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Naruto is as shonen as shonen gets. It follows the story of an orphan shinobi, Naruto, who dreams about becoming Hokage. But there's so much more to the story than just that. So much of the story is revealed later on in the series and through flashbacks... So we're bringing it all together, in chronological order, and all in one video. This is the complete Naruto timeline (as told by Yedoye). Believe it!
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Credits for This Episode
Researched by: Casey Gonzalez
Written by: Casey Gonzalez
Hosted by: Yedoye Travis
Edited by: Shawn Convery
Executive Producers: Carrie Miller, Fred Seibert, Jeremy Rosen
Producer: Adrian Apolonio
Head Writer: Casey Gonzalez
Lead Graphic Designer: Alexandria Batchelor
Project Manager: Jessica Ferrer
Programming Manager: Cade Hiser
Music Provided by Epidemic Sound:
Teahouse Event - SINY
Snow Day - Dylan Sitts
Shokawa - SINY
Shinigami - SINY
Rotations - Friends With Animals
Restless Minds - Yomoti
No Limits - Matt Large
Mitsuwa - SINY
Leaves - [ocean jams]
Just My Luck - Matt Large
JuiceBox - Dylan Sitts
Hainan Paradise - SINY
Forever - Da Tooby
Float - [ocean jams]
Eeeasy - Axel Ljung
Cafe Mornings - Andreas Jamsheree
Asparuhgus - Guustavv
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    Get In The Robot

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    • VideoShogun

      not to nitpick it's not that important a detail, but Did Naruto achieve one tailed during his fight with Haku?

    • Aaron Clarke
      Aaron Clarke

      I do this channel is nice

    • Wavy Fortnite
      Wavy Fortnite

      Naruto is cool

    • Big Drink
      Big Drink

      19:23 you said naruto sakura shino and shikamaru went after sasuke when it was naruto neji shikamaru kiba and choji.

  • Al Costa
    Al Costa

    Madara one shots Thanos in End Game

  • 432 Connect
    432 Connect

    I only watched this because this guy is insanely attractive

  • milton soza
    milton soza

    There's a few mistakes here and there and you didn't mention some important characters like Neji and Guy but i still enjoyed the video a lot 👍👍👍

  • Jaylin Barber
    Jaylin Barber

    This could be teach in history class

  • Ognjen Cvetinovic
    Ognjen Cvetinovic


  • Floof

    Can someone give me the shows in order. I remember watching the old ones as a kid but that’s it. I don’t want to watch the new ones without knowing all the backstory

  • jackalexander

    Tokyo Ghoul timeline?

  • FBI burner account
    FBI burner account

    Did this guy just forget about Neji?

  • xXUnknownXx

    This is somehow the most confusing yet helpful timeline of Naruto I’ve seen

  • Shock wave
    Shock wave


  • Connor McClenathan
    Connor McClenathan

    I thought rock Lee graduated before naruto

  • Christian Rivera-Avelar
    Christian Rivera-Avelar

    4:40 this is not true. madara lost his light in his eyes. and took his brothers eyes, awakening eternal mangekyou sharingan. he didnt "give" them to himXD

  • Giovannie Dominguez
    Giovannie Dominguez

    You forgot the filler! The most important thing in Naruto

  • thatone guy
    thatone guy

    Lol that was dope

  • Hussein Moussa
    Hussein Moussa

    He said haroshima

  • Raquel Souza
    Raquel Souza

    yo you did a video 34 minutes long talking about naruto good vid and that shows dedication

  • Fadoosh Bag
    Fadoosh Bag

    your wrong at 15:40 Lee, Neji, and Tenten graduated a year before the rest of them.

  • rip my old channel
    rip my old channel


  • Robert Heard
    Robert Heard

    11:43 obito wasn't there when kakashi killed Ren he witnessed it tho kakashi view but years later knows like a flash back

  • Stealthy Archer
    Stealthy Archer

    You forgot that at the end of Shinzo I world ended on his birthday. I think it was his 17th birthday

  • puss face
    puss face

    Wonder how much he gets paid to talk for 35 mins

  • Cinnamon Toast
    Cinnamon Toast

    The 2+ times Deidara shows up is the best part of this video for me

  • Cinnamon Toast
    Cinnamon Toast

    3:19 Bakugo is that you?

  • mark jhon Butalo
    mark jhon Butalo

    actually kaguya is a supplier of chakra for the otsutsuki clan according to sasuke .in {boruto episode}..and she never wanted to destroy humanity..she also love tenji and also kaguya try to love humans. in order to protect her child..she ate the fruit of divine tree . because tenji try to chase her because of the reason that kaguya killed several army.but thats only a lie.during the night..when tenji was out of the capitol...several enemy of tenji try to chase kaguya..and kaguya try to defend herself and killed several enemy then the enemy was went to tenji and reported that kaguya is killed some of his men..and because kaguya ate the divine fruit....she stopped supplieng chakra for the otsutsuki clan..and kaguya preparing herself and..she wanted to fight the arriving otsutsuki..thats why she created the ten tailed beast in order to protect kaguya and the divine tree....according to haguromo and {sasuke in boruto episode}

  • evert39

    If madara died as a old man how did the reanimation was younger version of him

  • izzy6070


  • Monkeybomb

    23:16 " Itachi reveals..." that's not true. He explained the background of Madara and EMS, not specifics on the uchiha annihilation or even his plan as being a spy within the Akatsuki. His real reason to annihilate the clan was revealed by Tobi, and during the 4th war he used his sharingan to show him why he stayed in the Akatsuki, to protect konoha. Other than that, great video homie

  • Jimmy Dafish
    Jimmy Dafish

    Scary fruit started all of naruto

  • nanothestrange

    The years are a bit off. Madara was over 100 years old when he dies after grooming obito as his successor. According to your timeline, he is at most 64 at this point. So your timeline isnt wide enough. The warring states period began way more than 64 years before narutos birth. It was already a struggle spanning many generations by the time madara and hashirama came along. Onoki by himself is in his 90s during shippude. and he met madara when he was just a teenager, which at the time madara was already a full grown adult with the eternal mangekyo Sharingan. Madara lived way longer before you have it written out

  • home star
    home star

    bro who doesn't

  • Devin Johnson
    Devin Johnson

    You skipped Naruto the last that was a important part to Naruto that's how they made boruto 13 years later

  • Thomas Algenio
    Thomas Algenio

    Forgot neji

  • HexticShotz •
    HexticShotz •

    When madara had his own eyes

  • Raw dance moves
    Raw dance moves

    Pause at 26:21 Kabuto- Who needs to steal eyes? I stole Arthur’s glasses Me- Wait...... isn’t Arthur in PBS kids Kabuto: Sasuke used his rinnegan to teleport to his demension Me......... HEY SAUSKE GO GET ME SOME ARTHUR GLASSES

  • Daedric

    Wait so how did kaguya cast the infinite tsukuyomi without the moon

  • Fernando Valdespino
    Fernando Valdespino

    This the type of nerd shit I live for!!!😤

  • Dragonkidus


  • plack plays
    plack plays

    R.I.P foo

  • ツRotation


  • highjinx68

    Libra Season

  • Lovey Dub
    Lovey Dub

    And after becoming the hokage, we come to the point where he seemingly disappeared in front of young Boruto’s eyes. Now is the point where fans threaten to start a war if he dies, but you know.

  • Uswa Hussain
    Uswa Hussain

    Madara and Hashirama were not 50 years ago from Naruto's birth that's where you messed up all of the timeline including Kakashi and Obito, they were NOT 10 years before Naruto

  • DrZean

    Why are the names so long and complicated cant it just be like the others like Luffy, Rick, Morty, Naruto, Sasuke, Saitama, why does it have to be soooo long

  • ezzie

    the way he pronounces everything hurts my ears i hope that not the entire english fanbase pronounce them this way

  • Marcus StaAna
    Marcus StaAna

    Many *REINCARNATED* in the video!!!!!

  • Marcus StaAna
    Marcus StaAna

    29:45 *REINCARNATE Orochimaru?!!!!*

  • Marcus StaAna
    Marcus StaAna

    28:45 *Yamato's EDOTENSEI?!!!!*

  • Marcus StaAna
    Marcus StaAna

    28:29 *REINCARNATED?* You said that many times in this video and I kinda thought you forgot about the word *REANIMATION?*

  • Arekkuusu Draggneel
    Arekkuusu Draggneel

    So in Boruto he is 25 - 30 years old currently 29 Un the beggining of Boruto

  • PortalKenGame

    3:50 Harishima :>

  • Max Mags
    Max Mags

    You know how everyone yelled twelve ! At Star Wars the force awakens ? Well that’s what I just did when he said naruto was thirteen

  • assitan yatoura
    assitan yatoura

    Wait how did the 10 tails get back on the moon didn't nagato summon him after yahiko died so in my conclusion the ten tails either markerd the moon like how Minato does or the ten tails used instant transmission

  • nyan catgirl
    nyan catgirl

    Naruto isn't just some Scrappy orphan. He's our Scrappy orphan.

  • optify ツ
    optify ツ

    did you just call hashirama Hiroshima?

  • NCG_Nitro

    Naruto birthday is also three days before mine

  • Lauren K
    Lauren K

    Is this why we should watch filler episodes?

  • Maguchi

    I'm sorry but, I'm so in love with this dude's personality

  • Only Dreams
    Only Dreams

    Hanzo and Danzo... They both rhyme with asshole

  • Alvin Anis
    Alvin Anis

    I think the 3rd shinobi world war finished 7 years before Naruto's birth due to the fact that Obito was a teen when he attacked Konoha...

  • Dawn dusk
    Dawn dusk

    Future creepy guy danzo

  • だれも

    You got so many things out of order

  • Tyler Lawrence
    Tyler Lawrence

    Shino did not go on the first sasuke rescue mission

  • William Doiar
    William Doiar

    I think you forgot the year of Uchiha clan massacre. It is a very crucial year.

  • Ivan Morales.
    Ivan Morales.


  • The Glokage
    The Glokage

    Are you saying chakra like that because of a speech thing? becuase in the show they never say it that way and its not the right way, Shakra just sounds weird to my ears

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix

    Majority of the history of Naruto is war

    • Maguchi

      Shocking. I wonder why it's called a shonen then

  • Don Joe
    Don Joe

    10:31 obito actually did not go out before the episode of kakashi killing lin

  • Samantha Campbell
    Samantha Campbell

    LOVED this video! Sad that I put off watching it for so long

  • moises gudino
    moises gudino

    you really called him haroshima lol thats a dislike from me

  • Drymango

    What I have never understood is why Orochimaru, after kidnapping infants and whole villages for horrible humans experiments is allowed to walk freely in Boruto and is treated as a normal person.

  • athikarn1

    but most importantly.. where did you get the jacket?


    My birthday oct 7th too

  • Mugen_Unify YT
    Mugen_Unify YT

    Did I really just watch a 34 minute video!!??

  • LoaezaTN

    How are you forgetting about Neji

  • John Hayes
    John Hayes

    Just saying lee didn’t graduate with Naruto he graduated a year earlier

  • Esteban Ramos
    Esteban Ramos

    why no neji

  • Stefan Andritoiu
    Stefan Andritoiu

    Where did you get the 50 years mark from? Or if you calculated it, how? I mean there were 5 generations of senseis spanning that time ( Tobirama->Hiruzen->Jiraya->Minato->Kakashi). Do you mean to say the time difference between "graduating" from your student team and becoming team captain of a student team (not a regular shinobi team) was only 10 years on average?

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo

    Do JoJo's Bizarre Adventure next pleasee

  • Aidan Williams Dale
    Aidan Williams Dale

    Can you guys do one for Bleach please????

  • Payish Deen
    Payish Deen

    naruto became at 31 years old. not 25 dude

  • TheReal25 Gamer
    TheReal25 Gamer

    What did I miss what happened to Guy and lee????

  • CaptChaosBluely

    this is so out of order like you skip into the future then go back into time like wtf

  • Will Daniels
    Will Daniels

    Why does he sound like Swagkage

  • kazuto kirito
    kazuto kirito

    Am I the only one who noticed he says Hiroshima instead of hashirama at 3:49

  • Hayden Schulkey
    Hayden Schulkey

    Great video. I'd like to point out though, the 8 tails Rampage wasn't because no one understood him, it was because of Orochimaru experimenting on the previous Jinchuriki.

    • Hayden Schulkey
      Hayden Schulkey

      Rock Lee was also a year older than Sasuke and Sakura. Technically, Naruto should be older than all of them with being held back 3 times, but we ignore that.

  • Maryluz Castaño
    Maryluz Castaño


  • Xviperkinggx

    8:50 I thought Madara was dead

  • Roodley Joseph
    Roodley Joseph

    He doesn't like Sakura too omg god finally somebody doesn't like the big for head girl

  • xXGalaxyXx

    WHO ELSE SAW 9:27

  • Erant Blowig
    Erant Blowig

    i am sorry... but this should be titled "Naruto - Made Boring" ... good work summarizing everything though. PS: its not too bad at 2x speed though.

  • Amari Blue
    Amari Blue

    Naruto’s birthday is one day apart from mine

  • Ghetto hood gamer
    Ghetto hood gamer


  • LowwCook Production
    LowwCook Production

    Wow lol

  • Lamine Diop
    Lamine Diop

    Dude said hiroshima

  • Adley Scheuerman
    Adley Scheuerman

    320 bakugo!?!!!!???

  • The KING
    The KING

    Great job on the video man! I love Naruto, but much back story lol

  • cat destroyer
    cat destroyer

    Did Hinata get revived??? Like how does Naruto have kids that look like her?

  • Jawa Industries
    Jawa Industries

    This video is just 90% Naruto running.

  • DelixTheReviewer

    Am I the only one who wanted to watch Naruto in the real order of the events?