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  • Александр Обелец
    Александр Обелец

    Matt, friend, greetings to you from Russia, I would still advise to go for a ride on a Soviet army truck ZIL 131. Just a storm of emotions from him.

  • benji obj
    benji obj

    The Maga hat.. I saw it 🙈

  • Cody Schmidt
    Cody Schmidt

    I was looking for gun scopes for air rifles

  • skuzzle butt
    skuzzle butt

    I still hate Roman. So much. HATE.

  • mark jackson
    mark jackson

    16.44min....Gallant husband DemoMatt💥 rescues Mere🐻wifey from ice.....then, just for fun shoves her back in...👍😆😇

  • mark jackson
    mark jackson

    I don't "want" a Sherp.....I NEED a Sherp! KiwiMark.

  • RebelRob34

    1:47 is the face my wife gives me many many times a day.

  • besposhadniyNAFTIZIN


  • Sebastian Fick
    Sebastian Fick

    You two lovebirds are just so cute! Gives me hope I will one day have a relationship as great as yours :)

  • max well
    max well

    Hey I saw upnorth outdoors

  • Flymochairman1

    M'hm. I need one. I need a Sherp too. M'hm. Heh, did ya get into a snowball fight. Texans in a Snowball Fight...sounds like the name of a band or something like that. Cool!

  • blex

    incoming flag for supporting russian products by YT libs

  • LucasThePlaya10 Maugensboy
    LucasThePlaya10 Maugensboy

    hows the dog doing :(

  • MrClassified

    16:13 When its your first time

  • Martin marty
    Martin marty

    now you have the bunker and also for security reasons you need a vehicle that matches your bunker 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • SanFranOM

    Hey sir can u help you... Are you filming my wife

  • Codey Dennis
    Codey Dennis

    I sherpanly want one.

  • dbelex

    Fun to watch flatlanders in the snow!


    Do you know that sherp make in Russia?

  • Turk

    Sherps win those mud hole contests and stuff....It`s not even fair compared to the mud trucks lol

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez

    Pause at 6:02 👀

  • Piero Bernini
    Piero Bernini

    You come to town the one time im not in town. Damn

  • Larry W
    Larry W

    Full coverage doesn't apply to driving on ICE most insurance companies will not cover a vehicle that goes thru the ice.. You need special rider on insurance..

  • Kyle Kitchens
    Kyle Kitchens

    Matt do a video with dude prefect

  • TheDarksider555

    Whoa whoa whoa you were in my area?!

  • VibeZ Core
    VibeZ Core

    I've been in minnesota for my entire life you get used to the weather and you think it is pretty much good time to swim in the winter

  • thatRandomPerson

    Are these completely waterproof?

  • Lost In Time
    Lost In Time

    Matt is as far north as north goes Damn i love GOT

  • lacruiser

    I'd really like to know if a .50 round from a Barrett would penetrate the tire, or two or the body, etc. Whatever it takes to get one to the Ranch! Or better yet, who many Sherps could you line up side by side and be penetrated by a .50.?

  • NFME Nbkdelta1
    NFME Nbkdelta1

    shouldaf came to duluth mn way bigger lake

  • Ryan Skinner
    Ryan Skinner

    13:19 Pass the Grey Poupon!

  • connor

    guys dont tell mar i think i spelled that wrong

  • travis johnson
    travis johnson

    Im in im only 4 hours away😥

  • Sub to PewDiePie
    Sub to PewDiePie

    The tracker were probably a from people ice fishing.

  • Preston Rodriguez
    Preston Rodriguez

    Are you like trump

  • scoutmaster33

    Matt’s soooooo getting a Sherp in the next however many months it took them to make it....

  • Elias L
    Elias L

    It’s not cold anymore

  • Elias L
    Elias L

    It warm up here

  • Jared Harris
    Jared Harris

    17:06 Mere is freaking gorgeous when she smiles and laughs. She beautiful already just has a really cute laugh. Damn Matt you are a lucky man!!

  • Jared Harris
    Jared Harris


  • copperjarhead

    8:15 i said "thats crazy" at the exact same time, lol.

  • catfish023

    Good grief, Texans in snow... {shakes head}

  • Dustin Vickmark
    Dustin Vickmark

    Up in my neck of the woods....nice... Perham MN

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips

    Wish I knew you guys were in town. Idk what I would have done but I'm from Bemidji,MN. Hope your stay was fun.

  • trevor sunder
    trevor sunder

    dude called bemiji a small town! haha he has no clue...

  • The Star Wars Gamer
    The Star Wars Gamer

    Bunker or sherp?

  • Mortalx Jax
    Mortalx Jax

    I'm from MN

  • BluAravena

    Next time! Matt has news about a divorce. 😂

  • 77Infidel

    BOOM, so satisfying.

  • dakotavgamer

    Go to North Dakota

  • kasprowicz24

    I am so happy that you were in my neck of the woods.

  • PowerStrokeMe73

    Welcome to the Great White North, Matt & Mere!

  • Zachary Dansby
    Zachary Dansby

    Oh shoot, Mere has the same Headphones as me. Skullcandy Crushers. Albeit hers are last model compared to mine.

  • Eltenw13 BTW
    Eltenw13 BTW

    The first thing mere said was “no”

  • Brandon Anderson
    Brandon Anderson

    Heck ya

  • irish cunt
    irish cunt

    come down to friggin new prague

  • Shane Simonsen
    Shane Simonsen

    $5 says the man with the Tahoe is a former Youth Pastor 🤔

  • Dominic Brusven
    Dominic Brusven

    Here in Minnesota we grill in shorts and a tee shirt in 40 degree weather

  • John Forsberg
    John Forsberg

    When you were out on the lake you were in 6 inches of slush. Underneath the slush is still 12-16 inches of solid ice. I was ice fishing all weekend in that in Minnesota.

  • Ryan Dixon
    Ryan Dixon

    How many times could he possibly say Bemidji in one video 😂😂😂

  • Brenda Chapman
    Brenda Chapman

    Glad to see you guys enjoyed yourselves here in Minnesota !!!

  • Senne outdoors
    Senne outdoors

    Hey matt if you and mere can get down to Rochester the wife and I want to take you guys to dinner


    I was up there adout 4 weeks ago for a cattle sale

  • bigpun220

    Why does Roman keep saying "Full Send"?

  • Troy Lindblom
    Troy Lindblom

    Heck, it's spring now. You shoulda been here during winter!


    на на на на на идиот


    So happy you came to Minnesota!!!!😃😃😃😃👊👊🤜🤛

  • Ranger Jones
    Ranger Jones

    Tyrian Lannister: I want to piss off the edge of the world. Tyrian at the wall

  • ANTiDensky

    men from texas and snow are so funny (watching from russia)

  • manz1397

    Come here in February when it is -40 lol. The winter gets really long. I like it though, its all I have ever experienced. Happy to see you guys visited.

  • Doctor Death.
    Doctor Death.

    Looks like you all had fun


    Holy crap. One of my favorite UA-myrs was in my home state.

  • Upshift Z71
    Upshift Z71

    time here.

  • bantogether

    Minnesota!!!!! Fuck ya!!!! Come to Buffalo lake Mn please!!!!

  • Ghastly_Grinner

    You should get a sherp just incase Texas gets nailed with another hurricane and you want to go and help out

  • Ghastly_Grinner

    Ah ya decided to check out Minnesota before they made it mandatory for you to force your wife to wear a rag on her head

  • Hamberder 1000
    Hamberder 1000

    There’s barely any snow there

  • Dustin Njaa
    Dustin Njaa

    Welcome to Minnesota dude!!!!

  • Raging Squirel
    Raging Squirel

    lol I literally was just watching north woods UA-my channel I hope he made content with thsi also

  • sUberp superb
    sUberp superb

    So much paranoia stuff in one property!

  • Darryl Drax
    Darryl Drax

    Cool vehicle 👍 😉🙏✌💞🐶💞👍👌😊

  • Adam Kessler
    Adam Kessler

    Mere and brittney have to be the prettiest moms on youtube. No doubt

  • Dirt Fisher
    Dirt Fisher

    Look what I have !!,.. Look what I have!!,... that’s all these videos have become.....Later ,.. unsubscribes 👎🏻

  • Adam Kessler
    Adam Kessler

    Very Casey neistat editing style and it looked super good especially the airplane edits!

  • Brendan Doherty
    Brendan Doherty

    You’re a long way from home farmboy

  • shawn hudson
    shawn hudson


  • Adam D
    Adam D

    Welcome to Minnesota Matt and Mere!! Good timing coming up here, great weather currently. Love your vids, keep up the great work.

  • John Stamper
    John Stamper

    Isn't that the guy from ostacruiser

  • Little Swimmer
    Little Swimmer

    Minnesota is my home. It was NOT cold when you went. Try coming here during February, especially this last one.

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor

    2.30 in and sorry can't watch anymore of this video

  • Braeden Johnson
    Braeden Johnson

    OffTheRanch Bemidji, MN isn’t that small of a town! That’s a pretty major town in that area of Minnesota! I wish I saw you while you were in MN!

  • Garrett Drozd
    Garrett Drozd

    Your wife is really cute and please tell her I said that.

  • Gary Nolen
    Gary Nolen

    could u tell me how much they are

  • Sandy Beach
    Sandy Beach


  • Doc Holladay
    Doc Holladay

    Mere is only 5 foot 2? Thought she was taller

  • Dr ho ho Ho
    Dr ho ho Ho

    Who thinks that Matt and the cboys need to make a video together

  • musicguy1799

    Only about $60k, not as bad as I thought

  • James Helgeland
    James Helgeland

    It’s so cool seeing somewhere you know in these vlogs

  • Carson Hall
    Carson Hall

    will you have a fan meet in Huntsville albama

  • xShadowCat

    please get this