The House Is Coming Together Now!
Bart & Geo
Barbell Brigade
646 Gibbons Avenue
Los Angeles CA 91754
(323) 225-2251

  • rachel.doremi

    So is that mirror more for Bart or Geo? Twist, it belongs to Taika

  • Met3lAngel

    Don't want to be that viewer but please make sure all your furnitures are properly bolted to the walls. I know Taika likes to climb on things, just take caution so the furniture doesn't fall over on him.

  • Lisa Yang
    Lisa Yang

    You should get Tiff to help you decorate. I love the way she did her house.

  • olivia lopez
    olivia lopez

    Hey Geo😁✌🏽, this is an over the sink rack. Maybe you could use this for lil baby Taika’s drying station

  • Delioncourt

    My kids never went through terrible twos. They went through terrible 4s-7s lol

  • Brudda Man
    Brudda Man

    Buy the meat in bulk and slice it yourself with a meat slicer.

  • Mairéad

    I don't get why people care about tyres.

  • Miguel Jimenez
    Miguel Jimenez

    9 mins before anything good happens

  • SniperLyfe Parry
    SniperLyfe Parry

    I am so happy for you guys 😍👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • camry5sfe

    Congrats on the new house :) We almost become neighbors but the house is close to the tracks, so we did't buy it.

  • Ashlee Nguyen
    Ashlee Nguyen

    Lmfao Bart always be chillin in his underwear 🤣 no fucks given

  • Irving Chu
    Irving Chu

    Omg BARTS random Taiwanese facts and your face afterwards!!! That’s like me and my S/O! Lmaooooo

  • Isabella Scott
    Isabella Scott

    Will the podcast be on Spotify?

  • Erin Andrews
    Erin Andrews

    depression can be environmental. i think i am depressed from either that or it being genetic. regardless i have been for several years. it's good to know that there are non-judgemental cool people like Geo and Bart.

  • Padbae

    Join up with Mr.Kate!!!

  • Mako Yuhara
    Mako Yuhara

    I'm not updated at all! Where's briggy?

  • Jenna

    You should get in touch with Mr Kate

  • agarifighter12

    Wow Geo can read Korean ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Jessica 009
    Jessica 009

    Geo: “we tell him to not do things and he snaps out of it quick” *taika continues to hit furniture with the bat*

  • G Vloggin
    G Vloggin

    Time to call Me. kate! 😜

  • Nicky Zecchini
    Nicky Zecchini

    So glad you explained the car had a fluid gender Bc the very next sentence you said “he had to sleep there by herself”. Geo you’re amazing.

  • Vulture Tv
    Vulture Tv

    Put dishes in the dishwasher to dry. No dry rack needed.

  • sarahbesLeepy

    I like bart in his underwear admiring his muscles

  • Johnson Tang
    Johnson Tang


  • Vince Fung
    Vince Fung

    vorsteiner ayeeee geo's inner car girl modding habits

  • Top She
    Top She

    Every corner in your house is a Taika corner

  • Naomi Osorio
    Naomi Osorio

    Questions... what type of camera do you guys vlog with!??? It’s so cool!!

  • Cristina Carrion
    Cristina Carrion

    block out the license plate girl!!

  • Shelley Tamara
    Shelley Tamara

    "My car's so dirty" Looks pretty damn clean to me...

  • Dominic Brady
    Dominic Brady

    Geo is so damn beautiful...

  • Diana Alexa
    Diana Alexa

    Girl you can read korean! 👏❤️❤️❤️

  • Sea Salt
    Sea Salt

    #furniture #sponsor #design #InteriorDesign ❤️🧡💛💚♥️

  • Sea Salt
    Sea Salt

    @14:05 my thought would be to buy a light weight tray to put next to the sink and once you are finished washing the bottles etc. you can just place the whole tray over in that back corner/counter. ❤️🧡♥️💛💚💜

  • Sea Salt
    Sea Salt


  • Angie A
    Angie A

    get a taika tray that is moveable to decrease the drippage but then have easy mobility

  • Valerie Redner
    Valerie Redner

    Omg I laughed so hard on "how dare you talk shit, when you're just in your underwear" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • zelight

    Taika playing with the bat reminds me of Fred Flintstone with a club :') just imagine him in a costume haha

  • Raven Joy
    Raven Joy

    you should put the bottles in taikas bathroom :)

  • AsianPandaGirl 86
    AsianPandaGirl 86

    I would so love to help you guys get things organised. There are so many diy solutions to the large areas like that

  • Jdm4life32

    You should lower the Tesla so the rims could pop more

  • This One01
    This One01

    Thats low class to trying to sell their house to one of their viewers on their channel. No shame Kwans. This channel is not for that but they are making in that.

    • Met3lAngel

      This One01 stfu. This is there channel and they can make it whatever the fuck they want.

  • Anna P.
    Anna P.

    Don’t really care about cars but I still watched the whole vlog cause beaws are the best

  • jart122

    just get a few alexa echo dots and a bunch of smart light bulbs. You can control them with your voice or phone.

  • Amanda Galvan
    Amanda Galvan

    Geo.... can we talk about this parking job with the Tesla lmao

  • Elena Enriquez
    Elena Enriquez

    Forget the house. WHY ARE MY BEAWS NOT AT 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS??!! 😠 ps: i love the house,its beutiful and big for the tikes

  • Abby Braden
    Abby Braden

    Geo: my car's dirty Me: *hasn't washed my car in 6 months and lives on a gravel road in the middle of nebraska*

  • steve kno
    steve kno

    Wow you can read Korean @Geo ! Btw the last 4 characters says Shaba shabu

  • Jerry Wen
    Jerry Wen

    Am I the only one who likes HRE wheels better lolll Barts Rs7 is crazyyy. Feel like geo would look so badass with HRE's on her Tesla

  • JerzeYxKinG

    looks like a honda crv lol should of went for another style

  • specagent992

    why is the value of the homes in their new neighborhood gone down 15k - 30k recently?

  • Andrea Cincotti Castiglione
    Andrea Cincotti Castiglione

    I think that you could use an interior designer for make your life easier :)

  • Hedieh Goudarzi
    Hedieh Goudarzi

    Is it just me the set up looks the same as the other house but much bigger!!

  • Jenny Pak
    Jenny Pak

    We had a cart on wheels pulled out solely for drying big dishes or bottles that we hid in the pantry.

  • Kal

    We stan a genderfluid Telsa.

  • Saelee Family
    Saelee Family

    Geo say's my car has new shoes 😂 My 5 year old say's car's have shoes? With this face 0o Lmao I told her no baby she means new tires lmao 🙌

  • Eat Keto Drink Vino
    Eat Keto Drink Vino

    Did they ever say the square footage of the new house? I probably missed it. But that place looks really big on camera and probably in real life too.

  • Melissa Jennings
    Melissa Jennings

    My husband and I have a plan. Whoever dies first gets cremated, and then the urn get buried with whoever dies lasts body. That way there’s no urns sitting around in someone’s attic, we’re cost effective with only one plot, and we’re together forever.

  • rosiemzc3

    Bag the Tesla, Geooooo!!!!

  • Waad Alias
    Waad Alias

    If your looking for another sad romantic movie watch A STAR IS BORN 😭 truly amazing

  • Rice Grainz
    Rice Grainz

    1:38 Well, you're not lying that your car changes gender quickly. 😊

  • Hong Tse
    Hong Tse

    When you have furniture placed and it still echoes like crazy hahah

  • Erika Ct
    Erika Ct

    Vorstteiner people Sure they had to be nice to their customers bc of 💰but they are a piece a shit 💩to their employees ,The quality seems to be good but it’s not it’s brought from All of their wheels are from 🇨🇳 nothing against China , All of their carbon fibre body kits bad 👎🏼 clear coat peels and get green.

  • King Hastings
    King Hastings

    You guys make my day Everytime I watch your videos!

  • Joseph Peters
    Joseph Peters

    Cars are always girl names.

  • Nicole Kim
    Nicole Kim

    Ask the JK girls to come help you unpack and clean

  • KJ

    10:00 Yeah, Certified Angus Beef $40 for 0.96 pounds better be highest quality, but is it worth it❓💰🥩

  • Evan Tensing
    Evan Tensing

    A full-time stay-at-home mom is a mom that does it ALL on her own from home. Having a full-time live-in caregiver doesn't count. But the full-time stay-at-home mom's are amused by your efforts. You've got to be a Super Human to be a stay-at-home parent. The true "Next Level." I think you should definitely try to establish a home office and work from home as much as you can, especially since you want to have more Children. You definitely want to be actively involved in their daily care. I think it's pointless to have Children if both parents work. My opinion entirely. Chinese people HATE Japanese, FYI.

  • road ON
    road ON

    Lmao you guys need to HIRE AN INTERIOR DESIGNER, actuslly i've never seen people moving in their new million worth property this fast without having it furnished and work with a designer before 😂😂 but thats just me maybe... lol otherwise this is such a waste for a big nice house like this, it looks so basic and unplanned and no personalities wt all

  • PhantomEXO

    And you got some dumbass shits that didnt know what vorsteiner is

  • ImNoah

    Maybe get some divider such as a flower or something else, so whenever people come from the other side they won't see the dishes? That way you can keep them there and it doesn't look 'out of place'.