Thomas Rhett - Look What God Gave Her
Music video by Thomas Rhett performing Look What God Gave Her. © 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

  • Brooke Hale
    Brooke Hale

    He's soooooo hot! He is just perfect with great music!

  • Jesse Heiselt
    Jesse Heiselt

    I love this song

  • Fat Cat
    Fat Cat

    Only if it had more bass......😂

  • Gacha _.films._
    Gacha _.films._

    I’m excited for you concert tonight

  • Joshua Garner
    Joshua Garner

    Nice pop song

  • Laura Amaro
    Laura Amaro

    Wow beautiful song!!!!!! Lyrics and music 😍such a happy and optimistic song 🤩👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Natilyn Deckard
    Natilyn Deckard

    I LOVE this song

  • Madelyn Kershner
    Madelyn Kershner

    I am exactly like this girl I'm country, I'm helpful,I'm kind

  • Keegan Casper
    Keegan Casper

    Great song

  • Bridgette Bliese
    Bridgette Bliese

    Thomas Rhett you are my favorite singer and this is one of my Favorite songs you ever wrote

  • C.E.O Jane
    C.E.O Jane

    Boy this just boosted my confidence whaaat!

  • Robert e Lee
    Robert e Lee

    Look what the confederacy stole from him he pays a robert e lee tax

  • Jorge Luis Silva Yllescas
    Jorge Luis Silva Yllescas


  • Brandon Safe
    Brandon Safe

    This isn't country. That's not opinion.

  • Julie Kučerová
    Julie Kučerová

    I love this song😍 Like if you love it too

  • Cayden Belser
    Cayden Belser

    That good you found love

  • G FishingLife56
    G FishingLife56

    This guy went from having only 500,000 subscribers know he has 1.1 million this is crazy

  • Masters Outdoors
    Masters Outdoors

    What the hell happened to country music ?

  • Jamie Roseman
    Jamie Roseman

    This is a copy of Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun. Cool song though.

  • Iris Sasha
    Iris Sasha

    Love how he has his kids and wife in most videos

  • Rhodes Brother's
    Rhodes Brother's

    I sang at school and everyone likes my voice people tell me to sing when i am in class i am now a senior

  • Soraya Brecker
    Soraya Brecker

    thomas rhett if your reading this i just want to say that your a good singer and i like that you show your wife so much love you are a good guy.

  • Dewayne Raby
    Dewayne Raby

    Every woman wants a man that feels that way about her!

  • chad ham
    chad ham

    Quit hating cause country is life y’all little pieces of Dagon crap

  • Danny Amos
    Danny Amos

    I can not listen to this song with out wanting to dance!

  • Pam Christensen
    Pam Christensen

    How beautiful

  • Courtney

    This is my first time seeing the video for this and I’m so in love with the amount of love shown in this video 💓

  • dOgFaN4211 dogeyton
    dOgFaN4211 dogeyton

    great music dude

  • Dansoy Cook Bat in the Kitchen
    Dansoy Cook Bat in the Kitchen

    I love this song... Its great love and hope

  • DatJuicysquid2.0 0
    DatJuicysquid2.0 0

    Wow an actual good country song

  • Sydney Donovan
    Sydney Donovan

    Look what god gave her god is alive

  • WestWard Pomona Gyrl
    WestWard Pomona Gyrl

    That’s a jam

  • Varonica Springer
    Varonica Springer

    Great song keep it up

  • Rachel Mrazsko
    Rachel Mrazsko

    Love this song! Love that he said the word God! "Look what God gave her, how perfect he made her" he made you all perfect and dont ever forget! God Bless You All!! 😊

    • Deborah Travers
      Deborah Travers

      Rachel Mrazsko RIGHT!Only 1🙏☝☝💃💃🗣🗣🗣☝☝👪💪💪

    • Peyton Cringe
      Peyton Cringe


  • Nallely Gomez
    Nallely Gomez

    God I love him

  • Fap Goblin
    Fap Goblin

    When that girl in green smiles sheesh 😍

  • Yasina

    Wow nice music i'm so Glad..

  • Oliver Taniegra
    Oliver Taniegra

    Another great song.....very inspiring,,you make my day smile and happy...I like your music genre even pop or country music you have. #LOOK WHAT GOD GAVE happy,contented,and appreciet it with all our hearth.

  • H Gamerboy815
    H Gamerboy815

    This is if anyone didn’t notice but the kid in the black shirt and pants is doing fortnite dances in the background. And yes I agree and realize fortnite is dead.

  • Josue2018

    Maroon 5 or Thomas Rhett?

  • Barbara Johnson
    Barbara Johnson

    ❤❤❤❤❤Love your family

  • TheJenn2426

    You should know you are cute

  • Ninja

    Sold his soul to the devil

  • lisa oleksiuk
    lisa oleksiuk

    Thank you so much 😊 baby 🍼 lol

  • jaye-lynn foster
    jaye-lynn foster

    YAAAAAASSSSSS!!!! how can this mans voice be so perfect?

  • Travis Wilson
    Travis Wilson

    I love you so much and love this song ❤️🥰😘🌈♥️

  • User1 G
    User1 G

    I'm confused, who's the lady in the overalls? Is it his wife?

    • Sarah Rutushin
      Sarah Rutushin

      I think it is

  • Bumble bee
    Bumble bee

    This song is really good

  • K B
    K B

    Country music will not be the same without you

  • Vivzy Marks
    Vivzy Marks

    Him n his wife r to cuteee❤️

  • Penny Parker
    Penny Parker

    Him and his wife are so perfect

  • Melissa Moyer
    Melissa Moyer

    Had to explain to my 8yo daughter that there is no replay on radio stations, so I put in on her (and my) you tube. Thank goodness for ear buds I really like this song and I don’t want her killing it for me lol

  • Imogen Thorpe
    Imogen Thorpe

    Omg love you and your songs 💖😘

  • GAge cash
    GAge cash

    I like it 😃

  • chad&heidi massey
    chad&heidi massey

    love this song it is one of my favorites

  • Sylvia Wagstaff
    Sylvia Wagstaff

    Adorable with his wife and little girls.


    I know she’s got Haters but it ain’t her fault , Look what God gave her 💕 I love your music

  • Ashley Roberts
    Ashley Roberts

    Look at this one is the best song

  • okokjustkhadija

    I love how his wife is the centre point of all his songs and music videos

  • Sarah LaBo
    Sarah LaBo

    I play this song for my 1 month old son when he has his colic moments and we dance to it . He loves this song as much as i do..

  • Snacks

    Great song Thomas! Keep up the good work, man.

  • DF-5 RAP
    DF-5 RAP

    This is pop with a slight twang (barely)

  • Narciso Calderon
    Narciso Calderon

    Thomas Rhett is a good country singer. Kane Brown is a mediocre singer, he's so overrated. 😄😄😄😄😄

  • Angela Guerrero
    Angela Guerrero

    Mr.Rhett, thank you much for this song! My six year old niece is in LOVE with it!!!!! Knows EVERY word!

  • Brandy Harden
    Brandy Harden

    We're all perfect just the way are!❤

  • Peyton Cringe
    Peyton Cringe

    I love how you can tell he loves everyone close to him just by hearing the emotion in his voice

  • Peyton Cringe
    Peyton Cringe

    I MIGHT GO HIS CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!

  • awmh1990

    The comment section is hilarious. Filled with women dreaming. HAHAHA

  • agnelanna heavens
    agnelanna heavens

    now I could have time to recover fromdental implants ,wearing contacts adjustment to seeing clearly again not blured , doing personal shopping for self and finishing touch that make a house feel like home and my mew microminiteacup 2lbs -2.5 lbs max long haired female compacted body chilhuahua tell scootsdale texas

  • Jesy Roe
    Jesy Roe

    AMAZING ❤️❤️