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The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 219 | Podding
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On this episode, Joe, Rory, Mal and Parks begin with the Super Bowl coverage (3:48) and reveals the story behind Bow Wow's incident over the weekend and how Shaq was involved (18:04). They also discuss 21 Savage (34:17), Liam Neeson being racist (54:10), the importance of managers in Hip Hop (1:25:55), Joe addresses Terry Crews (2:12:12) and more!
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  • TmacBanger

    We’re podding lol

  • LaToya Scott
    LaToya Scott

    Polar was a great movie on NetFlix

  • Edwardo Aguilar
    Edwardo Aguilar

    Let’s keep it funky man... immigrants have always been mistreated. Latino family’s with real financial problems and families being separated. So now that 21 got arrested, oh now we as a nation are aware of these things; FOH. He will be fine believe that, send a prayer and support to people who don’t have the financial that 21 has

  • City Hunter
    City Hunter

    So I'm definitely not saying that Liam shit is ok at all.. but the only thing ppl keep leaving out is that it happened like 40 years ago. He was definitely on some racist shit at that time, I can't speak to how he is 40 years later.

  • darealness

    Even if 21 get the boot... who cares he rich he can convert them millions into pounds🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Milly Monroe
    Milly Monroe

    Well facts are that Nicki got over a million views on those freestyles.. (Combined) but still

  • Luidjy Pierre
    Luidjy Pierre

    That was an “iight bowl”😂😂😂😂

  • Jordan Perez
    Jordan Perez

    Say Joe did you sell yo boy 2 yo boy???.........0_0

  • Devin Jackson
    Devin Jackson

    Ummm every Black person I know puts bacon bits in their collard greens. WTF are ya'll talking bout lol

  • Job Carando
    Job Carando

    1:08:15 italian cheeseburger

  • Joe Storm
    Joe Storm

    wooow so memes are a black people thing now.smh rappers are so sensitive

  • Duane Redmond
    Duane Redmond

    I just really want to know what “little white girl” joe keeps referring to?!?!

  • Alonzo X
    Alonzo X

    Tommy Buns Son 😂😂😂

  • cj wins
    cj wins

    “As I said in my previous email..” lol Rory

  • ndixon88

    They're having 2 different about medical and the other about recreational especially for ppl with mental illness ...damn Joe get ur mediating game up smh

  • MHM

    Yea just bacon, i don't eat pork

  • Jay NLMB
    Jay NLMB

    “We power walk but we don’t call it that” 😩😭😭🤷🏾‍♂️

  • D Thomas
    D Thomas

    They wrong about demi

  • Kamisha Pinckney
    Kamisha Pinckney

    Desiigner should have been speaking english in his interviews and taking his #1 worldwide hit seriously and maybe he wouldnt be sitting in a room somewhere waiting on kanye to do something awesome for him. He wasted so many chances to be more relatable to his fans with that adlib shit during interviews.

  • Kamisha Pinckney
    Kamisha Pinckney

    1:07:32 he was HIGH

  • Brandon Thornton
    Brandon Thornton

    Must be some east coast cooking ways, bc in Louisiana we put Ham hock in Greens

  • Kamisha Pinckney
    Kamisha Pinckney

    Mal need a girlfriend .... he is so emotionless... lawd is he a libra? Such an introvert

  • Gregory Dunston
    Gregory Dunston

    The way Joe said scoured has me in tears😂😂😂

  • prettygirlb

    Mal is so sexy. I just know he got pipe too ;) I only watch him.

  • Brandon Mclean
    Brandon Mclean


  • Victor P
    Victor P

    In the next Taken Liam calls himself and gets taken

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson

    i thought the superbowl was a defensive classic in a time where the league is designed around offensive shootouts.

  • Salange Summers
    Salange Summers

    Parks don't listen to them my grandmother born & raised in South Carolina puts bacon in that joint & its fire🔥

  • Evan Flynn
    Evan Flynn

    "halal with a spork would do it" joe i think my life has changed forever


    That machine hart ad lol ended up listening to the whole thing

  • Erick J
    Erick J

    Demi ain't white tho, but she still was dumb was that.

  • Holly The Dopestress
    Holly The Dopestress

    Joe scared of cyn 😂😂😂

  • Zach Willow Bay
    Zach Willow Bay


  • Broly Firmly Disagrees!
    Broly Firmly Disagrees!

    1:06:41 Pause 😂that sigh was nasty lol

  • Draya Ivy
    Draya Ivy

    "The quick jog" 😂

  • Tabetha Crowder
    Tabetha Crowder

    Mal looks just like ice cube on this episode


    Chicken cheese dip & Newports 😂😂😂😂

  • Flower Bloom
    Flower Bloom

    Bacon in the collard greens actually doesnt sound bad


    But subway sandwiches are in plastic. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m on the side of the truth.

  • volpe

    Sports infected by political agendas and people feeling completely off about it. That's what happened to the Super Bowl.

  • S. Lanng
    S. Lanng

    Why do i gotta do a Google search to find out what Parks looks like

  • Randy Coppavelli
    Randy Coppavelli

    1:53:00 those 40 oz Van segments are always needed 😭😂

  • K H
    K H

    Your comments about Demi are mad ignorant

  • TaylorLaurie Garcia-Harrell
    TaylorLaurie Garcia-Harrell

    bacon in greens is real greens. mal and joe dont even know.

  • OrphansAttic

    Name's Bond... Gold Bond.

  • Louquitta Robinson
    Louquitta Robinson

    Did he say there had to be some meat in there.I dont eat pork!! Bacon is pork.... I cant..... ( he didn't day Turkey bacon)

  • Christina D'Avilar
    Christina D'Avilar

    1988 head 🤣🤣🤣🤣 only Mal 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bejai Smith
    Bejai Smith

    Joe Budden won't stop until "Outstanding" is top 5 GOAT songs of any genre str8 up.

  • Bomer 215
    Bomer 215

    I love mal but he be lying . He know damn well he’s looked for nooks before . Joe the only one who be honest out here

  • Ceo Zee
    Ceo Zee


  • Manny Manteca
    Manny Manteca

    Mop Salad!

  • XOVO

    liam did nothing wrong

  • Tony L
    Tony L

    Talk about mindless discrimination (Liam Neeson) then take the piss out of older white men power walking. Derrrr!! 😞

  • Ammar Jett
    Ammar Jett

    Creed is gonna fight Tommy bunds son 😂😂😂😂

  • Crazy Son
    Crazy Son

    Joe has been eating good lool

  • ColorMeOakland

    UM FIRE SAVON! THE HEAD OF THE ME TOO MOVEMENT IS A BLACK WOMAN! Others took the name to run with it... Don't get it twisted!

  • MND_Die5

    Am I the only one who doesn’t enjoy parks at all?

  • J. Edward
    J. Edward

    😂He said Shaq there, Future there, sit cho ass down and hang out with the past.

  • Leon verses Noel
    Leon verses Noel

    Joe Budden featured on AZ mixtape ain't nobody saying nothing

  • Dj scumbag Scumbag
    Dj scumbag Scumbag

    “Hoes” vs “Hose” hahaha... “No hoes, then I’m out” ........“Well we’re in relationships” Hahahaha

  • StarBoyAyo

    mal needs to cut those side burns

  • Bee __Blessed
    Bee __Blessed

    Y’all Are like TLC crazy-Joe sexy-Rory and cool-mal 😂😂😂😂

  • Tabitha D.
    Tabitha D.

    Rory!!!How is no one listening to Nickis freestyles and there at 3 million views smh

  • Roz Chieza
    Roz Chieza


  • A Wilkins
    A Wilkins

    Lol Mal no red meat since 04 and he still fat

  • Dylan Fluckey
    Dylan Fluckey

    why they always kill subway D:

  • anointedlife14

    Come on, Mal, you got to throw some ham hocks in those greens!

  • venus clarke
    venus clarke

    Of course Mal has heard the new Nicki freestyles.

  • Miss Brinson
    Miss Brinson

    The title should have been through the shorts lol

  • venus clarke
    venus clarke

    Mal is so pessimistic. OMG.

  • Ronnie Alston
    Ronnie Alston

    I think you guys owe Alicia a apology about hosting the Grammies she's more then qualified she's one of the best Artists of her generation and multi talented definitely after I saw her playing 2 pianos I thought of yall debate

  • sdotlondonkid

    1:41:05 We all need to remember this one for when there has to be a top 10 list of funny lines from The Joe Biden Podcast. That shit had me coming back to it on and off for the whole day. ‘...he didn’t have a hammer or nothing’🤣🤣🤣. I swear Joe is the funny kind of crazy

  • All About Aries
    All About Aries

    "She talking still" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Orrvega

    Bacon in the greens is 🔥

  • Joey NoClout Fosterr
    Joey NoClout Fosterr

    I only strive to someday eat as good as these guys so I too can slander a delicious subway sandwich

  • George Greig
    George Greig

    Wait so Parks puts bacon in his greens but doesn't eat pork??? Lol I know turkey bacon slaw and he probably doesn't know about beef bacon so I'm confused af.

  • awa lovette peter
    awa lovette peter

    Don't let this determine how you roll in your relationship

  • 312DOZIER

    Go back a couple of episodes Mal was riding with juicy smellit they all was talking about how crazy Chicago is. Stop it nobody taking that much time to do some shit like that the fairy is telling tales...... Pause.

  • Strive ForExellence
    Strive ForExellence

    Talk about it Irish King 😂😂😂😂

  • jaybeetdown

    1:14:38 Joe sings!🤣

  • 312DOZIER

    I wish so-called blacks in America had more love for each other. like we have for any other people we would be in a much better place 🤔

  • Dat Reaper Guy
    Dat Reaper Guy

    J-lo tribute to Motown was super trash. Of all the artist they pick her...who are they trying to appeal to? Smokey Robinson should of shut that down...

  • Smitty Sacks
    Smitty Sacks

    😂😂😂The random spork talks are the reasons I love this 🤬show!!!

  • Jay

    i love parks drop haha makes me laugh, i been a day one fan for podcast and joes music and knowing he use to always call parks out in his older songs makes parks that much cooler haha

  • jacob hanun
    jacob hanun

    He a Lakers fan and a partriot fan. Bandwagon

  • Elijah S.
    Elijah S.

    Kid cudi not designer!

  • TTSantiago821

    Joe has never really shed light on his older brother and if they have a close relationship or not. I know he mentioned issues when they were coming up on a therapy session he did but that is about it. Until that point, I honestly thought he was an only child.

  • Tye Williams
    Tye Williams

    I disagree, there are some people who are not trying to be famous that do not support the NFL. And, that is regardless of what famous people are supporting or not supporting.

  • DG Filming Production
    DG Filming Production

    Yo he said he still ate the fucking bleached sandwich off the ground I’m dead

    • Leon verses Noel
      Leon verses Noel


  • kissmyjays23

    This episode should’ve been called “through the shorts” 😂

  • Mr.Slippyrfist

    When someone goes in and looks through another significant others phone, its only because they are searching for pain, not the truth.

  • #Whatsabeatwithoutbass !!
    #Whatsabeatwithoutbass !!

    Bacon biiits???

  • Jamal Ahmad
    Jamal Ahmad

    These guys are my friends in My head😂😂😂

  • MultiSpacehead

    The vibe between Joe and Rory seems off lately.

  • Reckless Notion
    Reckless Notion

    Mal looks like he never wants to be there lol

  • T2 Runner
    T2 Runner

    The little nook... 🤣🤣😂😂

  • Ahmed Turner
    Ahmed Turner

    Medley is a crazy word.

  • lolurin11

    I love Mal

  • SBG Vision
    SBG Vision

    1:38:15 bacon is pork parks lmao

  • jeanpaul nazario
    jeanpaul nazario

    Wow soo apple that petty that’s tuff 😭