The Military Interrogation Camp That Turned Prisoners Into Living Skeletons
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War brings out the worst in people, and if you were on the wrong end of it, you could have suffered a fate worse than death. In today's animated educational video we are looking back on some of the worst aspects of war, the interrogation camps.
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  • Ron Swanson
    Ron Swanson

    Evil not only can, but WILL flourish in any environment, regardless of ideology if one does not actively resist it.

    • Matthew Mayfield
      Matthew Mayfield

      Ron Swanson Ron is it really you

    • Q5K

      How's Joe Swanson doing

    • short entertainment
      short entertainment

      Alot of people think they are actively fighting evil by committing evil themselves.

    • Keenan Fehrenbacher
      Keenan Fehrenbacher

      Hey made any new tables or furniture I made a endtable

    • Matt Phillips
      Matt Phillips

      @DamnImSmart amen

  • Peter Hepburn
    Peter Hepburn

    Go Scotland go Scotland go Scotland

  • Peter Hepburn
    Peter Hepburn

    Boo England Scotland shall rule evil England

  • IrwinTheBlueSun HK
    IrwinTheBlueSun HK

    Why the btitish have german G43 Semi automatic Rifles

  • Cekoceh

    Typo 1:19

  • Gas Channel
    Gas Channel

    *Sees the yellow question a the end on the video* Trevor Phillips : YEEAAAEEEAAAEEEES ARGH YES IT IS ALWAYS JUSTIFIED

  • Seldom Studios
    Seldom Studios

    Vaspterdotenborf Vasterdotendorf

  • Emily Nickles
    Emily Nickles

    Did no one notice the typo?! 1:17

  • psema psema
    psema psema

    Classic blindness. Both sides had make atrocities. Everyone knows about Russian rapes in Berlin but noone talk about American rapes in Japan during occupation.

  • Peter Bowman
    Peter Bowman

    Reap what you sow, also, the British Empire where somewhat historically reknown for their cruelty.

  • Chris Alan
    Chris Alan

    Hmm. The “Greatest Generation,” sure did a great many evil things. I’m happy to be a member of the “weak and soft hearted,” millennials. We’re also going to shut down the atrocities happening in America right now. These evils will never repeat on our watch. The Boomers, who take quite a bit after their “Great” parents are almost dead. The human race can only wait in jubilant anticipation until these warmongering, criminally insane generations are fully wiped from the face of the Earth by the great equalizer. 💀

  • Derp Derpington
    Derp Derpington

    Gott strafe England!

  • Kees Driesen
    Kees Driesen

    Isolate Germany from the rest of the world! Use full force on anyone from countries who were mean to us!

  • Kees Driesen
    Kees Driesen


  • Evan Henderson
    Evan Henderson

    im brittish i am sad about myself

  • Disney World Twin
    Disney World Twin

    Typo at 1:18

  • WolfClant

    if i've learned something from history, it's that britain is horrible

  • Mac

    I love the thumbnail art 👍🏾

  • Viper02

    Any time a European brings up how bad the US is, I'm going to bring this up.

  • bently629

    Some of those people deserved it but my heart just hurts for the ones I know didn’t.

  • Andrew will not create channel b Harrison
    Andrew will not create channel b Harrison

    And they say Britain loves justice

  • Christopher LEGO
    Christopher LEGO

    0:11 I’m stingy and it’s miEn

  • Grim Walker Fatality
    Grim Walker Fatality

    great britain is a demon I salute you American soldier

  • Alex H
    Alex H

    This video makes me want a capri sun.

    • Christopher LEGO
      Christopher LEGO

      Alex H 0:11

  • سالم الفضلي
    سالم الفضلي

    Also in China they hold Muslims and torture them in a camp I think they have like 2 million and expanding

  • Jonathan Gale
    Jonathan Gale

    Man this sure is sad and depressing put a like if u agree

  • Zero

    Prisoner: please I know nothing, let me go Interrogator: you know how we interrogate, you knew too much and must be silenced

  • Mizzz Licia
    Mizzz Licia

    So... The Nazis were more humane than the Brits? ♪What's new pussycat woah woah woah♪

  • Bountyless

    Aren't we all just a bunch of living skeletons tbh

  • Laurens Brettschneider
    Laurens Brettschneider

    This video: *is about Britain * Comment section: look at the atrocities America has committed

  • Colby Flohr
    Colby Flohr

    I'm all for torturing nazi's but not innocent people

  • Willy Pp
    Willy Pp

    Little by little we are discovering that the Germans are not the monsters propaganda tells us

  • R6-Rami

    1:18 spelling error

  • Fluffysheepbruh

    Post WW2 - a soilder stepped on my toe OHMEHGUD HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION

  • Fluffysheepbruh

    See? behaviour is more significant than belief. Aka - Racism is nothing compared to behavior. - Starlin killed more with no motivation of racism for example.

  • Hshhsj Hahsvs
    Hshhsj Hahsvs

    And they say its all nazis that did these ruthless acts

  • Don Cely
    Don Cely

    Torture is never justified in the case of retribution or "making someone pay" for their crimes, no matter how horrendous. I am not so much a "Pollyanna," however, to say that it could never be used to prevent something awful from happening. There are not enough pliers and blowtorches in the world to satisfy my thirst for revenge if someone hurt my child or loved ones. That doesn't make it right, however, and it wouldn't stop the anguish over a lost loved one.

  • Trevor Reasoner
    Trevor Reasoner

    Jesus were the British even punished cause it sounds like as if they really weren't

  • error_404_error

    Where is the Hollywood film about this?

  • Jacob Knorr
    Jacob Knorr

    Anyone notice that they misspelled at and just put a T?

  • Ae Ea
    Ae Ea

    An anti-faschist, tortured by Gestapo saying it's worse than Gestapo... ...Geeez....

  • Violetine

    1:18 They forgot the "a" in "at"

  • Fahad the Random Guy
    Fahad the Random Guy

    History taught in school is useless. This is what we really wanna know.

  • name surname
    name surname

    WW2 is an excellent example about neither side being right or wrong.

  • CravenDrip8435

    Oof the UK always goes too far and try to hide it but obviously that doesn’t work out for them

  • TYPLZ bb
    TYPLZ bb

    5:20 begins talking like a Russian for no reason lol

  • Phantasm Clan
    Phantasm Clan

    "There would be no returning home, t least not for years to come" 1:18

  • Lamp

    Not very secret if you're able to search it up and make a video on UA-my....

  • vishal kumar
    vishal kumar

    I feel so proud that i am part of country which hardly attacked any other country(india).

  • JAXGP 2003
    JAXGP 2003

    As a British 15 year old going through school I haven't heard about this before do you think it's because it really is this bad and they don't want the public knowing

  • Dron Gon
    Dron Gon

    1:18 t

  • Robert Wang
    Robert Wang

    Most of this was futile as well. Numerous studies have shown that torture for the purpose of information gathering DOES NOT WORK. In various experiments, the people who were tortured would literally say anything that would stop the pain, including outright, blatant lying.

  • Funks

    remember what the USA did burned down entire cities in japan

    • Anonymous User
      Anonymous User

      Which was a better option than fighting them on land.

    • Andy :D
      Andy :D

      Funks *blew up

  • Funks

    at least the nazis let pepole know there aim is to take over the world

  • Blexxor12

    I'm sorry I even clicked this vid. Well done. Yes I do believe torture can be necessary ALTHOUGH its very rare.

  • WeiWeiManGaming

    The English people were so mean.

  • Kim Burata
    Kim Burata

    1:18 t least?

  • Plastic Stop motions
    Plastic Stop motions

    I say that the British are the worst form of western evil

  • Crono Necronis
    Crono Necronis

    An interrogation turns into torture when you cant get them to spill the beans

  • Error 404
    Error 404

    White people are so naturally destructive

  • Elena Gheorghiță
    Elena Gheorghiță

    Im learning more history here than at school

  • Filip Gall
    Filip Gall

    Why do you guys at inphographic always ignore the fact that the eastern front was fought by soviets, not allyes

  • dr. two
    dr. two

    It only turns into torture Once the mind and the body have both been completely and utterly destroyed and Recovery is not possible

  • fire king
    fire king

    My great great grandfather was in this!

  • Double LL
    Double LL

    If evil comes to America THEY GET TAKEN DOWN HARD USA USA USA like if u love USA

    • Gaspar Alejandro
      Gaspar Alejandro

      USA has made many evil things, what about the massacre that they lead in Mexico, the students who got killed thanks to the information manipulation during the students massacre in Mexico. Also the civil war in Guatemala, USA was the first reason, USA has a long list of terrible things 😛

  • fire king
    fire king

    I will never watch lazar beam ever again

  • SP 12
    SP 12

    , but them were nazis, so nevermind....

  • Oxi Clean
    Oxi Clean

    So when I told the girlfriend about this next challenge she was curious. When the Americans left and the British came I said “the challenge has started” now obviously the girlfriend is not happy

  • 7burnitdown

    a lot of this sounds very biased

  • poop

    That is terrible. Except for the Antifa guy. Throw those guys into the darkest coldest cell.