THE FIRST Galaxy Fold
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  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams

    0:03 What about flip phones... Those fold.

  • Imam Hosain
    Imam Hosain

    03:34...Is that the same video from the Emirates Frist class suite review video?

  • Super DuperVideos
    Super DuperVideos

    1:24, 4000 IQ

  • Guardian Gaming & Random Videos
    Guardian Gaming & Random Videos

    Iphone X: everyone hyped but it is trash All samsung phones: Better than all apple devices

  • Sydney Rea
    Sydney Rea

    My lord I was think about getting this phone like it can’t be more than like 300 or 350 right. HELL NAH IT IS ALMOST 2 THOUSAND. I think I will keep my iPhone 6

  • bang rido tv
    bang rido tv

    Berapa harganya banggg????

  • Bryan Jang
    Bryan Jang

    2:15 What the jackson

  • KeMs - Brawl Stars
    KeMs - Brawl Stars

    This Phone is not cool

  • Shahzadmirza Mirza
    Shahzadmirza Mirza

    Imagine a hot dog case! 🤔

  • Mijali Barbagallo
    Mijali Barbagallo

    Why would you want to fold a phone? Bulky 👎

  • Hui Yan
    Hui Yan

    huawei is the best

  • Bloom HD
    Bloom HD

    1:24 10000 IQ

  • Dominic Perrett
    Dominic Perrett

    1:23 is the iconic moment for those wondering

  • Ben hall
    Ben hall

    Your last

  • JJ Beast247
    JJ Beast247

    What if you accidentally fold it the wrong way

  • Vasilis Antoniou
    Vasilis Antoniou

    easy to fold hard to afford

  • Christian Wetz
    Christian Wetz

    High tech flip phone

  • Beast Dr
    Beast Dr

    It’s a waste of money better off buying a phone and tablet desperate or just a phone

  • Bryan chan
    Bryan chan

    What everybody came for 1:23

  • JacobLZP

    Guess you could call it a, phold.

  • JacobLZP

    I wish their was one that was one phone that folds in half.

  • Sjalala800

    I need a smaller phone but they just keep getting bigger. Sony, hurry up and give me a decent xperia compact. The XZ2 Compact sucks.

  • R J
    R J

    When it's closed it's closed to the thickness of two phones... with a small gap in between.

  • Ozees 28 grams
    Ozees 28 grams

    I feel like they are just milking the “cell phone” game for as long as possible. I still remember a few years back a company called yomi or something like that introduced a foldable phone and a scroll like phone but i didn’t see anything more than a commercial. All I know is in a few years everyone will have a paper thin foldable screen for a phone and a watch to go with it mark my words

  • Mudkip Legend
    Mudkip Legend

    0:07 my attempt at making the foldable iPhone 😂

  • Asdqnbkr

    Oooohhh thigh gap

  • Amy Coon
    Amy Coon

    I like apple better.

  • xlncy kitchen
    xlncy kitchen

    Give me a shout out bro

  • stumpysummer 35
    stumpysummer 35

    1:30 whooooooo I wasn't expecting that

  • Amanda Francesca
    Amanda Francesca

    that thing is *chunky*

  • Michigan Skinny
    Michigan Skinny

    Folding screen tech + widespread 5g networks............holy cow.

  • Gus Spencer
    Gus Spencer

    lmao 1:32 iTs ClOsE tO tHe ThIcKnEsS oF tWo PhOnEs

  • Levi P
    Levi P

    It is THICC

  • Solarplopty Guy
    Solarplopty Guy

    Go to the time stamp: 2:49 and pause. tell me what you see!

    • Xanthippus


  • Lukes TFitz
    Lukes TFitz

    Such a terrible phone design

  • Mitzi Markum
    Mitzi Markum

    Ehhhh...wrong,the first one had a white not black case when shipping

  • Braiden Tackett
    Braiden Tackett

    1:26 a meme was born

  • Маргарита Бунецкая
    Маргарита Бунецкая

    О боже какая крутая штука...интересно когда же до России такое дойдет?)))) Супер!

  • Ian Peng
    Ian Peng

    This is so cool!

  • aaLeafx

    Welcome to the comment section. Memes included.

  • Kayla Mogler
    Kayla Mogler

    We will be getting them in January 2020 they are so cool


    Toooo thiccccccc for me

  • David Gracia
    David Gracia

    1:18 marker slates

  • 1983 Tesla
    1983 Tesla

    1:23 I don't know how it's possible for somebody to be so smart.

  • SS-Ninja 68
    SS-Ninja 68

    This is the big dumb dumb

  • Bumpkin productions
    Bumpkin productions

    One thing to say: WOW

  • morse minus
    morse minus

    Too much technology gives you dermatophagia.

  • Jefte Villasenor
    Jefte Villasenor


  • Foxusik

    First and last, kek

  • The Pagemaster
    The Pagemaster

    i thought magnets were bad for phones

  • join the fist 10
    join the fist 10

    that.... is... no, don't like it I think that phone won't last 10 years before you need to replace the screen

  • Architect Russell
    Architect Russell

    Love this video! The phones pretty cool too! 😍

  • Ethan D
    Ethan D


  • Elias Puolakka
    Elias Puolakka

    Broke af User and the phone

  • Mike Lunc.
    Mike Lunc.

    It looks cool while unfolded. But it looks bad folded..

  • 娱乐JJ

    吼吼吼 好鬼酷啊

  • Theaussiebluebottle

    You should’ve waited for the Huawei foldable it’s better than the Samsung foldable

  • Rfls Samurai
    Rfls Samurai

    Of course when closed it the thickness of 2 phones

  • Punnmaster01 p
    Punnmaster01 p

    “When it’s closed it’s close to the thickness of two phones.” well this is a mind blowing revelation...for a dumbass

  • Lil Nukki Termansen
    Lil Nukki Termansen

    BRUH that is waaaay to Big

  • The Samurai
    The Samurai

    Çok komik şimdi siktir git

  • 춰컬릿

    개별로다 이건 전화도 피고 받으면 커서 불편하고 차라리v50살듯

  • lewis Mccarrell
    lewis Mccarrell

    Samsung - we created the first foldable phone Nokia- who do you think we are

  • Guilherme Pereira
    Guilherme Pereira

    I break my phone screen too much I cannot have this phone, but cool though


    Need to be Cool 😁

  • Phantom Wind
    Phantom Wind

    This mother fucker is stupid.

  • Jono G
    Jono G

    Sean Penn reviews phones now.

  • Peter Gašperan
    Peter Gašperan

    Make regular phones fold like that.

  • mike stroup
    mike stroup

    Ugh... you made us involuntary Gazers at 1:48!! :P

  • massimo matricini
    massimo matricini

    credo che non se ne sentirà la mancanza...


    People actually watch this guy, this could be one of the universes greatest mysteries.

  • DaKu wolfie
    DaKu wolfie

    Wait where are you rn casey ?

  • Marchesi Michael
    Marchesi Michael

    DS’s: “am I a joke to you?”

  • Nira Bretherton
    Nira Bretherton

    Watching on my galaxy fold

    • noobmaster 96
      noobmaster 96

      Probably reading this in a regular phone....

  • Lil B
    Lil B

    Galaxy fold- I'm the first folding phone! Flip Phones- am I a joke to you?

    • MemezzyStudio

      dank puppet boi stolen joke

  • Lego Fanatic
    Lego Fanatic

    Two phones are the thickness of two phones... IQ legend of the year...

  • Shamar Morrison
    Shamar Morrison

    casey nicehat isnt it funny

  • karim hari
    karim hari

    Lets see paul allen card 😤😤😤😤

  • Cyronetic

    Yeah, Casey, you're right. The phone was generally only made to set the groundwork for future phones. Great video!

  • Olympic Master
    Olympic Master

    Samsung:the first foldable phone Huawei:hold my beer

  • Joe Stenger
    Joe Stenger

    This video makes me wan to hold one so BADLY!

  • hAk

    wow now Bono review smartphones

  • Christ Ken Z.
    Christ Ken Z.

    Please Review Vivo F11 Pro Avengers Endgame Edition

  • HopeThisIsntSOPARela

    If a phone could emit a light on to surfaces that was a full keyboard, that would be interesting.

  • Kyle Hochbrueckner
    Kyle Hochbrueckner

    and makes no sense to me why the apple version gets this but not Android. Wish I knew you would actually see this comment but ik I'm one of thousands so it will probably be lost in your comments!

  • jedbenedict sanchez
    jedbenedict sanchez

    Lol 0:08

  • Zomboi

    1:23 you're welcome

  • Mr. SAV
    Mr. SAV

    What about the case?!

  • Joe meats
    Joe meats

    Im getting this phone

  • GGYO _Tsar_Bomba
    GGYO _Tsar_Bomba

    1:29, you sure that is not the thickness of 4 phones?

  • Incredible World
    Incredible World

    Fantastic video! Keep producing high-quality content and you are going to expand quick! Subscribe to our channel then we will subscribe to you!

  • nader Ghanem
    nader Ghanem


  • Music Remix
    Music Remix

    Looks like two cellphones taped together😂

  • K Martin
    K Martin

    Good review

  • Ҝυή

    1:23 this clip is not the same without the Avengers earrape theme. And I don't know why,🤔🤔🤔

  • ryCHU

    Rip Tablet Chan :3

  • Shataya Graham
    Shataya Graham

    It looks like two phones together

  • Belenyer77

    Who else is here for the "thickness of 2 phones" meme

    • GGYO _Tsar_Bomba
      GGYO _Tsar_Bomba

      Watched way before that

  • Theo Metzger
    Theo Metzger

    1:30 you are a genious

  • gillani electronics
    gillani electronics

    *Give Me Your Iphone*