The Amazing Eddy Current
Eddy Current is awesome and awful at the same time! Cherish it!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
#EddyCurrent #Magnets #Faraday #ElectroBOOM

  • ryan lira
    ryan lira

    hey! make an inverter! pleeeeeeeease

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    Bobby Duke made sure I stoped bu and said HI!


    4:02 This explains to much..

  • Ty

    Was watching bobby Duke arts while he said to NOT subscribe to you and NOT to watch your vids so I definitely did NOT subscribe (okay maybe I did) and I definitely did NOT watch like half your vids(working on it)

  • Karma Games
    Karma Games

    Could somebody help?? I have a 14.4 v drill battery and at first it was really good but last week i used my battery but it seems like working but each second passes and my dc motor i connected it to is slowing down more and more... anybody knows how to fix the battery. BTW the dc motor is working just fine with other batteries

  • Romulus MAP
    Romulus MAP

    Bobby Duke gave You a shoutout. Love both Your channels.

  • Ratchel Mcmahon
    Ratchel Mcmahon

    I dropped in after watching bobby duke project... your very funny and I inadvertently learned something too 😜

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    Naysa Hearn


  • Tradd Edwards
    Tradd Edwards

    And do a video about how to use a generator

  • Tradd Edwards
    Tradd Edwards

    I love your videos!! Please do a video about installing a main transfer switch for a generator

  • yhah gjai89
    yhah gjai89

    Boby duke didnt send me here

  • David Flynn
    David Flynn

    How is this guy still alive?

  • Ahmad Elbadri
    Ahmad Elbadri

    What would be the best way to probe the coil to watch the induced voltage over an oscilloscope ? 😂😂

  • Aztec Dreams
    Aztec Dreams



    *Definitely didn’t came here from bobby duke arts*

  • Pierre-Olivier Dubois
    Pierre-Olivier Dubois

    Not sure I want to text "ElectroBOOM"...

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    Gabriel Vieira


  • Luigi Cotocea
    Luigi Cotocea

    0:59 umm

  • F.B.I

    Atleast one thing goes wrong in each video

  • Francisco Contreras
    Francisco Contreras

    Who would dislike this?? This guy is incredibly smart!! I’m an electrical engineer recent grad and i watch his videos quite often to help solidify some concepts

  • xVx Naratis
    xVx Naratis

    you know, efficiency is clever laziness

  • Genç Gamer
    Genç Gamer


  • Awer Tyuiop
    Awer Tyuiop

    I first thought it was going to be something related to guitar amps ("brown tone").

  • Ludomessage

    What a great video.

  • Jayjeet Chakraborty
    Jayjeet Chakraborty

    can anyone please help ?I have got a mad scientist at my backyard...........

  • piperian396

    You're a modern day Mr. Wizard!

  • Just for Fun
    Just for Funвідео-z2q_UwD2bvE.html another free energy claim

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    Game Boy

    Please wear rubber gloves 🙏

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    james python

    I'm surprised he is still alive!

  • hënry thë møth
    hënry thë møth


  • james python
    james python

    I can't begin to imagine what happened to this guy as a child.

  • 13thChip

    Mehdi, I watch your videos often and they are well made. You explanation is great and makes sense. Recently an incident happened where a 6 year old boy lost his life by accidently touching a live wire near a lamp post. We have 220volts in India. Now, the way this incident unfolds is unbelievable. Its like with a touch of button the boy's soul is out. Wont there be a reflex action when a human comes in contact with electricity? Is this possible? When I saw this incident a thought flashed to check with you who go through such incidents every now and then. Let me know when time permits. The link is this :відео---AsGS_i3IU.html

    • ElectroBOOM

      That's sad. No one noticed, but he would still be live some seconds later, or even after he fell by CPR he could have been recovered. He just couldn't move to let go, but was alive

  • Guntas Saran
    Guntas Saran

    Why don't you create a Video on Li-Fi ???

  • Ninad Prabhu
    Ninad Prabhu

    Sir, one doubt. If ur old scope had only 2 measuring channels then how did you measure the 3 phase u made by brushless Dc motor?

    • ElectroBOOM

      I have another 4 channel scope

  • dkd kumar
    dkd kumar

    You are good engineer for electronics

  • Mr.Trick

    تو ایرانی هستی

  • Greg Hanson
    Greg Hanson

    🤔😎You should make a video on making crystal cell batteries😎🤔

    • Greg Hanson
      Greg Hanson

      I think it will get a lot of views!!


    Aluminum isn't magnetic.

  • جسرالشغور Jisr Alshughur
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  • جسرالشغور Jisr Alshughur
    جسرالشغور Jisr Alshughurвідео-MBiiWmHQUEE.html Watch this video please FAKE OR NOT ?!

  • Zoidberg227

    Oh come on, Mehdi, eeeeverybody knows fluid dynamics is superior!

  • Insense R
    Insense R

    I have only one request :- please don't die before I die 😭please

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    Abdul Rahman

    Cool stuff 😉👌

  • Yusonera 0000001
    Yusonera 0000001


  • Windows Infinite
    Windows Infinite

    2:03 what the fuck

  • forbidden pollo
    forbidden pollo

    I dont think aluminium foil is magnetic

    • ElectroBOOM

      It is not. But running current though it, it generates magnetic fields like a magnet

  • Digital Dirk
    Digital Dirk

    0:57 perhaps not the best to try to make a sneaky jump cut when there is a clock behind you...


    you r amazing bro i like your style


    nicola tesla is also my fav scientist because he was real inventor and others take his research and inventions

  • Austin McCallister
    Austin McCallister

    I work on Air Conditioning units for a living, and the 24v xformers seem to all have this weld

  • Hamd Bilal Prince
    Hamd Bilal Prince Can you explain this why this incident happen 😪😥

  • Andre Lotscher
    Andre Lotscher

    i hope your insurance guy doesn't watch your channel

  • insert name here
    insert name here

    Your breakers must be pretty shit as well as your house lights if they can't withstand an few, tiny, puny amps. I would look into that though.


    So here the flying lift start

  • crazygamer 30
    crazygamer 30

    Ok here's the explanation why the magnet at the beginning didn't stop MAGNETS DONT FUCKING ATRACT TO ALUMINIUM

    • ElectroBOOM

      Watch the rest

  • minecraftinevan

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  • Camilo Morgado
    Camilo Morgado

    There is a lighter in 6:02... for what? 🤔🤔

  • Philip Polkovnikov
    Philip Polkovnikov

    I'd prefer Eddy Previous.

  • Equestria dynamics
    Equestria dynamics

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    Zacharry Lubang


  • Dingo Prod
    Dingo Prod

    10:25 , eventhough i KNOW it happens all the time, you still succeed to get me jumping

  • Kourosh Esfandiari
    Kourosh Esfandiari

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    Dear Mehdi, thanks for existing. You make life more bearable :)

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    timothy Molly bryant

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    Mohammad Abbasi

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  • Mikolaj Kraszewski
    Mikolaj Kraszewski

    Laminar Flow

  • Adrian Chis
    Adrian Chis

    Question : Can we create artificial gravity using this principale in vaccum ?

  • Micah Bell
    Micah Bell

    So, i'ma invent a device that harvests static electricity from my cat's ass because it's free energy and my cat is an ass.

    • Micah Bell
      Micah Bell

      Also, love your videos, can't say i'm learning shit...but that is only because i'ma dumbass.

  • Georg Gross
    Georg Gross

    10:28 That's one way to show that Eddy current's bad... But I will not try this at home, even that I like working with electronics.

  • Melihcan Erdoğan
    Melihcan Erdoğan

    What you are doing is very respectful.

  • Mystery cipher
    Mystery cipher

    Hey mehdi, one critical thing with making anti gravity tubes ( moon tubes ) is creating a tube that is perfect inside so the minimal friction creates with the aluminum and for better results use a spherical magnet in order to reduce edge force for this kind of trick. With the instructions I provided, you would be able to recreate this trick without a magnet, it’s just difficult to find the perfect friction. That’s just at least how I made one.

  • mad cobra
    mad cobra

    The electroboom i love doesnt care about what kind of diabolical mumbo jombo will happen at absolute zero. Can you guys remember which video thats from?

  • trolololas

    2:04 I see a baby in next few moths

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    Ahsan Chandioвідео-MBiiWmHQUEE.html dear sir is it possible?

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    Ayush Jain

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  • Chandan Rout
    Chandan Rout

    I am from India but I love your video

  • 1314zerosktr

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    bilal kara

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  • aayush nagar
    aayush nagar

    There are two types of losses which occur in any electrical machine and they are copper loss and iron loss. Iron loss includes eddy current losses and hysteriss losses. Great explanation and demonstration about eddy currents. Can you plz make a video on hysteriss as well.

  • Riggs Magadia
    Riggs Magadia

    Possible space elevator design?

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith

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  • Iu Sl
    Iu Sl

    2:05 Are you telling me that if we stick a magnet to every penis and a coil to every vagina that are having sex, we could get free renewable energy?

  • Kasun Dhananjaya Nanayakkare
    Kasun Dhananjaya Nanayakkare

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    periodic table by deepesh kumar

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  • Totally Innocent
    Totally Innocent

    I have heard and know almost all the concepts and situations told in the video and have solved problems like height to which the ring will bounce or current in secondary loop etc. etc. [Of course because of the JEE Preparation] But still watched the complete video because he teaches it in such an interesting way and I have never seen these things in real life(only on paper). A new subscriber here 👍✌️

  • dingo almighty
    dingo almighty

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    Darius Mihai

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    Mark Pearce

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    5:37 same sounds transformer

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    Lanz khoo

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    Ashwin Santhanam

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    Vadym Zakrevskyy

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