijs kraaij it is!😁

    • matthijs kraaij
      matthijs kraaij

      Is it like this video or is it...

  • Maria McKenna
    Maria McKenna

    My favourite song right now x

  • Kaitlin Davies
    Kaitlin Davies

    This song reminds me of my sister's wedding because her and my brother in law were both singing this ❤😗 I love her so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Dylan Simpson
    Dylan Simpson

    This raped my Snapchat feed so here I am

  • Lynne Jones
    Lynne Jones

    Me x u ,I love u Matt xxx xx


    Definitely Bro I am from India and I want this song to travel the distance more than 1 billion

  • drakomal55
    drakomal55 You're welcome random handcuffed couple.

  • Ellie Sheahan
    Ellie Sheahan

    i just realised this is filmed where i live tf

    • Rim _ReapeR
      Rim _ReapeR

      I live there too ._.

  • Melvin Kharz
    Melvin Kharz

    I showed this to my gf and she's now my wife 😂😂

  • Rohit Titiyal
    Rohit Titiyal

    awesome lyrics .........feeling relax

  • Rachael Horne
    Rachael Horne

    Please tell me this video is filmed in Torquay, awesome song got extra feels as the scenery looks scarily familiar 😬

  • Pyro Gaming
    Pyro Gaming

    This girl I like sent me this and I’m gonna play it to her on my guitar bc I’ve been learning it and I’m gonna ask her out if I get enough likes...I don’t know if it’s a good idea so it’s your call

  • Ines Winter
    Ines Winter

    Was für ein geiler Song...und das Video dazu....Alllerliebst.

  • Chunu Bulo
    Chunu Bulo

    I know every have different opinions but in mine , most of nowadays songs doesn't give me the feeling the 2009-14 gaved . Only a few nowadays still have that feeling and this one is one of them

  • Tash Jey
    Tash Jey

    Tom: let's get drunk 1:28 *sipping on dat coffee*

  • Govinda Govinda Baghmare
    Govinda Govinda Baghmare

    You can follow any...

  • Buddie Hugs
    Buddie Hugs

    Brother bring me my tears of joy this song is absolutely beautiful lets get it to number one in the charts 💚

  • Annie Johnson
    Annie Johnson

    Love this song ❤️

  • Ravi Dholakiya
    Ravi Dholakiya

    Why only 11m views in this song ?!!!!🤔 . amazing song I am in love with this song😍😘

    • Ravi Dholakiya
      Ravi Dholakiya

      +Thanosam listening from India ; but the views should be more for this music 😍

    • Thanos

      Ravi Dholakiya it’s number 4 on uk hot 100, I guess it’s doing well everywhere else 🙃

  • aman jain
    aman jain

    Great music great voice great lyrics great video!!

  • Tommy M
    Tommy M

    Why is he singing in a pseudo Jamaican accent?

    • Lee Graham
      Lee Graham

      Dunno. Hes class though.

  • R Massiha
    R Massiha

    Sucks .

  • Jasmin Obrecht
    Jasmin Obrecht


  • lou Gwen
    lou Gwen


  • snapjenk

    "I can tell you anything, you wont judge you're just listenin" Sounds full rasta 1:50

  • imKxuby

    Tom is the Legend !

  • ellie ben
    ellie ben

    this is my feel good song whenever I listen to this it always puts me in a good mood

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis

    Stunning Love Song.

  • Sagar Kamble
    Sagar Kamble

    Life of a newly arranged married couples

  • Francisca Fabiana Pereira
    Francisca Fabiana Pereira

    O love you Lorenzo ❤️😘😘

  • Jayant Shrivastava
    Jayant Shrivastava

    I have a cursh 💔and I love her so much but he never understand🎈

  • Stinky pizza
    Stinky pizza

    Made me fall in love Thank You Tom

  • T

    'Cause Miss Piggy, you and I Could take over the world One step at a time Just you and I (Just you and I) 'Cause you're the only Pig Who brings light just like the sun One step at a time Just you and I (Just you and I, just you and I)

    • Panda Lover
      Panda Lover

      T I love it

  • Just Another Stranger
    Just Another Stranger

    I remember I was crushing on this one guy so much last year and I was crying in my car for ages because I knew it would never happen until I sent him this and now, we’re together. Miracles do happen and I have to thank Tom for mine. Ilysm 🤗

    • Old School Hip-Hop
      Old School Hip-Hop

      😍 hope everything works out really well! A really good comment to see in this really good song.😍

    • Just Me
      Just Me

      Lucky you :) did he had a crush on you? And how old are you?

    • Hannah Dowds
      Hannah Dowds

      Just Another Stranger sure

  • Oliver Cañete
    Oliver Cañete

    I love this song

  • LovingAtlanta

    👍0% alcohol on screen....☝️but I bet alcohol was 100% involved with how those handcuffs got cuffed 😍😆💞

    • Blade's Edge Studios
      Blade's Edge Studios

      Or maybe even through the power of love itself?

  • Shax H
    Shax H

    Kygo ft Tom Walker please make it happen

  • Sazzle tastic
    Sazzle tastic

    anyone else think he sounds like a cross between Paul young and Kermit the frog?

  • Angheluta Daniel
    Angheluta Daniel

    Where is location in ocean?

    • _beauty _beth_
      _beauty _beth_

      Do you mean where it is cause if so it is at southend

  • Karen Fletcher
    Karen Fletcher


  • Bartek Majsterkowicz
    Bartek Majsterkowicz

    Polsza ???

  • Jaat Gamer
    Jaat Gamer

    In last 1hr 6min i have listened this song 22 times

  • Laurie X
    Laurie X

    This took me a whole 3 hours to find

  • Morgan Knights
    Morgan Knights

    Mine and my man's song♥️

  • Night Trucker
    Night Trucker

    Anyone single from the uk I’d love to do this with someone special

  • G Datta
    G Datta

    This song makes me blush even though I'm single

  • Mongamshang Ronglo
    Mongamshang Ronglo

    If the couple's live this way Uncuffed, there will be no divorce in human history.

  • Adrian Bernard
    Adrian Bernard

    Absolutely Brilliant Depiction of Love on the Vid ❤❤❤..."one step at a time, just U & I "

  • samuel mummery
    samuel mummery

    I don't understand the end

  • Ver

    My boyfriend sent this to me :)

  • jackie gee
    jackie gee


    • Hady Farrag
      Hady Farrag


  • pumbapoats

    This boi is different classsss

  • T

    So many shit things about this song! 1) Sounds like Kermit the Frog 2) The terrible lyric "cause you're the only one, that's hot just like the sun" - awful - sounds like a 4 year old has written this when doing about metaphors at school 3) "Quad vods, now I'm puking up" - really out of place line in a song that sounds like it's supposed to be romantic in genre. Lovely thought there mate, cheers for that.

    • T

      +nn pzpj Even Worse 😂😂😂😂

  • Suzanne Halliday
    Suzanne Halliday

    Love the song and i think the video is brilliant

  • Kobe Lambert
    Kobe Lambert

    Why Df does this song sound soooo familiar. I can't pin point, ugh. It's like an old song I remember faintly. Oh well.

  • Nicky Van der Zwan
    Nicky Van der Zwan

    am i the only one who thinks he kinda looks like oli sykes?

  • Hamed Miah
    Hamed Miah

    Only just realised this is in Southend 😁

    • Rim _ReapeR
      Rim _ReapeR

      Damn I live in southend 😂😂

  • Its Me Jammie
    Its Me Jammie

    *24hours* *hand* *cuff* *to* *strangers*

  • Azhar Elmiza
    Azhar Elmiza

    I’m going for your world tour in Melbourne in August!

  • Marianne Era
    Marianne Era

    This song is so underrated

  • sasiprapha tachoochat
    sasiprapha tachoochat

    Love you 😍

  • Mitch Awino
    Mitch Awino

    This video shows how sacrifice can lead to beautiful love


    This song has something special on it.Cause everytime I listen to this song,feels like hearing for the first time.Its a magic😍

  • Island BoysWTC
    Island BoysWTC


  • Ellie Snowling
    Ellie Snowling

    If this gets 50 likes I will tell my crush I like them

  • Louise Collins
    Louise Collins

    your uniqueness is like a magical breeze........ amazing singer.

  • Samar Srivastava
    Samar Srivastava

    The only clip that's missing is when they went to take a shit. You know what happened

    • Haza Wood
      Haza Wood


  • Swati Goel
    Swati Goel

    dedicated to sammy....a new fav :p

    • Syed ashraf Meraj
      Syed ashraf Meraj

      ur my new fav

  • Vendrick Azelouf
    Vendrick Azelouf

    Remind me how they got this day off of work?

    • Jordan Tomsett
      Jordan Tomsett

      Vendrick Azelouf told their bosses they were gonna be in a music video

  • Angela Gamino
    Angela Gamino

    1:22 reminded new of Stan lee when he showed up on the movies

    • Franta Uzdichcal
      Franta Uzdichcal

      Do not repeat popupar comments.

  • Zorini Zorini
    Zorini Zorini

    I like the song so much

  • Sidharth Singh
    Sidharth Singh

    Awesome song just loving it

  • Anna Ruth Sula
    Anna Ruth Sula


  • Karol Pawlik
    Karol Pawlik


  • Finley Isaac
    Finley Isaac

    I like this song

  • Hecky Alonzo
    Hecky Alonzo


  • Thia Hinchion
    Thia Hinchion

    What happened at the end?

  • J24

    And they chose to be handcuffed for the rest of their lives

  • Sweta 8085606425 Leshkari
    Sweta 8085606425 Leshkari

    The song is very amazing👍👍👍

  • Andreia Simões
    Andreia Simões

    Que lindoooooooooooooo ❤

  • Punit B
    Punit B

    Madly in love with this song...

  • Ryan Partridge
    Ryan Partridge

    Nice Cameo!

  • Night mare
    Night mare

    wt about they peeing and shitting

  • James Mccreadie
    James Mccreadie

    wow, this was filmed literally outside my house omg I love It!!!