The Amazing Eddy Current
Eddy Current is awesome and awful at the same time! Cherish it!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
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  • Javier Leon Enriquez
    Javier Leon Enriquez

    maybe aluminium is too thin

    • Javier Leon Enriquez
      Javier Leon Enriquez

      i knew it hahahahaha

  • XyZed1000

    The only youtuber I've seen who's sponsored bits are entertaining.

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      there are others but not many

  • Omar Sabra
    Omar Sabra

    I've been studying eddy current, transformers, Faraday's and Lenz's laws, AC and DC currents and there were always missed parts now I get it completely clear really thanx for such awesome linking video!!!!!

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      he does a very thourough job of explaining

  • Phoenix Marzrover
    Phoenix Marzrover

    Welding the core plates together only to prevent unwanted noise from core plates becoming unlaminated and vibrating.. more likely in kitchen appliances to keep them from making noise ..old high intensity discharge lamps like in a warehouse have a distinct buzzing sound from this very thing..

  • Sanjivan Pal
    Sanjivan Pal

    But how does an aluminium foil around paper roll pipe create copper roll pipe ??? 😁😁

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      I think he means in comparison, it reacts LIKE a copper pipe

  • LittleLion

    0:12 "...but I don't care about fluid dynamics" I call bullshit.

  • Hayden Birch
    Hayden Birch

    Anyone notice the lighter on the table when the coil caught fire?

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      no... but good point

  • NoZone _
    NoZone _

    What is the thing called that is a solar panel powering a led that is connected to the solar panel? Was it some sort of force or energy?

  • Chuckiele

    I guess your breaker didnt break because the transformer took huge amounts of current but barely any power because of the horrific power factor? Would be a bad breaker though, if it worked like that.

    • Chuckiele

      +jim halcom Well yeah, but that slow at that huge current?

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      breakers are designed to delay so that the high torque and starting current of most power saws and heavy tools can start up without tripping the breakers. so that is completely normal Because of the delay of breakers it is nessesary to put fast blo fuses close to the electronic equipment

  • Joshua Walker
    Joshua Walker

    I download all of my Audible books using ExpressVPN ;)

  • PewDiepie jw
    PewDiepie jw

    Always exposes Diamond scare me no more because they are scared me out of my mind

  • Hafize Yavuz
    Hafize Yavuz

    This Man Is A Electronic Creator

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      and entertaining as well

  • Bernard C.G
    Bernard C.G

    Awesome video. But I'm not sure why that i have some tough times understanding you😅

  • Team Dank Memes
    Team Dank Memes

    1:00 look at the clock carefully. Omg every time he gets shocked time goes 10 to 15 secs forward. He is an engineer and a magician!

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      I think that is his recovery time from the electrocusion and medical treatment

  • Malc Tulloch
    Malc Tulloch

    I fell off of my chair laughing, you are a very clever lad, thank you for posting.

  • sds123faf

    “Weeeeeeeeee” -Sir Magnet

  • Jakecaz


  • Mr Brown Jack
    Mr Brown Jack

    Try to put lots of foil on the tube like 5 pack's and might take a long time to go down

  • Eduardo Sosa
    Eduardo Sosa

    5:50, 6:01 36 Amps HOLLY SH**

  • Mohsen Kazemi
    Mohsen Kazemi

    Beautiful, useful and funny video. Thank you Hamdaneshkadeh ee!

  • Galactic llama
    Galactic llama

    WowWee xD

  • Ce3nt307

    You can’t divide by zero, people.

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      that must be why he got zero volts?

  • Cosmo Gamaggio Schaefer
    Cosmo Gamaggio Schaefer

    7:06 the magnet never came out?

  • verboss sounds
    verboss sounds

    If you use an roll of foil it will slow down

  • SACIK 35
    SACIK 35

    its fake..

  • 타요Tayo

    I keep telling my science teacher to play your videos in class

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      he wont cause it would keep the class laughing for days

  • Raska The Slaanesh
    Raska The Slaanesh

    am i the only one watching the clock change ?

  • abeer hasan
    abeer hasan

    7:38 Oo God that reaction is priceless does adding more aluminum foil reduces the resistance ??? Doesn't adding more foil also adds their resistance too ৭/৪/১৯

    • Tejas Bhandare
      Tejas Bhandare

      When you add more foil its like putting resistors in parallel so the resistance drops

  • Yasyas Marangoz
    Yasyas Marangoz

    6:35 The wire is melting (or the plastic )

  • Nisar

    Review this please:

  • Cpakdit No4n
    Cpakdit No4n

    Hello, recently the Venezuelan government alleged that was attacked by an electromagnetic pulse and that it caused a huge blackout in the entire country, can you analize the posibility of it to happen?

  • bro cifer
    bro cifer

    Thanks ElectroBoom

  • Fudged

    I just got an Eddy current flaw detector ad.... * *_Feeling of being watched_*

  • Jisan Islam
    Jisan Islam

    I didn't get the name of the book you mentioned last.

  • Double Orts
    Double Orts

    If I want entertainment, I will watch a movie. If I want to do Physics, I want to do Physics.

  • Yasyas Marangoz
    Yasyas Marangoz

    1:23 "normal activitie" *cuts pipe with saw*

    • Yasyas Marangoz
      Yasyas Marangoz

      +jim halcom xD this could happen, but didn't.

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      I expect to see blood spurting everywhere, the way he is so careless

  • Caterfree10

    I love this shit and this channel so much 💜

  • E R
    E R

    6:35 watch the wire very closely, wires coating forms a bubble and melts LOL

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      even more amazing wow! i didnt know magnet wire insulation was flammable

  • r7blue

    i wish i had a copy of your brain loaded into mine

  • nicksurfs1

    As an engineer I really appreciate that he uses fuckups as learning opportunities!

    • rian ritzen
      rian ritzen

      He knows that when you don't fuck up you don't learn :)

  • Shreyan Banerjee
    Shreyan Banerjee

    Amazing theory through a simple experiment

  • kareszt

    YOurE too good to have to waste with adverts.

  • Aftab khan
    Aftab khan

    Thanks ElectroBOOM for sharing such ideas.. but The induction cooker wasn't connected to any electrical supply.. so why you reacted like that... Why are you becoming FAKE!!

  • Chris Testerman
    Chris Testerman

    Wow I work for a place that makes dry type transformers and couldn't figure out why we didn't use a solid piece of steel instead of layer by layer stacking. Now I know

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      arnt most transformers toriod now with ferrite cores?

  • Common Goo
    Common Goo

    You Sir, are mad, lol But wow it gets you plenty clicks to get some nice 'scopes and keep you in Pizza :) Incidentally Microwave Oven Transformers MOT's)- I figure the weld is just a region on the outside, so the area of current loop is pretty small Also remember the application - whilst that transformer is active, its pretty much alwys at full load. The naughty chunk of weld will only be an issue if you wanted to keep efficiency at LIGHT loads - and it makes em quick & easy to manuafacture Just my 10 cents - Greet's from London !

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      and keeps them alot quiter im sure

  • Eduardo Sosa
    Eduardo Sosa

    1:00 boom

  • Soplesz

    Why cant we fly in terraria with copper tools then lol

  • crazyahhkmed

    🤔... Maybe I should get an auto transformer

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      better yet an ISOLATION transformer

  • Firestorm

    Now we know about eddy currents but can you do a video on blackcurrents?

  • Task Reflex
    Task Reflex

    Sometimes I wonder how much this guy’s electrical bill is?

  • Danish Absar
    Danish Absar

    5:52 Current is very high Voltage is very high But time is very short

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      when the current and voltage go through Merhdi's body it gets even shorter for him

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      and even shorter for him when he comes incontact with both

    • Integral Man
      Integral Man

      but there should be short circuit protection (uses the same principles of induction)...

  • Andrew Milici
    Andrew Milici

    My normal activities also involve sawing pipes

  • waptek2

    i am a simple person, i see a variac & click

  • Jim

    Can it be a future platform elevator? . Hahaha

    • Jim

      +BHU1 LORD oohh. Too bad

    • BHU1 LORD
      BHU1 LORD

      its no use using 100000000000A to lift a single person

  • Smooth Jazz
    Smooth Jazz

    I could get so many audible discounts😅😂😂

  • Markoul11

    You said eddy currents make any conductor magnetic. Not if it is strongly diamagnetic (copper is only slightly diamagnetic). Here is a video of a graphite (conductive but very strong diamagnetic) not producing the Lenz law effect because there is no magnetic induction in the first place to produce the eddy currents: Also you explanation about why transformers work is wrong. It is because Faraday magnetic induction law and not because eddy currents which is an effect due to Lenz-Faraday laws. Also superconductors do not work because eddy currents. This theory was disproved since many years now.

  • George Gates
    George Gates

    If you made the foil thicker by winding a whole lot more aluminum it MIGHT have worked.. But the gap between the foil and magnet is large. :(

  • Aroxx Mello gang
    Aroxx Mello gang

    10:29 that oven was not even turned on.....u trying fool us and say us that others are fooling us...anyway i like your videos

  • Stuff Me
    Stuff Me

    Lol 4:56 with captions (electroOwl$

  • John Davies
    John Davies

    I wonder if he knew his fly was down

  • goeyguts

    how can you possibly make so many explosions and not die

    • Senne Van Laer
      Senne Van Laer

      the power of video editing

  • StarzzDrak

    after watching 10vids, subscribing and nearly dying because of how much i laugh i realised why his channel is called electroBOOM is it because something does boom boom so often in his vids ?

  • Waandeersonn

    Please put legends brazil

  • Aubrey Castillo Corpus
    Aubrey Castillo Corpus

    nice channel. entertaining and educational. thank you.

  • StarGateSG7

    Technically, I think you ALSO just discovered a POSSIBLE METHOD of Eddy Current-based Refrigeration! Since he can cause Iron cores that HEAT UP FAST from eddy currents, couldn't you ALSO use those same eddy currents to MOVE THAT SAME HEAT AWAY QUICKLY away from the same iron core or transfer excess heat to and/or from ANOTHER NEARBY core? i.e. create such a large temperature differential that refrigeration happens in a electromotive manner similar to what happens in a mechanically-based Stirling Engine? I suspect you could use Eddy Currents to create cryogenic cooling to levels in the 50 Degrees Kelvin or colder! I think it might even get cold enough to make Liquid Helium! How about exploring whether eddy current can be used in refrigeration! P.S. This idea is now FREE and OPEN SOURCE disclosed under and operating under the terms of the GNU GPL3 licence terms for hardware and software systems research, development and end-use!

    • StarGateSG7

      I think you can use the Magneto-Caloric Effect as outlined in the following article: by using eddy currents to heat up Copper, Tungsten, Silver, Gold and/or ferrous metal blocks or sticks which can oscillate localized magnetic fields and then cause adiabatic demagnetization and remagnetization which will THEN LIKELY (i'm personally not sure as I haven't tested that yet!) create Peltier-like or Thomsen Effect heat transfer which can supercool the local environment. Even Paramagnetic metals such as Aluminum, Magnesium, Manganese, Nickel, etc. could be used for this type of Eddy-current-based refrigeration. If someone could design-in the proper eddy-current-based heating of ALUMINUM, then REALLY CHEAP and FAST magnetic refrigeration would NOW be a possibility for home/food cooling, industrial refrigeration and micro-sized computer CPU/GPU cooling for use within desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphones which means REALLY FAST computers could be run at MUCH HIGHER clock speeds so we can have IBM-Mainframe-on-a-Chip supercomputing! AND if we can do magnetic refrigeration using ALUMINUM, it would NOW BE POSSIBLE to supercool plain old AIR so we could directly get Liquid Nitrogen and/or Liquid Oxygen from it so we can supercool just about ANYTHING else on a super-inexpensive basis! THAT would allow home-based medical labs-on-a-chip to be bought by ANYONE for a cheap price. You could have actual refrigerators or freezers to be EASILY built-into cars, boats and planes or into portable devices or even CLOTHING! You could ALSO cool your cases of beer and wine in less than 10 seconds! . P.S. These ideas are now FREE and OPEN SOURCE disclosed under and operating under the terms of the GNU GPL3 licence terms for hardware and software systems research, development and end-use! . .

    • steven reddick
      steven reddick

      Can someone smarter than me try this and report back?

  • Wild Diode
    Wild Diode

    Because just after you said maybe I can run it continuously the video skipped to a burned coil I think you probably lit the coil on fire with a blowtorch or something

  • Kishin Asura
    Kishin Asura

    So the Ed boys finally did something of their lives, and created a current?

  • Doomed 2 Fall
    Doomed 2 Fall

    1:00 that was so unexpected

  • Leonard Gibson
    Leonard Gibson

    7:42 yes it's slowing down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leonard Gibson
    Leonard Gibson

    6:08 look my 100 feet of wire melted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leonard Gibson
    Leonard Gibson

    0:57 is it the exact same rate

  • Leonard Gibson
    Leonard Gibson

    0:13 but I don't care about fluid dynamics

  • Cameron Gemstone
    Cameron Gemstone

    Dear Mehdi hi, Thanks for great and very informative videos. Mate, I need your help if it will possible please. I need you to tell me how to create a weak (safe) Electrical Current and/or, how to build a weak Electrostatic please, I give the scenario first; imagine there is a tick plastic container (around 1 or 2 gallons) with some kind of Resin and a few piece of wood, it is actually a vacuum chamber. Now, I need that weak electrical current or electrostatic in that Resin by placing the producer (device or anything) of them while the vacuum pump is taking the air out of the chamber for the period of time it is on (could be couple of hours). Just imagine painting a car by using electrostatic to have a more smooth and indelible result/paint. Will that be possible please to tell me how to do it? Cheers mate.

  • Ilikewaffles73 lol
    Ilikewaffles73 lol

    2:02 get the joke?

  • John Farris
    John Farris

    I always wondered why there where so many plates, I thought they where being cheap.

  • miiro derrick
    miiro derrick

    Risk taker ... So funny

  • Anna mierlak
    Anna mierlak

    6:01 LOL!!!

  • troller 96
    troller 96

    Imagine this guys electricity bill

  • Anita Burke
    Anita Burke

    omigosh this is the best explanation of Lenz's law I have heard. i have to stop laughing so hard, i'm gonna wet myself

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      how did Lenze apply that law when it was time to make a new pair of glasses?

  • Anita Burke
    Anita Burke

    "in simple terms" lol

  • Claizer

    I watched it 0.5 speed HAHAHA

  • reinoob

    Imagine elevators using this.

  • Benjamin Crissman
    Benjamin Crissman

    The welding on the core is kinda like the startor on my welder. Ijist figured it was easier to weld a dozen plates then just machine a soild block.

  • Funkywallot

    But...but... Aluminum is not magnetic ? What did i miss in this ?

  • Alireza Asgari
    Alireza Asgari

    Mehdi , create video regarding magravs-power plasma generator

  • Vittorio Papandrea
    Vittorio Papandrea


    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      the brake pads must be worn

  • Kana M60
    Kana M60



    1:00 Look at the clock! Somehow it jumps 10 seconds

    • abdelnour_4_games


  • Anshuman Rai
    Anshuman Rai


  • Survivor412 Or survivor413
    Survivor412 Or survivor413

    Why don’t you wear electric gloves

  • Missed Song Channel
    Missed Song Channel

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  • Mr Automatisme et domotique
    Mr Automatisme et domotique

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  • Noire Blackheart
    Noire Blackheart

    And that's how magnetic breaks on roller coasters works

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      also the new electric cars brake systems work


    Bro its because there is not enough aluminum

  • Siddhant Mishra
    Siddhant Mishra

    Its surely gonna help me for my 10 final exam tomorrow .... we are learning Flemming left had rule and stuff...btw great infotainment

  • manikandan santhanam
    manikandan santhanam

    why audio book? will it make us experience the boom ? :-P we love only Electroboom :-)

  • Andrei Bercea
    Andrei Bercea

    aluminum is not magnetic lmao

    • Nathan Smith
      Nathan Smith

      neither is copper. it works by induced currents, not ferromagnetism


    Make Frankenstein's monster for Halloween

  • TH3 B0556
    TH3 B0556

    Eddy current sounds like a sick surfer

  • tinkmarshino

    what can I say.. shocking! who knew a human could take such punishment...