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We got some news guys...
Please be warned (and we cannot possibly stress this enough); under no circumstances should any challenges, stunts, or pranks be attempted by any of our viewers. All challenges, stunts, and pranks are performed by trained professionals in a controlled environment and are for entertainment purposes only. Again, do not try anything you see in this content at home and always consult a parent or adult with any questions or concerns.
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  • Gacha Life/ Tik Tok Vids
    Gacha Life/ Tik Tok Vids

    Where the thing in your arm??

  • Ashley Bogue
    Ashley Bogue

    You need to get a Mclaren p1

  • Gio Lopez
    Gio Lopez

    I never knew you broke up with Erika RIP

  • pearl


  • 20000Subscribers without video challenge
    20000Subscribers without video challenge

    HEY Jake Paulers !! Road to 100 SUBS ! Lets work together and do this challenge !!

  • Scott Gordon
    Scott Gordon

    for kids

  • Maggie Correiz
    Maggie Correiz

    Anyone here because of tana

  • xavier asmr
    xavier asmr

    who is blaneoh

  • Ruairi KELLY - 4
    Ruairi KELLY - 4

    so you got her pregnant but dont know her adress




    jake paul likes to zoom on boobies?

  • Hugo Blue
    Hugo Blue

    Your already cancell

  • Detect Anything
    Detect Anything

    Hi im Jeff

  • ArnoldGaming

    10:22 *A N A L S T R A I G H T S E X*

  • Jacob Shelford
    Jacob Shelford

    I love you so much jake I have never been shouted out in a vid

  • Yoali Solorzano
    Yoali Solorzano

    When Tana Brought Up Erika😂

  • Cade Littau
    Cade Littau

    Roses are red violets are blue Have a great day!

  • Tej Love
    Tej Love

    This was total click bait!!! Wtf 🤦‍♀️

  • Logan Stemler
    Logan Stemler

    Jake, your the only UA-myr that I know that can have 8 ads in a 15 minute video

  • {Itz Arianaplays}
    {Itz Arianaplays}

    I miss Erica but whatever makes jake happy🙂🙁

  • Rosie Matot
    Rosie Matot

    i miss erika e (edit) but i like tana more

  • Rosie Matot
    Rosie Matot

    lol how is he driving and flying the drone

  • Mya Bisig (Student)
    Mya Bisig (Student)


  • Jamie Fitz
    Jamie Fitz

    I never knew you could pay UA-my to remove dislikes

  • Mick Dodd
    Mick Dodd

    Is she printed

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt

    Fuck my life

  • Strollergrip

    is tana pregnant

  • Me is Claire
    Me is Claire

    Are Jake Paul and Erika still married?

  • Martha Ramirez
    Martha Ramirez

    Bruh pewdiepie has more sub's than yo

  • Angie Basaldua
    Angie Basaldua

    Didn't he make the same video was Erica???

  • Dylan Roby
    Dylan Roby

    Omg jake paul brought a fcken kid in the world no

  • Harvey Reed
    Harvey Reed

    Jake; going to see tana a min later Jake; look at my car it's so sexy I want to smash my car

  • Star Hill
    Star Hill

    Jake Paul you suck you can't even when I begged in I dingy had a rematch you will lose and KSI KSI is more clever than you

  • jupiter is a bean
    jupiter is a bean

    this relationship has me shrieking I cannot take this seriously but I can't stop watching the videos

  • Gamingwithcoolperson Coolperson
    Gamingwithcoolperson Coolperson

    Xxx is better than you jake pool you just clickbait

  • Henry Poirier
    Henry Poirier

    I think these narcissistic sum bags were called team 10 because it stand for their IQ

  • KioskQuartz

    *TaNnA iS a HoE*

  • Rose marie
    Rose marie

    Is Tana actually pregnant ?

  • Hehitzgachajordan

    Why am I here again I don’t know

  • ItzUdai

    Which G7 is it bro? Like mark somethin

  • Chris Robinson
    Chris Robinson

    Completely unrelated to this video but jake paul your a real piece of faecal matter

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    Oh hell no! Idk your so weird

  • TbAg 1o1 lol
    TbAg 1o1 lol


  • Killer Mantis
    Killer Mantis

    At 13:26 tanas hair is crazy what were they doing in there🤨

  • R I
    R I

    So gross! She's had at least 3 sex partners this year.. it was filmed in May? So gross!

  • Meghan Snively
    Meghan Snively

    Right now what’s a good morning for me

  • SAVAGEC4 Hayden Carmer
    SAVAGEC4 Hayden Carmer

    Dunne please search hayden carmer gameplay or savagec4

  • SionoxZenn _
    SionoxZenn _

    He’s probably paying her to be his gf

  • modernsilentfilms

    This is the lowest moment of my Goddamn life

  • Xander Doe
    Xander Doe

    Roses are red violets are blue boo tana oof

  • fatuousjeffrey24 fresh
    fatuousjeffrey24 fresh

    Hey Jake, do us all a favor and get your brother in that car with you and drive it off the cliff. Thanks bro!

    • fatuousjeffrey24 fresh
      fatuousjeffrey24 fresh

      @abigail thompson They're both terrible, horrendous people. I don't think you're old enough to get that.

    • abigail thompson
      abigail thompson

      What the hell man

  • Natalie Thomson
    Natalie Thomson

    11:52 Why are you zooming in on that? Ya perv

  • fcptutorialsdaily

    daddy iwant a coffee

  • Devin F
    Devin F

    $20 says the baby comes out black

  • mary brown
    mary brown

    I'm in Florida

  • Goose Playz
    Goose Playz

    Tana (Aka: Golddigger)

  • skrt skrt
    skrt skrt

    i feel like the only one that doesn’t like tana all that much but like-

  • Savage _boi
    Savage _boi

    I like Jerika

  • Drippy - Bear
    Drippy - Bear

    shane dawson next video WHAT WENT WROUNG

  • Atimo133

    Worst launch in human history 1:10 please stop existing

    • Muna Uchenna
      Muna Uchenna


  • Kadu França
    Kadu França

    Vai tudo toma no seu cu

  • Abedin Xheka
    Abedin Xheka

    sunday dunday

  • Joshua _cool
    Joshua _cool

    Start blocking the bad words pls

  • George Stratidiss
    George Stratidiss

    How did you become famous lol

  • Jared


  • Jasonite _ gaming
    Jasonite _ gaming

    They just doing this for subs smh

  • Jasonite _ gaming
    Jasonite _ gaming

    Hah welp you messed up you got pay for alot of things

  • iakovojack Gr
    iakovojack Gr

    Jake paul change you name to clickbait

  • iiNanaii

    If Jake Paul ever had a kid, I'd feel bad for the poor child

  • Pp Hurt
    Pp Hurt

    Shit next jake video in nine months will be titled ‘moving to Mexico’


    So Jake didn't use tanacondoms

  • Wabbit _Army
    Wabbit _Army

    Song at 3:04

  • Kyler Thomason
    Kyler Thomason

    I watch your videos all the time go watch my videos please and get me views

  • Ásta Margrét Haraldsdóttir
    Ásta Margrét Haraldsdóttir

    Þ. Þ . Öl

    • Samurai Seth
      Samurai Seth

      Ásta Margrét Haraldsdóttir is my channel good in your opinion

  • Melissa Devlin
    Melissa Devlin

    Haven't been watching recently when and why did you and erica break up OR WERE YOU NEVER DATING

  • jomrik donyi padu
    jomrik donyi padu

    By seeing ur start u r a noob driver

  • joilynn shooltz
    joilynn shooltz

    @7:26 I just can’t unsee Kian and jc videos 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Kimberly And The Fun Girls
    Kimberly And The Fun Girls

    Haha 8:17 i do that to my friends and sometimes my crush

  • Mr. Pepper
    Mr. Pepper

    This is a kids channel right ?

  • Alfredo Lupian Rodriguez
    Alfredo Lupian Rodriguez


  • Alfredo Lupian Rodriguez
    Alfredo Lupian Rodriguez

    You got a new friends

  • spv bob
    spv bob

    I mean erica

  • spv bob
    spv bob

    Your mental to be with arika

  • Quarter Jesus
    Quarter Jesus


  • xamz

    8 year olds (aka your entire fan base) doesn't even know what this video means

  • Autumn Bryant
    Autumn Bryant

    cyber bullying kids arent cool jake.

  • Random Posts
    Random Posts

    Jake Pauls birth certificate was an apology letter from the condom factory.

  • Aiden Hamilton
    Aiden Hamilton

    Jake Paul is so bad that he trash and stupid for doing the stuff he dose

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson

    Hey bro if u get this comment I have been watching since I was Tyduce's age or yunger

  • lazybum

    they are so bad ... but so perfect for each other 😅

  • Latoshia Stewart
    Latoshia Stewart

    Proposed to Tana hahaha prank

  • Nolan Anthony
    Nolan Anthony

    My favorite part is 15:55

  • Queenpiperrockells _is_world
    Queenpiperrockells _is_world

    Jake genuinely loves tana or is that Shane 😱 conspiracy theories 😂 jk

  • Sandy

    Jake- I drove up to the top of this mountain *shows off car* I thought I'd be peaceful.....

  • Isabella’s World
    Isabella’s World

    Do you still talk to Erica

  • Kony Ruiz
    Kony Ruiz

    I miss Erica so much why did she have to leave

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez

    Man blue face going to make your face black and make your bigger than it is right know

  • Francesca Bertoldi
    Francesca Bertoldi

    Yeah... you dont get pregnant in 2019 by chance ( apart by rape) so you just take precautions and you dont buy useless pregnancy tests, apart by that I think jake got better since last year, he seems more mature

  • china Benavides
    china Benavides

    You suck and your fans aswell

  • Wenye Mero
    Wenye Mero

    Oh goshhhh advertisements!!!!!