THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON Official Trailer (2019) Shia LaBeouf, Dakota Johnson Movie HD
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THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON Official Trailer (2019) Shia LaBeouf, Dakota Johnson Movie HD
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Zak runs away from his care home to make his dream of becoming a wrestler come true.

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  • Bhaskar J Xnwl
    Bhaskar J Xnwl

    song 2:07 ??

  • Mercury_Mad_Dog

    Shia... I thought you were dead... seriously

  • Dave J.
    Dave J.

    Remember when he was in Even Stevens? I feel old...

  • Jordan Davenport
    Jordan Davenport

    Good on ya shia fuck yes

  • Yosh Monster
    Yosh Monster

    I gotta say I just love watching Shia do his thing

  • Brie The Princess
    Brie The Princess

    I missed Shia 💖 beautiful trailer

  • Zibby H
    Zibby H

    NO SJW/PC BS IN TRAILER SHIA LABEOUF JOHN FREEKING BERNTHAL Fuck once upon a time in hollywood this is my movie of the year

  • ItsMiyahBaby 360
    ItsMiyahBaby 360

    I love shia labouf! 💖💖💖😍💖💖💖

  • VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII
    VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII

    Funny how all these Hollwood liberals hate guns but always use them in movie's, HE. WILL NOT. DIVIDE. US.

  • Walphish

    What a great trailer! That K-comedy looks...oh wait, that was the ad. Oops 😋

  • Tom Wilson Eats Urinal Cakes Caps Fans Are Morons
    Tom Wilson Eats Urinal Cakes Caps Fans Are Morons

    He will not divide us. Hey look the crazy Jew is back,so fucking glad I do not watch Jew Hollywood filth anymore. Hey Shylah Labuffet....4 Chan Says Hello.

  • Alan Will
    Alan Will

    Quero muito ver muitooooo

  • Andrew James
    Andrew James


  • keith holloway
    keith holloway


  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury

    La leyenda ha regresado Osea Shia Labeuf

  • SlimyTissue

    wow movie looks really good, wish the trailer didn't give so much away kinda feel like I've seen it already

  • Tony Yomomma
    Tony Yomomma


  • rheotaxisvids

    Looks wack.

  • showoorts mc plunger
    showoorts mc plunger

    This gon be a journey of tears my guy


    I came here wanting to write - DO IT! - but instead i'll write KKona Clap.

  • Evox !!
    Evox !!

    *JUST DO IT!*

  • Rocky Stallion
    Rocky Stallion

    I Would Spend my hard earned money on this movie not that Disney Garbage being Shit out.

  • English Dub
    English Dub

    I hope it stays true to the source material

  • me nkat
    me nkat

    What a load of 💩 what else would you expect from Shia LaBeouf?

    • Meep Soda
      Meep Soda

      Ewww emojis

  • Zaine the insane
    Zaine the insane

    Fukk yea man. One of the greatest actors is fukkin back😂💯💯

  • NeoKenni Me
    NeoKenni Me

    Everybody's talking about Shia. What about Zack? He's so good that I thought he's a down syndrome person in real life.

    • NeoKenni Me
      NeoKenni Me

      @Mm Cc oh really??? Wow

    • Mm Cc
      Mm Cc

      He is

  • Dawn Duckson
    Dawn Duckson

    I’m happy Shia is back. I love this guy. Black ppl love you Shia

  • Mango Longp1ay
    Mango Longp1ay

    Haha Peanut Butter Falcon. Wtf. Sounds like some fast, arse swooping predator type

  • Depression Session
    Depression Session

    My reaction was: wtf

  • Ubaid-ur Rehman
    Ubaid-ur Rehman

    Guys I just have to say this was fucking beautiful. I couldn't stop smiling at the end and I never won't. My friend had down syndrome, he was a genius, but at times where people were controlling him he would lash out. I watched as he got him way in a few meaningful things in life. This trailer reminded me of him, it's why I smiled and it's why I'm happy I did.

  • The Pacoman!
    The Pacoman!

    Wrestling and Shia awesome!

  • H B
    H B

    Whats rule number 1? PARTY

  • Muleke mequetrefe
    Muleke mequetrefe


  • Mickey Cruise
    Mickey Cruise

    Like mother nature, Hollywood don't care. So, if this guy get a hit in one of these indy films he's back on top.

  • Karbon Krankin
    Karbon Krankin

    Anyone else getting flash backs to Even Stevens? Anyone getting those Steven and Bean vibes again?

    • TheDestroyer2alltrolls

      +Karbon Krankin OMG, I LOVE Even Stevens!!! Shia Labeouf was great and hilarious in that show! Louis Stevens was his best role ever. That was back when Disney Channel was amazing. That was such a great show!

  • Shubham Singh
    Shubham Singh

    Do it. Just Do it. He kinda did it.

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown

    He's a joke

  • Z4is Real
    Z4is Real

    Finally A legend is back

  • Mikey LaFave
    Mikey LaFave

    One of my favorite actors. American honey is a classic

  • Unchain your Brain
    Unchain your Brain

    Peanut Butter cute.Shia is cute too when hes not acting weird.🤔

  • D A N I E L
    D A N I E L

    Came back shia

  • Simion Wabol
    Simion Wabol

    It looks boring and it just ruined my taste buds. I think I just hate the character that played in transformers. I just hate that character as a person. He is psychotic and it’s all over the news. I think his actions in real life made me hate him and every movie he is in. Don’t know his name, but I think he’s the guy that use to be in a comedy show. Something world. The white guy with the neared. Yeah, he’s a psycho in real life. Kinda like an anarchist.

  • D-NICE


  • rip samual l
    rip samual l

    witch one’s shia?

  • Warren Stemphly
    Warren Stemphly

    Looks like Tug Speedman did a great job, the Academy will go for this for sure!

  • Entoni Dinozo
    Entoni Dinozo

    Let's goooo Shia. He will not divide us. We captured the flag.



  • soulshined2

    shia is such a good actor

  • edgeVerse

    Stupid ,movie title. Trailer looks like a netflix one shot time filler. And Shila lost my respect when he showed America he's liberal.

  • Dirty Kunst Video
    Dirty Kunst Video

    Bloody great cast. (And I think it's jolly sweet that the filmmakers have given a hopeless, special needs type like Dakota 'emotional void' Johnson a role too!)

  • Boxcar Bro
    Boxcar Bro

    Hey. I felt that. 💚🙏⛺

  • Soul Hunter
    Soul Hunter

    Fuck this Marvel shit man. Give me the peanut butter Falcon!

  • Chiara K
    Chiara K

    Missed him

  • Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
    Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

    Coming soon

  • Dominus Ghaul
    Dominus Ghaul

    This fucking movie looks incredible. And anybody who saw Little Miss Sunshine should know if it's even somewhat on that level of silly adventure, then this is going to be a fucking treasure of a movie. Not to mention I think Dakota Johnson might be the sexiest woman on Earth, entirely because of her lisp.

  • duxe swattik
    duxe swattik

    Shia is back.. I love the down's guy.

  • NergalOnFire

    Shia will never recover from 4chan

  • Ron Brown
    Ron Brown

    Laboof has finally found his genre....Full Retard.

  • California Gunner
    California Gunner

    OK, Is Shia not fucking crazy now?

  • Téyo from Cali
    Téyo from Cali

    nigga im always finna watch shia

  • Shawn Teter
    Shawn Teter

    Shia is the shit. Always has been. Who cares what mistakes he’s made. We have all made them. Learning and growing through them can produce something or someone so much better. He was never gone and is now back, he was just busy. This movie looks awesome. So proud of you my dood.

  • Brock Samson
    Brock Samson

    Another Forrest Gump , I’m in

  • Dragoon TV
    Dragoon TV

    Rain Man : Down Version

  • Zero

    Shia? He still stars in movies after all he did? Well I mean, good commercials come from controversy anyway nowadays. The movie looks dope. Carpe Diem

  • Michael T
    Michael T

    Looks good !!!too bad society has moved on from going to cinemas 😴

    • Hershdawg5

      Kind of but not really and certainly not for long. With all these different streaming services (Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney, Amazon prime, etc) are going to force more people back to cable and theaters.

  • DontCryBecauseI DontBelieveYourBullshit
    DontCryBecauseI DontBelieveYourBullshit

    It's a Shia LaBeouf movie. So you know it's going to suck already.

  • A

    This looks like a great movie. However, what sells this movie isnt the trailer, its the music. Music makes movies.

  • Evan Walker
    Evan Walker

    Captain America: peanut butter got a falcon movie before you. Falcon: Shut Up

  • Lonezewolf Gaming
    Lonezewolf Gaming

    The title was misleading at first, but the ending made up for that.

  • M C
    M C

    It's like a modern day of mice and men