Throwback! "The Daywalker" - Trevor Noah - (Daywalker)
Trevor Noah
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  • Trevor Noah
    Trevor Noah

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    • Fatma Said
      Fatma Said

      Trevor love you many so much 😍😍😍

    • Gwendolyn Williams
      Gwendolyn Williams

      @Rabbit Beall why are you here spewing your hate? Step off,

    • Fali Disu
      Fali Disu

      Trevor Noah keep making Africa proud! Love from Nigeria.

    • racquel racheal
      racquel racheal

      Just finished reading your book born a crime.... Man you had such an amazing childhood but the end teared me you Trevor

  • ThatWasEpic

    The suit is little big for him it made him look like an Italian mafia

  • 14beautifulpeople


  • TheRebelLion96

    That punchline gets me every time! XD

  • Paradise Soon
    Paradise Soon

    I love you Trevor We love you in Italy . Family is family .... 😂😂😂😂😂😂👍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Virgen Torres
    Virgen Torres

    From Puerto Rico love u Trevor, Bless you

  • Ahmed S
    Ahmed S

    Trevor Noah is so funny. I wish he could do Russian accent all day long coz I saw that on his daily show. He does that like it's no one's business.😂

  • Mad9977 Productions
    Mad9977 Productions

    lol the angry dance 😂

  • Christian Emmanuel Picio
    Christian Emmanuel Picio

    Trevor: Im an albino Me: Same

    • Baltazar Aldrich Acosta
      Baltazar Aldrich Acosta

      Christian Emmanuel Picio hahaha. Same!

  • Caspar Bosch
    Caspar Bosch

    "He's the ONE. Daywalker!" 😂😂😂

  • Why Why
    Why Why

    Fark.. I was so into his act that I didn't notice his hair cut

  • Unathi Flatela
    Unathi Flatela

    Little albi faka iumbrella😂😂😂

  • Yan Zhou
    Yan Zhou

    You are famous in China now.

  • James ojelana
    James ojelana

    Trevor the DOG!

  • Amanda

    Ugh Trev, you're the best!!!! Better than ice-cream. Love you ♥

  • L. Baker
    L. Baker

    What a great speaker. I strongly recommend seeing him live if you have the chance - it's a great show.

  • Marina T
    Marina T

    When my friend sent me the video about Russian accent, I did not realize I finally found my favourite English speaking comedian. And, yes, I clicked that small circle today👍❤️

  • Giovanna Lubreto
    Giovanna Lubreto

    I just bought 2 tickets in April at the O2 in London. Can't wait 😍

  • Gamer Reborn
    Gamer Reborn

    Damn that haircut

  • Nicola Rollinson
    Nicola Rollinson

    Hahaha day walker 😁

  • Arsema Bamkaku
    Arsema Bamkaku

    I love u Trevor

  • Colin January
    Colin January

    Best stand up comedian ever,"""

  • Christy Page
    Christy Page

    💕🙏👏👏👏😂😂😂😂😂such a dam fool in the best if ways of course 😂😂😂😂😉💕🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏👏👏💕💕💕💕💕🙏

  • Peace Love
    Peace Love

    Thanks gazillions for free videos Trevor Noah

  • Rosemary Williams
    Rosemary Williams

    😂the daywalker...good ending.

  • Karina Kuznetsova
    Karina Kuznetsova


  • Whimsical & Cold Fire 5
    Whimsical & Cold Fire 5

    The daywalker, imagine if they knew😂 Break their heart nooo we wouldn't want that😮 It takes away the mystery

  • aileendumay

    ironic! african is for african people! who invented this word ARARTHEID? white people to separate them from the african people? what the fuck! APARTHEID DIDNT EXIST IF WHITE PEOPLE DIDNT STEP ON THE AFRICAN SOIL!!! plain and simple!! shame on the whites! leave africa for african people! peace will reign in their midst and APARTHEID should have not invented or existed!!!!

  • Mohamed Abdulahi
    Mohamed Abdulahi

    I know you’re drunk but don’t do it again 😂😂😂

  • Hadish Andai
    Hadish Andai

    This guy is funny as hell Bro

  • GoFckYrSelf

    500th comment

  • Glammom 137
    Glammom 137

    That's a good-looking suit!

  • Turkish Diezel
    Turkish Diezel

    Loosing your MOJOE

  • Qaedi Sham
    Qaedi Sham

    And here i am, used to thinking Russel Peters sets the benchmark for comedy

  • Jim Kapakos
    Jim Kapakos

    Thank you Daywalker

  • Paul Desfosses
    Paul Desfosses


  • Vlad Kutsov
    Vlad Kutsov

    Stand up it's more prepared product then Daily show thats why I like it more, maybe simply because of time what you need to spend for prepare it, that's why I prefere more stand up, but I also understend what money and positive (IMHO) influence is alot bigger with Daily show, and also with Daily show you in position where you can make a differnce in country politics, so keep them both, and have a good day Trevor)

  • I am Chappy
    I am Chappy

    "My mom was a black woman" Woooooo wooooo "My father was a white man" "Yeah booo booo" Trevor is racist

    • EspadaMT

      @I am Chappy wow... okay, racism monitor

    • I am Chappy
      I am Chappy

      EspadaMT whatever the case tho, that is a racist statement to make regardless. If someone had say "Yay white people boo black people" Thats racist. The same goes for "Yay black people boo white people" Trevor is not funny All of his jokes are racist.

    • I am Chappy
      I am Chappy

      EspadaMT have you never heard of someone hating their father??

    • EspadaMT

      To his dad?

  • I am Chappy
    I am Chappy

    This guy is not funny

  • Skyler _rads
    Skyler _rads

    Trevor my favorite😘😘😘😘

  • Nondumiso Hester Tshabalala
    Nondumiso Hester Tshabalala

    Indeed, he is the one 🤣🤣🤣😂🤗

  • hemanth Raj kethari
    hemanth Raj kethari

    He was good.. until he beacme traitorous leftist medias slave like colbear and other late night show hosts (so called comideans). Hey atleast bil maher is being cured slowly 😂

  • grah55

    Someone explain the joke at 1:31 to me.

    • Donald Chodeva
      Donald Chodeva

      if a mixed couple was found out, the black woman would be punished while the white man would be let off on some excuse that he is drunk and so didnt know what he was doing

  • Mike Larry
    Mike Larry

    Punch line of the century right there “ the day walker

  • Outi Music Group inc
    Outi Music Group inc

    Y'all idiots think this is funny LMFAO. This is the real definition of cornyism. Now I see why he attacks our political system & cause division amongst Americans cause this crap is pure garbage sorry SMDH🤡🤡🤡

  • Nezyco Angom
    Nezyco Angom

    Once upon a time there was a legendary comedian called Russell peters & now Trevor Noah 🙏👍

  • Nezyco Angom
    Nezyco Angom

    You know how swiss love chocolate that's why we are having swiss roll today 😋😋😋 yum... 🍫

  • Sandra Ambs
    Sandra Ambs

    Wena Day walker unjani. Best regards from Germany 🌻 🌻 🌻

  • Natasha

    I love it when he speaks Xhosa even though I don't understand it but he's just so hilarious!

    • Tyrique Valensky
      Tyrique Valensky

      @Natasha no problem we are here to help one another 🤝

    • Natasha

      @Tyrique Valensky thanks I'll correct it right away

    • Tyrique Valensky
      Tyrique Valensky


  • brandon daniels
    brandon daniels

    Was Trevor Noah ever funny? Is this a comedy act?

  • East Afrika
    East Afrika

    Trevor Noah is just a fake Afrikan, he is European, he attacks Julias Malema who stands up for Afrikans. Making jokes about the plight of Afrikans, let him stay in America.

  • Wasan Mahmood
    Wasan Mahmood

    I just Love you... I have written a report Paper about topic shifting in your routine 'pay back the funny' and now I'm writing my thesis about immigration in America stand up comedy and I wander if you can supply us with some of your stand up about immigration... your fan from Iraq

  • niroshini perera
    niroshini perera

    Love him ❣️such great story telling

  • dan hunter
    dan hunter

    I think Jim Carry could have performed that routine if Woody Allen's standup was real information.......and I obviously could have done it better than Carry

  • Dorcas abubakar
    Dorcas abubakar

    Day walker?🤣🤣🤣

  • dysvanlist

    Sjw's are pure cancer

    • EspadaMT

      @dysvanlist yes and how does that nonsense he says in the daily show relates to this?

    • dysvanlist

      @EspadaMT ever watched the daily show?

    • EspadaMT

      How do the SJWs fit in this situation?

  • Dany Bonhomme
    Dany Bonhomme

    I am a laughaddict!! I am from Mauritius and watch at least one of your video every day! You're among the best I've ever seen.

  • smile .as-default
    smile .as-default

    Trevor you are amazing. I think you've brought us closer together as a nation when you launched Daywalker, and you're continuing to be an inspiration. I will always love you

  • Patrick Donkor
    Patrick Donkor

    Great 💪🏿👌🏿🙏🏿🤝🏿👏🏿🙌🏿❤


    Now we know why it's called Daywalker

  • Spharion ****
    Spharion ****

    Great...really good!.. Please come up with a comedy based on what's going on the past 5 years in South Africa.

  • Live Untied
    Live Untied

    Some of this material came from Dr. Conrad Koch and Chester Missing years ago. Trevor is younger so they were the pioneers of that joke about albino and toi toi

  • monkeys in disguise 99
    monkeys in disguise 99

    What a classic, still funny as hell 👌

  • David KAYONDO
    David KAYONDO

    I just love how Trevor educates ignorance with humour- a gift to the world in these times

  • Shayne Maker
    Shayne Maker

    I love it when they say the title of the movie in the movie DAY WALKER

  • Suresh Dahal
    Suresh Dahal

    All the love from Nepal..

  • Amariah Chiveso
    Amariah Chiveso

    Where's the video about Mr Abrahamas. Something about the plane crash!!

  • Amariah Chiveso
    Amariah Chiveso

    Where's the video about Mr Abrahamas. Something about the plane crash!!

  • Amariah Chiveso
    Amariah Chiveso

    Where's the video about Mr Abrahamas. Something about the plane crash!!

  • Amariah Chiveso
    Amariah Chiveso

    Where's the video about Mr Abrahamas. Something about the plane crash!!

  • Rodger benson
    Rodger benson

    Naah ... No spontaneity, Stereotypical stuff , all about same afro people .. I dont wanna wait too long for punchlines.

    • Rodger benson
      Rodger benson

      @EspadaMT Art must have some kind of universal appeal . Also he is ill informed . His IQ level is low too . He seems dumb .

    • EspadaMT

      Only South Africans can understand this one regardless of their race

  • alex thomas
    alex thomas

    How do you pronounce tarsa

  • Ndembela Banda
    Ndembela Banda

    You’re the best

  • Rajni Bala Kashyap
    Rajni Bala Kashyap

    This is the old Noah, old video for sure... My man doesn't wear loose fittings now... 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  • Alex Pavlov
    Alex Pavlov

    8 но 8 по

  • Humphrey Obanor
    Humphrey Obanor

    Last part is inspire by Southpark


    Always a pleasure watching your sketches!!

  • Kimi

    Do you seriously have no issue with the sun? My bff got burned once, and he is really dark. I didn't know it was possible before that. Not gonna lie, I poked him for fun all day. To be fair, it was pay back.

  • Brandy Dahlberg
    Brandy Dahlberg

    You crack me up.😂

  • Terri Pickens
    Terri Pickens

    Damn! He look good 👍 in that suit!

  • Andile Duma
    Andile Duma

    I can never get enough of this guy,he basically mends my soul❤❤.much love from SA🇿🇦

  • Caprice Hill
    Caprice Hill

    Dude is hilarious

  • Tots Mini
    Tots Mini

    Mwwwaaaaahhhh!!! :) :) ❤️❤️❤️❤️... Always Brilliant!!!... You're a National Treasure Trevor Noah!!!❤️

  • Daniel Mulhern
    Daniel Mulhern

    That dance sounds a lot like the ghost dance the Sioux performed, during the trail of tears.

  • Juga Shoki
    Juga Shoki

    You a gem but I think you been compromised something is not right these days with you since you went America 🇺🇸

    • EspadaMT


  • spelele Talente
    spelele Talente

    ai uyindoda Trevor

  • Herbert Fonteh
    Herbert Fonteh

    The Swiss do luv chocolate. Lol

  • Elvis Murangi
    Elvis Murangi

    Apartheid suit Trevor is wearing 😂😂😂

  • Ali Armstrong
    Ali Armstrong

    Would you fucking give it up about the jokes about your parents and stop crying about it

  • Fiifi Yeboah
    Fiifi Yeboah

    The chosen one😂😂😂

  • birat khadka
    birat khadka

    He never fails to make people laugh

  • Sandi Sue
    Sandi Sue

    We are all blessed Trever was able to achieve what he did with that show. It changed everything, and there was a whole community of comics who spit on him and probably still do. The story is shockingly amazing

  • Rodwell Mark
    Rodwell Mark

    eish I miss The non Leftist Trevor Noah, The "Attention Passengers" Noah, The sue the" Lighting at a funeral " Daywalker....these Americans are MUZZLING our brother. on the bright side.. Make that Money.

  • Saptarshi Saha
    Saptarshi Saha

    This one was really a downgraded one compared to the previous ones.

  • Kera Dasilva
    Kera Dasilva

    trevor your the best around nothins ever gonna keep ya down :)

  • Ke Tho
    Ke Tho

    so americans "buu" swiss ppl? are you fucking serious?

  • Mauro Ribeiro
    Mauro Ribeiro

    @Trevor! I am from Brasil and I love your jokes, man. Could you do something talking about my country? It would be amazing. Thanks

  • Như Phương
    Như Phương

    We laugh now but these stories ring a terrifying truth of a horrifying period of time!

  • Sunny Kapuria
    Sunny Kapuria

    It’s truly unbelievable how he makes comedy of the most difficult time in his life.

  • Talin Likha
    Talin Likha

    The ending was so so good🤣🤣🤣🤣