Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt - An opinion from someone who owns BOTH
Marc Benton
Since owning and driving both the Tesla Model 3 and a Chevy Bolt, I have received a lot of questions regarding whether I would choose one over the other and/or what the difference are.
I tried my best to be fair to both of these cars and these opinions are just that, my opinion after driving these cars for over a year. There are quite a few things I did not go into, time just didn't allow but I hope this gives you a good overview of both cars.
If you have any specific questions, please comment below and I will be sure to answer.
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  • Dante Pastro
    Dante Pastro

    Do much talking. Too little information.

  • The Bronx Pops !
    The Bronx Pops !

    Bolt has a physical radio and cigarette lighter and 8 coffee cup holder including a 64 oz big gulp holder

  • Refuso Againo
    Refuso Againo

    I'm getting tired of sitting close up to strangers, captive audience style and having to listen to an unedited diatribe as if the speaker were somehow the attraction here. What happened to those Picture in Picture windows?

  • Xrisos 13
    Xrisos 13

    tesla is a true EV car..built from the start to be one...!chevy bolt is a gas car coneverted to be electric...

  • galkanftw

    Over priced cars that still have some hassle downside.I call these EV cars an over priced laptop.Ask this guy about his cars after the warranty wears off lol.I see this as simply a FAD,the COOL thing to buy.At 35-40k++ a model 3 is not outrageously priced when compared to a lot of new pickups and SUV's but the car also has nothing but tech,so a lot of electronics but nothing else,hence why i call them an over priced laptop. Down the road,another 15 or so years when these EV become more popular,i see a peripheral line forcing prices way up over the top and the overall cost will start to inch closer to the same problem of RELYING on fossil fuels,these will rely on your charge up stations and the costs.SO what happens when there are so many that the stations become crowded,yep costs will go up,supply/demand. For the next 100 years,the auto industries will continue to rip people off with high prices to own and to operate ,nothing will change the fuel type.

  • Andrew Sopchak
    Andrew Sopchak

    Awesome! Getting my model 3 next week. Now I know where I will be keeping MY racquetball bag lol!

    • Marc Benton
      Marc Benton

      Andrew Sopchak hahaha 🤘

  • Thomas Hofstetter
    Thomas Hofstetter

    If you buy a Chevy bolt you will loose $15,000 in depreciation over 2 years and the upfront cost of a Tesla is less. This is actually great news if you are wanting to buy a used Chevy bolt with lower mileage.

  • Mark Zanghetti
    Mark Zanghetti

    Fun video, but I get the feeling you don't think much of the Bolt overall? Thanks for sharing the video!

    • Mark Zanghetti
      Mark Zanghetti

      @Marc Benton Okay, Thanks!

    • Marc Benton
      Marc Benton

      Mark Zanghetti it’s ok but to me, the Model 3 (especially the Standard Range) is a better buy.

  • Jose Servin
    Jose Servin

    Why the limited 92mph when Model 3 is open to 140mph+.

  • Jose Servin
    Jose Servin

    Bolt chargers efficient on 120v??? There is one model 3 at work that charges 120v. I get 5 bars on the bolt when charging for 8hrs.

  • Vence McAdams
    Vence McAdams

    How does the Bolt compare to the Tesla if you have a fender bender? I don't want to be without a car for months like some are reporting with Tesla.

  • Pato100000

    Thanks for the info! I like your Best Coast hat. Great band!

  • J. Ward
    J. Ward

    God damn it 2minutes of bullshit fluff in the beginning. Fucks sake. I'll never get that time back in my life

  • Broccoli Beefed
    Broccoli Beefed

    The Bolt is an econobox. The Tesla is a luxury performance car. Not a fair comparison. The Bolt seats are not narrow. You are wide.

    • Griffen Arthurs
      Griffen Arthurs

      And yet the bolt starts at 36,000$, and the model 3 starts at 35,000$.

  • Laughing Gravy
    Laughing Gravy

    Huh? Having the pizza smell up your car is one of the best parts about getting pizza.

  • Rick Smith
    Rick Smith

    Battery duration: which battery lasts longer?

  • Ted Baxter
    Ted Baxter

    A review for the every day man. Thank you for posting!

  • Ronald Harris
    Ronald Harris

    I think the Chevy is more of a factory conversion but the tesla is a clean sheet ground up,car

    • kens97sto171

      @Ronald Harris The Bolt IS a ground up designed EV, and yet you can go into a Chevy dealer and order parts for a Bolt EV. I'm sure it does share some parts with other front wheel drive cars . Suspension, axles. Etc. You cannot with a Tesla. That will be the thing that finishes Tesla if they don't work it out. Service after the sale. A big dealer and parts and service network DOES have advantages. As for software I'd take the Chevy for the most part. The interior design on the M3 kinda sucks.. some basics are just badly thought out. Weird door handles, wierd interior door releases, center screen sucks. blind spot monitoring in the center screen instead of in the mirrors where it should be. No Android Auto Apple car play. Also . The hatchback design is far more practical and surprisingly the Bolt actually has more rear leg room and head room, even though it's a much smaller car . The Bolts slow charging speeds is a problem.. If it was just a bit better I might consider it but honestly my Prius is the best choice for my needs at least for now.

    • kens97sto171

      No it's not the Bolt is a ground up EV car. Totally flat floor front and rear. Look at some videos from Weber Automotive on UA-my. He has some great teardown videos of the Bolt and other hybrids too.

  • Kev T
    Kev T

    I often spend 10 consecutive hours in my car on longer trips. 700 miles or so. How are the Tesla seats compared to the Bolt after being in the car that long?

  • Ikura Burst
    Ikura Burst

    The only reason I can't commit to an EV is that - no matter how quick they are to accelerate, All EVs short of the new (not yet out) 100+ grand Roadster, are ONLY quick to accelerate. Im a bit of a speed demon (total velocity) and nothing can beat a nice long gear ratio and 600+whp for going over 200mph on the autobahn. The Model S doesn't get out of it's own way after 150mph, even when it's hacked to remove the limiter. An electric motor is limited to the velocity of it's maximum physical discharge limit through the battery and the speed of the motor itself to the wheels. And Teslas don't have gears, so you have 1 gear maxed out at 150mph with a battery that has nothing left to give at the discharge rate provided at that speed. Until EVs can get a real transmission and make use of it's torque beyond 150mph, I won't be satisfied. they're like glorified diesels. quick to 60, but not much left after 100 and no way to modify.

    • Corvette Dude
      Corvette Dude

      May as well stick to a gas powered car......driving like you do.....you probably won't be alive or living without disability much longer anyway. Just because a car can reach speeds in excess of 150MPH doesn't mean you should make a habit of it. The high speeds you're talking about really requires race car caging, full harnesses and a helmet, for anyone who is not a total MORON.

  • Shane Eyanson
    Shane Eyanson

    I like Tesla BUT when something goes wrong or you need a simple part and God forbid if you need body work due to a collision you WILL be out of you car for sometimes months! The car is fine but everything else is SHIT!! Buyer Beware...

  • Oliver Pemberton
    Oliver Pemberton

    We have both Bolt and Model 3. Very much agree with everything you've covered. We have pretty much concluded that the Bolt's AC is superior and gets the cabin colder with a lot less fuss (I like running it on just the 1st or 2nd notch of fan speed) and it keeps it nicely cold while also not making much noise. I think it's a little presumptious of the Tesla, in Dog Mode, to say "It's xx" degrees on the screen. Really, the setpoint might be that, but you don't know unless you measure it how close it is....if it's really hot outside and left in full sun I'm doubtful it would be able to maintain the lowest temps in its range. I too love the top down view on the Bolt, one of the best features.

  • ricecakeFTW

    I wanted a Model 3 but I decided to get my feet wet in the EV game with leasing a Bolt. It's a hatch back, more useful for short run errands, and my wife likes how you can almost park it anywhere. Also it feels like a normal car and it's not intimidating. After my lease is up I will be probably heading towards a Model Y because I really need a hatch back for my family. Thanks for the comparison. Btw: Chevy bolt LTs are going for under $28k this past memorial day. 👍

  • Phoenix love
    Phoenix love

    So clearly it's not a tough question at all.. Lol Tesla all the way

  • Phoenix love
    Phoenix love

    America should be very proud of Tesla because never mind China you guys are the major force helping transition the planet to sustainable energy.

  • Phoenix love
    Phoenix love

    Lol best think on the bolt is the over head camera 😁🤣

  • Bart Lawhorn
    Bart Lawhorn

    Tech cost$$$

  • Chris Farrer
    Chris Farrer

    Nice video. I love both cars. Just one correction. The Chevy Bolt Premier has inductive charging for your mobile phone. No Model 3 variants come with inductive charging. However, as stated, there are 3rd party manufacturers who offer inductive charge pads as aftermarket accessories for the Model 3.👍

  • cammer

    if you dont like the smell of pizza, i have to wonder about you.

  • Kathy Fann
    Kathy Fann

    I saved your video so if I get one I will use your Referral code, gladly.

  • Kathy Fann
    Kathy Fann

    Excellent Review the thing I kept waiting for is The Tesla Seat more comfortable? I need a good seat.

    • Kathy Fann
      Kathy Fann

      Thank You so so much it will be at least 1 year or 2 before I get a new car. So I am beginning my search I will need the Comfortable seat because the Last 2 cars I had I purchased because of other features and paid for it in the miserable seats. So if the cars with great seats will be my base line. On the EV’s

    • Marc Benton
      Marc Benton

      Kathy Fann yes, the Model 3 seat is absolutely more comfortable than the Bolt seat. 👍

  • Wayne Rhea
    Wayne Rhea

    Considering that it is still really hard to find a model 3 and if you do find them they are around 45k and the bolts are everywhere for low 20s

    • Marc Benton
      Marc Benton

      Wayne Rhea not true. You can order a Standard Range Model 3 right now and get it within 3-4 weeks. With the tax credit right now, it puts it in the low 30’s. A brand new Bolt Premier is around the same price but half the car.

  • Dan Steinbach
    Dan Steinbach

    Just bought a Bolt to replace my 2013 Volt. The video was great and I agree for the most part. But now in May of 2019, there are no Tesla 3s available and the one I saw in a different location was $55000 and with incentives I got a well equipped Bolt LT for 31000. Not really comparable. The car that costs 2x as much better have more features. Also, I got the DC fast charger option and there are quite a few around where I would need to charge.

    • Marc Benton
      Marc Benton

      I just bought a Standard Range Model 3 about 4 weeks ago for $35k (well, $36500 after paying for the white paint).

  • 8605 SB
    8605 SB

    I don’t like the tail lights of the bolt, and that model3 looks great in black.

  • Max Vinhausen
    Max Vinhausen

    Hey man I used you as a referral. Thanks for the helpful video!

    • Marc Benton
      Marc Benton

      Max Vinhausen thanks Max!

  • Nathan Franklin
    Nathan Franklin

    Price wise a bolt is much more affordable. Model threes can’t be found for under 35/40 from what I’ve found.

    • Marc Benton
      Marc Benton

      You can buy a Standard Range Model 3 for $35,400 currently and its a much nicer car than the Bolt Premier. Although I do think there a few things I wish the Model 3 had that the Bolt has (like the 360 surround view).

  • Mike Franks
    Mike Franks

    Bolt has wireless charging for 2019

    • Marc Benton
      Marc Benton

      Mike Franks it had it in 2017, I just didn’t use it because my phone wouldn’t fit in the cubby..... that’s why I forgot that it had it.

  • CivicsR2Cool

    What about insurance costs? Is the Tesla a higher insurance cost rot a normal car like the bolt is

    • CivicsR2Cool

      Marc Benton thanks for the reply!

    • Marc Benton
      Marc Benton

      CivicsR2Cool insurance is tricky because there are so many factors. But for me, the Model 3 only cost $50 more every 6 months.


    Watching this I wanted to know a little more about the tech? I understand the bolt doesn't have adaptive cruise also how does the tech features they have in common compare? I have an ice vehicle with adaptive cruise and parking, lane keep, blind spot I can't justify buying any car that doesn't have all of them. They have saved me countless times of either an accident or making other drivers mad? If you haven't yet it would really be nice to have a comparison.

  • Patrick O'Neal
    Patrick O'Neal

    Your Bolt EV has a wireless charger and I can even see it in your video at 2:03. You shouldn't make a comparison when you don't know what you are comparing. Also, I'm 6'1" 230 lbs and the Bolt EV seat fits me just fine. Lol

    • Marc Benton
      Marc Benton

      Patrick O'Neal I can post what I want, it’s my channel. Lol But I posted a follow up to this video stating that it did have wireless charging but I forgot because my phone couldn’t use it because it wouldn’t fit in the slot. Thanks for watching. 😬

  • Michael Melling
    Michael Melling

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so we get to the very end and learn there's an incentive...........................

  • Phil7 A
    Phil7 A

    The Tesla has a name and the Bolt doesn't. Good video. I own a Bolt and have no regrets.... The important point here is any EV is better than any gas powered car. The choices are growing even more by the year. I feel stupid now thinking how many times i waited at a gas pump and how much money I forked out.... Tesla wins on tech. GM wins on affordability for parts and repairs. I wouldn't really know as I only have 62,000 miles on my Bolt but I have never had to return to a dealer for any repairs. Keep up the good unbiased videos.

  • Andricity


  • J

    Why? The bolt is slow. Cost about the same. Fugly

    • kyle brown
      kyle brown

      Doesn't cost the same though.

  • Michel Jeandillou
    Michel Jeandillou

    nice one, i like the real world review with aspects that actually matter instead of just wow speed wow acceleration & torque that no one will actually use even on freeways. Waiting for hardwaer 3.0 to buy my model 3 for level 4 autonomy, will use your code if i do buy it

    • Marc Benton
      Marc Benton

      Michel Jeandillou thanks Michael! No need to wait. If you buy FSD right now it will have the HW3 chip but if it doesn’t, they have said they will upgrade it at no charge. And thanks for using my code. 👍

  • Jamie Wright
    Jamie Wright

    Why dont you marry it I bet u love more than wife

  • dan537

    My Bolt came with wireless charging.

  • Ayo Deveneaux
    Ayo Deveneaux

    Marc, I unequivocally love your black M3 and it looks fantastic. Thanks for review. I wish the M3 had a hatch back trunk. I really wish Chevy could improve on the strengths of the Bolt.

    • Ayo Deveneaux
      Ayo Deveneaux

      @Marc Benton Totally agree. I wish Rivian all the best as they have a very compelling BEV in the truck space.

    • Marc Benton
      Marc Benton

      Ayo Deveneaux thanks! Yea,I wish they would improve on it too but sadly, I don’t believe they will. I think they car more about selling large trucks than EVs.

  • rx7speedman

    I would like to know how is it that your Model 3 has the A, B C pillars and headliners in Black? I cant seam to get that option. I would like my interior in White and black like yours. How did you accomplished that?

    • Marc Benton
      Marc Benton

      rx7speedman the black headliner was done by Unplugged Performance in Hawthorne, CA. There is no option for a black headliner from Tesla on the Model 3. You should do it, it looks awesome!

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz

    right now in my area, I am looking at a Bolt Premier with an MSRP of $42,500 and they are selling it for $29,500. I am looking to see what the lease numbers look like. If the Monthly payment is not bad I might take it.

    • Marc Benton
      Marc Benton

      Wow, that's crazy! Although I am not shocked they would be discounting them so much. But before you go buy or lease it, I would go look at a Standard Range Tesla Model 3. You can buy one for $35k before incentives (I just bought one) and it is a far better car overall. Unless you NEED or prefer a hatchback.

  • Life As Rob
    Life As Rob

    Great video Marc. I want a Tesla so bad. I simply can’t justify it between the cost and the fact that I own a construction company and drive a pick up truck the whole work week and rarely leave home on the weekend. I’m hoping Elon releases a pick up truck but I fear the price will be too high to buy one.

    • Marc Benton
      Marc Benton

      Life As Rob thanks! I want a Tesla Truck too! 😬

  • Miguel Lopez
    Miguel Lopez

    I heard Morgan Hill and was like 😳...😀

  • Denis DeSapience
    Denis DeSapience

    I've seen many reviews comparisons and the like -- but, repairs, warranties etc are never or rarely mentioned.

    • Terrell CF
      Terrell CF

      They don't want you to know about the impending nightmares

  • augustin capka
    augustin capka

    Wow you must really hate headphone users

  • Living-well on-less
    Living-well on-less

    From the standpoint of a mechanic the Bolt will be easier to adapt their skills as a mechanic to repairing because it is a blend of old tech and new where the Tesla was designed from the ground up.

  • Kenny Coulter
    Kenny Coulter

    How in the hell can I get a job that allows me to afford all of those cool cars? What in the fuck am I doing wrong?!?!?!

  • Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider

    would you go back to the 500e??

  • Jack Musen
    Jack Musen

    I’d never drive a bolt based solely on the looks. The Tesla on the other hand... 👌👌

    • RJ D
      RJ D

      I totally understand your point of view, your like my wife she buy shoes because they look good no matter how much they hurt her feet. If a car looks good winderful it has to get me from poiint a to point b, if you have unlimited funds then cost is not a factor, in the real world it is.

  • samexsonX

    For godness sake take off that ridicoulous cap You are not 15 !

    • Marc Benton
      Marc Benton

      samexsonX What does wearing a flat billed hat have to do with age? And more important, why are you even paying attention to what I’m wearing? Lol I guess I’m flattered. 😂

  • Chi Tsang
    Chi Tsang

    market agrees with you

  • hissinggoose

    They’re both junk.

  • Gary Itano
    Gary Itano

    My sis-in-law had a Bolt, but because the ride was so harsh, she had to trade it in. I rode in it, thinking that, as an owner of mostly sports cars, a stiffer ride wouldn't bother me. Boy, was I wrong! It was the harshest ride I'd ever experienced. Even harder than my friend's Subaru with sports suspension. Plus, the Bolt's handling was crap. From reading other comments, maybe this was because it wasn't a "Premium" model, but because of the high CG, I doubt any suspension mod would help the handling. Also, I've seen other side-by-sides and the Bolt is not a "by design" e-car, but mostly E tack ons to basically IC parts. Can you say kludge?

  • aptwo

    Get a curve bill cap. A grown man should never wear a flat bill cap...

    • 690PingPong

      A grown man should be able to wear whatever he wants without someone bitching about it...

  • Mark McAllister
    Mark McAllister

    Marc, Appreciated your take on these two EV's. I also did a 3yr lease on a Bolt in December 2017 for the same reasons you stated. I paid all up front and with the $2500 Calif refund and SDG&E credits, mine came in well under $200/mo- but it's not the premier model. You've generated a lot of comments with this review and I looked at A Lot of them to see if anybody mentioned the stiff bumpy ride quality of the Bolt. I'm an older guy and I really notice the bumps especially after driving my 07 Camry hybrid. We really enjoy the Bolt but would really appreciate a tunable suspension option to smooth things out when you're not taking it up into the mountains.

    • Marc Benton
      Marc Benton

      Great point that I didn't mention. I don't think the suspension on the Bolt is all that great. But then again, neither is the Model 3... they feel about the same to me. If you like a more sportier ride then I think either are fine... but they won't be confused with a luxury air suspension ride, thats for sure. :)

  • Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia
    Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia

    Yes volt much cheaper and reasonable for their price. Ford will beat them both by 2023

  • David Norris
    David Norris

    Right now new Bolts, in Washington, are under $30,000

  • moonlander03

    Big difference here mate, Tesla looks like a luxury car compare to the la,e volt XD..

  • TOM Vlogs
    TOM Vlogs

    Santa cruz

    • Marc Benton
      Marc Benton

      TOM Vlogs love Santa Cruz!


    Weber State University (WeberAuto on UA-my) has a series of videos where they disassemble a Bolt and show how it all works. The start with removing the batteries and end with the motor and drive train. It's a very interesting series.

  • Jason Gooden
    Jason Gooden

    You downloaded rear heated seats...lol