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Dom Tracy
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Hey welcome to my channel i'm 15 years old and love UA-my. Please help me out and subscribe. Like and watch all my videos! Thank you guys love you :)

  • lupe de lira
    lupe de lira

    My border has the cuptr

  • The Chevy Nation
    The Chevy Nation

    He should start UA-my channel

  • Yoscar Gutierrez
    Yoscar Gutierrez

    I go to that mall all the time

  • Rashid Mullings
    Rashid Mullings

    Did anyone see the middle finger at 12:52

  • lil G
    lil G

    You spoiled it in the intro

  • Idy Fall
    Idy Fall

    Ur sister stuck up the 🕊

  • Connor Cicero
    Connor Cicero

    Love ❤️

  • Cohenforbes44 Forbes
    Cohenforbes44 Forbes

    Dom's dad should start a UA-my. Channel

  • Cohenforbes44 Forbes
    Cohenforbes44 Forbes

    Great video Dom

  • Julian Batted
    Julian Batted

    I hate ypur dad and your videos ba llok ecause you treat him bad bitch ass

  • Samo Wamo
    Samo Wamo

    10:48 doesn't have seat belt on

  • Snipez4life YT
    Snipez4life YT

    dom you dad can sometimes be a bish sometimes bu he always i doing a challage

  • Jarid Frymire
    Jarid Frymire

    12:55 ur sister is a snake😂😂😂👌

  • Randm Stuff
    Randm Stuff

    When you realize how low you dropped copping a Morgz video

  • Randm Stuff
    Randm Stuff

    Did anyone else notice he said he just woke up at 11 pm

  • Devon Burton
    Devon Burton

    He does need to !!

  • Isabella Guadron
    Isabella Guadron

    Not be rude but he still talks way to much in the intros 😒💖

  • Carsoni Carsick
    Carsoni Carsick

    Your up

  • Speedy Fortnite
    Speedy Fortnite

    This is how many subscribers I will have at the end of the year 👇

  • CG10

    This is your body count 👇🏻


    Your dad and mom should start YT

  • HasanAlfareeji

    “There Only 180, there not expensive”

  • Liam Mackellar
    Liam Mackellar

    He soo should It would be class

  • cody pratt
    cody pratt

    man i love your dad :)


    I live near u dom u were at the Deptford mall

  • David The Apple Tech Guy
    David The Apple Tech Guy

    Nice video I’m going to subscribe to your channel with my other 10 UA-my channels

  • FirstGameOn

    You cheated you knew what everything was and you dident tell him

  • Hassan Chikaki
    Hassan Chikaki

    Why always your dads credit card

  • psycho path
    psycho path

    U stupid dumb bitch wakiest challenge cause ur dad didn't even know what they were and u did u cheating ass nigga

  • vlogs with Alex
    vlogs with Alex

    If I called my dad or mom an ass hole I would be dead

  • Rez_yeZy yt
    Rez_yeZy yt

    u copied this idea from lucas and marcas go t their channel ul see but its fine

  • ChefQuaker

    DANG dat boy savage

  • Jordan Pearce
    Jordan Pearce

    He says $180 not that expensive as he just bought a Mack book pro

  • Jamichael Blair
    Jamichael Blair

    The best video

  • Jett Hunter
    Jett Hunter

    U forgot to get your dad AirPods

  • mix skaters
    mix skaters

    Yes he should

  • Zach Baby
    Zach Baby

    Bro your dad is so chill

  • itzzRobloxGaming & more!
    itzzRobloxGaming & more!

    So it is like any other video you buy stuff with your dad's card

  • Savage santana
    Savage santana

    yes he should make a UA-my channel

  • A Swervo Vlogs
    A Swervo Vlogs

    Your from jersey i just realized that I work at cherry hill mall !

  • Keith Houck
    Keith Houck

    Clean your room dude, make your pillows????????? Da fuck

  • Jonathanyousiff

    I like how Bella’s in the back of the truck just sitting there 😂😂

  • Jaden Gomez 13
    Jaden Gomez 13

    Make a video with Jack!


    All this kid does is lie to his viewers. How many times can you buy shit with dads cc? In real life you get charged for fraud and your ass beat lol! One of your viewers is going to think this is cool and do this for real. Generations of Liars

  • Steven Cendejas
    Steven Cendejas

    Nice Bobby Tarantino vs. Everybody Tour shirt man. PLP

  • Y33T WH3AT
    Y33T WH3AT


  • Blu_ Jake
    Blu_ Jake

    15:02 his dad said hahheg

  • Breiden Eagon
    Breiden Eagon


  • Boxyfreshking 1238
    Boxyfreshking 1238

    Ya your dad could start a youtube channel

  • Katie Raffle
    Katie Raffle

    Your sister held up her middle finger at foot locker

  • Animal Lover
    Animal Lover

    Dom cheated on not telling his dad what the things meant and he still got Antarctica

  • Angel Romero
    Angel Romero

    You have a great dad be thankful that you have him

  • Chronic Panda
    Chronic Panda

    I love logic the rapper too. I went to his Bobbie Tarantino concert.

  • TGK- cloanX
    TGK- cloanX

    He should start a channel

  • Limited_Mxrcus Playz
    Limited_Mxrcus Playz

    Im 12 and im a size 9, dang.

  • Cv no c ghfhj v hmgkh b Lol
    Cv no c ghfhj v hmgkh b Lol

    10 ads in a 16 min vid, asshole

  • Jerry

    3:30 Savage dad of the year

  • Aiden Strehle
    Aiden Strehle

    Love your videos

  • NSA Gaming
    NSA Gaming

    Dom your the only and most UA-myr I whatch

  • Andrew Ermilio
    Andrew Ermilio

    Please say andrew ermilio in your next video

  • AiR_Froggy Clan
    AiR_Froggy Clan

    Dom keep up the good content love it

  • Fahad Gazi
    Fahad Gazi


  • Yogirljersey

    Plz answer will yo merry me

  • Maximilianmus Co leader
    Maximilianmus Co leader

    This is a copy of morgz

  • Savannah Kirby
    Savannah Kirby

    Did anyone else notice at 12:54 his sister was flicking him off 😂

  • DuhItsDez -
    DuhItsDez -

    i go to the cherry hill mall allot 🤣 i wanna meet u their

  • Gage Tapp
    Gage Tapp

    I have those exact same pair of ultra boosts

  • Pilar lem0n
    Pilar lem0n

    The likes is how much money they spent

  • Tor Bk
    Tor Bk


  • Boi Boi
    Boi Boi

    12:54 demonetization😬😬

  • Sebastian Bradbury
    Sebastian Bradbury

    look at the camera

  • DarkTv

    Where’s his air pods 😂😭???

  • boonk gang
    boonk gang

    Yes 2019 it is good

  • i8clapperz

    dom Tracy use inspired me to make me a youtube keep up the great work

  • William Logan
    William Logan

    He wears a nine and a half dude I’m ten an I wear nines but u Gucci love ur channel

  • Claricars Cars
    Claricars Cars

    i turned on notifacation

  • Haiden Thomas
    Haiden Thomas

    Where ur dads AirPods

  • Jorden Olivera
    Jorden Olivera

    Y’all basement hella big fam

  • jackschn

    2.4 here we come

  • Deathstarjay gaming
    Deathstarjay gaming

    You really did cheat your dad like he didn’t have a chance should have let someone else make the map

  • lil flash aka its max
    lil flash aka its max

    Who copied who you or faze Kay ??? Idc tbh

  • Too_Risky 84
    Too_Risky 84

    You making these clickbait titles is very immature, it may give children the idea that they can buy whatever they want with their parents credit cards.😬

  • Fatal Zerkzz
    Fatal Zerkzz

    calls his dad an asshole

  • Matthewforlife- YT
    Matthewforlife- YT



    12:54 dons sister flips off the camera

  • KATHERINE 2019
    KATHERINE 2019


  • K Connors
    K Connors


  • Green Bean
    Green Bean

    Stolen from morgs but morgs is trash like if u agree

  • The Brick /thestopmotionguy
    The Brick /thestopmotionguy

    I’ll take the MacBook

  • Mia McCarroll
    Mia McCarroll

    Im gonna buy some merch so.. is there girls merch ( too lazy to look )

  • Mia McCarroll
    Mia McCarroll

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  • gaming with jb
    gaming with jb

    12:54 tell your sister to stop flicking the camera off

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    Fawntana Wells

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    OP vxkpツ

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    Gacha Videos

    This video is like a real life throwing darts on a map video😂

  • Jasmine Mann
    Jasmine Mann

    when your at foot locker saying your not gonna buy expensive shoes your sister is throwing the finger at the camera

  • ralph hathaway
    ralph hathaway


  • The 3 Goons
    The 3 Goons

    Does anybody else notice the middle finger at 12:53

  • Emmanuel Vasquez
    Emmanuel Vasquez

    Pause 12:55 you’ll see his sister sticking her middle finger

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    Distinct Ramone

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