Timothée Chalamet Can’t Handle Saoirse Ronan’s Shrek Impression | The Graham Norton Show
The Graham Norton Show
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  • hayfahbulous

    i just love every lil thing Timmy does!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • oceaneyes ohhhryyyon
    oceaneyes ohhhryyyon

    The cutest thing ever

  • BadGuy RiRi
    BadGuy RiRi

    Saoirse Ronan looks like angel from heaven 😇

  • Ice Adonis
    Ice Adonis


  • dpinargote1207

    Only kids get excited to go Florida haha

  • teppolundgren

    "Shrek 2 had just come out. That's how long ago it was." Millennials...

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump

    At least this host actually lets his guests finish what their saying.

  • bananamilk

    Illusion 100

  • María Paz
    María Paz

    Timothee got me pregnant at 1:51

  • UFC pay-per-view Fights
    UFC pay-per-view Fights

    who is the other woman???

  • Cloud dancer
    Cloud dancer

    Em what is this thumbnail. I am sad.

  • wolf town
    wolf town

    some kids really do get it all lol

  • Narliya

    expected a shrek impression

  • Phil Nolan
    Phil Nolan

    Not actually a Shrek impression.

  • Not Known
    Not Known

    That wasn't even remotely interesting... can't believe I watched it all the way through.

  • Trevor Crowe
    Trevor Crowe

    She sounds nothing like Gingey 🙄

  • Lois Loves Cheese
    Lois Loves Cheese

    that is just so so cute

  • Walder Frey of the Twins.
    Walder Frey of the Twins.

    I wanted to see her impersonating Shrek xD

  • Champ GT
    Champ GT

    my heart melted.

  • integral merr
    integral merr

    thought she was gonna do a Shrek impression, I feel cheated and used

  • Tugg Speedman
    Tugg Speedman

    She was great in Harry Potter.

  • 6ix Nin9
    6ix Nin9

    why didnt she get cast for GoT??? i would love to see her in it lop

  • Catarina Pereira
    Catarina Pereira


  • ThEmAdJaCkHaTtEr

    No idea who she is. What is she from?

  • Olaf Lesniak
    Olaf Lesniak

    No Shrek Impression. No Chalamet freak out. This is the way to make me stop watching vids of any channel. Stop wasting my time.

  • ken p
    ken p

    Pop that pimple before you go on … Jesus , don't you have people around you to tell you that .

  • malenotyalc

    Those piercing blue eyes!~

  • sean bean
    sean bean

    *Timothee Charlomet mildly reacts

  • Rhys Nelson
    Rhys Nelson

    I thought she was gonna do shrek 😂

  • toobasaurus23

    Love her.

  • Joshua Magro
    Joshua Magro

    That wasn’t a shrek impression

  • Sophie K
    Sophie K

    Eh....was honestly expecting a lot more than that haha

  • wishywashywara

    Graham always clickbaits I should’ve expected this but I would’ve given anything to hear her little ten year old self going “WHAT ARE YE DOING IN MY SWAMP”

  • Christoph Bartlett
    Christoph Bartlett

    Thought she was gonna do Shrek

  • Ayana Benjamin
    Ayana Benjamin

    "That's how long ago it was!" Oh man, I am old!

  • sypher0101

    Was expecting a 'Shrek' impression, not that of the Gingerbread Man :(

  • Gerald Ballesteros
    Gerald Ballesteros

    My gawrsh! That cute sexy accent of hers! 😍😍😍

  • alts rodrighes
    alts rodrighes

    I love her accent

  • 0=Axel=0

    The adorableness of that clip is unequaled.

  • susan jackson
    susan jackson

    I’M SOOO IN LOVE WITH GRAHAM NORTON. I only watch the show for him. He is my weekly laugh

  • Talgat

    How come graham doesn't sound like her?

  • zondaintheair

    Did she say she won a knee high replica of Kanye West.

  • Jillian Elise
    Jillian Elise

    "I wuhn a trehp tew flouridah!"

  • Jim Mason
    Jim Mason

    I like her a lot but her Irish accent is annoying and hurts my ears. Most Irish accents are lyrical and pretty but hers is nasty

  • Harshvardhan Krishnamoorthy
    Harshvardhan Krishnamoorthy

    The title is a clear clickbait!!! Come on now! Expect better from you guys.

  • Yunus - Jonah
    Yunus - Jonah

    💚 the Irish accent !

  • Kolby Birdwell
    Kolby Birdwell

    He seemed to handle it pretty well actually.

  • Revanth Surapaneni
    Revanth Surapaneni

    I think I have a crush on her

  • Blinkeu

    She's so cute😭😭

  • Dan

    'Sin will take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and cost you more than you want to pay

  • Melanielovesyou

    Tim’s hair got me feeling some wayyyy

  • (420) DjsTacosCEO
    (420) DjsTacosCEO

    Just feet rly

  • smileforhiba


  • LaaibahX Saleem
    LaaibahX Saleem


  • Debbie Archibald
    Debbie Archibald

    Hands down Graham Norton has the BEST talk show anywhere!! Love it!!

  • bludrk returns
    bludrk returns

    0:45 - Paul and Irulan? Your highness's is that you? #DROPPEDTHEMIC


    i swear no one got the metal gear solid reference in those films. unless i imagined it

  • piscesman74

    OMG she is so hypnotizing

  • Donatela Matija
    Donatela Matija

    Her accent 😩♥️🥰

  • Ila Willis
    Ila Willis

    Timothee is gorgeous wtf

  • gregory hoover
    gregory hoover

    Saoirse is so full of herself - tone it down a notch girl. P.S> No one wants to hear the song you wrote about you own name again. Uggg

  • Giles alakija
    Giles alakija


  • hipnhappenin

    I thought she was gonna do Scottish shrek

  • orla watson
    orla watson

    The ultimate duo

  • Vivian Foster
    Vivian Foster

    Body language says it all.

  • masamune2984

    “Saoirse...like inertia.” #NEVERFORGET

  • chai xiong
    chai xiong

    I was baited into clicking for a Shrek impression and was handed a Ginger Bread Man impression.........yet surprisingly it was not disappointing.

  • muggshot

    Saoirse is a female version of James McAvoy

  • Wafflesaregood Always
    Wafflesaregood Always

    Well I won a chicken biscuit as a kid

  • eccenterika ASMR
    eccenterika ASMR

    Yall havent seen her acting in atonement, and it shows

  • nimay13

    That's not shrek.

  • Nicole R
    Nicole R


  • Banana Child
    Banana Child

    So... where's the promised Shrek impression?

  • Saimah

    i love timothee

  • mortimer1976

    Tim and Saoirse would just be the perfect couple. Make it happen!

  • Dharini S
    Dharini S

    More importantly, what happened to Steven Mangan's curly locks??

  • Bob Didlboc
    Bob Didlboc

    I’m just here to let you know that I love Timothee

    • Buffy's Panda
      Buffy's Panda

      them I'm just here to let you know that I love Saoirse

  • Phil Dawson
    Phil Dawson

    There's something off about her.

  • Jay Chiniki
    Jay Chiniki

    I like how she says gingerbread man, it’s so adorable!

  • Fred

    Reaction was just priceless 😍

  • BLueSun

    If you have Amazon Prime watch Beautiful Boy, the kid can act!

  • The Native Libertarian
    The Native Libertarian


  • Nikki Fitzpatrick
    Nikki Fitzpatrick

    Entered the competition on the first day that school ended for summer but brought the prize into school that week🤔🤔🤔

  • Kino

    One of my favorite talk show hosts

  • schenkov

    Whats that thing on her arm?

  • thatbratshinji

    That wasn't even good lol

  • noypi NERDx
    noypi NERDx

    timotheé is so cute

  • noypi NERDx
    noypi NERDx

    i feel so ugly right now

  • Savage Gaming
    Savage Gaming


  • RobinFlysHigh

    She looks like a female Loki

  • D M
    D M

    SO MUCH CLICKBAIT: 1. They make it seem like it's an impression of the character SHREK 2. It sounds like she's gonna do it live. 3. Timothee barely reacted , he just moved his hands.

  • francisco ortega
    francisco ortega

    So where was the shrek impression

  • Yranaj Aicrag
    Yranaj Aicrag

    So cute

  • Sierra Farnum
    Sierra Farnum

    Are they dating?

  • Nicole Tate
    Nicole Tate

    She is so cute love her💗

  • F DJ
    F DJ

    lmao clickbait i thought this was gonna be her impression of shrek

  • Suaird

    When she had her real accent, not the fake Dublin one she puts on for TV

  • Mirror Makes Art
    Mirror Makes Art

    Isnt Timothee with Lily Rose Depp?

  • cnsjwjdb ms
    cnsjwjdb ms

    She's hot

  • Morgan Laudarowicz
    Morgan Laudarowicz

    Clickbait but cute