The Death of Classic Anime
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Today I extend my thoughts on a comment I made previously in my "Best of Anime 2018" video about the lack of modern classic Anime, since non of you could agree on it in the comments section.

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  • neoepochx

    Most classics aren't adaptations of a manga and can tell a good story in 1-2 seasons. Even if I love Mob or Jojo, I'm not going to say the adaptation is better than the manga, but just complements it, because really the anime is just a driver for manga and merch sales and is riding on the coattails of a story that was designed for a different medium. Then you get adaptation that hurt the original story like Gobbo Killa and Berserk. I'm not gonna put current anime adaptations of manga adaptations or fucking isekai garbage on the same pedestal as something as Bebop or Eva. They are designed differently. I guess my short answer is, "read manga and watch original stories."

  • SuA Bit Siyeon's Lip
    SuA Bit Siyeon's Lip

    Eromanga sensei is a classic

  • Red

    The classics are dying because of the community, now they look at anime that can become memes or maintrams ... For example Darling in the franxx would not have become so "famous" if not for the continuous memes, so be careful Gigguk because you too you have a slice of guilt with your continuous videos where with your joke you influence the whole community

  • BeardedFrog7

    I had finally gotten around to watching GunBuster (followed by DieBuster) and boy am I glad I took the time out to enjoy it! But for real people, watch Escaflowne.

  • Anton Ellot
    Anton Ellot

    Whats that anime around 1:55 ? I remember one of the characters, but can't really think of why.

  • JB2Savage

    What’s the anime at 7:00? It look interesting

  • Contestant 0
    Contestant 0

    HUNTER X HUNTER is a classic without a doubt. Watched it at least 3 times

  • Rogue Wanka
    Rogue Wanka

    Mob psycho just lacks recognition. It got shadowed out by the other shows running at the time.

  • Cc

    It's okay if you forgot what happened in Mob Psycho season 1... Just watch it again! Then go on to season 2. just go watch it seriously. I binged the two seasons in one go recently, I do think Mob Psycho has the potential to be a modern classic. Show itself is fantastic, all it lacks is recognition.

  • thats how mafia works
    thats how mafia works

    I’m pretty sure we all see ouran as a classic

  • Pinguin Knight
    Pinguin Knight

    Pls dont put songs in the background while you're talking. It's hard to focus on your voice

  • James Donovan
    James Donovan

    Hey Gigguk! Love the content man, you're my go-to anime channel. Would you be able to tell me what anime you got the clips for 6:57-7:00? I'm starving for a new show and it caught my eye. Keep up the amazing work!

    • Hydraxion Voltage
      Hydraxion Voltage

      It's Re:Creators

  • Do Dat Thang
    Do Dat Thang

    excuuuuuse me gigguk i cam here to watch an anime video not question my whole life

  • Liu Sam
    Liu Sam

    Legends of the galactic heroes is absolutely awesome in anime/novel form....

  • Sawyer Fitzpatrick
    Sawyer Fitzpatrick

    Modern anime fans consider Attack on Titan, a poorly written anime with cardboard characters that depends almost entirely on shock factor and mystery, an instant classic and a masterpiece. I hardly think there is a point in arguing with them or shine the light on the better anime of the past.

  • TozeKiller TM
    TozeKiller TM

    This just seems the typical old man that says the same thing every time "in my time it was better" I do think that "Classic" is more subjective to what age you have than more of how "good" they are in you opinion great vid!

  • Mic_Glow

    Anime has become too mainstream... on one hand it's good (more of it), but on the other hand it means lower average production quality, PG13 (so streaming sites will accept it), studios catering to western audience instead of producing for Japanese market primarily (the "uniqueness" of anime is diminishing, might as well watch a western animation...)

  • Nepo Radebe
    Nepo Radebe

    Thank you for playing "catch me if you can" referring to a classic soundtrack. Good man 😂

  • G.Kyoka

    What show is playing at 5:30

  • Demonic Psycho
    Demonic Psycho

    I thought Mob Psycho was complete ass, *cough*

  • 〝ѦƁↁεя〞

    My top candidates for modern classics would definitely be: Jojo's Shigatsu Wa Kimi no Uso Made in Abyss One Punch Man and Steins Gate It's incredible how people can still be talking about these series so much time after they came out...

  • 〝ѦƁↁεя〞

    Am I the only one feeling that there's too many people talking about Mob Psycho 100 and Made in Abyss but no one of Shigatsu Wa Kimi no Uso?

  • AidNAbedding

    Who else cried watching this?

  • utkarsh singh
    utkarsh singh

    many anime fan don't care about classic any more these just want ever new anime as soon as possible.

  • utkarsh singh
    utkarsh singh

    many anime fan don't care about classic any more these just want ever new anime as soon as possible.

  • Hellstormer58

    End of the line, SAO is for 12 year-olds

  • S H
    S H

    Modern (2010+) Classics... Maybe... - Attack on Titan - FMA Brotherhood - Steins; Gate - Haikyuu - Your Name - Fate/Zero + UBW (by Ufotable)

  • Lucentt Caizar
    Lucentt Caizar

    My favorite classic is probably Mazinger Z

  • Lattice2804

    There’s too little diamonds among the rough that is anime today. *If only Kircheis were here.*

  • Jake Castillo
    Jake Castillo

    would you dare say mirai nikki to be a classic? (embrace the hate)

  • Andreas karlsson
    Andreas karlsson

    Actually, there are specific criteria' for calling something a classic. It's not just "oh it's popular and old so it's a classic" xD

  • Tyler Slogan
    Tyler Slogan

    When you said you were reminded on why classics are indeed classics that just spoke to me. I've been watching anime for 5 years now and it has become a huge part of just who i am. After seeing so many different anime over the last year or so something has just been missing for me, as of late i honestly feel like it's that transition from seeking out new classics and genre defining shows to having seen them and looking/waiting for new one's now.

  • Nicholas Sorady
    Nicholas Sorady

    Your lie in April. Modern classic

  • The Elitest Otaku
    The Elitest Otaku

    I honestly love to go back and watch older anime. My favorite periods to watch from are the early 2010's, the 2000's, and the 90's. I'm no expert in older anime, but that doesn't mean I can't recommend an anime from those times. One I recommend is Cardcaptor Sakura. It's losing popularity (slowly), but it's really good. I'm reading the manga right now and I find it both hilarious and heartwarming. I mean, it actually follows a 4th grader that LOOKS like a 4th grader!! Another I can recommend it Nichijou. I know. It's really weird... And it's from 2011... But that doesn't mean it's not good! It's a shounen action series mixed with comedy and... Slice of life? Eh. The last one I would like to recommend is Azumanga Daioh. Read it, watch it, whatever. It's funny.

  • Karan Goradia
    Karan Goradia

    Hey gigguk do one on hamatora

  • Andrew Darrow
    Andrew Darrow

    "my name is kazuma" - classic

  • MegaNova Shizzle
    MegaNova Shizzle

    I recently did something I think is a sorta perfect example of combining both classics and the new stuff: Because of the new Godzilla movie coming out, I saw down and marathonned through all the old movies. And I am really happy I did. Cuz not only was it a lot of fun, but it also just gave me a new level of appreciation for this monster, and how far he has come since the 50's, and all the stuff he has been through. And also just generally for monster movies as a whole.

  • Night Knight
    Night Knight

    Classic in reality can mean two things. It can mean: - A show that (was capable of) meaning for you so much that you were 99% sure that if only another person watches it they'll become enlightened - A show that did some deal of the above yet who's impact is more iconic in a technical or purely conceptual way

  • omer safian
    omer safian

    0:20 - "it all looks beautiful" 20 fps

    • David White
      David White

      Into the Spider-Verse was a mix between CG and digital hand drawn paintings at 19 fps. it's how they got away with doing the movie for time constraints. Every shot can be paused and potentially turned into a graphic novel unto itself. well deserved of all its praise.

  • Maskkulin

    I have a feeling humanity is running out of ideas. Everything will end eventually, scary thought

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark

    Increase the thick

  • Thomas Buckman
    Thomas Buckman

    I enjoyed Bebop and Initial D growing up, but those are about the only classics I've seen, apart from a couple of episodes of the original Legend Of The Galactic Heroes.

  • ARC-77 Fordo
    ARC-77 Fordo

    Gigguk, have you not watched any movies in the last 3 years, because Your Name and A Silent Voice would like to talk with you.

    • Jemuel Mongado
      Jemuel Mongado

      @ARC-77 Fordo I think there were references to anime movies in the video, but just in the visuals and not in his script.

    • ARC-77 Fordo
      ARC-77 Fordo

      @Jemuel Mongado I'm just saying, he complains about not having classics, but anime films have been killing it lately. Plus, not counting or acknowledging anime films because they are movies is ignorant. It's an important part of this community and industry and we should be acknowledging them more.

    • Jemuel Mongado
      Jemuel Mongado

      He probably focused on anime series, since that's more prevalent than movies.

  • radiactivesoul

    You will carry that weight

  • hehe saucy
    hehe saucy

    your lie in april

    • ARC-77 Fordo
      ARC-77 Fordo


  • aaron laluzerne
    aaron laluzerne

    You want a modern Anime that fills all of these criteria? JoJo's Bizzare Adventure!!!!!

    • aaron laluzerne
      aaron laluzerne

      @Tyler SloganAdmittedly, The first 3 parts took place in the 80s, part 4 in 1999, part 5 in 2001, part 6 in 2011, part 7 in 2014, and part 8 in 2018 with the anime adaptations being made starting near the beginning of the 2010s.

    • Tyler Slogan
      Tyler Slogan

      Well yeah it's "modern" the manga started in or around the 80s and the anime i think in the early 2000s

    • Orca


  • bretantoinette

    We are completely spoiled for choice in this age of anime. No one has to watch what anyone else is watching so the community is spread pretty thin in some places. There may be some classics happening right now (or in the last few years) that haven’t aged enough to be considered classic yet. I think attack on titan will be considered a classic. Whether it gets a completed anime or not, just because it made such a huge impact, at least on western audiences. Also think Yuri on Ice was significant to many people but may already be forgotten by the wider community. But in another 10 years time who knows what people will consider the 2010’s classics. Interesting topic to bring up Gigguk!

  • King Oblivion
    King Oblivion

    Who knew every anime he put on the background. Come on tell me.

  • King Oblivion
    King Oblivion

    My Hero Academia is so overhyped I know it's my opinion but I prefer any great shounen or anime movie. Its good but not the type I or my friends would like.

  • Misty Waters
    Misty Waters

    When it comes to SAO, in my opinion, it did everything right that the dot Hack franchise was lacking. Now if the franchise could get better writers hahaha and study character development

    • David White
      David White

      .hack//SIGN is a true original MMORPG isekai classic.The rest of the .hack// franchise falls short. Whereas SAOs first season had the potential to be as good as Sign but opted to forgo developing the true SAO arc. Anything in ALO is filler to me. GGO was alright and Alternate was really good. Anybody who remotely gripes about SAOs pacing I send to Sign.

  • Orca

    I call "jojo's" a classic because it been takling for years nearly 10 year now, mangga 30 year nothing like jojo so i call it a classic.EDIT:Jojo WILL NEVER DIE BECAUSE OF IT MEME

    • Spooky -
      Spooky -

      That was almost english

  • Loritorinco

    That’s cause there’s no good anime no more, all’s bullshit tropes after tropes and people’s low expectations fall for it all the time

  • Не Нормальный
    Не Нормальный


  • AniFred

    Time decides classics

  • Papa Bless
    Papa Bless

    The only anime that came out in the last few years that I’ll prob never forget is parasite.. and I finally started watching march comes in like a lion and I feel like that one will stick for a while too.

  • Li Maxwell
    Li Maxwell

    Serial Experiments Lain wow, definitely an all time classic

  • Turkey Shouaib
    Turkey Shouaib

    *T* *H* *I* *C* *C*

  • Mateus Tebaldi
    Mateus Tebaldi

    It's hard to recognize a classic when you're in the time it releases... You need some time to look back and analyse it historically... That's why it feels like "there's no classics anymore". Also, before the 90's, there are 5 shows per season IF they ever release something on TV, because most of releases were in VHS tapes (OVAs)... In the 90's, the popularity of anime and the landscape of Japanese economy, which crashed around 1995 (that's a important year, NGE & Ghost In The Shell original releases, start of the planning of Lain etc), that they started to produce more anime in general, especially to TV due to the fact that ANIMATION and COMPUTING TECHNOLOGY became way more cheaper and accessible. Nowadays there's also 50 to 70 shows per season... It's even harder to recognize the good ones that way, don't you think?

  • Shark Asktik
    Shark Asktik

    You can change you're Boob size in that game!

  • Luka Petersen
    Luka Petersen

    now I'll watch Neon Genesis Evangelion. wish me luck lads

    • David White
      David White

      New license acquired by Netflix so you should be able to watch it in HD next month.

  • Seleucus

    mob psyho 100 is a mordern classic change my mind

  • KarakuraNinja

    Yeah seasonal anime culture ruined the medium. All these incomplete series are very discouraging for anyone who wants to try something new. Promised Neverland did a good job announcing season two immediately after its final episode to keep people caring. Attack on titan took too long to go into season two when the story content had been prepared shortly after season one ended. The audience didn't have a long enough attention span to come back after four years. I literally started university after season one ended and got a degree in the entire time attack on titan reached season two. As for shonen genre, my hero academia won't replace Naruto, bleach, and all those other past shonen I liked. The universe is a joke, I can't take the powers seriously, it's another hero bandwagon. That is what this series is missing that most popular shonen had. I enjoy boruto more than academia because of the universe and seriousness it has.

  • met sko
    met sko

    Berserk could have been a classic (the movies are tho for me)

  • GameGuideGallery #Triple G
    GameGuideGallery #Triple G

    Time to get out the classic Voltron DVDs

    • ARC-77 Fordo
      ARC-77 Fordo

      Voltron Legendary Defender is amazing

  • Stephanie Aviet
    Stephanie Aviet

    I’m gonna be “that person”. Evangelion is horrifically overrated. Hated every single character, and couldn’t get past 6 episodes. It’s just that lacklustre.

    • ARC-77 Fordo
      ARC-77 Fordo

      I feel the same about Gundam Unicorn. I freaking hate all the characters and couldn't focus on the story.

  • Daniel Vargas
    Daniel Vargas

    I think Next season I is gonna be even worse

  • Alexis Macias
    Alexis Macias

    Please talk about Made In abyss

  • Igazi Kenyer
    Igazi Kenyer

    Death to the classics

  • Swagi has more swag than you
    Swagi has more swag than you

    oh yea. kimi na no wa is classic then and the monogatari series.

  • Dat Dude
    Dat Dude

    One Punch Man s1 has really been in my mind for YEARS, I still cannot get how much that anime had an impact on me, it was the first anime that made me laugh my balls off, made me sympathetic over a character, and made me jump because of hype, heck, even my mom (who watches a lot of 80s to 90s anime) thinks One Punch Man s1 was one of the best animes that she has ever watched. but then season 2 came, and oh boy, we all knew what happened

    • Emperor Corruption
      Emperor Corruption

      Listen man, sequels are never as good as the original, unless you know it's a certain show starting ''J'' and ending with ''O''.

  • Sonya Ogneva
    Sonya Ogneva

    Тема алхимика на фоне на русском... КАК?

  • the memeiest child
    the memeiest child

    nothing can beat the og fma

  • Captain Hook Glass Art
    Captain Hook Glass Art

    You just cant watch all the anime and movies in the world.. not enough time.. Its nearly impossible to do so without making it your job. Classic anime was classic for the people who experienced it-- Everything is a matter of perspective, and for two people one age 20 and one age 25 both can watch gundam and remember the first time they ever saw it on tv. I think Anime is really just movies, its about the story thats told first, and the artwork after. Black and white movies may not be as interesting, but if there is a deep deep storytelling element it may be a tremendous movie.

  • xfroz

    I'll say A Place Further than the Universe is the closest thing to a classic for me. It really is a pity that it somehow flew under the radar of the general anime community D:

  • Baggos Baggos
    Baggos Baggos

    Mob Psycho 100 is an amazing anime and I would consider season II a masterpiece , I can't find anything negative about the show apart from the sudden change in plot , which might have annoyed some.

  • Juan Diego Rojas
    Juan Diego Rojas

    I think Gundam Zeta is a really good classic if anyone wants to see it.

  • Mr Mantis
    Mr Mantis


  • Shadenuat

    LOGG that goddamn War and Peace of anime completely ruined anime for me since now every anime I watch I compare to it.

    • Hail Yimbh
      Hail Yimbh

      Shadenuat what’s the anime at 5:32 on the left

  • Nastya Orlova
    Nastya Orlova

    what music playing at 2:48 ?

  • Aneurihn QUINN
    Aneurihn QUINN

    The cold hard truth is Sao is a classic cause it did introduce magnitudes of the mainstream to anime and it basically was the beginnings of isekai. It’s still shit though. Okay I wrote this before I saw the SAO bit.

  • Terence McFadden
    Terence McFadden

    I kinda want more cartoony anime’s like mob psycho osomatsu kun. Those always tend to stand out to me more then most of the stuff that comes out every season

  • Emil Edlund
    Emil Edlund

    Those qoutes you mentioned i only recognized due to them being the anime equivalent of Rosebud

  • DancingValkyrie

    Wait, kids think eva is classic? Lol

  • Mathias

    I wish mob psycho 100 was longer

  • mario19885

    I can know why the 3D Fighting game series Dead or Alive was rather inspired by classic animes with their character designs looking reminiscent to old 80s animes like let’s say Cat’s Eye for example. That one I believe had Kasumi a little more inspired by Hitomi Kisugi. But then when things started growing in the later Dead or Alive games, we ended up getting characters who were more influenced by such modern anime girls that look more teenaged rather than being mature. I mean nowadays we end up with Marie Rose, Honoka, NiCO, those who were just around 4 inches and are 18 years old, I mean come on Team Ninja.

  • Ran Li
    Ran Li

    sorry to tell you but kutzple is fucken dead because of the stupid Operator

  • Minako Arisato
    Minako Arisato

    Modern classics? I'd say Madoka Magica and Tatami Galaxy.

  • Josh Surila
    Josh Surila

    What about march comes in like a lion?

  • isadsales

    truth be told i hardly ever watch anime anymore but i still watch your videos religiously congrats man you make great content for the community

  • zero unu vampir
    zero unu vampir

    Truly a classic is opinion everyone has an opinion that what a classic is but I believe this anime could last a while The Count of Monte Cristo

  • Makiel Cepeda
    Makiel Cepeda

    My Hero Academia will be a classic

  • gash box
    gash box

    Cowboy Bepop isn't a classic. If you first see it after watching other classics, its gonna suck ass. Don't @ me.

  • Killboy1100 YT
    Killboy1100 YT

    The snippit of Elfen Lied still sent shivers down my spine, because of it being my first anime

  • Not a Weeb
    Not a Weeb

    I go back here when i run out of anime to watch

  • Mario Pipitone
    Mario Pipitone

    Immediately liked for Philly D

  • MJKO Letsplays
    MJKO Letsplays

    When the anime guy gets payed to show off the waifu game

  • Trevor Moffat
    Trevor Moffat

    Between the 70’s and the early 2000’s, Anime had to pass through so many gatekeepers to actually get to the West that it was mostly only the ‘Classics’ that stood a chance of making it. It could also be said that Japan’s unique approach to animation with its more adult themes and pacing was a huge factor in making them ‘classic’ as it was so different and ground breaking in comparison to the child-centric focus of Western animation. It’s entirely possible that we’d have many more modern classics if the feed from Japan had remained more constrained, in comparison to how easily available and how widely consumed anime is today.

  • et m
    et m

    nice vid speaks about things i have hard time putting to words as to why i cannot recall any anime i've watched during the past few yrs.

  • Troy Carr
    Troy Carr

    This video is essentially the argument for the Anime 101 theatre at every con. Seriously, organizers need to do this and noobs need to be directed there the first day of the con. Also, my tablet's auto-correct attempted to replace the word "noobs" with "morons," thus demonstrating that Amazon is capable of producing a superior product. 👍

  • Matthew Phillips
    Matthew Phillips

    Gurren Laggan was the shit and still is.(in my opinion tho)