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The Score - Born For This (Audio)
Born For This (Official Audio)
Song Available on the "Pressure" EP:
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Video Director: Cristobal Saez
Video Producer: Cristobal Saez
Video Editor: Cristobal Saez
Music video by The Score performing Born For This (Audio). © 2019 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Rounak ZONE
    Rounak ZONE

    Let's make it 1 billion likes

  • AtlasVR

  • KhelTS

    We were *born to listen to this*

  • Ishfan Izmail
    Ishfan Izmail

    Then there was Linkin Park who made me say good bye for Depression, Now its The Score !

  • DjDanior

    The Score - вы великолепны! очень нравится. * да, Я русский! вас знают! спасибо за музыку)

  • Blackwolf823

    There is one game that g gos with this HALO

  • Deanna Sprott
    Deanna Sprott

    This is my favorite song 😷

  • Antares

    This song was born for the Avengers.

  • Shayla Brynn
    Shayla Brynn

    This needs to be a lionblaze map...

  • Reena Kumari
    Reena Kumari

    dude these songs are just perfectly what i want

  • No body D
    No body D

    I was born to listen every single album of #TheScore

  • Fitness Gained
    Fitness Gained

    I don't mind the ads. I don't mind the buffering. But when the ads FRICKEN BUFFER

    • Fitness Gained
      Fitness Gained

      +Om Palsanawala nice one homie

    • Om Palsanawala
      Om Palsanawala

      Cause you were born for this, you were born for this.

    • Jacob Scott
      Jacob Scott


    • AtlasVR

      get an adblocker

    • Whatsmyname?


  • Qrafted from the Hart
    Qrafted from the Hart


  • HollyVampire

    Getting imagine dragon vibes from this

  • Lonley Killer
    Lonley Killer

    Dislikers, explain yourselves. Honestly. I would like to see your point of view.

  • Heidi Nelson
    Heidi Nelson

    Epic Song

  • kenny melissa valois borja
    kenny melissa valois borja

    i only can think this would be perfect for avengers: end game

  • Astronomy At Its Simplest
    Astronomy At Its Simplest

    when that chorus hit... Jeezuz

  • sercan Ersahin
    sercan Ersahin


  • Gacha Avery
    Gacha Avery

    Who love this song ? :)

  • Zilentecho -_-
    Zilentecho -_-

    I imagine this as the theme song for the 9yr old army or *the bro army* as they fight armies of T-Series while wearing badass armor sets. We were born for this.

  • Levi Noppers
    Levi Noppers


  • Cowgirl Cowgirl
    Cowgirl Cowgirl

    I know I was born for this!!!🏀🏀

  • juliiie _
    juliiie _

    c'est pas mal René thx

  • Tito Nonchev
    Tito Nonchev

    Superb! Greetings from Bulgaria!! 🇧🇬💎🔊🔊

  • AuthorCraft

    All rise for the gamers national anthem.

  • Blaze25KGold XD
    Blaze25KGold XD

    Check my nightcore

  • Oli M.
    Oli M.

    I'm loving the marvel references in the comment section ✊🏽

  • Cedric Williams
    Cedric Williams


  • Cedric Williams
    Cedric Williams


  • Cedric Williams
    Cedric Williams


  • Emily Benjamin Wolfe
    Emily Benjamin Wolfe

    " *You and I were born for this* ."

  • Prince Lucario
    Prince Lucario

    that sound says pokemon xd

  • Vaibhav Shukla
    Vaibhav Shukla

    i LOVE WITH the song

  • Nora M
    Nora M

    who's else here after watching harry potter amv on one.... i guess its just me then

  • Sarvamm Saksham Rathore
    Sarvamm Saksham Rathore

    It's audio only.

  • ΠαντέλοΣ Μ.Σ
    ΠαντέλοΣ Μ.Σ

    BORN FOR THIS! Great song. keep up the good work!

  • bandlebug flakcebug
    bandlebug flakcebug

    Is for one shit (isso é uma merda) vai manda isso pro peru seu merda

  • Ana Kesia Silva De Lira
    Ana Kesia Silva De Lira

    godd,music the deuses

  • Fons van Heesch
    Fons van Heesch

    This is a great song for dude perfect

  • SLN Kampongsom
    SLN Kampongsom


  • apartan black 547 s
    apartan black 547 s

    yes the music exelent

  • Matt Alv
    Matt Alv

    They are all saying this sounds like The Avengers but for me this sounds like JoJos

  • evillclouds :v
    evillclouds :v

    o yea :V

  • hollow kaizer
    hollow kaizer

    One of my best friend recommended me this song and since then this song is one of my favorite :) Thanks Harsha.

  • Isaac Kellar
    Isaac Kellar

    What’s the album?

  • Jacob Barone
    Jacob Barone

    This remindes of the show flash

  • Luccas

    Cadê os BR?

  • Hayden Fowle
    Hayden Fowle

    Play this during Red Sox game this song is dope

  • hùng thanh
    hùng thanh

    how to download this song, so great

  • Jireh Otoniel Estrada Garcia Dios es Poderoso
    Jireh Otoniel Estrada Garcia Dios es Poderoso

    Epic Music Yeah man lol

  • David Dolan
    David Dolan

    Game of Thrones!!!

  • Xymoz

    What a beautiful music ! It give a lot of motivation thanks To that I Feel good. I love it !

  • Acia Granger
    Acia Granger

    Idk why I thought of it but my god this song fits so well with the YouthStrike4Climate marches! Someone needs to put a vid together with clips from the strikes and this playing in the background!!🙌🏻🌍❤️

  • FriamChayne

    thank god you were born

  • bruce addi
    bruce addi

    Hmm...dhope song

  • Lexa Navalniy
    Lexa Navalniy

    Даня, ты даун, не слушай этот кал, уходи отсюда!

  • Zarlock

    Acho que sou o único BR

  • Teresa Johnson
    Teresa Johnson

    dont say it dont say it........ I SHRED OFF THE YEARS AND THROUGH ALL OF THE TEARS I FACE THE DOUBT A HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • StormY

    Anyone else think that this shoule be the Clones' Theme song from "Star Wars the Clone Wars"?

  • John Paul Castellanos
    John Paul Castellanos

    The score vs Imagine dragons

  • Michael Russell
    Michael Russell

    I think this song is dedicated to Millennial's

  • Gus Hernandez
    Gus Hernandez


  • ethxreal.x

    I have finally found it! *My motivation!*

  • Pluto 9
    Pluto 9

    Yes we are warriors - [ H - A ] 〜〜〜

  • Maisnam Sobha
    Maisnam Sobha

    I'm going to make sure they eat their words they said to me.. Cause we're born for this - Bob. M

  • Tyler Sonching Yen
    Tyler Sonching Yen

    This should be the theme song to apex legends

  • Big Skeloton
    Big Skeloton

    Anyone who plays warframe probably caught this, but the beginning 5 seconds sound like the music you hear when you log in to warframe if you agree please like and/or comment.

  • Zachary Shevchuk
    Zachary Shevchuk

    Who else came here from dude perfect hearing money run low, the love it, then want to find more songs like this

  • João Pedro Silva
    João Pedro Silva

    All of your songs are so good 🖤🖤🖤

  • Chris Redfield
    Chris Redfield

    Born for this + Attack on Titan = AWESOME AMV

  • SlyStar64

    Thank you Stanley Cup playoffs!! I came as soon as I could!

    • SlyStar64

      I love these guys! They are getting more popular and more recognized by the minute! Thank you Lord Stanley!

  • Andre Pires
    Andre Pires


  • Cayden Productions
    Cayden Productions


  • Asitec gamer
    Asitec gamer

    algum brr???????

  • Katarina Bellmonte
    Katarina Bellmonte


  • Pavan Kamath
    Pavan Kamath

    bro it boost's me up thank u bro

  • Ajith Eyze
    Ajith Eyze

    if someone asks me for motivation.. I am like want motivation? Listen to score vevo😎

  • Chen Backbier
    Chen Backbier

    all your songs are so amazing cool. thx

  • Jordan Razo
    Jordan Razo

    If you do stop I will kill my hot dogs and that would be a lot of work so just don't stop.

  • LoneStar

    this sounds so goddamn better at speed 1.25 Xd

  • ThE ReAL Comrade
    ThE ReAL Comrade

    Don't you think they are *underrated?*

  • GhettoInsane

    My car is broken. My job is chaos. My girl end the realeationship. This music keeps me up and working. Thank you so much!!!

  • la canon 16 Officiel
    la canon 16 Officiel


  • HB Stratos
    HB Stratos

    LYRICS: I'm checking my vital signs Drawing my battle lines Going to war again Feeling the rhythm inside of my chest All I need is just a pen I know I was born for this I know I was born for this Don't care for the critics My words are like physics A force that they can't stop They just don't get it, I think they forget I'm not done till I'm on top I know I was born for this I know I was born for this I believe, I believe We can write our story I believe, I believe We can be an army We are the warriors, who learned to love the pain We come from different places but have the same name 'Cause we were born for this We are the broken ones, who chose to spark a flame Watch as our fire rages, our hearts are never tame 'Cause we were born for this I've struggled for years and Through all of the tears I've faced the doubts I hide I never gave into my fears deep within 'Cause I heard my voice inside I know I was born for this I know I was born for this I will never lose my voice If I cut out all the noise I know, I was born for this I know, I was born for this These words that I write are for someone like me To know you're not alone The moves that you make ya they come with mistakes Don't ever lose your hope Just know, you were born for this Just know, you were born for this We are the warriors, who learned to love the pain We come from different places but have the same name 'Cause we were born for this We are the broken ones, who chose to spark a flame Watch as our fire rages, our hearts are never tame 'Cause we were born for this We were born for this We were born for this

  • memd kid
    memd kid

    Who came here from unstoppable that came from dude perfect

  • Dev Patel
    Dev Patel

    Zayde Wolf and The Score are so underrated. Like if you all believe this....

  • Peregrin Took
    Peregrin Took

    Kinda goes with Mass Effect. "Go out there and give them hell. You were born for this. " That red thing on the album art even kinda looks like the Normandy.

  • Ryan Gagne
    Ryan Gagne

    This song is pure motivation!

  • Souad Menif
    Souad Menif

    cute kids with a funny message💓

  • Duth lawliet
    Duth lawliet

    Watching after avengers.....

  • Shriram Shelke
    Shriram Shelke

    This a perfect theme song for pubg

  • Christian E
    Christian E

    Hey come check out my alternative grunge band from pa I don't think you'll regret it



  • GokuPimp64

    There’s this manga called kingdom and while listening to this song all I could think about was that manga it’s such a perfect match💯💯

  • Rosa Marcela Ponton Marin
    Rosa Marcela Ponton Marin


  • Steven kole
    Steven kole

    its amazing look at their songs that aren't availible anymore (you can still find them). I don't like that style much but their range is amazing

  • ana triz
    ana triz


  • Fell Aslyp
    Fell Aslyp

    Sounds like a dude perfect trickshot music...

  • Ayşegül Akdemir
    Ayşegül Akdemir

    Bunu sebepsizce beğenin ki yabancılar önemli bişi olduğunu sansın